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5 Things to Do In Croatia In Winter

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Beautiful winter panoramic landscape in Gorski Kotar, wooded snow covered mountains and blue Lokvarsko lake in Croatia

Gorski Kotar, Croatia

While Croatia is often associated with a perfect Mediterranean summer, you can embrace the spirit of a natural wonderland with these top 5 things to do in the country in winter.

From snow that blankets the hillsides to festivities that offer heart-warming traditions, enticing resorts to relaxing getaways, whether visiting for a couples’ holiday escape or a family-fun vacation, Croatia is a timeless winter destination.

With the perfect blend of activity and culture, you can indulge in the surprising splendor of Croatia in winter to have your perfect trip, whether by visiting popular sites in seclusion or embracing the holiday season ambiance.


  1. Discover Famous Sites in Near Solitude
  2. Witness an Otherworldly Frozen Plitvice National Park
  3. Bask in Exciting Winter Sports
  4. Embrace the Christmas Festivities
  5. Relax in Soothing Hot Springs
  6. Learn more about Your Winter Trip to Croatia

Discover Famous Sites in Near Solitude

Diocletian’s Palace in Spilt, Croatia

Diocletian’s Palace in Spilt, Croatia

Winter in Croatia offers an enchanting ambiance that brings cheer to outdoor plays, live music, and ice skating around the larger cities. With fantastic views of the clear beaches and fewer tourists, because they don’t know about Croatia’s winter majesty, you can embrace the medieval walls of Dubrovnik or explore the celebrated galleries of Zagreb, wander through the renowned Diocletian’s Palace with mostly locals or simply bask in the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the outdoor cafes, where coffee is on tap and winter pastries abound.

Witness an Otherworldly Frozen Plitvice National Park

Frozen waterfalls at Plitvice National Park

Frozen waterfalls at Plitvice National Park

The landscape of Croatia in winter can be a world of frozen beauty, embodied in the glistening ice sheets of Plitvice Lakes and the surprising image of stagnant waterfalls frozen in motion. With fewer crowds in winter, you can indulge in the frozen wonderland at your own pace to witness iconic turquoise lakes that have turned to ice and resemble gemstones, waterfalls glinting with baby-blue light, and the expansive surroundings blanketed with snow for an authentic and majestic experience.

Bask in Exciting Winter Sports

Winter in Croatia is full of excitement and promise, with winter sports promising adventure across the country. With world-famous ski resorts and snow-shoeing excursions, sledding to ice skating, the snowy expanse swells with locals eager to take advantage of the winter months. The slopes are not limited to skiing and invite many different kinds of winter sports enthusiasts, from snowboarders to sledders, tobogganers to skiers. No matter how you wish to enjoy winter in Croatia, you can find a variety of exciting options perfect for any kind of traveler.

Embrace the Christmas Festivities

Winter Festival in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Winter Festival in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia in winter is a celebration of Christmas festivals that swell in the big cities and small towns, with concerts, musical performances, typical cuisine, and traditional crafts that bring the festive ambiance of the season to life. Stalls line the plazas and streets, with handcrafts and toys, mulled wine and cakes, twinkling lights adding to the spectacle of winter, a memorable time that is unlike any other in the country.

Relax in Soothing Hot Springs

Whether for medicinal purposes associated with Roman rule or simply the soothing comforts of a spa day, the allure of Croatia’s hot springs can help contrast the winter cold. Luxurious attention, rejuvenating properties, and health therapies can help you sink into relaxation as you bask in the warm mineral waters and inadvertently discover part of the country’s ancient traditions. In countryside resorts or hidden urban baths, you can find the perfect hot spring for a break from the winter chill.

Learn more about Your Winter Trip to Croatia

Cathedral in Zagreb, Croatia during winter

Zagreb, Croatia

The winter in Croatia can uncover a new side of the country as you explore Dubrovnik without the crowds or sample the fresh mandarin oranges during the harvest. Whether eager to partake in the famous celebrations of Dubrovnik at Christmas or sample the smaller festivals in lesser-known towns, you will find a landscape that demonstrates a mixture of natural beauty and timeless cultural achievement. Speak with a Croatia travel specialist free today to start planning your trip by completing a Trip Request or by calling us at 1-888-265-9707.

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