Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany.
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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Martin in Germany

Martin's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Laura S.
Submitted on 11.1.2022

I wanted to create a surprise trip for my boyfriend who is very much into cars. Ellen and the rest of the travel team helped me plan the perfect trip for him! They coordinated a wonderful trip to Germany that hit all the important car stops--from the BMW & Mercedes museums to a day of driving the Nurburgring. They even added castle sightseeing for me too, as well as amazing food and restaurant recommendations. They provided us with a phone to navigate our way around Germany in our rental car which was a huge help. I could not recommend this travel agency more. Every detail of this trip was perfectly orchestrated. Definitely use the travel team if you plan on visiting Germany!

Travel agent Bernhard in Greece

Bernhard's Travel Agency


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Czech Republic
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Verified Review

Susan D.
Submitted on 9.13.2022

This travel company did an outstanding job of coordinating the many aspects of this trip that I asked for. The suggested itinerary and the process to fine tune it was so thoughtful and thorough. The number of days per location was perfect. The guides were exceptional as were the drivers and transfers. The hotels were very nice and some were spectacular. The arrangements for getting around Europe via plane, train and boat were perfectly orchestrated. During the trip, I had a few questions and asked for a small change to the plan. The travel agency was always available and quick to respond.  Exceptional service! Thank you for an amazing trip!

Travel agent Maggie in Ireland

Lindsey's Travel Agency


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Czech Republic
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Verified Review

Danielle B.
Submitted on 9.26.2022

Cindie from the travel agency planned a marvellous trip to London England and Paris France for my daughter and I.  She found the perfect hotels for us and booked the most amazing tours with expert guides.  Our walking tour in London with our guide was a highlight for us.  We felt like we had spent the day with a very knowledgeable friend.  In Paris, the highlight was most certainly our evening tour in the iconic 2CV car.  We truly felt like celebrities driving through the streets of Paris.  Our guide had chosen the perfect French music to play during our tour and planned our arrival at the Tour Eiffel perfectly so that we would arrive in front of it on the hour as the sparkling lights were turned on.  

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Travel agent Joachim in Switzerland

Joachim's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Kathryn S.
Submitted on 3.4.2020

Our family planned a German ski vacation about a year ago and looked to Zicasso as our guide.  The suggestions made by our travel planner (this travel team) and his German team made the trip one we will always remember!  We did experience some issues with the planned guides, but we resolved them without deterring from the enjoyment of the day and our planner made it right at the end of the trip.The Garmisch area we visited and the quaint villages we traveled through on our way to Innsbruck were truly awesome to experience.  It was just what we hoped for, and we received such personalized service that we will use Zicasso again.  We highly recommend this travel planner for anyone's German adventures!the S. Family

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Laura S.
Nov 01, 2022
I wanted to create a surprise trip for my boyfriend who is very much into cars. Ellen and the rest of the travel team helped me plan the perfect trip for him! They coordinated a wonderful trip to Germany that hit all the important car stops--from the BMW & Mercedes museums to a day of driving the Nurburgring. They even added castle sightseeing for me too, as well as amazing food and restaurant recommendations. They provided us with a phone to navigate our way around Germany in our rental car which was a huge help. I could not recommend this travel agency more. Every detail of this trip was perfectly orchestrated. Definitely use the travel team if you plan on visiting Germany!

Luxury Germany Vacation Review: 10-Night Tour


Laurie J.
Jun 29, 2022
Alex from our travel agency planned a perfect trip for us! We told her what we were looking for out of our trip to Germany and she hit on every point. Each day better than the last. The hotels were amazing. Dinner suggestions were fabulous. Our personal guides far exceeded our expectations. We will definitely book with this travel company again!

Luxembourg, Germany & Lithuania Tour Review: Castles, Open Air Museums, Churches, Monuments, 2-Week Heritage Trip


Daniel H.
Sep 21, 2022
This was the first time we used Zicasso and overall we had an excellent experience. Our trip could best be termed a genealogy/heritage trip where we attempted to connect and visit villages and locations linked to European ancestors who emigrated from three different regions (Luxembourg, Germany Eifel and Lithuania) during a two week period. This was additive to a week long bike and barge tour booked through another travel company creating some additional complexity. We provided this travel agency/Justin the basic concept. Initially there were more general suggestions (sightseeing of top sites in the locales) but through multiple iterations where additional detail was shared on our family history, the trip became more specific to our heritage desires. The three guides employed ranged from outstanding to excellent--and their "on the ground" expertise allowed for flexibility and adjustments needed due to weather or new learning about our family history.The hotel properties were all very good--in large part consistent with our desire to stay in properties with character rather than a "chain" concept. An exception were two of the properties booked in Lithuania which were more "spa-like". Had we desired a location to "kick back" and pamper ourselves it probably would have been great but we were on the road for most of the days and couldn't take advantage of facilities. In addition, one was very remote limiting our dinner choices to the hotel restaurant. The other hotel was vastly overpriced for dinner.  Being "off-season" perhaps the options were more limited.Invariably there can be issues with travel these days and our trip was no exception. On a day we required train travel to catch a flight from Germany to Lithuania the entire Deutsche Bahn train system shut down forcing us to develop an alternate plan "on the run" after we started the journey. We called the concierge provided by this travel company and she responded within minutes and tried to develop an alternate plan. Our German guide who was following our departure (something he did not need to do as his responsibility had ended) called us and provided counsel. We ended up taking a 100 mile taxi ride at a cost of €400 but we made our flight in time avoiding a major disruption. 

Luxury Germany & Austria Trip Review: Berlin, Bavarian Region, Rhine Valley, Oktoberfest, Churches, Castles, History


Betsy G.
Oct 12, 2022
This travel company paid great attention to detail both in planning the trip & in the execution. Documentation & follow-up throughout the trip was exceptional. The "book" had everything we could have possibly needed and the daily itinerary & restaurant documents were easily downloadable on our phones. All of the ladies at our travel agency were just great with which to work.Tour/suggested activity selections offered varied and unique experiences. All of the local/day guides were great resources for information on the "tour de jour" putting what we were looking at in context with the appropriate time period and also providing current relevance. Our time in Germany & Austria varied from the historic & rustic Bavarian region to the lush Rhine River Valley to the urban center of Berlin. Each was their own unique experience with churches, castles & palaces. 

Luxury Germany, Switzerland & France Family Vacation Review: Munich, Lucerne, Paris, Lake Lucerne, E-Bike Tour, 12-Night Travel


Mitchell G.
Aug 29, 2022

This travel agency was a tremendous help in planning and executing a fantastic European vacation for our family of 5 in August 2022. The head of the company, Stephane, was meticulous in finding out our interests, our tastes and made sure every day of our trip to Munich, Lucerne and Paris was perfect. The hotels were top-notch, the guides he chose and transportation was flawless and he went out of his way to find off-the-beaten path excursions with locals who made these countries and cultures accessible and fun. 

We would recommend our travel company to anyone who is interested in traveling to Europe. Stephane has traveled extensively, speaks many languages and you can rest assured that he and his staff will communicate with you regularly, make sure you have all the tickets and information you need so you can enjoy your vacation to its fullest. We will be working with them again!

Germany Vacation Review: Beauty of Romantic Road, Oberammergau Passion Play, Munich, Salzburg, Rothenburg


peter g.
Sep 23, 2022
The travel agency was a most detailed travel company to work with all our requests and needs were planned before we left for Germany.  The itenirary was extremely complete along with optional trips with detailed visits we might expect.  All our requests in regards to what we wanted to visit plus suggestions for ideas we hadn't even thought of were addressed.  The staff was very attentive to our needs especially when we had to postpone the trip for 2 years due to COVID. Ellen kept us abreast of changes after the postponement of the trip.  Even as we were traveling in Germany we were able to keep in touch with our travel specialist with the phone we were provided with.  This is a first class operation with the client in mind for what their needs are and what could be anticipated. The complete itinerary we received upon arrival was most comprehensive and detailed. Our guide for Munich was most friendly, cordial, and professional as was another guide her knowledge of Dachau was amazing and knowledge of its history was remarkable.  We are so happy we had made dinner reservations in each town as several of the restaurants did not have seating available.  Our driver made the trip to Salzburg was delightful and informative about the car and German roadways. All our accommodations were unique and most comfortable loved the history behind each one and were made to feel very welcomed.

Germany Travel Review: Berlin, Leipzig, Nuremberg, Rothenburg, Reichstag, Pergamon Museum, One-Month Tour


Darby G.
Jul 30, 2022
Our travel agency was amazingly attentive to every detail of our trip. The German phone that they provided us with made it easy to keep in touch with our drivers and guides and to call if any problems came up. We'd like to give a shout out to our main contact, Alex, who was a wonderful help in planning our trip and holding our hands along the way, and to her assistant, Bianca, who provided us with a comprehensive "bible" of our dates, times, hotels, reservations, guides, and information about other activities we might want to do on our own.

Luxury Italy & Germany Vacation Review: Munich, Oktoberfest, Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre, St Mark's Basilica, Doge's Palace


patrick d.
Oct 28, 2022
Fist off we called Zicasso and got paired up with Luana. Luana took some notes and got back to us very quickly and put everything together for us. We started our trip in Munich for 3 days and she set up a great day for us at Oktoberfest. We started our day with a guide and us we were the only ones he told us much of the history of Munich then took us for a traditional barvarian breakfast. Our breakfast was white sausage a pretzel with dipping sauce and a fresh wheat beer. He then took us to a brewery and toured us around before anyone else showed up just us 3 then we sat and had snacks and another fresh beer. We then made our way to Oktoberfest and had a table for 4 hours with plenty of German food and yes litres of fresh beer with plenty of singing and prosting. After our time in tent we went and checked out the fair we had a ball definitely highlight of Germany. We set up a trip to Dachau concentration camp in muich that was very somber and humbling but well worth it. Anyhow after that we did a short flight to Venice and we're blown away with how the city operates. The infrastructure is incredible no cars or bicycles just walking and checking out ancient places  places. We did a tour of Central Venice, St Mark's basilica, Doge's Palace where we walked through the bridge of sighs into the prison on the other side of the canal, very interesting. We did a private gondola ride that was really cool to see the inner parts of the city. Then we did the 3 island tour of the venetian lagoon also really cool. Then we went to Florence for 5 nights where we did awesome food tours saw David and a cooking class that we made homemade lasagna, mushroom souffle and biscotti. After cooking we had it all for dinner along with plenty of wine very fun and met all kinds of great people. I'd say the highlight though was the trip to Tuscany were we visited a winery and had lunch Bella, we did a hiking tour in Cinque Terre which looking back wouldn't have done long day and a lot of walking 14 hours we got back to hotel late then had to get up early to catch train to Rome. Anyhow got to see Cinque Terre which is beautiful and has great seafood just wrong day for such an adventure. When we got to Rome had a great twilight food tour that was really awesome the next day did the Colosseum and ancient Rome tour that was breathtaking. Then an evening of drinks and golf cart tour were we met another couple and ended up having dinner with them after tour a fulfilled day. Then the last day did the Vatican tour what can I say breathtaking. Then we headed home with lots of great stories and memories. 

Luxury Switzerland, Germany, France & Netherlands Trip Review: Paris, Louvre Museum, Jungfrau, Amsterdam


Suzanne B.
Jun 16, 2022
The travel app is extremely helpful! So much info at my fingertips including tickets. Sara and Phil at our travel agency did a great job planning our incredible vacation. I really liked almost all of our tour guides and it made the trip more enjoyable.We will definitely use Zicasso again!!

Luxury Germany Travel Agent Review: 10-Night Tour


Jong H.
Aug 25, 2022
Overall trip was great; because it was relatively short, we had to be selective on where to visit and what to do and, after several iterations with our travel company, we decided on an itinerary that turned about to be just about perfect.  The people at this travel company were knowledgeable, had instinct for what we might like, and were responsive. And mostly professional; I say mostly because for one leg of the trip, the tour guide turned out to be a very nice person who was not a guide but a friend of the CEO of the tour company. After our complaint, the CEO himself drove us the rest of that leg.
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