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Q&A with Tom Skalka, Director of Client Relations at Zicasso

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We sat down with Tom Skalka, Director of Client Relations at Zicasso, to discuss how travelers can best be planning for the future. Covid-19 disrupted his own travel to Spain, so he understands personally how harrowing it has been to manage changing plans. Learn more about what’s ahead as we all look forward to this next chapter in travel.

Q: Can I plan a trip right now?

Yes! You can work with our Zicasso travel specialists to plan a future trip whenever you are ready. In fact, we strongly recommend you start planning your trips for 2021 now.  With a large portion of planned 2020 trips postponed due to COVID-19, the capacity for popular destinations in 2021 will be tighter than most people would expect. We expect bookings for Italy, Greece and many other European countries to be very high as we move forward.

Q: What is your best advice as I consider my next trip?

As we have all been home and dreaming about our next destination, I think it is important to keep a few key things in mind.

  • Understand any travel restrictions and how this will impact your trip and some of your desired activities
  • Be aware of the countries healthcare system and how they have performed throughout the pandemic
  • While travel insurance companies are no longer offering coverage that allows travelers to cancel for any reason, there are still a lot of benefits to purchasing insurance for your upcoming trip

Our Zicasso team can help you through these details and connect you with local experts to the destination you are considering.

Q: How can a Zicasso travel specialist help me?

With the many travel considerations related to the COVID-19 pandemic, having a travel specialist at work on your plans is more important than ever. Our Zicasso travel specialists provide consistent and accurate information on how their country is progressing as we emerge from this crisis. Your travel specialist, handpicked for you, is alongside throughout your planning experience and throughout your trip, bringing a layer of safety and expertise to your experience.  Beyond this very important aspect, they collaborate and partner with you to create a unique and tailored itinerary.  Once you have your itinerary customized to fit your needs and preferences, you can move forward with booking when the time is right.

Q: How can I talk to someone?

The easiest way to speak with Zicasso travel specialists is to submit a Trip Request.  However, if you have some general questions you can also reach out to our Client Relations team at 1-888-265-9707.  We are here to help.

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