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15 Best Places to Travel in September

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Taj Mahal, India

Taj Mahal, India

Our list of the top places to travel in September reveals why it is a magnificent time of year to discover the world’s beauty. Find the diverse and exciting adventures you can experience for the perfect trip, depending on your travel preferences.

From welcoming Mediterranean culture to wildlife adventures across the African plains, the rugged Scandinavian expanse to legendary volcanic islands, September balances the distinctive climates and shifting seasons across the Southern and Northern hemispheres.

Whether looking for waterfalls or elephants, ancient ruins or alpine majesty, the following suggestions offer some of the best places to visit in September, with trips personalized to your preferences.

  1. 1. Italy
  2. 2. Iceland
  3. 3. Denmark
  4. 4. Norway
  5. 5. Spain
  6. 6. Austria
  7. 7. Greece
  8. 8. South Africa
  9. 9. Portugal
  10. 10. Sicily
  11. 11. Slovenia
  12. 12. Turkey
  13. 13. Ecuador • Galapagos Islands
  14. 14. Zimbabwe
  15. 15. United Kingdom
  16. Plan Your Trip for September

1. Italy

Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Temperatures: Low 55°F • High 80°F

Highlights: Warm weather, culture, cuisine, beaches, museums, ancient ruins

Other recommended travel times: February • March • May • June • October • December

Italy in September is a celebration of the changing seasons, the wondrous scenery combining with a welcoming cultural ambiance.

Tradition brims in towns, villages, and cities as festivities erupt across the country and the crowds sift back home, giving you easier access to iconic sights and scenic panoramas, from alpine lakes and rolling Tuscan hills to the white-washed southern coastline and ancient ruins.

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2. Iceland

Dunjandi (Fjallfoss) in Westfjords region of  Iceland

Dunjandi (Fjallfoss) in Iceland

Temperatures: Low 47°F • High 55°F

Highlights: Culture, museums, hiking, waterfalls, scenery

Other recommended travel times: July • August

Iceland in September sees remote beauty become accessible. Warm summer temperatures linger throughout the month, making it easy to connect to exceptional landscapes, from the dramatic coastline to erupting volcanoes, remote villages, and pristine fjords.

The longer daylight hours allow you to see and experience more, while viewing the Northern Lights is still possible. The autumn colors arrive, the trails around the country feel welcoming, and the highlands brim with life as sheep return from the open grasslands that shape the natural and cultural majesty of Iceland at this time of year.

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3. Denmark

Old  Nyhavn Port in Copenhagen, Denmark at sunset

Nyhavn Port in Copenhagen, Denmark

Temperatures: Low 49.5°F • High 62°F

Highlights: Culture, museums, hiking, waterfalls, scenery

Other recommended travel times: December

Denmark in September feels open and vibrant, with gorgeous colors across the country welcoming locals and visitors from around the world. The ideal conditions at the tail-end of summer and the beginning of fall provide the perfect time to explore the cycling routes, take to the trails, or simply embrace longer daylight hours.

Design, an artistic aesthetic, a cheerful ambiance, and a quality of life that spreads through the cities to touch the towns, coastline, and mountains see September in Denmark capturing contemporary culture and powerful history in a welcoming environment.

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4. Norway

Serene landscape of Aurlandsvangen and the Aurlandsfjord in Aurland, Norway

Aurlandsfjord, Noway

Temperatures: Low 45.5°F • High 59°F

Highlights: Culture, villages, museums, hiking

Other recommended travel times: February • June • August • December

September in Norway is perfection. The crowds have returned home, making it easy and open along the fjords as the lingering summer weather creates the perfect conditions.

The scenery takes center stage along the coastlines and mountains, with festivals embodying the celebratory nature of the shifting season. The outdoors can feel like an adventure in contrast to the sophisticated ambiance of Scandinavian cityscapes. The bridge between the wilderness, wildlife, and urban elegance creates a majestic ambiance that will easily enchant you.

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5. Spain

 Beach with castle on the rocky cliff in Lloret de Mar on the Costa Brava, Spain

Lloret de Mar on the Costa Brava in Catalonia, Spain

Temperatures: Low 65°F • High 81°F

Highlights: Culture, cuisine, villages, hiking, scenery, museums

Other recommended travel times: March • May • June • December

Spain is unforgettable in September, with the passion for and devotion to celebrating life on display across the country.

The cooler nights and warm days provide the perfect time to explore the epic landscape, indulge in a culinary feast, or find immersive corners featuring celebrated art.

From flamenco to golden beaches, the lush Pyrenees to the rolling valleys, fewer crowds, and the continuation of life’s little pleasures make Spain the perfect September destination in which to embrace the beauty of daily life.

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6. Austria

Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria

Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria

Temperatures: Low 56.5°F • High 70°F

Highlights: Culture, cuisine, villages, hiking, scenery, museums

Other recommended travel times: May • July • August • December

Austria is enchanting in September. The point where summer and autumn meet provides a captivating blend of warm weather and changing colors, with thinning crowds amid the stunning architecture and picturesque scenery.

Whether exploring the Alps or prestigious imperial cities, Austria embraces high culture and celebrates pristine landscapes. With a promise of adventure, elaborate cuisine, and tremendous music, the country personifies beauty in sight and sound.

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7. Greece

Temple of Poseidon on Cape Sounion, Greece

Temple of Poseidon on Cape Sounion, Greece

Temperatures: Low 66°F • High 82°F

Highlights: Culture, ruins, beaches, cuisine, villages, hiking, scenery, museums

Other recommended travel times: May • June • July • October

Greece is pure magic in September, when the crowds diminish and the weather remains warm and inviting. Greece embodies the Mediterranean lifestyle with delicious cuisine made from local, seasonal ingredients, ruins that immerse you in ancient life, and contemporary culture that celebrates simple pleasures.

From winding down on the islands to exploring the cultural treasure chest of museum galleries, the wonders of the natural wilderness, and the spirit of the cuisine, Greece endlessly demonstrates its beauty in September with feasts, festivals, and a zest for life.

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8. South Africa

Cheetah cub standing on dead tree in a warm afternoon light with blue sky in the background at Kruger National Park, South Africa

Kruger National Park, South Africa

Temperatures: Low 48.7°F • High 73°F

Highlights: Wildlife, culture, scenery, wine, cuisine

Other recommended travel times: January • February • March • April • May • June • September

South Africa at this time of year brims with life and style. September marks the last month of the dry season across the country, giving you warmer days, cool nights, and access to fantastic wildlife viewing.

The wilderness can capture your wildest dreams or connect you to unique history, from the Cape to the northern border. In September, the landscapes feel more dramatic, the cities and national parks teeming with excitement.

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9. Portugal

Village and vineyards in the Douro Valley, Portugal

Douro Valley, Portugal

Temperatures: Low 63.7°F • High 79.7°F

Highlights: Culture, scenery, cuisine, museums, historical towns

Other recommended travel times: January • May • June • July

September in Portugal is a golden time for discovery. The warm and comfortable weather opens the entire country, from the beaches to the mountains, as the grape harvest in the winegrowing regions takes hold.

With medieval castles and cobblestone lanes, a golden coastline and mouthwatering cuisine, September puts Portugal’s best foot forward. Embrace the simple delicacies at a family table, bask in the cinematic beauty of the landscape, indulge in the expressive rhythms of daily life, or wander through the preserved past for the sense of authenticity and charm September in Portugal brings.

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10. Sicily

Mondello Beach in Palermo, Sicily

Palermo, Sicily

Temperatures: Low 68°F • High 82°F

Highlights: Culture, ancient ruins, cuisine, villages, hiking, beaches

Other recommended travel times: May • October

Sicily is an unforgettable spectacle in September.

As the timeless crossroad of the Mediterranean, the warm weather and thinning crowds make the entire island accessible, enjoyable, and inviting. The landscape can seduce you with gorgeous beaches or dramatic volcanic panoramas, while ancient ruins add foundations to the enticing culinary traditions that bridge cultures.

From ancient Greek to Byzantine grandeur, antique Rome to opulent Baroque, Sicily in September defies singular definition and celebrates its effortless diversity.

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11. Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Temperatures: Low 70°F • High 79°F

Highlights: Warm weather, wildlife, culture, beaches, scenery

Other recommended travel times: May

Slovenia in September is a treasure. Still relatively unknown to Americans, the European crowds lessen and the weather remains perfect for enjoying the Adriatic coastline or lounging around the alpine lakes.

As a trove of treasures that lead to mountains capped with snow, rivers glistening turquoise, and Venetian palaces along the sliver of coastline, Slovenia embraces its reputation for rustic charm and elegant luxury.

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12. Turkey

Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

Temperatures: Low 68.7°F • High 87°F

Highlights: Warm weather, culture, cuisine, beaches, museums, ancient ruins

Other recommended travel times: June • September • November

Crystal clear, pleasantly warm, and historically inviting, September in Turkey can suit any traveler’s tastes. The past plays out like a drama as Byzantine opulence meets Ottoman ingenuity and Roman ruins connect to lyrical landscapes, from the Mediterranean coast to inland valleys.

The cuisine erupts with local and seasonal specialties. The crowds around the highlights dwindle, while the coming chill in the air is relegated to the future. Active adventure, scenery that leaves an impression, and a way to experience epic history demonstrate how September celebrates Turkey’s marvels.

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13. Ecuador • Galapagos Islands

Sea lion on the beach in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Temperatures: Low 68°F • High 84°F

Highlights: Warm weather, culture, cuisine, hiking, scenery, wildlife

Other recommended travel times: January • May • August • October • November

Ecuador is a postcard in September.

With beaches glittering with white sand, traditional Andean villages shimmering with color, wildlife in the Amazon rainforest calling out into the dense canopy, and the volcanic islands of the Galapagos creating an intimate wilderness adventure, September is one of the driest and warmest months of the year.

From the timeless natural wonder of the Galapagos to the preserved heritage of Andean villages, Ecuador in September is a clear and warm adventure to embrace.

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14. Zimbabwe

Elephant on his back legs reaching into a tree at Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe

Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe

Temperatures: Low 55°F • High 84°F

Highlights: Warm weather, wildlife, culture, scenery

Other recommended travel times: August

Zimbabwe is a marvel in September, with elephant herds roaming across the plains during long, dry days that encourage the wildlife to search out waterholes.

The patchwork of lush mountains and flowing rivers, relaxed towns and the promise of the Big Five, inspiring archeological ruins and the thundering Victoria Falls create an immersive and exciting experience.

September marks the edge of the Southern Hemisphere’s winter and captures the impressive majesty of culture and wilderness across the country.

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15. United Kingdom

Ruins of medieval Dunluce castle on a steep cliff. northern coast of County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Dunluce Castle in Northern Ireland

Temperatures: Low 49°F • High 64°F

Highlights: Culture, scenery, ancient ruins, museums

Other recommended travel times: April • May • June

The UK in September embraces the breadth and beauty of land and heritage. The summer crowds have dissipated, the emerald hues shift into autumn colors, and food festivals celebrate a history of the harvest.

Encompassing Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and England, the United Kingdom in September reveals a shared culture and the distinctive flavors of local life that contribute to the overall fabric.

From the culture of London to the Gothic ambiance of Edinburgh, lively Belfast to the medieval castles of Cardiff, you can find enchantment in the UK in September.

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Plan Your Trip for September

Alhambra in Granada, Spain

Alhambra in Granada, Spain

September represents the beauty of fall and the charms of spring that balance the spectacles of nature and culture every traveler can enjoy.

With active wildlife on immersive African safaris, Moorish architecture glinting in the sunlight, or the glistening lakes of the United Kingdom, September holds the wonders of travel you can discover with a tailored vacation.

For more ways to indulge in your best destination, explore Zicasso’s guide to the best places to visit by month and plan according to your expectations.

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