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Top 9 Things to Do in Europe with Family

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Mother and daughter overlooking Rome

Rome, Italy

The nine best things to do in Europe with kids can capture the entire family’s imagination and immerse you in the marvels of your surroundings.

Wander through the charms of a grand palace or uncover the beautiful blossoms of a historic garden. Venture into the past at an ancient ruin or sample the incredible flavor of celebrated chocolates. As you uncover Europe through the eyes of your children, you can experience the magic.

Whether looking for an adventure or eager to experience a new culture, visiting Europe with kids allows you to explore and discover the ambiance, traditions, and endless thrilling possibilities from a new perspective.

  1. 1. Bring History to Life
  2. 2. Enjoy Beautiful Beaches
  3. 3. Witness the Wonders of Art
  4. 4. Discover the Joys of the Outdoors
  5. 5. Explore Dramatic Castles and Palaces
  6. 6. Wander Grand Gardens
  7. 7. Speed through the Landscape on Wheels
  8. 8. Step into a Storybook
  9. 9. Find the Perfect Tastes
  10. Ready to Plan Your Europe Family Trip?

1. Bring History to Life

Natural History Museum in London

London, England

History is not only a chance to learn about how the past has informed the present, but when visiting Europe it is also a great way to bring the stories of ancient civilizations and captivating legends to life for children of all ages.

Ancient ruins, interactive archeological museums, and preserved antique neighborhoods can immerse the entire family in a treasure hunt for heritage, with the common goal of uncovering unique facts and unforgettable experiences that forever connect you to the information, destination, and moment, whether when hearing the history of ancient Romans or witnessing the preservation of an impressive skyline.

Best Cities for Ancient History: Rome | Naples | Patras | Athens | London | Istanbul | Paris

2. Enjoy Beautiful Beaches

Carcavelos Beach in Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Beaches provide a safe and comfortable environment for families with children of all ages and Europe has gorgeous coastlines that can accommodate teenagers eager to relax on the sands or younger children interested in running along the wave line.

Whether looking for luxury resorts on the water or a day at the beach before traveling onward to a new adventure, the best family-friendly beaches in Europe can provide you with fantastic activities to enjoy as you indulge in the beautiful scenery that touches on local culture and history for those kids who love the water or are interested in the stories connected to the shoreline.

Best Countries for Family-Friendly Beaches: Greece | France | Italy | Croatia | Portugal

3. Witness the Wonders of Art

Sculptures at Rijksmuseumin in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Art can be captivating, inspiring, and interactive, especially when visiting some of the best art cities in Europe with children.

Whether your family enjoys paintings or sculpture, architecture or mosaics, the wonders of art can bring out the creativity in children of all ages as you witness masterpieces, scavenge for works by renowned artists, or participate in crafting art at a hands-on workshop.

When you visit one or more of the best art cities in Europe with your family, you can instill in yourself and your children a lifetime connection to creativity and creation by enjoying the wonderful work created throughout ancient, medieval, and modern history.

Best Art Cities in Europe: Amsterdam | Athens | Barcelona | Paris | London

4. Discover the Joys of the Outdoors

Kids walking in the Alps in Austria

Alps of Austria

The joy and splendor of hiking in Europe can immerse your family in the wonders of the outdoors as you explore marvelous trails along rolling green hills, through mountain pastures, or across the rugged edges of the famous Alps.

Discovering the grandeur of nature is a great way for active children of any age to learn new skills and embrace a respect for the natural world with confidence and curiosity.

In a safe and encouraging way, your family can take to the great outdoors across the continent as you wander between villages, search for wildlife, or bask in the views of renowned snowcapped peaks.

Best Countries for Hiking: Austria | Switzerland | France | Germany | Italy | England | Spain

5. Explore Dramatic Castles and Palaces

Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany

Bavaria, Germany

The castles of Europe capture a unique history of a region and demonstrate a fairytale ambiance perfect for kids of all ages.

Whether interested in knights and princesses or battles and fortresses, the castles across Europe can range from stately and preserved to dramatically ruined, epically perched on a mountainside or overlooking a vast plain.

Each enduring castle or grand palace shares an unforgettable story you can embrace as you take in an ambiance that will allow you to experience history and heritage.

Best Destinations for Castles and Palaces: England | Scotland | Ireland | Wales | France | Italy | Germany | Portugal

6. Wander Grand Gardens

Beautiful and colorful garden in Netherlands

Keukenhof gardens, Lisse, Netherlands

The most beautiful gardens in Europe can become a playground for your family as the kids delight in the colorful flowers or hidden corners that demonstrate a historic connection to tradition and a grand display of artistic interpretation.

The pathways and lanes can lead to explosive waterfalls or blossoms shimmering with soft pink or flawless white petals, vines climbing up dividing walls, or calming open greenery where the aristocracy once picnicked. From flower beds to topiary mazes, you can wander through the gardens of Europe for an active day of exploring a mixture of treasured nature and displays of noble wealth.

Best Gardens to Visit: France | England | Italy | Switzerland | Netherlands

7. Speed through the Landscape on Wheels

kids biking in the Alps, Austria

Alps of Austria

The best cycling routes for kids in Europe can take your family beyond sightseeing to experience the thrill of exploration secretly blended with an immersion into culture and nature.

Whether a slow cycler or a speedster, children of all ages can enjoy the variety of landscapes as you travel tranquil backroads or delve into coastal trails, wind between secluded villages, or discover panoramic views of alpine routes.

Cycling in Europe as a family can give you an entire trip’s worth of activities or provide a single excursion full of adventure, discovery, and joyful memories.

Best Places for Cycling: France | Italy | England | Germany | Austria | Spain

8. Step into a Storybook

Old streets of an Italian village

Old village in Italy

Europe is a place where villages bring fairytales to life and your family can enjoy the feeling of stepping into a storybook.

From famous postcard-perfect towns to hidden half-timbered villages brimming with color, and houses perched on cliffs overlooking the rising tide, you can wander along narrow lanes paved with cobblestones, enjoy the aromas of local cuisine, or listen to the surrounding sounds of nature as you wait for a character from a fairytale to turn the corner.

Whether for an overnight stay, a day’s adventure, or a longer excursion, you can enjoy the architecture, atmosphere, and stories of each village you visit together.

Best Destinations for Fairytale Ambiance: England | Austria | France | Italy | Ireland | Germany | Switzerland

9. Find the Perfect Tastes

Pizza making class in Naples, Italy

Naples, Italy

Traveling with children of any age means understanding the local cuisine that will whet your kids’ appetite and finding the right blend of cultural exploration and culinary inspiration can ensure you have the best family trip possible.

From kid-friendly cooking courses to familiar authentic dishes, delicious pastries to exceptional chocolates, you can find how the food accompanies the exciting and unique experiences you have planned for your trip or make the food the centerpiece of your vacation as you uncover new recipes, enjoy different flavors, and find the perfect taste your family will love, whether expected or surprising.

Best Food Destinations: Italy | France | Austria | Germany | Belgium

Ready to Plan Your Europe Family Trip?

Father and son exploring Milan

Milan, Italy

Embrace the opportunity to blend family, learning, and adventure as you travel across remarkable mountains or bask in the preserved past. From pizza dough to strudel, lively castles to captivating stories, Europe is a wonderland that can enchant the entire family.

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