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Sydney, Australia
Alternative Countries to Europe for July to Sep 2022
Instead of traveling to Europe between July and September this year, why not consider our recommendations for countries outside the continent. We recommend these alternatives because the demands of European...
Uluru Aboriginal Tours at Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
Experiences of a Lifetime: Trip Ideas for the Culture Lover
Our list of four cultural experiences of a lifetime focuses on unique ways in which you can create memories by sharing distinctive traditions or unparalleled customary connections. Culture takes us beyond...
Milaidhoo Island Maldives
11 Best Beach Honeymoon Destinations
Your honeymoon will be an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience, and there are few better images that capture the feeling of being a newlywed than beautiful waters, soft sands, and luxurious resorts....
Old town and harbor Portoferraio, Elba island, Italy
Where Americans Can Travel Right Now
The world is open for travel, and you can travel safely to enjoy a hassle-free, exceptional vacation. The details listed for each country are subject to change, but working with your Zicasso travel specialist...
Family at Ait Ben Haddou in Ouarzazate province, Morroco
9 Best Places to Visit in Morocco with Family
Morocco is a paradise for children of all ages, a place of adventure, excitement, and discovery, and the top 9 must-see destinations in Morocco with kids embodies the country’s most exciting family-friendly...
Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House in Australia
15 Most Walkable Cities in the World
Exploring a new city puts you amid local culture and the natural pace of life, and the following 15 most walkable ones in the world are stunning places to discover. Enjoy the charms of sidewalk cafes,...
Paralia Voutoumi Beach on Antipaxos Island in Greece
Summer 2022 Vacation Ideas: Best Places, Itineraries, and More
Demand for summer travel is higher than ever, and this collection of our top destinations are those countries where you can plan a trip and depart over the next several months. Whether you want to take...
Winter in Hallstat, Austria
Winter 2022 Vacation Ideas: Best Places, Itineraries, and More
Our top winter destinations for 2022 represent the magic of the world during a season that’s often underestimated for travel. With smaller crowds and unique options, you can indulge in the summers of...
Medieval Castle Rocca Calascio at sunset in Abruzzo, Itlay
Fall 2022 Vacation Ideas: Best Places, Itineraries, and More
Whether in the heart of the season or at its cusp, our top fall destinations for 2022 can immerse you in the beauty of shifting scenery across the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Revel in the lingering...
8 Best Beaches to Visit in Croatia

Croatia brings to life the dream of a Mediterranean destination, and the top beaches embody the beauty of the islands, mainland, and heritage shining along crystal-clear waters.

While much of the Mediterranean coastline is rocky or pebbly, each beach in Croatia has a particular charisma specific to the region. Whether looking for hidden coves accentuated by medieval architecture or indulging in the beauty of sea caves, Croatia can immerse you in the essential spirit of Croatia.

7 Trip Ideas for One-on-One Travel with Children

Create lifelong memories with your children with inspiration from our top seven trips for a one-on-one trip with the younger generation of your family. With safety and ease of travel at the forefront, these trip itineraries celebrate the magic of experiencing the world together.

Eager for adventure or interested in a tropical getaway, celebrating a milestone or simply looking for a unique vacation together, find the right place to explore with your travel style in mind.

Each new destination will draw you and your child closer together as you share quality time, exciting ideas, and adventures along the way.

Why You Should Plan Your Trip To Egypt

Egypt is a long and lingering dream of culture, history, and heritage that can take you from ancient life to natural grandeur, with new ways to explore and possibilities abounding.

The ancient past unfolds like a storybook in Egypt, with each page revealing a new, inspiring wonder, from the grand tip of the pyramids cracking the sky to the serene banks of the Nile River.

From the Red Sea’s surprising opulence, the preserved architecture of medieval Islam, and continued Coptic Christian traditions, Egypt is full of endless marvels you can enjoy.

3 Exclusive Itineraries to Emilia Romagna

Our three exclusive itineraries to Emilia-Romagna celebrate Italy’s artisanal wonder, culinary mastery, and historical grandeur.

Experience the intoxicating roar of a Ferrari when driving on a private test track, indulge in the award-winning flavors of a Michelin-starred restaurant that captures the spirit of local cuisine, and marvel at gilded mosaics that enliven the former Western Roman Empire.

Immerse yourself in the exceptional as you encounter what most Italians know - that Emilia-Romagna is one of the best places in the country to experience medieval arcades, timeless natural beauty, elegant heritage, and unforgettable luxury.

10 Best Destinations for Senior Travelers with Zicasso

Travel is the perfect way to make the most out of every day, and exploring one of the ten most popular destinations for senior travelers ensures that you make the most of your travel time.

Whether in a familiar destination or immersed in an exciting discovery somewhere new, every new experience gives us an entirely different perspective on the world around us. Find ancient villages that radiate timeless charm. Sample impressive cuisine shaped by centuries of shared cultures. Indulge in luxury or embrace adventure.

While every traveler is different, the following list offers our most requested destinations for senior travelers with Zicasso.

Our Best 9 Itineraries for Italian Islands in 2022-2023

From homes to palace gardens to Mediterranean havens that shimmer with azure waters and white-pebbled shorelines, the best nine Italian island itineraries demonstrate the wonders of cultural heritage and natural splendor for which the larger country is known.

Whether searching for a deserted beach or a romantic hideaway, the best family coastline or a relaxing island town far from the bustling crowds, Italy’s islands can give you exciting excursions or provide gateways into a serene ambiance.

Colorful or charismatic, rugged or well-tended, our top Italy island itineraries can uncover unique possibilities to inspire your next trip.

15 Best Places to Visit in Europe

Europe is a dazzling continent with epic history and natural beauty, and the list of must-see destinations is endless.

Dramatic mountains lead to fairytale castles, and pebbled coastlines offer Mediterranean sunsets while traditional recipes lay the foundations for mouthwatering cuisine, and Roman foundations can lead to Moorish palaces.

This list gives you a guide to the best places in Europe to capture the diverse culture and celebrate the wonders of custom, history, legend, and cuisine.

12 Unexpected Destinations For Seniors

From exploring secluded volcanic slopes at your pace to revealing cultural experiences as a family, enjoying a familiar destination in a new light or making an exciting discovery as a couple, traveling to unexpected places allows us to enjoy the world from a new perspective and find wonder along the way.

Our list of 12 unexpected destinations for senior travelers is full of surprises and allows you to immerse yourself in captivating histories, enchanting landscapes, and unique traditions.

No matter your travel style or desire, you can find inspiration in the unexpected for your next vacation.

Top 6 Things to Do in Egypt with Family

The history of Egypt is educational and fascinating, and sharing the following 6 things to do with kids in Egypt will ensure an incredible adventure as you step back in time as a family.

From pyramids and temples to camel rides and floating down the Nile, exploring Egypt can be one big adventure. Whether uncovering the ambiance of the bazaar or the tombs in the Valley of the Kings, visitors of all ages can indulge in the variety of experiences and discoveries.

Below we share some of the highlights this captivating destination has to offer so you can plan your journey to a land that tells many tales of an ancient civilization.

4 Reasons to Go to Fiji This Summer

With over 300 islands across the archipelago, the tropical paradise of Fiji is ready to welcome you, and summer 2022 may be the best time ever to explore it all.

Dive deep into the crystal-clear South Pacific waters in search of rainbow coral gardens, lounge in the therapeutic mud pools or soothe your muscles in natural hot springs.

Fiji is always an idyllic destination brimming with luxury, seclusion, and choice, but for summer 2022, you can maximize value with reopening specials and more.

7 Itineraries to Central America for a First-Timer

The top seven itineraries to Central America for a first-timer capture the spirit of the tropical jungle, the wonders of the Caribbean ambiance, the splendor of the Pacific coastline, and the intrigue of ancient cultures.

You can find your best experiences guided by your travel preferences and styles as you explore the treetops on a zipline excursion or search for quetzals hidden in the rainforest canopy, wind through dense jungle to find soaring Mayan ruins or delve into welcoming waters to snorkel along the second-largest barrier reef in the world.

Whether interested in remote wildlife or architectural wonders, island living or pristine white sands, you can bask in your custom trip to Central America with inspiration from our top seven sample itineraries.

10 Best Places to Visit in Italy with Family

Italy is one of the most family-friendly destinations in the world and our 10 best family destinations can inspire how to experience your trip with children of any age.

Italy’s mixture of history and natural scenery, smoldering volcanoes, and preserved ancient ruins create an undeniably captivating ambiance. Whether you want immersive cooking classes or a scavenger hunt through a celebrated museum, wish to sample every flavor of gelato or enjoy physical training like an ancient gladiator, you can discover new and exciting experiences.

The following list offers inspiration for the best destinations in Italy that will allow your family to create life-lasting memories.

7 Tips for Planning a Spectacular Safari

The perfect safari conjures images of remote regions that offer intriguing and breathtaking landscapes, where classic lodges and luxury tented camps sit, isolated from the busy world. Wildlife roams from the plains to the forests, and days start early, ending with captivating sunsets.

An African safari is the ultimate adventure, and as you consider your plans, here are some helpful planning tips to ease the logistics of your experience. Every traveler's needs are different, and working through these tips will help you design the best safari itinerary for you.

Our 8 Best Luxury Croatia Itineraries for 2022

From the exceptional walls of Dubrovnik to the hidden delicacies of the Istrian Peninsula, the eight best luxury Croatia itineraries immerse you in the famous and hidden wonders of the country.

Sample the indulgent charms of a unique winery. Embrace the fascinating wonderland of waterfalls. Bask in preserved medieval splendor or explore the depth of contemporary culture in a city that roars with captivating ambiance.

Whether exploring the sea or embracing the gorgeous landscape, Croatia is a destination that exudes beauty, invites exploration, and rewards discovery as you experience your custom-tailored trip.

Top 6 Things to Do in Bali

Explore Bali’s breathtaking beaches, partake in cultural activities with the locals, and snapshot stunning photography as you experience these top 6 things to do in Bali on vacation.

The forests are alive with endemic wildlife, flowing waterfalls, and flourishing floral plants, the sands are soft and white as pearls, the locals are warm and friendly, and the culinary culture combines a touch of tradition with a drizzle of modernity. Enjoy the best of Bali as you relish these sensational experiences and more.

During your stay activities and experiences will present themselves and Zicasso can help you plan a trip that includes these top 6 things to do in Bali with more magnificent moments.

How to Spend 10 Days Traveling in Greece

Greece is a fascinating European country that boasts stunning ancient cities, gorgeous sun-kissed islands, and famous heritage sites for travelers to discover on your 10-day Greece vacation.

With so many options available to you, it is hard to know where to go on a short but sensational stay in Greece. Uncover secluded islands. Embrace famous cliffs for unforgettable sunsets. Discover the marvels of ancient ruins and captivating artwork.

The following are suggestions of Greece’s hotspot destinations to explore in 10 days, with some activities to give you an idea of what to expect of your itinerary.

Top 5 Things to Do in Tahiti

Tahiti is a dream destination for beach-lovers, thrill-seekers, honeymooners, and families, and these top five things to do in Tahiti are essential experiences to enjoy during your vacation.

You could find yourself sipping cocktails as the sunset turns the sky orange, pink, and purple. You could snorkel around breathtaking coral reefs or dive to see what magnificent marine creatures swim in the sparkling French Polynesia waters. Cultural markets, neighboring islands, and gushing waterfalls will also blow you away during your stay in Tahiti.

In this article, find the top five things to do in Tahiti for a glimpse of some of the additional experiences and activities you can enjoy when you vacation in the tropical beauty of French Polynesia.

Top 5 Things to Do in Fiji

Adventure, paradise, culture, and charm are only a few words to describe the captivating Pacific Islands, and the top five things to do in Fiji will immerse you in the many wonderful opportunities to experience the variety of the tropical destination.

Spend your days basking in the sun on idyllic white beaches or exploring an underwater wonderland that brims with marine life. Hike to hidden caves and enjoy sailing towards a breathtaking sunset, or embrace an unforgettable meal under the stars.

No matter what your desires when thinking of the best Fiji vacation for you, the diverse list of activities and experiences will leave you truly enriched during your custom tour.

Find Your Travel Style Together: Romantic Vacation Ideas

From exotic getaways to playful adventures, these 10 romantic trip ideas for every couple are sure to inspire your decision on where to travel next to enjoy the right experience for you.

Delve into ice caves in Iceland. Witness the wonders of lions on a safari game drive. View breathtaking art in a famous city or indulge in the mouthwatering flavors of unforgettable cuisine. No matter the style of travel you prefer, you can find the right experience for your next trip, one that could whisk you to an exotic island or immerse you in ancient culture as you share the experience as a couple.

No matter where you wish to journey or the style you prefer when traveling, our sample itineraries can show you what is possible when planning your ideal getaway.

7 Off the Beaten Path Experiences in Sweden

Sweden is a remarkable country, filled with vibrant Viking history, a breathtaking coastline, and marvelous scenery that you can discover on these seven off-the-beaten-path experiences that will provide you with unique moments during your trip.

When we move beyond the expected in Sweden, you can find glimpses of authenticity that stir your emotions and create everlasting memories. From a unique egg to an unforgettable hotel carved out of ice, Sweden brims with opportunities away from the familiar path.

With many incredible areas to explore and a vast number of must-see attractions, it is important to know that the country’s unique sites will take you out of the ordinary to enjoy a number of extraordinary experiences.

How to See Southern Italy in Two Weeks

Circumnavigate the rugged coastline and lush hills of southern Italy as you explore the region’s best places with this sample two-week experience from Naples to Sicily.

Tuck into traditional Neapolitan pizza as you admire dramatic backdrops of Mount Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples, make memories at colorful Campania fishing villages along the Amalfi Coast, and unearth the history of Sicily as you tour the island’s ruins and temples. The culture presents a fascinating state of mind, embodied in its nickname, Mezzogiorno, meaning midday.

This guide shares how to see the region’s vast beauty on a leisurely two-week adventure, with ideas on what to do to experience breathtaking southern Italy.

6 Most Romantic Places in Turkey for Couples

Blessed with a rich heritage, spellbinding land and seascapes, and fascinating cultural landmarks, Turkey is a stunning destination for couples and we share the top six most romantic places to visit on your vacation.

Escape to the historical quarters of Istanbul to laze in warm Turkish spa baths and dine on traditional delicacies, encounter the mesmerizing rock homes etched into the beige hills of Cappadocia, and stand atop the snowy peaks of the ancient Mysian Olympus mountain, Uludağ.

Honeymoons and couples tours in Turkey are memorable and dreamy, with the following places offering spectacular sights and glamorous experiences to seduce you.

10 Best Greek Islands to Visit

The best Greek islands to visit embody the timeless beauty of nature and effortless preservation of culture.

Each can ignite your imagination or settle you into the comforts of a luxurious view, connect you to an ancient myth or uncover the essential flavors of the land and sea. Greece’s islands can satisfy the appetites of any traveler by giving you access to active exploration, stunning beaches, or a legacy of Mediterranean cuisine with a distinctive Greek twist.

You can embrace the past, enjoy island life, and embrace the splendor of simple pleasures on any island that you choose.

9 Best Places to Visit in Berlin

There are several captivating remnants of history and elegant landmarks that make up the top nine must-see places in Berlin, a fascinating collection of experiences you can have during your Germany trip.

A city steeped in captivating drama, with architecture both haunting and breathtaking, Berlin is an incredible city that can immerse you in a unique blend of rich history and forward-thinking modernism. Touched by wartime events and pivotal historical moments, a visit to Berlin will take you on an adventure unlike anywhere in the world.

Discover the vibrant energy, classic charm, and wonderful hospitality of one of Germany’s top cities, and consider some of these key highlights when you plan your trip.

4 Top Wine Tasting Experiences in Italy

Italy’s amazing wines can be enjoyed through a variety of tours and experiences, with each new excursion introducing you to another layer of history, heritage, local culture, and distinctive flavor.

Whether discovering the famous hills of Tuscany or searching for an elusive varietal in the northern mountains, enjoying the delicate balance of wine with food, or eager to uncover a lesser-known vineyard, Italy is an essential destination for wine lovers everywhere.

From island vineyards to mainland estates, by enjoying some of the best wine-focused excursions, you can embrace the diversity of delicious variety shaped by culture and geography.

9 Best Wine Regions in Argentina

The nine best wine regions in Argentina offer distinct flavors and unique landscapes.

With a variety of tastes that satisfy local and international markets, the wonders of the wines spread across desert regions and mountain slopes, crossing the Patagonian border or edging high altitudes near Bolivia. Each sip can capture an exciting new experience as Argentina grows its reputation.

From adopted grapes to ubiquitous varietals, the wine-growing regions of Argentina are not just about creating flavor profiles, but also capturing the essence of the landscape and the culture of the country.

7 Places to Visit in Germany for Senior Travelers

Settle into the wonders and charm of one of Europe’s most fascinating and historic countries when you discover the top seven places to visit in Germany on a senior trip.

Teeming with sights that command you to pay attention and engage with beautiful parks, countryside havens, and rushing rivers that run through them, travel at your own pace to find natural and cultural splendor.

Uncover rich traditions and breathtaking scenery, all topped with the chance to savor mouthwatering local dishes. Discover the embrace of locals in quintessential towns and take a moment to reflect as you learn about the country’s transition from two halves to an incredible whole during your best senior exploration of Germany.

10 Most Romantic Places in Switzerland for Couples

With breathtaking scenery highlighted by mountain peaks, rolling green countryside, and lakes that sparkle, it is easy to identify the 10 most romantic places in Switzerland for couples.

Whether eager to find charming corners in historic cities or enjoy a quiet retreat perfect for those looking for ultimate privacy, Switzerland’s getaway locations are many and varied, offering exceptional experiences for any kind of traveler, whether in the renowned alps or quiet alpine valleys.

We highlight some of the key romantic places to visit in Switzerland so you can discover the right destination for your Switzerland trip.

15 Best Beaches in South America

The 15 best beaches in South America reflect the diversity of the continent and embody the unique wonders of coastal majesty, freshwater beauty, wilderness escapes, and crystal-clear waters.

From the most remote corners of a country to the sun-drenched sands of a metropolis’s coastline, South America presents iconic beach getaways, legendary shores, and unforgettable coastal escapes perfect for any type of traveler on a continent nearly twice the size of Europe.

Embodying natural splendor, you can find the grandeur of Patagonia, a tropical climate, remote volcanic islands or hidden Pacific treasures when you experience magnificent sands and hidden gems at your pace during your South America trip.

Spring 2023 Vacation Ideas: Best Places, Itineraries, and More

With colorful scenery, fewer crowds, and great weather at destinations around the globe, this list of recommendations is just the beginning of what is possible as winter gives way to spring.

From the sunshine that spills across Spain’s southern coastline to the pleasant weather and clear seas in which to explore Australia’s Outback and Great Barrier Reef, the following destinations are spectacular at this time of year. They also offer a mix of iconic and unique experiences that you can embrace using our vacation ideas as inspiration.

From the wonders of wildlife to the charms of historic cities, cobbled medieval lanes to the splendor of the rainforest, enjoy the beauty of the season with a custom trip.

8 Best Castles to Visit in Germany

From a Gothic-style aesthetic to a quaint and charming ambiance, Germany’s eight top castles will amaze and inspire you during your Germany tour.

Spanning the country, epic fortresses and spectacular palaces dot the landscape. Whether you are looking to explore large, dramatic castles or beautiful chateaus with a more intimate atmosphere, you are assured of being greeted by a breathtaking scene once you arrive. Astounding architecture holds historic marvels and captivating stories.

Explore, discover, and enjoy the top castles during your Germany visit as you plan a trip that will sweep you away into a world of fairytales, magic, and history.

Where Can I Take My Grandkids on Vacation? 16 Best International Destinations

The best trips to take with your grandchildren engage everyone to create lasting memories and unforgettable bonds, and these are the 16 best international destinations that never disappoint.

To experience the world alongside the next generation increases your family bonds and creates countless memories. From adventure to relaxation, food excursions to imaginative scavenger hunts, the following list offers fantastic spots where you can have a dynamic trip together.

With incredible family-friendly activities to anticipate, use this guide to our most popular destinations to make your planning easier.

Top 9 Things to Do in Europe with Family

The nine best things to do in Europe with kids can capture the entire family’s imagination and immerse you in the marvels of your surroundings.

Wander through the charms of a grand palace or uncover the beautiful blossoms of a historic garden. Venture into the past at an ancient ruin or sample the incredible flavor of celebrated chocolates. As you uncover Europe through the eyes of your children, you can experience the magic.

Whether looking for an adventure or eager to experience a new culture, visiting Europe with kids allows you to explore and discover the ambiance, traditions, and endless thrilling possibilities from a new perspective.

Four Tips for Your Cherry Blossom Trip to Japan in 2023

The changing seasons in Japan are a time for locals and visitors to slow down and notice the beauty of nature. With this in mind, our four tips for your cherry blossom trip to Japan in 2023 will help you capture the majesty of quiet moments, surrounded by spectacular beauty.

From the different months to visit Japan to the various destinations in which the cherry blossoms thrive, how to experience the season, and possible locations in which you can avoid the crowds, by understanding your preferences you can learn how to best plan for your trip, no matter when you choose to travel.

As the cherry trees blossom across the country, the ambiance creates festive cheer that will welcome you to the wonders of the season, whether in 2023 or beyond.

Top 10 Places to See Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are a sign of spring across the globe and the top ten places to see them capture the spirit of the changing season in all its fleeting beauty.

From the majesty of picnicking beneath a forest of blooming blossoms to strolling through clouds of pink petals, you can capture the picturesque ambiance in a serene oasis at the heart of a bustling city or in quiet, charming countryside. Cherry blossom season bursts with pastel wonder in any destination in which they are found.

Whether looking for a romantic escape, a family-friendly adventure, or eager to experience an exciting new destination from a different perspective, the places to see cherry blossoms will immerse you in stunning beauty that adds to local charisma.

Experience the Real Encanto: How to Plan a Trip to Colombia

With soaring mountains, unspoiled nature, and a charming combination of modern-day heritage and long-held traditions, now is the time to visit Colombia. Experience the marvels of the landscape, the colorful culture, and the tangible magic that brings the splendor of Disney’s Encanto to life.

Follow in the footsteps of Abuela to step off the beaten path to learn about the dawn of the Miracle, enjoy the welcoming comforts of the Casita, embrace the adventures of the scenery, sample the traditional dishes, and more with an unforgettable experience in the Madrigal family’s Colombia.

Our tips for visiting Colombia inspired by Encanto can get your plans going in the right direction. Connect with a Zicasso travel specialist to enjoy a custom trip perfect for your traveling party in every way, but put your plans in motion with the following tips.

Top 7 Destinations for a Luxury Tropical Vacation

These seven top destinations for a luxury tropical vacation immerse you in the marvelous shades of the sea, the charms of swaying palm trees, and the captivating possibilities of exciting jungle adventures and shorelines blanketed with pristine sands.

No matter the time of year, you can find the perfect tropical destination for a luxurious getaway. Whether eager to sink your toes into white sands or float over the exotic colors of a secluded coral reef, relax in the blissful ambiance of a sumptuous massage or indulge in the unique contours of floating karsts, the variety of luxurious tropical experiences are at your fingertips.

From grand resorts to hidden treasures, you can bask in your perfect luxury tropical vacation as you embrace distinctive and unforgettable splendors.

Europe in 2022: 4 Reasons to Choose a Single Country for Your Vacation

The most memorable trips bring your travel dreams to life, and 2022 offers many destinations ready for you to enjoy. Capacity for summer is limited and while a last-minute trip is possible, the time is now to book your trip or start planning ahead later this year or even into 2023.

A personalized vacation itinerary that has been designed for ease, focused on safety, and tailored to your most desired experiences will make your next vacation the best yet.

While a multi-country exploration of Europe might be on your bucket list, there are four reasons to focus your 2022 European vacation on a single destination.

Edit: The most memorable trips bring your travel dreams to life, and 2022 offers many destinations ready for you to enjoy. Capacity for summer is limited in many European destinations, and while a last-minute trip is possible, the time is now to book your trip or start planning ahead later this year or even into 2023.

While a multi-country exploration of Europe might be on your bucket list, there are four reasons to focus your 2022 European vacation on a single destination. A personalized vacation itinerary that has been designed for ease, focused on safety, and tailored to your most desired experiences will make your next vacation the best yet.

4 Tips for Seeing the Passion Play in Oberammergau

The historic performance in the town of Oberammergau has taken place every 10 years since the 17th century and our 4 tips for how to see the Oberammergau Passion Play can immerse you in treasured culture and remarkable history.

Postponed since 2020, you can now again experience how Oberammergau brings the stage to life by telling an impassioned story during a traditional experience maintained through centuries. The five-hour play includes more than 2,000 participants.

Whether you had planned to visit before 2020 or are eager to take advantage of the new dates in 2022, learn how you can witness the spectacle and enjoy the distinctive heritage that surrounds the play within Oberammergau’s unique culture.

10 Best Sample Itineraries to Portugal for 2022-2023

Bask in the sun setting over the Atlantic, embrace golden beaches bathed in Iberian light, and indulge in celebrated wine and cuisine as you discover Portugal.

As the first European country to receive the “safe travels” seal from the World Travel & Tourism Council and a destination consistently celebrated for its combination of sea and sun, Portugal is a country admired for its historic cities that glisten with color and cobblestone streets, while renowned cuisine captures the spirit of local culture.

From authentic heritage to stunning artwork, world-class surfing to captivating traditions, you can discover the allure of Portugal as a favored 2021 destination, as well as an enchanting place to visit for 2022 and beyond with our 10 most dynamic Portugal sample itineraries.

Zicasso Signature Tours: 20 Vacations for 2022

Every day we are inspired by the many Zicasso travelers ready to book their next trip. Our travelers seem to have three things in common: the desire for genuine experiences, increased privacy, and the ability to make real-time adjustments.

We asked several of our travel specialists to create sample itineraries for their regions and have crafted an exciting new collection of Zicasso Signature Tours for travel in 2022 and beyond.

Whether visiting the ancient grandeur of Rome, the rugged landscape of Patagonia, or the pristine beaches of Thailand, with an emphasis on flexibility and safety, you can find inspiration for your customized trip that will exceed your expectations and celebrate the wonder to be found abroad.

9 Best Thailand Islands to Visit

The nine best islands in Thailand demonstrate rustic beauty or luxurious vistas, with each new destination offering an introduction to the diverse characteristics that have made the islands places of discovery, immersion, relaxation, and adventure.

Dive into the pale, crystal-clear water to scuba with tropical marine life. Venture into tropical jungle to find pristine wilderness. Sail around enormous karsts or bask on the white-sand beaches as you find the right island for you.

Whether eager to visit a famous island landscape or looking for a secluded, lesser-known escape, the top islands can give any traveler a preferred experience as you embrace the beauties of life in Thailand.

European Travel in 2022 is Booking Up: How to Plan Your Trip Now

Whether looking for the perfect couple’s trip to Greece, a family getaway to Spain or the trip of a lifetime to Italy, now is the time to consider your vacation plans for 2022.

With Zicasso travel specialists reporting many top properties and destinations are already booked at 90% and upwards for summer 2022, planning now may be the only way to ensure your first-choice options can be yours to enjoy.

From how to pick your travel dates to which country to visit, this short guide to European travel 2022 will get your plans moving in the right direction.

Top 12 Things to Do in Ireland for Seniors

From incredible cliffs to captivating cultural history, the top 12 things to do in Ireland for seniors embrace the diversity of the Emerald Isle to immerse you in a combination of natural wonders and the splendor of heritage.

Mighty mountains, winding roads, joyful pubs, and opulent castles reflect layers of contemporary culture informed by the past. With colorful villages and robust wildlife, the landscape can feel like a fairytale and daily life can feel like a storybook.

Whether looking for an exciting exploration of the scenery or a connection to the radiant history, interested in finding the unique or eager to uncover something new, Ireland is the perfect destination for your senior tour and can be personalized to your preference of activities and exploration.

5 Reasons to Make Belize Your Next Trip

With Caribbean coastline, jungle beauty, and distinctive heritage, the five reasons to make Belize your next trip can immerse you in its unique splendor.

Trek to Mayan ruins. Visit tropical coral reefs. Search for jaguars in the jungle or lounge on a hidden white-sand beach. The wonders of the natural scenery can take you to lively islands, cultural villages, or along a pristine peninsula. The possibilities during your Belize trip are endless.

Whether on a family vacation or a couple’s retreat, remarkable experiences await you in Belize, whether looking for a marvelous adventure or a relaxing escape.

10 Best New Year’s Eve Destinations for 2022-2023

These ten best destinations for New Year’s Eve can immerse you in an unforgettable celebration with a customized vacation designed just for you.

From the beaches of a South African city to the pulsing rhythm of a dance capital in South America, the natural blanketing snow on European mountains in winter to the enticing warmth of powdery sands on a Brazilian coastline in the Southern Hemisphere’s summer, New Year’s Eve can give you the experiences you crave during an memorable trip.

Whether looking for a secluded romantic escape, a lively festival ambiance, or a quiet family getaway, these best destinations for New Year’s Eve can inspire the best experience for you.

Zicasso Travelers' Top Destinations for 2022

As the calendar turns from 2021 to 2022, Zicasso travelers are making plans for their next vacation.

From Italy to Iceland, Egypt to Morocco, Tanzania to South Africa, these 12 top destinations for the year ahead have much to offer. Learn the art of ancient cuisine. Discover the powerful artistry of preserved ruins. Visit opulent palaces. Explore dream-like landscapes. Observe the splendor of wildlife in natural habitats.

No matter where you visit, your experiences can capture the wonders of the world through nature, culture, heritage, adventure, and relaxation.

12 Luxury Travel Vacations for 2022

Spectacular service, handpicked boutique properties, and thoughtfully selected experiences are just the beginning when it comes to these luxury travel vacations for 2022.

Whether looking for a grand remote lodge that overlooks dramatic landscape, eager to plunge into the comforts of crystal-clear waters on a remote beach, intrigued by the promise of opulent palaces, or interested in exclusive visits to renowned art and artifacts, the true luxury of your trip can be designed to fit your preferences.

No matter your destination, you can find premium discoveries and unparalleled experiences with your personalized luxury Zicasso trip for 2022.

7 Itineraries to Latin America for a First-Timer

Untouched wilderness, distinctive culture, and a range of landscapes that take you from pristine white glaciers to gorgeous white-sand beaches are all yours to explore in Central and South America, and these seven itineraries for a first-timer are the perfect place to start.

Whether eager to plunge into the rainforest in search of scarlet macaw or trek through the ruins of Machu Picchu, travel between the volcanic islands of the Galapagos or search for jaguars in the world’s biggest wetlands of Brazil’s Pantanal, Central and South America are rich with ancient culture, natural history, and indelible beauty.

The right trip for you will account for your preferences, goals, and interests as you discover the wonders that make this region of the world both timeless and compelling.

Emerging Destinations for 2022: 10 Countries for Your Next Vacation

From the unexpected to the iconic, these emerging destinations for the year ahead reflect the changing interests of Zicasso travelers and what they wish to see in the coming year.

Whether looking for a tropical escape or a connection with ancient history, luxurious beaches or volcanic islands, secluded trekking or incredible wildlife, these destinations offer it all and have joined our top countries to visit.

With a wide array of experiences available in each destination, these destinations continue to create new ideas for travelers and may inspire where you want to go for your next trip.

Top 3 Reasons to Visit France This Winter

When you visit France in winter, you can indulge in the wonders and beauty of the country with far fewer people for a more authentic travel experience.

From the joys of Paris to the marvels of Mont St. Michel, the grandeur of the Loire Valley to the charms of quiet villages, France in winter exudes serene landscapes and festive ambiance that can take you from lively holiday markets to the captivating hush of renowned museums.

By visiting France this winter, you have the opportunity to discover more of the country in your travel preferences as you explore why now is the time to book your next trip.

2021 Holiday Season Travel - Where To Go This Year

Originally published on June 23, 2021, this list was last updated on December 14, 2021

The holiday season is an exciting time to visit a new country, and this list of destinations offers our recommendations of where you can visit during the holiday season in 2021.

Our selected countries can take you into a winter wonderland, reveal mouthwatering flavors, or uncover the heart of a summer wilderness. With the spectacular attention to detail that a local travel specialist provides, you can explore and discover the joy of the holiday season around the world.

Whether looking for a tropical escape for Christmas or eager to find an immersive festive experience, you can find the right destination to celebrate your perfect holiday season.

4 Tips for Traveling to Thailand in 2021-2022

With exceptional beaches, exciting history, and dynamic culture, Thailand is now open to vaccinated American travelers without quarantine.

As of November 1, the wonders of Thailand are once more available for an incredible getaway to remote islands and grand Buddhist temples, quiet white sands, and exotic marine life. Whether interested in remote trails through jungle terrain or happy to sample the famous cuisine, you can find exceptional excursions and enticing ambiance across the country.

You can find the right experiences for your Thailand trip, and these four tips will help you plan the perfect vacation experience.

7 Best Destinations for Summer Lovers to Visit in the Winter

Some travelers embrace the winter season, but you may prefer the warmth of summer, the tropical lifestyle, and an escape from the cold. These seven destinations offer the perfect summer-style getaways in the heart of winter.

Whether traveling to the Southern Hemisphere or finding an idyllic beach near the equator, you can indulge in the beauty of nature and the quintessential sun-baked sands at your leisure. Blend adventure, excitement, discovery, and relaxation as you find relaxing warmth in these perfect destinations for the Northern Hemisphere’s winter.

Whether you would like to visit the Asia Pacific region for a cosmopolitan beach vibe, Africa for a safari, or south or central America for wildlife, art and more, the following information will guide you in making your decision.

Best Places to Travel by Month

Whether looking for the perfect beach getaway or a family-friendly escape, here you can find information on the best destinations to visit by month to fulfill your travel dreams.

From the charming canals of Venice to the pristine sands of a Thailand beach, the glowing colors of the Great Barrier Reef to giraffes grazing on the savannah, the time of year can have a profound effect on your travels and activities. Understanding the best time to visit may allow you to paddleboard in French Polynesian sunlight or trek across Southern Patagonia without the crowds.

Find the right time to visit your dream destination or discover the best destination to fit your timeline. When working with a travel specialist, you have a guide to uncover the right destination for you.

7 Patagonia Sample Trips for 2022-2023

Barren, shimmering, and wild, Patagonia embodies the frontier of South America where untamed nature reigns supreme and our seven Patagonia sample trips can inspire your excursion.

With jagged peaks, pristine glacial lakes, winding rivers, and surprising oases, you can experience nature on a grand and breathtaking scale with a wealth of possible experiences. From glaciers to pampas, luxurious ski resorts to remote chalets, Patagonia is a world of solitude and fantasy brought to life.

Whether looking for the perfect couple’s trekking getaway or a family-friendly immersion into nature, you can find the right Patagonia adventure for you with the following sample trips.

Top 7 Things to Do in Costa Rica with Family

Costa Rica offers the perfect blend of history, natural beauty, and tropical adventure for families with children of all ages and overflows with things to do. Instead of spending every day on the beach or hidden away in a mountain lodge, you can combine interactive education and physical fun within four percent of the world’s flora and fauna with our recommendations for the best family-friendly things to do in Costa Rica.

How to Pick Your Next Destination: Smart Pandemic Travel Choices for the Next Quarter

At Zicasso, travelers often ask how to pick the right destination for this time of travel, particularly if they want to travel in the next 2-3 months.

We find that many want to travel internationally if it’s safe and if they can be confident of a quality trip. Changing rules, restrictions, seasonality, and different country logistics have caused massive confusion about where you can easily travel.

With helpful information and advice, five criteria to consider when you choose your destination, and a list of countries we currently recommend, you can travel with ease and explore the world confidently and safely.

Travel Tips and Hints: Top Central and South American Destinations for 2021-2022

Central and South America will always surpass your expectations from natural diversity to timeless adventure. Over the last months, these destinations have grown in popularity with many Zicasso traveler opting to take advantage of reasonable entry requirements and direct flight routing.

From island hopping to savor incredible wildlife or eager to embrace the romance of a luxurious jungle resort, interested in a trek on an ancient trail to find stunning ruins or happy to enjoy the comforts of world-famous beaches, Central and South America can immerse you in culture, heritage, history, and the wonders of nature.

Whether you want to leave for a last-minute trip or wish to plan for the future, our Zicasso travel specialists offer their expertise on how you can experience the trip you want leading into 2022.

Top 7 Things to See & Do in Medellin, Colombia

The striking hillside metropolis of Medellin in Colombia has transformed from one of the most nefarious cities in the world to an enchanting destination that supports its charming nickname, “City of Eternal Spring”.

Medellin attracts visitors from across the country and the world, who are eager to experience year-round flower blossoms, lush trees, and intermittent rainy days in an ambiance that always feels exuberant.

These are the 7 top things to see and do when visiting the vibrant, welcoming, and beautiful city.

10 Best African Safari Itineraries for 2022

An African safari opens the mind and soul to an experience unlike any other. With diverse locations and experiences on offer, no matter what style of safari, no matter where or how long, there is an incredible adventure awaiting you.

Based on your preferred destinations or experiences, you could find yourself traversing not one, not two, but possibly three countries within southern and eastern Africa. Safaris, cities, beaches, and more, a travel specialist can help custom-design your ideal safari for the kind of adventure you are looking for.

Explore amazing itineraries and travel ideas from which you can mold your own creation. Find the essence and overall highlights of what an African safari should encompass as you get ready for the safari seasons.

What It's Like to Travel Now - African Safari, Greece, Spain, Costa Rica, and Peru

From the winding waters of the Okavango Delta to enticing peaks of the Andes Mountains, the volcanic islands of Greece to the medieval towns of Spain, find the right experience for your adventure with a trip customized to your preferences.

Every traveler has different goals for a trip and a travel specialist can plan, guide, and support you to ensure your best experience for a future trip or a last-minute getaway.

Find tips, hints and ideas for your next vacation from these Zicasso travelers that just returned from Africa, Greece, Spain, Costa Rica and Peru.

Lost Cities Of The Past and Where to Visit Them

Ancient cities of the world represent dynamic, mythological, and legendary aspects of folklore that are critical to the history of humanity, and with the right travel specialist, you can immerse yourself in these as you explore the world.

The ruins of fascinating cities embody ancient life and reflect the strength and power of premodern kingdoms, the prestige of trading centers, and the scales of populations that far exceeds what modern archeologists once thought possible.

You can visit these cities that have been lost to history to find how they have shaped local modern-day culture and global heritage.

Why Now is the Time for South America

With promises of the Amazon Rainforest to Andean peaks, celebrated beaches to intriguing ancient ruins, South America is a destination of diversity that offers a mixture of natural majesty and captivating heritage. 

With ideal weather, safe travel experiences, and overflowing with unique things to see and do, your vacation will begin with a warm welcome and end with fantastic memories. 

Whether sipping wine in Argentina or visiting the giant tortoises on the Galapagos, now is the time for exploring it all. 

Where to Go: Why Now is the Time for Your Dream Trip to Egypt

Open now to American travelers, it is perhaps the best time ever to plan your trip to Egypt.

A bucket-list destination for many, the ancient past unfolds like a storybook in Egypt. Each page reveals a new, inspiring wonder, from the grand tip of the pyramids cracking the sky to the serene banks of the Nile River that creates an enticing oasis.

With clear safety protocols, manageable entry requirements, and some advantageous rates, Zicasso travelers are reporting a spectacular travel experience. There are several reasons why now is the right time to bring your dream Egyptian vacation to life.

Travel Tips and Hints: Top 5 Europe Destinations for 2021-2022

While the pandemic may have kept many of us at home, Zicasso travelers never stopped dreaming of their next vacation to top European destinations. Summer 2021 brought much enthusiasm with spectacular interest in both last-minute travel and in looking ahead to 2022.

From exploring unforgettable cuisine on a family tour to embracing the romance of a renowned city, following a pilgrimage trail to enjoying celebrated beaches, Europe offers countless ways to enjoy and explore heritage, history, and natural splendor.

Our Zicasso travel specialists offer their thoughts and expertise on what travel will be like leading into 2022 and how to experience the trip you want, whether now or in the future.

7 Amazing Artisan Experiences from Around the World

For those who want their vacation to capture the true essence of a culture, a dive into a country’s unique artisanal experiences is a must.

You can discover the people who uphold long-lived customs, participate in celebrations of cherished heritages, and explore historical traditions birthed centuries ago. Whether life-changing or enchanting, artisanal experiences reveal the beauty and charms of Old-World technique coupled with the fast-pace of modernity.

Here are seven incredible destinations that will introduce you to fascinating artisanal experiences from around the world, including art, architecture and cuisine.

What It’s Like to Travel Now: Italy, Croatia, Portugal, Spain, Costa Rica and Kenya

The world is constantly changing, and as Zicasso travelers return from their trips, travel reviews are coming in daily. Overflowing with tips and helpful hints, learn more about what it is like to travel now, and how you can best prepare for your next vacation with tips from our travel specialists.

From the rainforests of Costa Rica to the beaches of Portugal, you can experience culture, landscape, and the spirit of adventure as you prefer. Every trip is customized because every traveler is unique. While the way we travel the world may be changing, we know that the right travel specialist can help craft your best trip, whether now or for future travel.

Top 10 Travel Destinations and Experiences in Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, remains a stunning beacon of multiculturalism eager to reveal its history and contemporary charms to visitors. Millions of people flock to Kenya to explore the Maasai Mara and other breathtaking parks and reserves, splashed with green hillsides and flamingo-filled lakes but traveling in Nairobi’s wilderness promises incredible diversity. From views of Africa’s iconic Big Five to vibrant cultural activities, tantalizing culinary opportunities to insightful heritage highlights, you can experience the breadth of the cosmopolitan ambiance.

Best Beaches in Italy to Visit on Your Vacation

The Italian peninsula is surrounded on three sides by the Ligurian, Tyrrhenian, Ionian, and Adriatic seas, azure waters that shape the best beaches in Italy, perfect for an array of different travel activities. These stunning beaches boast tranquil swimming coves, gorgeous seascapes, and popular stretches of sandy shores that attract visitors from around the world who are eager to embrace the Mediterranean charm and indulge in the sweet life for which Italy is known. Scroll down and learn more about the best Italian beaches to visit on your travels, depending on your daily activities.

10 Under-the-Radar Destinations to Add to Your Travel Bucket List

While popular destinations like Venice, Barcelona, Phuket, and the Serengeti impress with their incredible history and natural beauty, our selection of 10 stellar under-the-radar destinations provides unique insights into remarkable opportunities many travelers don’t take.

Instead of moving with the crowd, these destinations have yet to be overrun by international tourists eager for a peek at famous paintings, glances at passing rhinos, or moments lounging on the soft white sands of a gorgeous beach.

Our curated selection of overlooked destinations provides a glimpse into the unique experiences and memorable moments you can enjoy when stepping away from the beaten path.

Travel Checklist for Senior Travelers: 10 Steps to a Great Vacation

A travel checklist for senior travelers can help you simplify what you need before and during your trip.

Traveling is not only about giving yourself new insight into the world but also ensuring you have the best time possible while exploring a familiar destination or someplace entirely new. The best way to ensure your trip brings the right thrills and excitement is by preparing to make sure you can enjoy the type of activities you prefer for the best travel experience.

Every traveler is different but our recommendations can help you travel safely, actively, and enjoyably for a perfect trip.

10 Best Blockbuster Movie Travel Destinations

Movies capture some of the world’s most enchanting destinations that you can visit on a Zicasso tour tailored to you. From the rolling red dunes of the Sahara Desert with a Mars-like escape to the lush New Zealand countryside for a fairytale paradise, the splendors of the world in which we live transport us to other worlds, times, and eras through cinema. Travel and movies work hand in hand, with destinations around the world inspiring some of the greatest filmmakers. You don’t have to just enjoy these spectacular sceneries through movies alone.

10 Most Popular Types of Pasta to Try On Vacation in Italy

Italy is home to thousands of different pasta types to try while you travel, each with their own distinct shapes and flavors that stem from the unique regions found across the peninsula. Italian noodles represent over 300 different pasta shapes, each playing an integral role in the local cuisine and revealing the culinary personality of different regions and their gastronomic heritage.

These pastas have a history that dates back to Marco Polo in the 13th century and myths that trace back their origins to nomadic Arabs who brought noodles to Europe from Central Asia. No matter the origins of Italy’s different varieties of pasta, the noodles have inspired shapes and sizes from the different ingredients that have been available in the various regions.

We have compiled a list of the ten most popular pasta types that you will find in Italian cuisine as you tour the country and savor the delicious local dishes.

6 Amazing African Bush and Beach Vacations

The thrill of an African safari is perfectly complemented by the relaxing escape of a beach break, presenting the ideal combination vacation of “beach and bush.” The excitement of game viewing and lodge-hopping can give one a sense of being busy, taking in sights and sounds and experiences somewhat unique and unprecedented. Unwinding on a white sandy beach or remote seaside location after a safari or even before, offers the opportunity to either reflect on the safari delight just experienced or provide the time and space to prepare for the adventure ahead. Two aspects of a destination’s highlights, two incredible and unforgettable journeys.

What to Bring on An African Safari: 6 Tips to Pack Your Bag

You have booked your dream African Safari and now find yourself staring at your travel bag, wondering what to pack. How much do you need to take with you? What type of clothing and what colors are appropriate for the bush?

Packing your suitcase for a safari adventure can be intimidating, and many online packing guides complicate matters with a seemingly endless list of essential items. This can be challenging when confronted with the luggage weight restrictions of light aircraft flights to remote destinations. Here is a simple guide to show you not only what to pack but how.

How to Plan Your Trip to the Galapagos

Planning your perfect Galapagos trip can unveil Ecuador’s vibrant wonders where diverse ecosystems and captivating cultures converge. With architectural treasures featuring Spanish colonial centers, white sand beaches edging crystal-clear waters, and fascinating wildlife from sea turtles to tropical birds, Ecuador radiates adventure and discovery. From trekking volcanic slopes to wandering the Amazon Rainforest, to the ultimate exploration of the Galapagos Islands, you will find untouched splendor on your trip.

Ecuador’s allure is not just limited to the Galapagos Islands and instead captures the diversity of the country’s scenery enfolded into a country smaller than the state of Nevada. With remarkable volcanoes high in the Andes and a position set along the equator, Ecuador is a year-round destination with an exceptional range from elegant beaches to the snow topped mountaintops. No matter how you wish to explore, you can find a rich culture and the importance of the local ecology as the landscapes shift between regions.

5 Tips for Traveling to Australia in 2022

Australia is now open for travelers, which means you can explore the dreamscape of ancient culture and fantastical scenery with our five tips for travel in 2022 that can help you navigate where, when, and how to visit.

The logistics for visiting Australia can change by state and territory as you travel to visit ancient culture, urban charm, endless adventures, quirky wildlife, and the relaxed ambiance. By understanding how to navigate any challenges or restrictions, you can enjoy the surprising wonders of the world’s smallest continent.

Australia is inspired and inspiring with colorful rainforest to vibrant coral reefs, scorched red desert to pristine white-sand beaches. Use the information below to out what you need to connect to the Aboriginal story of Dreamtime or explore the cosmopolitan cityscapes.

What it’s Like to Travel Now in Croatia: Q&A with Zicasso Founders Brian Tan and Yuchun Ku
10 Best Museums in France

France is home to some of the world’s most notable museums, and any trip to France should include a visit.

With over 1,200 galleries tucked across the country, every exhibit offers a new perspective of the country and its history, heritage, and culture. Whether focusing on Greek statues or Impressionist masters, gigantic paintings or ancient tapestries, France’s must-see museums display an indelible grandeur and should find a place on any trip itinerary.

7 Best Wine Regions to Visit in Portugal

Portugal’s wines share the character and charisma of the country by revealing flavorful diversity in every bottle, and here are the seven best wine regions to visit in Portugal during your trip.

With vines rolling across hillsides that are cast in the shadows of fairytale castles, and even rising out of the coastal sands, you can find hints of the idyllic scenery and the spirit of cultural history exuding from the wineries and ultimate flavor.

The following list focuses on our recommendations for the top seven wine regions while providing insight into how the climate affects each varietal and what typical wines to expect when you visit, preparing your palate for Portugal.

9 Best Museums in Spain and Where to See Them

Spain is a marvel of heritage and a mosaic of cultures with some of the best museums in Europe. 

With millennia of artifacts, a feature progression of artistic aesthetic, and a captivating collection of artists from across Europe, Spain hosts elaborate galleries representing pieces of the past and contemporary masterpieces. 

Whether focusing on prehistoric drawings, Greek vases, gigantic paintings, or intricate sculptures, these must-see museums display Spain’s layered opulence.

What You Need to Know About Traveling to Italy in 2021

Italy is known for heritage that has spanned millennia, where modern life winds through ancient ruins, fascinating artwork can capture your imagination, and delicious food and wine brings to light the simple joys in every day. As one of the most popular destinations in the world, traveling to Italy in 2021 may be exactly the vacation you have been dreaming of. After over a year of closed borders, we anticipate official announcements from Italy as they plan to open to visitors from around the world this summer.

American travelers are expected to be allowed entry to Italy in mid-June, with visitors from the EU, Britain, and Israel expected to be able to travel in mid-May. “Watch for Italy to announce this week or next,” says Robert, a Zicasso travel specialist. As you consider connecting with a travel specialist about your Italian vacation, here are a few things you need to know.

8 Best Italy Christmas Markets and How to Visit Them

Italy is a destination with festive Christmas markets that capture the joys of the holiday season where reveling in simple seasonal pleasures can change your entire perspective of the holidays. With holiday festivities overtaking medieval towns, seaside villages, and bustling cities, Italy becomes an immersion into masterful winter celebrations that begin in early December and stretch into January. Our suggestions of Italy Christmas Markets can take you across the country to enjoy the festive ambiance.

6 Reasons To Choose Portugal for Your Next Vacation

The six reasons Portugal should be your next destination take you beyond the remarkable diversity and immerse you in a country emerging into the spotlight. With historic cities, exceptional cuisine, natural grandeur, and an inextricable seafaring tradition, Portugal is rich with treasures ready for discovery. Once at the forefront of maritime exploration and home to one of the longest-ruling European empires, the complex heritage connects to the turquoise waters, gold-sand beaches, and surprising flavors found in the customary and evolving cuisine.

“The key ingredient to Zicasso are our travel specialists,” says Brian Tan, CEO and Founder of Zicasso. Whether you want to witness Portugal’s picturesque coves or walk along the antique cobblestone streets, bask in natural springs or stroll through charming villages, our Zicasso partners are some of the best in the world and will use their incredible enthusiasm and love for their destination to help craft your best Portugal trip.

Top 5 Reasons to Spend Christmas in Italy

There are many reasons to spend Christmas in Italy, including the festive traditions in popular cities, the vibrant markets, Christmas cuisine, and great weather.

The Christmas season is a celebration that lasts for weeks, turning one of Europe’s most enticing countries into an inspiring combination of lights and art. With piazzas from Milan to Rome and Naples to Palermo spreading the festivities, decorations fill cities and towns, while carolers and bagpipe players fill the air with song and nativity scenes decorate historic churches.

With style, glamor, and beauty, Italy celebrates Christmas like no other and this guide shares the top five reasons to spend Christmas there.

What You Need to Know About Traveling to Greece in 2021

Whether looking for sun-bleached ruins, beaches with turquoise waters, or dramatic cliffs with panoramic views, traveling to Greece in 2021 can bring logistical questions and innumerable rewards. Greece is a dynamic destination that can immediately immerse you in passionate music and enticing cuisine or take you sailing to one of 6,000 islands. Dreaming of your Greece vacation this summer is easy, and there are a few tips and hints that can help you make it happen.

Top 10 Best European Cities for Art Lovers

Europe abounds with culture from thousands of years of collective heritage and independent progress, and there are plenty of must-see destinations for art. Cities display artwork in elaborate galleries and along the streets as architectural treasures, while museums represent contemporary artists, showcase ancient artisans, and challenge perception with modern designers. Whether focusing on prehistoric artwork or Roman mosaics, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers or preserved Moorish arches, these must-see cities have it all.

17 Best Places to Travel in April

April is a fantastic month to explore the different corners of the world, no matter which hemisphere you want to discover.

Whether on a secluded island or during a food tour, looking for lions in the wild or visiting ancient hidden temples, every trip in April brings new opportunities to view the world. Understanding the variety of destinations you can visit in April can connect you to adventure, a remote island getaway, or a unique experience overlooked by other travelers.

Your preferences will guide your destination as you explore your travel style, needs, and tastes. Our recommendations for the 17 best places to travel in April will help you find the right destination for any type of travel experience.

Why 2021 is the Time to Go to Croatia

Croatia is a fantasy of Mediterranean vacation dreams and one of the latest European countries to reopen its borders to visitors from the United States.

Ancient walls create a dramatic reminder of the past while life remains vivid in the cafes that decorate ancient Diocletian’s Palace. From a honeymoon on sun-drenched islands to an Istrian Peninsula family vacation, your choice to travel to Croatia in 2021 gives you three notable advantages.

10 Most Requested European Itineraries 2022

Find inspiration from this collection of Zicasso's ten most popular sample itineraries to Europe.

With so many opportunities on where to go and what to see, it can be challenging to decide how best to use your vacation days. These popular sample itineraries offer ideas and inspiration as you consider what you would like to do most.

From ancient ruins to enticing food and wine, grand palaces to spectacular vistas, Europe is endlessly captivating for every kind of traveler, and you can refine and curate your trip to precisely what you want.

Why 2021 is the Best Time to Go to Iceland

Iceland is open to vaccinated American travelers, and now is the time to take your dream trip!

The Land of Fire and Ice displays nature’s raw power and exceptional beauty with endless opportunities for immersive experiences.

Whether you are looking for a couple’s adventure in search of the Northern Lights, a family excursion into the depths of an ice cave, or a unique view of the annual sheep roundup, your decision to travel to Iceland in 2021 brings three significant advantages.

3 Reasons Why It is a Great Time to Visit Peru in 2021

Originally published April 2, 2021, this article has been updated.

There is nowhere else in the world like Peru as its intense concentration of cultural heritage and natural wonder create an inspiring collection of opportunities. From the desert to the Andes, the jungle to the coastline, the joy of discovery is all around.

Whether you are looking for a couple’s getaway along Lima’s beaches, a family adventure in search of sloths, or an exciting trek on the renowned Inca Trail, your decision to travel in 2021 and 2022 brings three advantages as you experience all that Peru has to offer.

Why You Should Visit the UK in 2021-2022

The United Kingdom is a spectacle of history and culture, tradition and possibility. Its beauty stretches from southern white cliffs to the untamed northern Highlands, ancient stone monoliths to dramatic medieval castles. Small but influential, regal and bursting with historical influence, the United Kingdom defies a single definition.

Not surprisingly, interest in the UK has continued throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, and we wanted to continue our Stories in the Field series by sharing a conversation we recently had with one of our Zicasso partners.

Based in Pembrokeshire, Wales, Neil and his wife Zoe have spent decades in the travel industry as hoteliers, restaurateurs, and now with their own boutique travel agency. Along with one of their travel specialists, Alex, Neil joined our Zicasso office team for a conversation over Zoom. From unexpected countryside charms to the emergence of winemaking, there is much in this conversation that might surprise you!

10 Italian Arts & Crafts - How to See and Experience Them

Italy is renowned for its artisans who use traditional techniques that turn craftwork into artistry. From colorful to creative, authentic to enticing, artisan crafts capture the essence of Italian heritage and carry the proud legacy of the past into the future. Use this list to explore where you can find them and how you can experience them during your trip.

5 Tips for Traveling with Teens

Designing your perfect family vacation can give rise to possible challenges and incredible opportunities, and these five tips on what to consider when traveling with your teenagers can help make your next vacation the best one yet.

Traveling with a teen is always a balancing act between quality time and independence while still creating the memories both you and your older kids will cherish.

From shared interests to the promise of adventure, the thrill of discovery to the freedom of choice, we cover everything that you need to know.

16 Best Places to Travel in March

March is a fantastic time of year to travel as you can enjoy the beginnings of spring or watch the season shift to fall when visiting the Southern Hemisphere.

No matter what kind of trip you wish to have, the weather in March can highlight the world’s captivating diversity. Whether looking for secluded coastlines or active elephants, precariously perched temples, or welcoming cultures, you can discover exciting destinations from a new perspective.

Find the right destination for your March vacation from this list of 16 of our favorites so you can explore, experience, and discover the world according to your preferences.

Best Family Itineraries for 2022

From Costa Rica to Italy, France to Thailand, Australia to Japan, South Africa to Greece, you have an endless number of vacation destinations perfect for your entire family in 2022.

The following sample tours offer inspiring getaways with essential experiences that will give your family everlasting memories.

From ancient temples to elegant palaces, hands-on cooking classes, to unique wildlife, you can find the best destination for your family.

5 Tips for Traveling with Babies and Toddlers

It’s easy to give in to the idea of waiting until your child is older before traveling the world, but there are many benefits to starting early to help them become capable and enthusiastic travelers.

Traveling with babies and young children can seem daunting, from long flights to changing time zones, but you can plan a trip that your entire family will enjoy. The right travel specialist will focus on the logistics so you are free to make cherished memories.

These five tips can help you consider your next destination and how to enjoy it.

Top 11 Family-Friendly Travel Destinations

Whether you want a tropical escape, an exploration of natural wonders, or to witness ancient history, these eleven family-friendly destinations can help you find the right place for your family.

Every family is different, and the right destination for your family will depend on your goals, wants, needs, and expectations. Some yearn to uncover the wonders of Ancient Rome in Italy while others prefer quiet afternoons under the blue-roof Cycladic homes of Santorini in Greece. No matter where Zicasso takes you, you and your family will revel in the exciting activities that await.

Traveling with your family can be a rewarding experience with incredible adventures and unforgettable memories, with the following destinations embodying the best travel experiences for every kind of family.

8 Italian Culinary Favorites and How to Explore Them

Italian cuisine is famous throughout the world, and the following information shares eight Italian culinary favorites and how to explore them during your travels in Italy.

Whether looking for classic dishes or eager to sample new ingredients, Italy celebrates local and seasonal flavors to create an unforgettable impact at the table.

From a private couple’s cooking class to a family-friendly gelato course, a senior’s wine tasting tour to a pizza-making class with friends, this list helps you explore where and how to sample traditional dishes during your Italy vacation.

How to Plan Your Perfect Honeymoon in Greece in Six Steps

Greece is a sensational destination for a honeymoon and this guide shares six important things couples should consider when planning their romantic retreat in the Mediterranean.

There are experiences for every type of traveler in Greece and places for all sorts of adventures. You can swim in the crystal-clear seas, uncover history at the Acropolis, walk hand in hand through historic neighborhoods, or cross the Aegean on dreamy cruises that cater to your shared travel goals and preferences.

Use our steps to plan your trip and create an unforgettable honeymoon in a country that will sweep you off of your feet.

Something to Look Forward To - Why You Should Plan Your Next Trip Now

It’s been said that travel is not about the destination but the journey. We believe that travel is about the destination, it is about the journey, but it is also about the planning. Your next vacation is not just an escape to refresh your life and build lasting memories; the pure anticipation of the trip is as important as the trip itself. Our next trip gives us something to look forward to, no matter how distant in the future that trip may be, knowing it is booked and on our calendar brings us a strong feeling of excitement.

11 Best Spain Itineraries for 2022

From Madrid to Mallorca, Seville to San Sebastian, Barcelona to Bilbao, Granada to Girona, Spain has it all.  Overflowing with art and history, modern culture collides with the past with so much to see and do.

The following sample itineraries offer essential experiences as you consider your own ideal vacation.

From a flavorful tour of authentic dishes to the romance of the coastline, an exploration of the dynamic trails to exclusive views of famous architectural grandeur, discover why Spain is the right destination for any traveler.

19 Best Places to Travel in February

Travel in February can take us into the heart of winter or the depths of summer, so knowing where you can go for your preferred style of trip will help create an unforgettable experience.

No matter how we wish to travel, February is a great time to explore the world, from an African safari to a tropical beach getaway, ancient cities, to an exploration of nature. You can witness Africa’s Big Five or discover hidden temples, ski at famous alpine resorts or bask in the comforts of a tropical escape.

The following list reveals 19 of the many places you can visit in February with options for every type of traveler.

15 Best Places to Travel in January

January is a fantastic time to plan a trip, and our list of the best places to visit in January can give you all the inspiration you need to put your vacation plans in motion.

From the tropical warmth of the Southern Hemisphere to the winter wonderlands of Europe, or even the unique icy edges of Antarctica, January is a time when we all want to make a fresh start.

What better way to kick off a new year than with a new experience? The following list brings many fantastic places you can visit in January, and there is something for every traveler.

13 Best Greece Itineraries for 2022

From Athens to Santorini, Meteora to Crete, your vacation to Greece offers modern luxury alongside ancient history.

Island beaches shimmer with white sands, romantic sunsets light the sky, and your days abound with exploration.

Find inspiration for your dream trip in this collection of sample itineraries created for 2022 and beyond.

10 Emerging Destinations for 2021-2022: Where Zicasso Travelers Want to Go

From the unexpected to the iconic, this list of destinations are seeing more interest than usual from our Zicasso travelers. With a wide array of experiences available in each, we asked our travel specialists why more have been drawn to these countries over the last few months. Whether you would like to take a last-minute trip or begin planning for the future, this list may give you the inspiration you are looking for.

Our 10 Best Luxury Italy Itineraries for 2022

From Rome to Palermo, Florence to Milan, Tuscany to the Amalfi, Alberobello to Lake Como, Italy is an ideal vacation destination for the year ahead. 

Find inspiration in the following sample tours that immerse you in essential exploration of a country that overflows with options. 

From an adventurous sailing excursion to a romantic culinary tour, a discovery of lesser-known towns to secluded countryside comforts, see why Italy is the perfect destination for every type of traveler.

Zicasso's Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations

Your honeymoon is sure to be a trip of a lifetime, and deciding where to go is the first exciting step in your planning process.

Whether you want an epic escape to a rainforest retreat, a beach getaway to a deserted island, an Italian dream vacation, or an opulent safari, Zicasso can ensure your perfect luxury vacation.

Explore some of our top destinations for relaxation, adventure, and everything between. The options are endless, but Zicasso is here to help you plan the honeymoon of your dreams.

Taking a Trip in the Covid-era: 10 Ways You Can Prepare Now

How you can travel safely right now is an essential question and the Zicasso team can give you important insight into what you can do to travel smarter, easier, and safer for all regions around the world. Planning a trip always leads to important questions, and now more than ever, many travelers are asking about safety concerns and ensuring they can still plan their dream vacation. As you consider your next trip, this list offers several ways you can ease your logistics by preparing ahead of time.

Why 2021 Is the Time for a Private Yacht Charter in Croatia

Open now to American travelers, Croatia is a destination to consider throughout 2021. For the popular summer season, our travel specialists are finding some fantastic options for travelers looking for relaxation, privacy, real-time adjustments, and the ability to customize their itinerary. As you consider your plans, the hiring of a private yacht charter checks every single box for an ideal Covid-era vacation. Beyond that, we see some incredibly advantageous rates, including the limited offer detailed below.

Zicasso Signature Tours: Spectacular European Scenery Away from the Crowds

While there are some options for last-minute travel in 2020, most travelers are looking ahead to 2021 and 2022. As many desire to step away from the dense crowds, our specialists have responded with new itineraries that take into account our new travel realities. Learn how to see France, Spain, Ireland and Portugal as we look to 2021 and beyond.

Zicasso Signature Tours: Most Requested Destinations for 2021

While there are some options for last-minute travel in 2020, most travelers are looking ahead to 2021. As preferences for the most iconic destinations have remained the same, our specialists have responded with new itineraries that take into account the new travel realities. Learn how to see Italy, Greece, England & Scotland, and South Africa the best in 2021 and beyond by reading on.

Zicasso Signature Tours: 4 Places You Can Visit Now

Every day we are inspired by the many Zicasso travelers ready to book their next trip. Our travelers seem to have three things in common: the desire for good value, increased privacy, and the ability to make real-time adjustments during the Covid-era. We asked several of our travel specialists to create sample itineraries for their regions that put these three priorities center stage.  This series of itineraries, the Zicasso Signature Tours, will bring you through the many regions of the world and show you how to visit them in 2021 and beyond. With an emphasis on flexibility and safety, a customized trip will exceed your expectations and celebrate the wonder to be found abroad. These first four featured countries are not only ready for your 2021 trip, but they are also able to welcome you in 2020. A last-minute trip is not only possible, but highly recommended in the hands of a local travel specialist. See what’s possible below.

Zicasso Travelers' Top Destinations for 2021

As our Traveler Care team is in constant conversation with our Zicasso travelers, we are frequently asked if anyone is actually booking a trip for 2021?  The answer is yes! For those who have booked their next trip, there have been some changes to what they are looking for and how they want to travel. We spoke to travel specialists from all over the world as they have already begun to reinvent to ensure the safety and comfort of our travelers for post-pandemic travel. We looked at some of the most popular destinations people are booking with Zicasso for 2021 to learn more about the travel trends and the current atmosphere in each country.

Is it Safe to Fly Internationally Right Now? Flight Insight from a Travel Specialist

For many prospective travelers, this is the million-dollar question. The impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic are felt across the travel landscape, and air travel has changed significantly.  We asked Jessica, a Zicasso travel specialist who recently traveled to Tanzania, to share with us what it was like as she flew from Los Angeles, California to Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, and then from Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

3 Reasons to Go to Tanzania in 2020 - Advice from a Zicasso Safari Specialist

One of our Zicasso travel specialists, Jessica, recently returned from a safari in Tanzania. Having planned countless safaris for our travelers, she came home to the United States ready to encourage a last-minute trip in 2020. As the story of her weeks-long safari unfolded, we were struck by how easily, and safely, she was able to enjoy the wonders of the Great Migration in the Serengeti. A perfect vacation option for a post-Covid world, a safari is inherently Covid friendly, being outdoors and remote. The wildlife viewing is even more than you can imagine, and currently the airline and lodging discounts are unprecedented. Whether you have been thinking about traveling or not, what is happening right now in Tanzania is why you should consider a last-minute trip for 2020.

New Ways to Visit Iconic Sites: Machu Picchu, Sagrada Familia, Acropolis, Vatican, and Louvre

While many are drawn off the beaten path, it is often impossible to resist a stop at the world's iconic landmarks.  From the Machu Picchu to the Acropolis, La Sagrada Familia, and the Vatican to La Louvre, we love to match our postcard views with the view in front of our eyes. As the realities of post-Covid travel set in, we spoke with Zicasso travel specialists for Greece, Italy, Spain, France, and Peru to learn not only about how we can safely see iconic sites in these countries but also what these destinations are doing to protect visitors as they explore the highlights.

Travel with Zicasso - Our Promises to You

At Zicasso, we’ve got your back.

Like you, we are travelers, and we understand that booking your next trip comes with a lot of questions. The decision to move forward is intimidating, but we are uniquely positioned with our global partners to help you plan your next journey.

As a family-owned travel company, you are part of our Zicasso family the moment you invite us into your vacation planning, and working with you is a privilege that we never lose sight of.

Zicasso’s Trips of a Lifetime Series - Part 3

Most of us have imagined the places we’ve always wished to discover and have realized that now is the time to experience our trip of a lifetime, to celebrate our global relationships, connect with new experiences, and enjoy classic adventure as we look to fulfill our long-held dreams in a new place.

Our journeys between countries and cultures have shown us new worlds but also a part of ourselves. It is not where we see that affects us but how we see, from the alluring scent of a night market to the surprising speed of a meerkat colony, the changing colors of red cliffs to a panorama across dazzling desert.

Travel specialists understand that we choose our trips as much as our trips choose us, that the world holds an endless majesty, and that we must make the right time for our next trip.

Zicasso’s Trips of a Lifetime Series - Part 2

The world is full of wonder. As travelers, we are all longing to step out to visit the world’s highlights, lounge on a secluded beach, or find a change of scene. Your trip of a lifetime will bring more personal connection, more authenticity, and more personalization.

Travel breaks down misconceptions and preconceptions. We leave our home behind to embrace connection, finding the point where the comforts of home call to us while the allure of different heritages, religions, and landscapes inspire us.

Travel cements our connection to our home by instilling a larger sense of community in us, where the barriers we once found incredibly concrete easily and quickly melt away.

Zicasso’s Trips of a Lifetime Series - Part 1

You may wish for an active exploration of breathtaking nature or perhaps a glimpse into the inspiring artwork of past civilizations, but no matter the experiences you want to have, a trip customized by an expert will make your trip of a lifetime possible.

We invited a few of our top travel specialists to write the "dream" itinerary to their region to push the limits and remove any boundaries as we consider the place in the world that we wish to discover, or possibly, rediscover.

Our Trips of a Lifetime three-part series can inspire your journey of any style, length, or plan. As wanderers, explorers, and discoverers, these trips let you sample ideas of what you may want and how you can make it happen.

You Can Go To Tahiti: Quick Escapes for 2020 and 2021

Tahiti has been open to American travelers since July, and our Zicasso travel specialists are finding some advantageous rates at some of their preferred properties. Designed for a quick escape, these exclusive offers bring you to a paradise of bungalows, shimmering crystalline waters, rainbow reefs, and beautiful beaches. From the coral to crowning mountains, the shoreline to jungle terrain, the island ambiance is a majestic promise of escape from life back home. A last minute trip just might be the best way to end 2020, or to begin 2021. With air fare included, these attractive options bring a surprisingly low rate.

When Can I Travel Again? How Zicasso’s Travel Experts are Ready to Make it Happen

Where had you planned on traveling this year? As we have experienced the many sudden changes to our world in different ways, it is time to reassess how we can step out to explore, experience, and emerge into this new chapter in travel. Perhaps, you had envisioned trekking to the top of Huayna Picchu, letting the crisp air bite at your nose while you basked in the panorama that sweeps across the Lost City of Machu Picchu. Or maybe you had already booked your trip to Greece and expected to wander through the galleries of the Acropolis Museum, listening to the legends associated with the preserved artifacts. While we are not yet able to travel, we are able to consider and dream, and we at Zicasso invite you to begin. We spoke with travel experts to both Italy and Greece for their advice, and Zicasso travel specialists are available for all parts of the world to answer your questions.

Q&A with Tom Skalka, Director of Client Relations at Zicasso

We sat down with Tom Skalka, Director of Client Relations at Zicasso, to discuss how travelers can best be planning for the future. Covid-19 disrupted his own travel to Spain, so he understands personally how harrowing it has been to manage changing plans. Learn more about what’s ahead as we all look forward to this next chapter in travel.

5 Reasons to Work with a Zicasso Travel Specialist

Zicasso travel specialists use their hands-on experience and wealth of insight to curate custom trips, adding value, convenience, and exclusivity for travelers exploring the world.

A great travel specialist will make their mark on us just like the places we visit do. They can reveal the depths of an unfamiliar culture, the overlooked ambiance of a forgotten neighborhood, or the unforgettable energy beneath the surface of a city you thought you knew.

If you have ever wondered what a travel specialist is, what they do, and how they can help, we share the answers below. Here are five reasons to work with a Zicasso travel specialist.

Four Unique Destinations for Post-COVID Travel

As travelers, we long to participate in new cultures as explorers, as storytellers, as students, and as friends. Our vacations are precious to us for many reasons: for the limited time we have, for the budget, for the planning, for the feeling it leaves, for the experiences we yearn for, and ultimately, for the understanding of the world it gives us. After decades of stepping out into the world when we wanted, and how we wanted, this new chapter will require a new mindset.

As we consider post-pandemic travel, these destinations may be amongst those that can provide unique, personable, and personalized experiences in safe and comfortable environments. Whether you are stepping out on a first-time trip or returning to a long-beloved destination, these countries offer something away from the heavily trodden path with combinations of pristine natural wonders, remarkable history, and captivating cultural experiences. Even though they are not open yet, we recommend starting the planning process now due to the expected pent-up demand for 2021 travel.

9 Destinations for Your Next Milestone Trip

Weddings and milestones are always something to look forward to and our nine best destinations demonstrate how you can mark these occasions with a spectacular vacation.

Delve into the beauty of the Italian coastline with colorful architecture and views of the Mediterranean Sea. Embrace the charm of a secluded bay ringed with coral gardens. Bask in the splendor of an island sunset or sink into the powdery white sands of a remote beach. By understanding how you like to celebrate such events, you can indulge in your preferred experience.

Whether enjoying your honeymoon, celebrating a graduation, or extending the joys of an anniversary, we share our ideas on how to enjoy your milestone with a custom trip designed around your goals and interests.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Plan Now for 2021

When the Covid-19 pandemic forced the world to close its doors, our collective travel dreams for 2020 were closed as well. Whether we had dreamed of visiting the Taj Mahal or Angkor Wat, the beaches of Greece or the savanna of Africa, the postponements and cancellations of our trips have only intensified our anticipation for our next adventure. The thought of our next trip inspires us with endless promises of intimate moments, unexpected experiences, adventurous excursions, and a lifetime’s worth of memories, whether on a postponed honeymoon or your first international family vacation. To ensure your ideal trip design and opportunities for customization, there are five reasons that you should start planning now.

Travel Expert Tips: Hidden Gems of South Africa, Australia, Greece, and Italy

With recommendations from our Zicasso travel planners, see how you can have a tailored travel experience that brings your dream trip to life while venturing off the beaten path. Your travel expert can advise you on how to travel safely while making your desired experiences a reality.

An Expert Guide to Spanish Tapas

Tapas are a delicious culinary tradition and a famous custom celebrated around the world that you can experience during a Spain trip with this expert guide to Spanish tapas.

The word itself conjures images of Spaniards relaxing on a patio with small plates covering the table, accompanied by a glass of white wine on a warm day. In reality, tapas vary in size, preparation, and eating habits based on region. Snacking or dining on tapas is a uniquely different experience in Seville than in Pamplona, in Madrid versus Barcelona.

Some regions have a different name for tapas, in the Basque region, the small dishes are known as pintxos, and this is just one regional difference that you will come to learn about the more you explore Spain.

10 Best Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

Our list of the 10 best countries to visit for solo female travelers focuses on destinations that provide exploration, discovery, and inspiration in a safe environment. Traveling alone can be a thrilling, liberating, and eye-opening experience.

Exploring new parts of the world challenges your comfort zone, resulting in self-discovery that can feed your passions. You have the ability to discover colorful European neighborhoods, hidden reserves in Sub-Saharan Africa, and the edges of Southeast Asia.

Traveling as a female carries specific considerations regarding safety and comfort. Our guide shares some of the world’s best destinations for solo female travelers, with safety tips to help encourage responsible exploration.

The World’s Best Cities for Street Food

The following list offers insight into the world’s ten best cities for street food, revealing the depth of culinary delights around the globe.

The authentic culture and culinary traditions of a city are spotlighted in street food. Vendors pride themselves on the different flavors, textures, and aromas that engage all five senses. Even in cities celebrated for their restaurants, street food remains the ultimate casual dining experience for locals while providing visitors a window into the gastronomic heritage of a country.

Street food around the globe blurs the lines between authentic culinary customs and exciting gastronomic exploration bursting from outdoor markets, carts, or kiosks that make the culture and heritage of a city like Istanbul, Turkey, or Durban, South Africa tangible.

12 Iconic Destinations from Movies and Television

Setting the stage for some of the greatest backdrops in cinema history, the following 12 iconic destinations from movies and television bring to life the silver screen.

Filmmakers explore the globe searching for the perfect locations to make medieval cities, fantastical villages, or fictional planets come to life. Rather than relying on movie lots or CGI, filming on location exemplifies the brilliance of the real world, which you can experience on vacation.

Whether accentuating the history of Croatia for Game of Thrones’ Dornish empire or expressing the beauty of Ireland for the far-flung resting place of Star Wars’ Luke Skywalker, the following destinations connect the magic of movies and television with the wonders of the world.

Essential Food Destinations of Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna is the epicenter of the country's culinary heritage, and you can explore them all in these essential food destinations.

Known as the "breadbasket" of Italy for its production of grain, wheat, and cereals, Emilia Romagna embodies much of what people think of when they think of Italy as it connects the cultures of north and south.

The region is famous for its simple, delicious flavors ranging from fresh pasta to aromatic cheeses and savory salumi to hearty sauces of Parma, Modena, and Bologna that share layers of history with every bite.

Greece’s 8 Best-Kept Secrets

Whether searching for a mountain retreat or secluded seaside resort, a hidden harbor or the location of a mythical battle, the following inspirational list looks beyond common destinations to uncover eight of Greece’s best-kept secrets.

Travelers have ventured to Greece for millennia for its remarkable history, enchanting mythology, and mesmerizing landscapes. Beyond the majesty of classic destinations like Athens and Santorini that have become beacons for tourists, you can find authentic splendor and exceptional treasures that may feel like a secret only you can share.

Embrace the seaside charms of Kastellorizo or trace history along the lanes of Medieval villages on the island of Chios when exploring these hidden jewels of Greece.

Top 7 Things to Do in San Sebastian

The top seven things to do in San Sebastian showcase the beauty of Spain’s famous coastline that hugs the Bay of Biscay in the Basque Country.

San Sebastian is a sophisticated city known for its unique culture, alluring beaches along the glistening Balearic Sea, and fabulous cuisine. It embodies the essence of the Basque region, with fascinating architecture, small pintxos bars and Michelin Star restaurants, all offering an authentic experience of the city.

Gorgeous beach promenades, family-friendly cultural experiences, water activities, premier wines, and more are all accessible in charming San Sebastian, so as you plan your trip, be sure to consider these seven things to do.

7 Underrated Romantic Destinations for Couples

Throw clichéd expectations to the wind and take your partner to any of these overlooked romantic destinations.

Whether searching for a beach-side resort or aching for an amorous adventure, you want and deserve the everlasting memories of a special experience made more distinguished by a destination’s underrated reputation. Cities like Paris and Venice, or island destinations like French Polynesia and the Caribbean, have embraced their romantic reputations, but the following list comprises an eclectic array of destinations guaranteed to delight, entertain, and enchant the one you love.

Whether proposing, celebrating your honeymoon, or simply indulging in the sensual ambiance, you deserve a romantic escape into unforgettable territory.


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