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Why 2021 is the Best Time to Go to Iceland

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Northern lights over Jakulsarlon Glacier Lagoon in Iceland

Northern lights over Jakulsarlon Glacier Lagoon in Iceland

Iceland is open to vaccinated American travelers, and now is the time to take your dream trip!

The Land of Fire and Ice displays nature’s raw power and exceptional beauty with endless opportunities for immersive experiences.

Whether you are looking for a couple’s adventure in search of the Northern Lights, a family excursion into the depths of an ice cave, or a unique view of the annual sheep roundup, your decision to travel to Iceland in 2021 brings three significant advantages.

  1. Untouched nature all to yourself
  2. A chance to see the Northern Lights
  3. A local volcanic eruption you can visit
  4. Travel with ease

Untouched nature all to yourself

Hiking in the Fjallabak Nature Reserve

Hiking in the Fjallabak Nature Reserve

Iceland is a unique symphony of raw, unspoiled, and powerful nature resting on an active volcanic area at the Arctic Circle's edge. The rugged scenery provides memorable adventures with timeless exploration from glaciers to ice fields, fjords to geysers. With such a population of approximately eight people per square mile, the cities and towns celebrate how nature thrives in its untouched element while providing unfettered access to the pristine lava fields or views of Landmannalaugar's rainbow mountains.

No matter where you explore on the island, you can feel as though you have the pristine nature to yourself. The island's beauty rises from the landscape shaped by a combination of volcanic activity and the glint of the ice from icebergs, glaciers, and frozen tundra. The extreme forces of nature inspire a sense of mystical connection to the scenery and an inspiring belief in mythology. A history of melted ice has cut pathways into the mountains, while lava flow reflects cinematic plains glowing with cooled magma.

The power of nature can have a transformative effect. With nature’s beauty comes easy inspiration from witnessing whales breach the water of plunging into the rejuvenating Blue Lagoon, seeing Strokkur Geyser erupt, or hearing the consistent roar of Dettifoss Waterfall. The open space free of other tourists creates a secluded environment where you can celebrate the significance of Iceland’s sparseness and the freedom to explore at your own pace.

A chance to see the Northern Lights

Northern lights over Kirkjufell in Iceland

Northern lights over Kirkjufell in Iceland

While the midnight sun may possess an air of mystery in summer, the Northern Lights continue to captivate visitors from around the world eager to witness how the Aurora Borealis dances across the dark sky. The lights are seasonal in Iceland, with the late fall and winter providing long and dark hours during which you can spot the shifting colors. The island sits at the Arctic Circle's southern edge, making auroras conceivably visible from at least one corner of the landscape nearly every night.

Nature and the Northern Lights are inextricably linked, with Iceland’s untouched scenery offering the perfect escape to see the phenomena on display. Beyond the importance of natural resources to the country’s sustainable economy and conservation efforts, the expansive, untouched world can create a profound feeling of solitude as you experience nature rather than simply viewing it.

Vikings believed the shimmer off the shields and armor of Valkyries created the Northern Lights. Physicists show the charge of solar electricity hitting the Earth’s magnetic field makes blue, red, and green colors that ebb and flow across the cloudless sky. Ancestral Icelanders thought the lights could help relieve the pain of childbirth. No matter the myth, mystery, or science, when you leave behind the lights of Reykjavik, Iceland’s fairytale landscape glows beneath the sky’s colorful, majestic dance.

A local volcanic eruption you can visit

Fagradalsfjall volcano erupting in Iceland

Fagradalsfjall volcano erupting in Iceland

As the Land of Fire and Ice, the scenery is constantly changing with power shifting between a world of geothermal activity and one of frozen peaks. After centuries of dormancy, Fagradalsfjall volcano has awoken, not with a bang, but with a shake. The original plume rose from inside the earth’s shallow crust and has since slowly released lava like a glowing fountain that you can visit for an up-close and immediate look at how nature actively changes its surroundings.

Locals and tourists can visit the edges of the forming lava field to witness black, red, and orange magma pour out of the rising volcanic peak. In the night sky, you may see the orange-red glow of the lava in the distance as it splashes and pours over the side of the caldera. The lava can reach temperatures of 2,170 degrees Fahrenheit, with local officials sporadically closing access to viewpoints depending on high winds or toxic emissions levels. Some spectators have trekked closer to the magma and grilled sausages or roasted marshmallows on the lava as it cools to become black basalt rock.

It is not just about traveling freely through Iceland but also about how you can experience the differences that will elevate your trip. From feeling the distant heat of the gushing lava to witnessing the distinctive panoramic layers, by speaking with a travel specialist for a 2021 trip, you will have an opportunity to experience the island differently than anyone else.

Travel with ease

Woman luxuriating in Landmannalaugar Hot Springs in Iceland

Natural hot springs in Landmannalaugar

You can embrace the brilliant thermal waters of hidden hot springs or visit the tectonic point at which North America and Europe tear away from each other, find distinctive cuisine around Reykjavik, or uncover puffins thriving along the dynamic coastline of the island ecosystem. Visiting Iceland now will immerse you in an experience that few may ever know, along with memories that will last a lifetime.

Iceland is a land of dreams, an island of fantastical landscapes that our travel specialists can bring to life for you. As destination experts, they are uniquely positioned to guide your plans by focusing on planning for your preferences and goals. Their local connections, knowledge, and innovation enable them to customize a trip just for you with a design that will make this next trip your best one yet.

For more ideas as you consider your plans, find inspiration with our Iceland Travel Guide. Planning your Iceland trip? You can also speak with an Iceland travel specialist by filling out a Trip Request or by calling our team at 1-888-265-9707.

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