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10 Best Places Where You Can Spend an Entire Week

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Kinkaku-ji, Golden Pavilion, in Kyoto, Japan

Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto, Japan

Boasting iconic heritage sites and hidden gems, the world’s best places where you can spend an entire week will encourage you to slow down and take it all in on a one-stop trip or en route to more of your favorite places in your country of choice.

From Rome to Paris, Kyoto to Crete, some cities and islands offer so much to explore that a longer stay gives you a better window to experience it all. With more freedom to plan for tours of famous landmarks, culinary experiences introducing you to authentic flavors, and leisure time to wander at your pace, you can make the most of your stay in these world famous places.

Planning to discover these top destinations, a travel specialist can help you curate an immersive vacation with ideas that take advantage of everything they have to offer, and expanded trips that reveal what else is possible should you extend your stay.

  1. 1. Rome, Italy
  2. 2. Barcelona, Spain
  3. 3. Paris, France
  4. 4. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  5. 5. Medellin, Colombia
  6. 6. Zanzibar, Tanzania
  7. 7. Kyoto, Japan
  8. 8. Crete, Greece
  9. 9. Phuket, Thailand
  10. 10. Cape Town, South Africa
  11. Explore the Best Places to Visit for a One Stop Vacation

1. Rome, Italy

The Roman Colosseum in Rome, Italy

The Roman Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Rome is a city that always feels prescient, with ruins dating back thousands of years and contemporary culture filling the historic spaces.

Vibrant life moves along the streets and public piazzas, while iconic images of Italy and the ancient empire continue to texture the skyline and restaurants retain an essential charisma that speaks to the national culture. Cobblestone streets weave through antiquity to reach medieval architecture, demonstrate the glory of the Renaissance, and connect to the importance of Christianity’s evolution across Europe.

With access to the coastline, unique catacombs, treasured countryside, and unforgettable villas, Rome is a city in which you could spend a year exploring and still have plenty more to see. Uncover the incredible opportunities for experiencing the city with our Rome travel guide.

Highlights: Colosseum • Pantheon • Spanish Steps • Trevi Fountain • Piazza Navona • Vatican City

Rome Vacation Idea

Uncovering the Secrets of Rome Tour is an immersion into the grandeur and timelessness of the Eternal City, taking you across 3,000 years of history, culture, and heritage.

Expanded Vacation Idea:

If you have more time to spend exploring, consider extending your Italy vacation with A Foodie's Slow Tour of Tuscany, the immerses you in the wonder of the region by sampling local flavors, enjoying regional traditions, and embracing the lifestyle of medieval cities and ancient towns.

Learn more: Rome Vacations & Tour Packages

2. Barcelona, Spain

La Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona, Spain

La Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a fascinating city that urges visitors to slow down and enjoy the ambiance shaped by the Mediterranean Sea, surrealist architecture, and lively contemporary culture.

Modern life carries on within the medieval lanes of the Gothic Quarter, small side streets hide charming cafes, and locals embrace the shade lining the avenue of La Rambla, where the beauty of boutique shops meets the thrill of culinary discovery.

The city resides in two worlds, the momentum of modern society and the slower pace of the past found in preserved neighborhoods. With a scenic skyline, golden beaches, and access to the wonders of Catalonia, Barcelona exists as its own separate marvel. Discover the right season to enjoy your trip with information on the best time to visit Barcelona.

Highlights: La Sagrada Familia Basilica • Gothic Quarter • Casa Milà • La Rambla • Parc Güell

Barcelona Vacation Idea

Whether eager to bask on the Catalonian coastline or interested in exploring the dreamy architecture, embrace the city’s diversity and splendor with Barcelona’s Best: Seven-Day Family Vacation.

Expanded Vacation Idea:

With more time, you can enjoy a more diverse experience in Spain, embracing the regional heritage and histories defined by remarkable events during a Iconic Cities & Experiences of Spain: Madrid, Seville, Barcelona Tour.

Learn more: Barcelona Itineraries & Vacation Packages

3. Paris, France

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Paris is the City of Lights, the City of Love, and the City of Fashion, turning the avenues and cafes into a spectacle of history, culture, and heritage.

Iconic architecture lines the wide boulevards and public parks create green spaces beneath the looming Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame de Paris. Restaurants exude mouthwatering aromas connected to the culinary traditions of France, while museums display artistic treasures demonstrating the evolution of human history and aesthetics.

Whether using our list of the best places to visit in Paris as a guide or searching for signs of Renoir to Rodin, sampling Michelin-starred restaurants and local boulangeries, or lingering alongside the River Seine and top of Montmartre, Paris has become a legend among world-renowned cities. It offers endless opportunities to discover new streets, explore exciting museums, or day trip into the countryside to view chateaux and vineyards.

Highlights: Eiffel Tower • Louvre Museum • Notre Dame Cathedral • Champs-Élysées • d’Orsay Museum

Paris Vacation Idea

VIP Paris Tour: A Privately Guided Experience indulges in the city’s reputation for exclusivity and allure, bringing the prestige, romantic ambiance, and illustrious museums to the forefront of your trip.

Expanded Vacation Idea:

Experience the indelible historic connection of two impressive cities while enjoying their remarkable differences when you have more time to travel slowly and intentionally during A Tale of Two Family Friendly Cities: London & Paris Tour.

Learn more: Paris Vacation Packages

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Once called the “Paris of South America”, Buenos Aires has stepped out of the shadow of Europe and into its own light as the gateway to Argentina. Trees shade the central boulevards and the 47 neighborhoods celebrate their core identities, making exploration exciting and new.

From historic, palatial mansions to colorful artistic apartments, fashionable boutiques to elegant vintage shops, the city connects to its traditions while looking to the future. Mouthwatering restaurants and bakeries reveal unmissable Buenos Aires culinary customs and day trips into the pampas demonstrate the legend of Argentinian gauchos for an exciting combination of urban and rural exploration.

Highlights: Plaza de Mayo • Recoleta Cemetery • La Boca • San Telmo • Colón Theater

Buenos Aires Vacation Idea

From cultural passion to intense flavor, exciting neighborhood culture to alluring artistic prowess, find the delights of the city when on the Learning to Tango in Buenos Aires Tour.

Expanded Vacation Idea:

Blend city lights and thundering cascades if you have more time to explore Argentina to blend the compelling culture of the city streets with the impressive rainforest ambiance and crashing waters of Puerto Iguazu on a Family Friendly Buenos Aires & Iguazu Falls: Cooking, Art & Soccer tour.

Learn more: Argentina Tours & Vacations

5. Medellin, Colombia

Plaza Botero in Medellin, Colombia

Plaza Botero in Medellin, Colombia

Medellin is an exciting city, with endless surprises to enjoy amidst the pleasant temperatures that give it its nickname, “City of Eternal Spring”. What once embodied the dangers of Colombia has emerged as a cosmopolitan treasure exuding optimism and charisma.

Surrounded by lush mountain peaks and situated in a soothing Andean valley, you can find the aromas of cut flowers and coffee, plazas decorated with famous art and a moving skyline featuring one of the world’s only aerial public transport systems.

The top things to see & do in Medellin can have you embracing the fascinating street murals, sampling the local cuisine, and exploring its diverse perspectives in the neighborhoods and from the surrounding countryside, which is known for trails and coffee plantations.

Highlights: Plaza Botero • Medellin Metrocable • Comuna 13 • Guatapé • Medellin Museum of Modern Art

Colombia Vacation Idea:

Caribbean culture, sustainable coffee traditions, and soulful heritage offer a stunning combination that reveals the essence of the country during the Breathtaking Culture and Nature Tour of Colombia personalizing your tours, activities, and timeline creating a different experience for every traveler.

Learn more: Colombia Vacations & Tours

6. Zanzibar, Tanzania

View of House of Wonders in Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania

House of Wonders in Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar island is part of Tanzania, but feels like a separate world. It is surrounded by crystal-clear ocean, fringed with white-sand beaches, and is home to a combination of coastal wonder and cosmopolitan urban heritage.

Dive into the water to view coral gardens or passing dolphins, wander the cobblestone lanes of Stone Town where Islamic architectural design remains prevalent, or explore traditional spice farms to learn about the history of flavorful production connected to the island and global trade.

Zanzibar can be as exciting or relaxing as you make it, wrapped as it is in pristine coastline in view of traditional boats sailing alongside the shores. Discover new ideas for your next adventure by exploring our sample Zanzibar vacation packages.

Highlights: House of Wonders • Forodhani Gardens • Old Dispensary • Anglican Cathedral • Palace museum

Zanzibar Vacation Idea

Legend of Zanzibar: Intimate One-Week Cultural Tour is a celebration of the island’s natural beauty and cultural heritage, offering an exciting exploration of the coastlines, city streets, and active traditions.

Expanded Vacation Idea:

Zanzibar is an incredible gateway to unforgettable safari destinations and with more time for your vacation, you can experience the true natural wonders of sub-Saharan Africa with the Tanzania Classic Weeklong: Iconic National Parks.

Learn more: African Safari & Beach Vacation Packages

7. Kyoto, Japan

Kiyomizu-dera Temple at sunset in Kyoto, Japan

Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is the Japan many visitors dream of, with the ambiance and culture preserved over nearly a millennium.

With more than 1,600 historic temples, countless pristine gardens, and alluring traditional teahouses, the simple pleasures in Kyoto create unforgettable spiritual grandeur. The city feels as though it was crafted by artisans, with cultural encounters occurring around every corner and quiet streets leading to impressive art galleries and museums.

Restaurants demonstrate tradition and modern fusion, while specialty shops demonstrate the intricate focus needed to craft anything from handmade paper to teapots, hanging curtains to townhouses. Whether wandering the Gion district or traveling out of the city for a day trip to the renowned Bamboo Forest, Kyoto surpasses all expectations. Find more ideas on when to visit and what to do with our Japan travel guide.

Highlights: Nijo Castle • Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine • The Golden Pavilion • Kiyomizu-dera Temple • Sanjusangen-do Temple

Kyoto Vacation Idea

Wander through stunning gardens, experience the remarkable history, and enjoy the immersive heritage with the Best of Kyoto Tour: Culture, Tradition, and Treasures.

Expanded Vacation Idea:

When discovering the traditions and artisan history of Kyoto, you can extend your trip to include the clash between modernity and tradition by experiencing the Tokyo Tour to Remember: Sushi to Go-Carts to embrace the spirit of traveling deeply in a country.

Learn more: Japan Tours & Vacations

8. Crete, Greece

Two travelers on hiking path Samaria Gorge on the island of Crete, Greece

Samaria Gorge on the island of Crete, Greece

Crete is Greece’s largest island and boasts more than 620 miles of coastline. The island traditions remain strong in the mountain villages in view of the rugged peaks, some reaching as high as 7,874 feet above sea level, while the beaches fringing the shores provide stunning views of crystalline water.

Minoan ruins explore legends of the Minotaur and beyond, Venetian harbors unravel the historical importance of the island, and narrow lanes lead to charming restaurants and cafes.

Whether visiting whitewashed rural villages or exploring the depths of the dramatic gorge, Crete is Greece in miniature, quickly demonstrating why it is one of the best Greek Islands to visit. It allows you to explore the ancient world, enjoy nature, and indulge in the seaside.

Highlights: Knossos Palace • Chania • Samaria Gorge • Heraklion • Rethymnon • Heraklion Archeological Museum

Expanded Vacation Idea:

Crete is renowned as Greece’s “food island,” and an extended trip through the country can demonstrate the marvels of modern culture, ancient heritage, and natural beauty as you sample memorable flavors with a Gastronomy of Greece Tour: Athens, Santorini, and Crete.

Learn more: Greece Vacations & Tours

9. Phuket, Thailand

Karon Beach in Phuket, Thailand

Karon Beach in Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is a relaxing escape with promises of adventure. The island offers jungle-clad mountains, clean, relaxing beaches, lively city streets, and quiet rural retreats. The golden coastline offers endless opportunities to embrace the tropical sunlight or dive into the clear turquoise waters.

Historic mansions and shophouses speak to the cultural history around the island and the coral gardens demonstrate the treasures hidden in the sea. The culinary delights speak to the fusion of cultural traditions, while the neighboring islands offer more opportunities for uncovering marine life and secluded beach majesty, turning Phuket into a central location to enjoy a number of the best islands in Thailand.

Highlights: Kata Beach • Karon Beach • Phuket Town • Boat tours • Big Buddha • Rawai Village • Three Beaches Hill

Expanded Vacation Idea:

Thailand is incredibly diverse and endlessly welcoming; if you have more time to explore deeply, you can embrace the cuisine, discover the wondrous landscapes, and become an active participant in the culture by including Tantalizing Thailand: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Krabi Tour with your time in Phuket.

Learn more: Thailand Tours & Vacations

10. Cape Town, South Africa

Cable car going up Table Mountain in  Robben Island in Cape Town, South Africa

Table mountain cable car in Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town has a singular beauty unlike anywhere else in the world, stemming from connectivity to mountains and coastline, cuisine and cultures.

Crowned by the plateau of Table Mountain and edged by the cool waters of the Atlantic and Indian oceans, it is easy to find exemplary beaches and welcoming beachside neighborhoods, or wander the pathways through elegant gardens.

From sophisticated shops to museums reflecting South Africa’s turbulent history, day trips to the famous Winelands or journeys to the edge of the African continent, Cape Town is the country’s oldest city and offers a unique point of view you can experience, especially when considering the top things to do in Cape Town.

Highlights: Table Mountain • Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens • Camps Bay beaches • Victoria & Alfred Waterfront • Robben Island

Cape Town Vacation Idea

Cape Town Culture & History Tour unveils the luxuries of the world-class city with sightseeing excursions, wildlife encounters, and demonstrations of the local beauty featured across South Africa’s oldest city.

Expanded Vacation Idea:

Enjoy visiting South Africa from a different yet equally immersive luxury perspective when you have time to add on to your Cape Town visit on a Luxury & Heritage: Discover South Africa Tour by Train to experience the landscapes, wildlife, and diverse history of the country by rail.

Learn more: Cape Town Vacations

Explore the Best Places to Visit for a One Stop Vacation

Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy

Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy

From Rome to Cape Town, Kyoto to Buenos Aires, a one-stop vacation destination embraces the depth of beauty in and around a single location. With a focus on slower travel to enjoy each moment, you can indulge in new experiences and delight in personal discoveries shaped by the pace at which you wish to travel and the treasures you can uncover.

You can find inspiration for your next trip with our 20 of the world's most beautiful places to visit: travel ideas & tips or enjoy new experiences by considering the time of year you wish to vacation guided by our best places to travel by month.

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