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Top 5 Things to Do in Tahiti

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View of the Otemanu mountain

Otemanu mountain vista

The French Polynesian island of Tahiti is a dream destination for beach lovers, thrill seekers, honeymooners, and families, and these top five things to do there are essential experiences to enjoy during your vacation.

You could sip cocktails as the sunset turns the sky orange, pink, and purple. You could snorkel around breathtaking coral reefs or dive to see what magnificent marine creatures swim in the sparkling French Polynesia waters. Cultural markets, neighboring islands, and gushing waterfalls will also blow you away.

In this article, find the top five things to do in Tahiti for a glimpse of some of the additional experiences and activities you can enjoy when you vacation in the tropical beauty of French Polynesia.

  1. 1. Meander the Marché Papeete Market
  2. 2. Snapshot the Fabulous Faarumai Waterfalls
  3. 3. Island Hop to Moorea and Bora Bora
  4. 4. Experience Great Surf in French Polynesia
  5. 5. Soak Up the Seaside Splendors
  6. Experience the Top Things to Do in Tahiti (French Polynesia)

1. Meander the Marché Papeete Market

Fresh fruit at the Marché Papeete Market in Tahiti

Marché Papeete Market, Tahiti

Tahiti’s main market, Marché Papeete, is a treasure trove of cultural discoveries for you to explore.

The massive marketplace is laden with stalls that sell all sorts of goodies, from fresh fruit and vegetables to local handicrafts, beautiful textiles, stunning souvenirs, and exquisite traditional delicacies.

Explore the breadth and depth of Tahitian traditions as you wander from one colorful stall to the next, taking your time to chat with the locals in broken English and learn more about their fascinating way of life.

Cultural Experiences in Tahiti: Museum of Street Art Tahiti • Place To'atā • Pearl Museum • 'Ārahurahu Marae • Papenoo Valley

2. Snapshot the Fabulous Faarumai Waterfalls

Faarumai Waterfalls in Tahiti

Faarumai Waterfalls, Tahiti

The Faarumai Waterfalls are a treasured Tahitian destination, offering travelers exceptional photographic opportunities in flourishing forests that cover large portions of the island.

The cascades themselves lie on the other side of shady forest trails that weave around the jungle-clad landscape and allow visitors to witness endemic flora and fauna en route to the viewing deck.

Arriving at the falls, the mighty sheet of water will absorb you, making your trek through the forested landscape well worth it.

Popular Waterfalls in Tahiti: Fautaua Waterfall • Moorea Waterfalls • Afareaitu Waterfall • Vaioro Falls • Tahiti Iti Waterfalls

3. Island Hop to Moorea and Bora Bora

Moorea Island at sunrise

Moorea Island

Tahiti is a gateway to many marvelous islands in the French Polynesian region, among them Moorea and Bora Bora.

During your vacation, you can board a charter and set sail across the cyan sea to see these sensational islands first-hand and explore their distinct charms. The turquoise lagoons and white-sand beaches of Moorea reflect the dreamy brochures of the islands of Tahiti, while vertical peaks plunge into lush slopes that glint against the pristine coastline.

Bora Bora is the island of dreams, with captivating waters that shift between sapphire and indigo. The island is full of white-sand beaches, emerald rainforest, and basalt summits.

Things to Do on Moorea and Bora Bora: Marae Titiroa and Marae Ahu-o-Mahine • Magical Mountain • Coastal Defense Guns • Bora Bora Lagoon

4. Experience Great Surf in French Polynesia

Paddle boarding on Taapuna waters in Tahiti

Taapuna, Tahiti

Surfers, paddleboarders, and travelers wishing to learn the sports flock to Tahiti to find the best swells in the world.

Greater French Polynesia boasts a number of surf spots, some with massive waves to challenge even the bravest surfers, others small and ideal for beginners.

No matter your skill level, you can enjoy surfing, paddleboarding, or watching others glide across the face of endless summer waves at the premier surf spots and beaches of Moorea, Rangiroa, Tahiti, and Tikehau.

Best Surf Spots in French Polynesia: Teahupoo • Maraa • Papara • Papenoo Rivermouth • Taapuna

5. Soak Up the Seaside Splendors

Venus Point beach in Tahiti

Venus Point beach in Tahiti

There are many ways to soak up the spectacular seasides of Tahiti, all of which you can do during a vacation on the island in French Polynesia.

You can cruise around the vast archipelago in search of snorkeling spots to see stingrays, sharks, and fish swimming amongst the coral. You can lounge on the sun-washed shores with your feet in the sand and watch the sunset with a cocktail in hand.

You can also sail the sea in a private yacht or kayak across the indigo lagoons, cinematic experiences that you will find well-documented in glossy brochures.

Best Beaches in Tahiti: Lafayette Beach • Papenoo Beach • Toaroto Beach • Bain Lot Beach • Venus Point Beach

Experience the Top Things to Do in Tahiti (French Polynesia)

Beautiful Bora Bora beach

Bora Bora beach

Tahiti is a breathtaking island in French Polynesia that offers adventure travelers, enthusiastic explorers, families, and couples dream experiences and sensational things to do. If you wish to visit Tahiti for a vacation, be sure to enjoy these top five things to do.

If you want more travel inspiration, check out featured itineraries in our Tahiti vacations or explore ideas and advice in our Tahiti travel guide.

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