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8 Best Beaches in Croatia

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Aerial view of Punta Rata Beach in Brela, Croatia

Punta Rata Beach in Brela, Croatia

Bring to life the dream of a Mediterranean climate and coastline with the best beaches in Croatia.

The country embodies beauty, its islands, mainland, and heritage shining along crystal-clear waters easily explored from a secluded beach. While much of the Mediterranean coastline is rocky or pebbly, each beach in Croatia has a particular charisma specific to the region in which it lies.

Whether looking for hidden coves accentuated by medieval architecture or indulging in the beauty of sea caves, the best beaches in the country can immerse you in the essential spirit of Croatia.

  1. 1. Strusinska, Solta Island
  2. 2. Murvica, Brac Island
  3. 3. Sakarun, Dugi Otok
  4. 4. Prapratno Beach, Peljesac
  5. 5. Bacvice, Split
  6. 6. Pokrivenik, Hvar Island
  7. 7. Vela Przina, Korcula
  8. 8. Punta Rata, Brela
  9. Explore the Best Beaches in Croatia

1. Strusinska, Solta Island

Stracinska Bay on Solta Island, Croatia

Stracinska Bay on Solta Island, Croatia

The lesser-known island of Solta offers more rugged terrain than the more famous islands of Hvar and Brac, and highlights the exceptional bay at Stracinska.

You can reach the secluded waters by boat or on a cycling trail, with each point of entry revealing the charming sound of crickets, the water splashing against the shore, and the briny aroma of the sea breeze.

It’s the perfect place to relax, swim, and enjoy a boating expedition to uncover the true joys of the beach when considering the best time to visit Croatia.

Best For: Impressive swimming areas accessible by foot and by boat

2. Murvica, Brac Island

Murvica Beach, Brac Island

Murvica Beach, Brac Island

Brac is a popular island destination in Croatia, but Murvica beach can give you a small and hidden getaway from the bustling crowds of its better-known counterparts. The gravel has a delicate texture and large rocks border the sides of the beach.

The panorama stretches to the vineyards near Hvar and nearby trails can take you to the majestic Dragon’s Cave to find an ancient monastery carved into the rock. So whether looking for the quiet seclusion of the beach or authentic culture at nearby taverns, you can embrace the charm of Croatia at Murvica, whether exploring with family or during a Croatia honeymoon package.

Best For: An authentic Croatian coastline with a more secluded ambiance

3. Sakarun, Dugi Otok

Saharun Beach, Dugi Otok, Croatia

Saharun Beach on Dugi Otok Island, Croatia

The white sand and pebbles of Sakarun reflect the Mediterranean sunlight to create a gorgeous ambiance accentuated by the quiet sounds of calm water. Sakarun never feels crowded and offers a fantastic view of the nearby lighthouse proudly crowning the photogenic scenery.

The water shines a crystal-clear turquoise and provides a tranquil corner you can enjoy on Dugi Otok island, whether traveling as a family looking for shallow coastline or looking for the romance of an undeveloped section of an island with nothing but sunbeds and parasols.

Best For: A sense of tranquility among one of the best-kept secret getaways in Croatia

4. Prapratno Beach, Peljesac

Prapratno Beach in Peljesac, Croatia

Prapratno Beach in Peljesac, Croatia

The captivating ambiance of Prapratno Beach stems from the diversity of the coastline. Ancient pine and olive trees line the edges of the shore, with surprisingly soft sands fading into the comfortable blue waters.

Considered one of the Adriatic’s most beautiful beaches, Prapratno features warm and shallow waters perfect for small children or a couple’s romantic escape. Lounge on the sand, uncover the hidden corners for seclusion, or sit in a nearby cafe to enjoy the view when traveling on a Croatia family vacation.

Best For: Calm seas and soft sands perfect for parents with kids

5. Bacvice, Split

Bacvice Beach in Split, Croatia

Bacvice Beach in Split, Croatia

Split is known for its ancient grandeur and distinctive urban culture, which help accentuate the sandy stretch of coastline at Bacvice. The shallow and warm water is perfect for children of all ages, with locals often leaping from small cliffs in the deeper corners.

People watch from a local tavern or lounge on the sands while watching locals play picigin, a type of water polo. How you enjoy Bacvice will only accentuate the alluring ambiance and beauty of greater Split, easily discovered when exploring the best places to visit in Croatia.

Best For: A close proximity to Split’s city center and soft, white sands

6. Pokrivenik, Hvar Island

Pokrivenik Beach on Hvar Island, Croatia

Pokrivenik Beach on Hvar Island, Croatia

Pokrivenik is a quiet stretch of pebbly beach on Hvar Island. A small dock allows visitors to arrive by boat, while climbers enjoy scaling the steep hills bordering the coastline as they enjoy the different ways to travel around Croatia.

Scuba divers plunge deep into the water to explore the secret cave where rainbow-colored sea sponges glow in the flickering light.

You can also find another cave away from the water where remains from the Neolithic period were discovered, offering a wide range of adventures for every kind of beachgoer.

Best For: Experiencing the fabulous natural drama of the coastal cliffs and pebbled shoreline

7. Vela Przina, Korcula

Przina Beach on Korcula Island, Croatia

Przina Beach on Korcula Island, Croatia

The island of Korcula is celebrated as a destination brimming with small, secluded beaches, and Vela Przina captures the essential beauty of the greater island.

Vela Przina is one of the handful of sandy beaches on the island and can provide you with a quiet view of the clear waters at a spot that may feel like a private corner just for you.

From the calm waters to views overlooking the Lastovo Channel, you can relax in the beauty of the sea, horizon, and nearby town of Lumbarda.

Best For: Soft sands in a carefree ambiance with perfect Mediterranean decor

8. Punta Rata, Brela

Punta Rata Beach in Brela, Croatia

Punta Rata Beach in Brela, Croatia

Punta Rata is one of Croatia’s most famous beaches for a good reason. As part of the long stretch of fine-pebbled shoreline that shapes the Makarska Riviera, when visiting Punta Rata, you can embrace the deep turquoise waters and charm of the nearby village of Brela.

Wander the seaside promenade, explore the rocky footpath, and find secluded coves hidden beneath the shadow of Biokovo Mountain. Whether enjoying the water or savoring the nature park on the slopes of the mountain, Punta Rata is a remarkable display of Croatia’s natural wonder.

Best For: Experiencing a cosmopolitan coastal life with an ideal promenade

Explore the Best Beaches in Croatia

Postira Beach on Brac Island, Croatia

Postira Beach on Brac Island, Croatia

Visiting Croatia lets you plunge into the pristine waters of the Mediterranean, as well as the distinctive culture that spreads from the mainland to the islands. Whether looking for dramatic medieval walls, Roman ruins, or delectable cuisine, you can find plenty of things to do during your Croatia trip.

You can also find more helpful information with Zicasso’s Croatia travel guide. A Croatia travel specialist can help you understand the local landscape as they personalize your custom Croatia island hopping tour.

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