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Why 2021 is the Time to Go to Croatia

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Rovinj, Croatia

Rovinj, Croatia

Croatia is a fantasy of Mediterranean vacation dreams and one of the latest European countries to reopen its borders to visitors from the United States.

Ancient walls create a dramatic reminder of the past while life remains vivid in the cafes that decorate ancient Diocletian’s Palace. From a honeymoon on sun-drenched islands to an Istrian Peninsula family vacation, your choice to travel to Croatia in 2021 gives you three notable advantages.

Travel with ease

Main square with Cathedral in Zagreb, Croatia

Main square with Cathedral in Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia is an extraordinary landscape of coastline dabbled with islands and dramatic history represented by preserved towns, standing ruins, and cities where contemporary life breathes within the confines of the past. Croatia is open to vaccinated travelers and, to date, does not require a negative test for those with proof of their vaccination. The country is also open to unvaccinated travelers who have a negative Covid test taken within 48 hours of arrival.

The combination of rugged scenery and Mediterranean culture will immerse you in limitless exploration from the medieval walls of Dubrovnik to the modern museums of Zagreb. With a historic culture that tells the story of Mediterranean travel, trade, and imperial expansion, you can experience the cafe culture or the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea at a time when the country may be less crowded with tourists.

The power of traveling in Croatia stems from the natural beauty and cultural charms but also the incredible accessibility of Croatia’s farthest corners. As you visit and explore the country, face masks are required inside shops and on public transportation, but with endless possibilities to enjoy, you could easily sip wine at a quiet vineyard, learn the history of oyster farming, or wander through the remains of Venetian fortresses.

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Perfect summer weather and sparkling seas

Podrace beach in Brela, Croatia

Podrace beach in Brela, Croatia

From mainland beaches to island shores, Croatia has over 3,600 miles of stunning coastline. 2021 offers some of the best conditions to enjoy the ocean with perfect summer weather. An ideal year for a yacht trip, the marvelous shoreline offers sheltered harbors and villages with winding streets connected to bays fringed with waving palm trees. As one of the best sailing destinations in the world, you can experience the popularity of the Southern Dalmatian Islands, calm winds, and oases of tranquility.

With a mild Mediterranean climate throughout the year, Croatia truly shines in summer. As the sunlight drenches the beaches and spreads over the verdant hills and rugged mountains, you can find a breadth of beauty on and beyond the coastline. The summer is a perfect time to bask in a panorama of waterfalls, sip coffee at a sidewalk cafe, or find unique perspectives displayed in a local museum.

History can unravel at a serene vineyard as you sample the dynamic flavors of the Istrian Peninsula, discovering hints of bitter almond and citrus fruits or take to the hundreds of miles of cycling routes or hiking trails crisscrossing the nation. While the beaches are arguably recognizable and alluring, the combination of the sparkling seas and lush plains, cliffs, and mountains create Croatia’s natural spectacle.

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Top properties with advantageous rates

Beach deck at Boutique Hotel Alhambra on Losinj Island, Croatia

Boutique Hotel Alhambra on Losinj Island, Croatia. Photo courtesy of Hotel Alhambra

While accommodations are not necessarily the primary motivation for visiting a specific destination, where you begin and end your day does shape your experience. Croatia’s dynamic culture and diverse topography make it a haven for distinctive accommodations, and now you can enjoy advantageous rates at beautiful hotels alongside the luxurious vineyards or glamorous ancient ruins.

Croatia has plenty of choices when it comes to accommodations that can change how you experience your trip. With island resorts, eco-friendly lodges are hidden in the forest, and beautiful boutique hotels are protected within the glitz of a historic city center. The right accommodation can give you access to sandy bays, cycling trails, or the cultural heritage you wish to explore. Your Zicasso travel specialist will provide choices and options carefully selected with your travel goals and preferences in mind.

If you book early, some of our favorite properties may offer discounts while also ensuring you can reserve your preferred hotel style. You can embrace the warm ambiance of outdoor dining with delicious food and drink at celebrated restaurants and cafes and as the shops, markets, museums, and galleries across the country reopen. Between April and October, you will also experience them at the ideal time of year.

How to plan your trip to Croatia

Vineyards surrounding Motovun in the Istria Region of Croatia

Vineyards surrounding Motovun in the Istria Region of Croatia

Croatia embodies the essence of the Mediterranean dreamscape. You can embrace sparkling waters from the shimmering Adraitic to the emerald pools of Plitvice National Park, sample the earthy delicacies of elusive truffles or embrace the secluded wonders of a hidden cove.

Our Croatia travel specialists are destination experts, and they are uniquely positioned to guide your plans with deep understanding of the local landscape as they personalize your trip to make your next vacation the best one yet. Ready to begin your plans? Fill out a Trip Request or call our team at 1-888-265-9707.

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