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Emerging Destinations for 2022: 10 Countries for Your Next Vacation

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Cliffiside waters with boats at Kleftiko Beach in Milos, Greece

Kleftiko in Milos, Greece

From the unexpected to the iconic, these emerging destinations for the year ahead reflect the changing interests of Zicasso travelers and what they wish to see in the coming year.

Whether looking for a tropical escape or a connection with ancient history, luxurious beaches or volcanic islands, secluded trekking or incredible wildlife, these destinations offer it all and have joined our top countries to visit.

With a wide array of experiences available in each destination, these destinations continue to create new ideas for travelers and may inspire where you want to go for your next trip.

  1. 1. Portugal
  2. 2. Egypt
  3. 3. Belize
  4. 4. Colombia
  5. 5. Patagonia
  6. 6. Sicily
  7. 7. Ecuador, Galapagos & the Amazon
  8. 8. Italian Islands
  9. 9. Greek Islands
  10. 10. Zambia
  11. Find the Best Destination for You

1. Portugal

Vineyards on the Douro River

Douro Valley, Portugal

Portugal offers an authentic immersion into fairytale castles and cobblestone villages, lively cities, and golden shorelines. Ghosts of the past decorate the landscape with Moorish architecture and Roman ruins, while the cuisine offers a cultural connection across time and around the world.

The scenery unfolds with stunning seaside cliffs, beaches covered in dunes, or verdant mountains cracking the skyline. Portugal moves to its own rhythm for an unforgettable exploration of the land and history, whether strolling a city, cycling the countryside, or lounging on a gold-sand beach.

Sample Itinerary: This 9-day sample Portugal itinerary, Legendary Countryside and Cityscapes Tour of Portugal, gives you the freedom to embrace the countryside towns and vibrant cities at your pace and customized to your travel style.

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2. Egypt

Citadel of Saladin in Cairo, Egypt

Citadel of Saladin in Cairo, Egypt

Egypt is a dream destination that brings the epic wonders of the ancient world to life. With magnificent beauty along the Nile River, Egypt has enticed travelers for millennia with promises of lush delta and grand architecture, colorful hieroglyphics and the alluring vision of the Pyramids.

From the bustling ambiance of the Grand Bazaar to a skyline decorated with minarets, elaborate Coptic churches to the preserved impression of pharaohs' tombs, Egypt will surpass your expectations to reveal a country full of cultural, historical, and natural awe.

Sample Itinerary: This 12-day Exploring the History of Ancient Egypt with a Relaxing Resort Escape sample itinerary celebrates the majesty of Egypt by introducing you to ancient treasures, splendid oases, and seaside resort luxuries customizable for your trip.

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3. Belize

Xunantunich surrounded by lush jungle landscape in Belize

Xunantunich in the Cayo District, Belize

From vibrant coral gardens to curious tropical fish, lavish jungle to gorgeous cayes, Belize is a perfect escape for every kind of traveler. Venture into the land of the Maya with proud ruins rising above the trees or search for manatees and howler monkeys near a quiet fishing village.

Enjoy an active scuba exploration of the renowned Blue Hole or settle into the grandeur of the second-largest barrier reef in the world. Whether horseback riding along manicured trails or tubing along a river cave, Belize can provide as much action or relaxation as you prefer.

Sample Itinerary: Find the ultimate mixture of history, adventure, and natural wonder in this sample Belize itinerary, Hallmarks of Belize Tour: Ancient Ruins, Rich Culture, Thriving Tropics, that can be easily customized to your preferences.

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4. Colombia

Hacienda Bambusa in Quindío Colombia. Photo courtesy of Hacienda Bambusa

Hacienda Bambusa in Quindío Colombia. Photo courtesy of Hacienda Bambusa

Colombia is a destination that surpasses all preconceptions to reveal remarkable natural beauty and colorful welcoming culture that can take you from Andean peaks to exotic Amazonian jungle, Caribbean coasts or mystical deserts.

With incredible hospitality and sensational history, you can uncover Spanish colonial architecture or witness mysterious antique statues, embrace the contemporary ambiance or lounge on a pristine beach that overlooks turquoise waters. Colombia quickly and easily inspires and dazzles any kind of travelers.

Sample Itinerary: Experience the Real Encanto in Colombia is an eight-day immersion into the point where storybook magic and real-life charm meet as you follow the Madrigal family from Disney’s Encanto for an introduction to Colombia’s unforgettable wildlife, scenery, and culture.

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5. Patagonia

View though the trees from the trail at Conguillio National Park, Chile

Conguillio National Park, Chile

A dynamic frontier with legends of glaciers and gauchos, Patagonia is a wonderland of natural scenery where untamed nature stretches to the horizon while revealing how beautiful the barren can be. The impressive expanse of the region immerses you in the windswept steppes of the pampas and the towering drama of Andean peaks, glaciers crackling in the sunlight, and estancias offering a luxurious respite from the open space.

Trekking routes wind between mountain passes, ice fields shimmer over the edge of sparkling lagoons, and a mixture of endless adventure and surprising culinary delights are at your fingertips.

Sample Itinerary: Escape to the rugged and untamed landscape of Patagonia with this 12-day sample itinerary, Thrilling Adventure Tour Through Patagonia, perfect for exploring nature’s beauty and easily tailored to your preferences.

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6. Sicily

View of the ancient greek theater of Taormina with Etna in Italian region of Sicily.

Taormina in Sicily, Italy

The true marvels of Sicily reveal how the island has stood at the center of Mediterranean civilization for millennia yet still feels like a hidden treasure for visitors to discover. Ancient Greek ruins demonstrate a captivating depth of history while Baroque cities reflect a more contemporary artistic perspective.

Sicily has a classic connection to a unique culinary landscape that has blended cultures from across the Mediterranean with dazzling flavors accentuated by the gorgeous scenery. From the fumaroles of Mount Etna to the views of sparkling seas, you can embrace the Byzantine, explore the ancient, and bask in the combination of natural and cultural splendor.

Sample Itinerary: Combine adventure and luxury on this sample Sicily itinerary, Splendor of Sicily Tour: Ten Days of Culture, Relaxation, and Discovery, that explores the brilliance of La Dolce Vita and can be customized to create your perfect travel experience.

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7. Ecuador, Galapagos & the Amazon

The Napo River in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Napo River in the Ecuadorian Amazon

The volcanic Galapagos Islands display the splendor of evolution, where wildlife brings vibrancy and community to the unspoiled forefront. The Amazon sings with a different kind of excursion with untamed wilderness and wildlife that feels boundlessly active. Traditional towns brim with colorful textiles and the whitewashed walls of colonial architecture provide distinctive charm to historic neighborhoods.

Ecuador is small but endlessly diverse, with fantastic experiences that introduce you to Indigenous cultures, dynamic architecture, and a collection of breathtaking ecosystems from the Galapagos to the Amazon.

Sample Itinerary: Discover the majesty of nature and wildlife from the Amazon Rainforest to the volcanic shores of the Galapagos Islands with this 14-Day Adventure in the Ecuador Amazon Rainforest & Across the Galápagos Islands.

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8. Italian Islands

Aragon Castle on Ischia Island near Sicily

Aragon Castle on Ischia Island, Italy

Often overshadowed by more famous coastline, the Italian Islands are true gems waiting to be discovered and becoming more popular with national and international travelers. The dreamy and diverse islands sprout up around the Mediterranean, Tyrrhenian, and Adriatic seas with volcanic activity, idyllic panoramas, and charming fishing villages.

From towns famous for hosting the most centenarians in the world to entire islands famous for cuisine, surprising forests to delightful vineyards, exceptional beaches to remarkable luxuries, the Italian Islands feature culture and beauty from a different perspective while embracing the sweet local life.

Sample itinerary: Bask in the beauty of the Mediterranean sun and the famous lifestyle of Southern Italy on this sample Italy island itinerary, Pontine Islands, Ischia and South of Naples Sailing Tour, that you can easily personalize.

Learn more: Italy Tours & Vacations | Italy Travel Guide

9. Greek Islands

Venetian Quay of Chania with Kucuk Hasan Pasha Mosque during twilight blue hour, Crete, Greece

Chania in Crete, Greece

Mesmerizing sunsets, crystal-clear waters, ancient civilizations, and secluded charm exemplify the allure of the Greek Islands. Beyond the famous cliffs of Santorini and the beaches of Mykonos, ancient life, colorful architecture, and succulent cuisine are calling to more travelers on lesser-known islands that can bring Minoan legend to life or immerse you in a pedestrian-friendly town paved with cobblestones.

From active water sports to secluded olive groves, elegant ruins to whitewashed walls, the Greek islands offer a choice of nearly 200 possibilities for a breathtaking and memorable respite.

Sample itinerary: Enjoy touring the islands of Greece to find history, luxury, and enchanting scenery with this 13-day sample itinerary, Greek Island Itinerary for the Ages, customizable to fit your needs and preferences.

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10. Zambia

An aerial view of the Zambezi river

Zambezi River in Zambia

Zambia embodies the exceptional rewards of a safari experience as you travel into the remote and captivating wilderness of Southern Africa. More than an adventure, Zambia is a timeless and unforgettable destination where you can encounter predators and prey, luxurious lodges filled with campfire light and fascinating stories, wildlife spotting in canoes or on a traditional game drive.

Whether witnessing the power of the renowned Victoria Falls or following the banks of three great rivers, the beat of life in Zambia allows you to enjoy a fulfilling journey in search of Africa’s Big 5 or unique wildlife migrations.

Sample Itinerary: Explore the captivating wilderness of Zambia in a diverse and exciting way customizable to your travel needs and goals with this Two-Week Highlights of Zambia Safari Tour by Light Aircraft.

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Find the Best Destination for You

Indigenous Amazonian woman painting mokawas in Ecuador

Indigenous Amazonian woman painting mokawas in Ecuador

The promise of an emerging destination can make you feel like discovering a hidden gem for a more authentic, localized, and enriching experience. From the joy of connecting with different cultures to the excitement of a new perspective of history, travel to an emerging destination is an opportunity to discover and grow in ways that form unforgettable memories.

A Zicasso travel specialist will not only tailor any trip to your specific needs and goals but will also provide personal support throughout your travel experience. Call our Traveler Care specialists at 1-888-265-9707 to start planning your custom trip.

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