Best Places to Travel by Month

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Know when you can travel, but not sure where to go? Our guide to the best places to travel by month offers helpful tips, information, and inspiration to help you plan a spectacular trip at any time of year.

Whether eager to lounge on a Mediterranean beach or enjoy the marvels of a classic game drive on an African safari, interested in viewing Japan’s famous cherry blossom season or inspired by sampling wines around the grape harvest, find the best time to visit your dream destination.

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Juvenile king penguins in the Georgia Islands
11 Best Places to Travel in January
January is a fantastic time for a vacation, and our list of the best places to visit will give you all the inspiration you need to put your plans in motion. From the tropical warmth of the Southern Hemisphere...
Masked revelers at Carnival in Venice, Italy
15 Best Places to Travel in February
Travel in February can take us into the heart of winter or the depths of summer, so knowing where you can go for your preferred style of trip will help create an unforgettable experience. No matter how...
Salto Grande in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile
14 Best Places to Travel in March
March is a fantastic time of year to travel as you can enjoy the beginnings of spring or watch the season shift to fall when visiting the Southern Hemisphere. No matter what kind of trip you wish to...
Cape Town, South Africa
17 Best Places to Travel in April
April is a fantastic month to explore the different corners of the world, no matter which hemisphere you want to discover. Whether on a secluded island or during a food tour, looking for lions in the...
Seaside town of Cudillero in the Asturias region of Spain
16 Best Places to Travel in May
The best places to travel in May will give you the perfect trip, and this list of destinations will help inspire you. May can highlight local beauty and regional diversity, preserved cultures, or pristine...
Lofoten, Norway
17 Best Places to Travel in June
In June, the weather inches into summer or winter to become one of the best months in which to explore the world and experience your perfect trip. Enjoy local heritage during festivals and celebrations,...
Beach and cliffside town of Carvoeiro, Portugal
12 Best Places to Travel in July
July is a magnificent month in which to explore the world, as the Northern Hemisphere heads into summer, while its Southern counterpart sees the depths of winter. Whether you prefer a snowy escape or...
Wildebeest river crossing during the Great Migration in Tanzania
13 Best Places to Travel in August
The following are some of the best places to travel to in August, whether you are interested in being in the Northern or Southern hemispheres. August is a fantastic time to discover the world’s diversity...
Taj Mahal, India
15 Best Places to Travel in September
Our list of the top places to travel in September reveals why it is a magnificent time of year to discover the world’s beauty. Find the diverse and exciting adventures you can experience for the perfect...
15 Best Places to Travel in October

Depending on your preferences, October can be the perfect time in which to explore the wonders of the following alluring destinations.

Whether interested in snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef or fascinated with ancient Egyptian civilizations, October offers a fresh perspective on the ecosystems and heritages across the hemispheres, with perfect weather in whichever country calls your name.

Glacial walks, tea ceremonies, tropical islands, lush wine regions, our following suggestions have it all. Here are some of the best places to visit in October.

15 Best Places to Travel in November

November is a magnificent time to discover new countries, and these destinations provide a mixture of captivating experiences.

From cruising near impressive karsts to winding along an ancient trail, discovering the pyramids to witnessing natural island beauty, travel in November is a highlight for new insights and authentic experiences across the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

From shadow puppets to arctic penguins, safari excursions to preserved temples, this information unveils some of the best places to visit, no matter the kind of traveler you are.

14 Best Places to Travel in December

December can immerse you in the joyful ambiance of a white winter in the Northern Hemisphere or allow you to embrace the warmth of Southern Hemisphere summers.

Whether eager to ski or lounge on pristine white beaches, bask in a tropical hideaway or indulge in the charms of small-town Christmas festivities, travel in December offers new perspectives on traditions and landscapes.

The following information provides details of the best experiences you can have, no matter your travel preferences.

Top Places to Travel By Each Month of the Year

Whether looking for the perfect beach getaway or a family-friendly escape, here you can find information on the best destinations to visit by month to fulfill your travel dreams.

From the charming canals of Venice to the pristine sands of a Thailand beach, the glowing colors of the Great Barrier Reef to giraffes grazing on the savannah, the time of year can have a profound effect on your travels and activities. Understanding the best time to visit may allow you to paddleboard in French Polynesian sunlight or trek across Southern Patagonia without the crowds.

Find the right time to visit your dream destination or discover the best region to fit your timeline. When working with a travel specialist, you have a guide to uncover the right destination for you.


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