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Zicasso’s Trips of a Lifetime Series - Part 3

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Mongolian eagle hunter in traditional fox dress

Mongolian eagle hunter in traditional fox dress

As we unveiled our Trip of a Lifetime series, we asked some of our top travel specialists to dream without limits. For months, we have imagined the places we’ve always wished to discover but realize now that we will need to experience differently. Our Trips of a Lifetime invites us to once again celebrate our global relationships, connect with new experiences, and enjoy classic adventure as we look to fulfill our long-held dreams in this next chapter of travel.

Petra ruins in Jordan

Petra ruins in Jordan

Our journeys between countries and cultures have shown us new worlds but also a part of ourselves. It is not where we see that affects us but how we see. A trip of a lifetime is not based solely on where we go but rises from our experiences. From the alluring scent of a night market in Thailand or the surprising speed of a meerkat colony in Botswana to the changing colors of Petra’s red cliffs at dusk or a panoramic view over the dazzling golds and greens of Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, our experiences change our perspective.

We choose our trips as much as our trips choose us, recognizing that the world holds an endless majesty, and we have little control over the possibilities that capture our imagination, heart, and soul. Travel specialists understand that we have spent more time than ever dreaming about our next trip, and a local expert will be able to turn that dream into an authentic trip of a lifetime. We can no longer be comfortable waiting for the right time and instead must make the right time.

Experience old traditions in new ways

Woman selling peppers at market in Vietnam

Woman selling peppers at market in Vietnam

Ancient wonder, modern majesty, cultural complexity, and culinary mastery capture the essence of Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. A trip of a lifetime in Southeast Asia immerses you in ancient heritage and staggering natural beauty that only enhances regionally connected culinary traditions. And yet recipes and ingredients can be hyper-local, resulting in specific changes shaped by generations of gastronomic custom and the evolution of mouthwatering dishes.

“This foodie itinerary not only offers experiences in authentic local cuisine but also unique variations that are not widely known,” says Irene, a Southeast Asia travel specialist for Zicasso. “Travelers can expect rare visits to places where some of the raw ingredients are grown, see Asian organic farming techniques and learn from experts, chefs or farmers about the different uses of fresh local produce, herbs, spices, tea, and infusions.” The spectacular scenery of soaring karsts, winding mountains, historic kingdoms, and raw jungle only accentuate the fusion of dramatic flavors.

Irene’s Culinary Journey of a Lifetime to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia is the ultimate exploration of Southeast Asia as you truly experience the dynamic combination of culture, history, and enchanting scenery in a new way as it relates to the exceptional cuisine. Crystal-clear waters around the islands of Thailand shimmer beneath rugged karsts. Charming antique merchant homes in Vietnam’s Hoi An glow against colorful lanterns. The vibrant jungle glints with greenery as it surrounds the intricate Angkor complex. Beyond the cuisine, each country offers a significant immersion into preserved customs and classic heritage as it meets the modern world. “More than an eating experience, you will form meaningful and fun cultural bonds with different people over a common interest in food,” Irene says.

Food plays an essential role in our daily lives, but we often forget how it connects to our own traditions, the memories we recall from a specific aroma, the comfort we get from a particular dish. It is through food that we share our lives with family, old relationships, and even strangers as they become friends. These countries are already preparing to welcome visitors back as we emerge from the Covid pandemic. “It did not take too long for [countries in Southeast Asia] to create and implement strict protocols as domestic tourism resumes,” Irene says. “A real destination expert can help you navigate through countless options in Asia and recommend the most appropriate ones based on your preference...so you can still have access to meaningful and fun experiences knowing necessary safety measures are being taken.”

Embark on a classic adventure with modern luxury

Elephants roaming as the sun sets in Botswana

Elephants roaming as the sun sets in Botswana

A thrilling puzzle of enticing landscapes, mesmerizing wildlife spectacles, and the classic thrill of searching the remote wilderness while indulging in contemporary luxuries embodies the welcomed drama of a Southern Africa safari. Designed by a Zicasso African safari travel specialist, the Best Southern Africa Vacation: Evocative Safari celebrates intimate experiences with expert guides for an unequaled excursion into the deep roots of the distinctive region.

“Botswana and Zimbabwe combine to offer some of the best overall wildlife in the most pristine environments in Africa,” says Simon, who handcrafted this sample safari trip. “The itinerary visits three very unique ecosystems, each offering a wide range of activities from day and night games, mokoring, boating, canoeing, Tiger fishing, walking, and cultural interactions.” Exhilarating walking safaris immerse you in the surrounding wilderness for a more intimate interaction in the bush, where the slow pace unearths signs of a passing lion or zebra herds. A specialist guide will offer you a wealth of knowledge as they showcase their skills during a game drive, guided walk, or canoe safari. “You will learn the art of tracking while getting up close to animals like elephants, buffalo, wild dogs, and more,” says Simon.

A safari in Southern Africa embraces the essence of a classic adventure while steeped in accommodations known for opulence in remote corners of the untouched wilderness. Discover the diverse ecosystems as you travel along branches of floodplains in the Okavango Delta to the snow-white flatlands of the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans and settle into the banks of the Zambezi River and the extreme wilderness of the Mana Pools. In this new travel environment, a safari in Southern Africa is one of the few experiences that can accommodate luxury and seclusion while experiencing the very beauty you came to see.

“You will stay in remote wildernesses utilizing camps that have eight or fewer tents. Only one border crossing is required for this trip,” says Simon. The heart of any safari experience focuses on our ability not just to view the wildlife but to interact with the wilderness, to remove ourselves from the endless hurried pace of home, and to remember the need to slow down, look around, and enjoy our surroundings before they pass us by. When considering the joys, thrills, and splendors of a Southern African safari, you can plan ahead with a Zicasso travel specialist who can help build your trip of a lifetime with comfort, luxury, safety, and the new possibilities of travel in mind.

Find yourself around the world

Northern lights over Kirkjufell in Iceland

Northern lights over Kirkjufell in Iceland

We know that the world is a large and diverse place but as we travel, the distance across the globe feels shorter, the gaps in history feel smaller, and the differences in our cultures feel less profound. The world holds tremendous splendor. From exciting excursions into hollow volcanic craters in Iceland to the isolated natural wonder of the Khongor Sand Dunes in Mongolia, the exhilarating peak of Mount Everest to the sculpted white-sands of the Maldivian coastline, there is much to behold.

The Around the World Trip of a Lifetime fulfills dreams. Designed by Suzie, a global travel specialist for Zicasso, she found inspiration from childhood. “Even from a young age, we are transported to other lands in our favorite books and movies, we long to see the most incredible mountains, majestic animals, untouched deserts, private beaches; this trip includes all of that,” she says.

When we travel the world, it is not in the differences in which we see ourselves but through the similarities in which we find ourselves. This journey around the globe takes you from Iceland to Petra, Mongolia to Nepal, the Maldives to Southern Africa, Patagonia to Belize. We can step down into isolated corners of the earth in the hopes of watching the Northern Lights dance across the sky or listen to braying penguins dive into frigid water. We can bask in the breathtaking view of the Himalayas from a helicopter and compare the immense pleasures of walking through the carved cliffs of Petra versus the Mayan pyramids of Belize made grander when traveling by private jet.

“By traveling via private jet, we can take advantage of the most direct routes available,” Suzie says. “By staying in some of the most exclusive resorts, you can spend your time within your own group, limiting exposure to outside sources.” As we travel the world and find the joys of the clear waters in Belize and the pampas of Patagonia, the open plains of South Africa, and the mists of Victoria Falls, you can take comfort in the mixture of seclusion and luxury when guided by a world travel expert. “No matter your preferences, you will be treated like royalty every step of the way,” says Suzie.

Make your next Trip of a Lifetime happen

Wat Arun in Bankgok, Thailand

Wat Arun in Bankgok, Thailand

We travel to see old traditions in new ways, find untrodden paths for new discoveries, and explore new cultures with new friends. For each time we travel, our experience is different because we are different as we once more breathe life into our dreams and dreams into our life. By planning our next trip, we give in to the everlasting allure of the time we make for our particular Trip of a Lifetime.

The goal of this Trip of a Lifetime series is to inspire, and these sample itineraries can be a launch point for your own vacation. Every trip is personal, and every Zicasso trip is designed together with our travelers. Where do you want to go?  And how do you want to travel?  You can start looking ahead with Zicasso by submitting a Trip Request, or by calling our team at 1-888-265-9707. We are here for your questions and ready to help you embark on your next extraordinary journey.

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