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Top 6 Things to Do in Egypt with Family

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Young boy looking at the Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt

Giza, Egypt

The history of Egypt is educational and fascinating, and sharing the following 6 things to do with kids in Egypt will ensure an incredible adventure as you step back in time as a family.

From pyramids and temples to camel rides and floating down the Nile, exploring Egypt can be one big adventure. Whether uncovering the ambiance of the bazaar or the tombs in the Valley of the Kings, visitors of all ages can indulge in the variety of experiences and discoveries.

Below we share some of the highlights this captivating destination has to offer so you can plan your journey to a land that tells many tales of an ancient civilization.

  1. 1. Explore the Pyramids and Sphinx
  2. 2. Uncover Exceptional Temples and Tombs
  3. 3. Enjoy New Desert Adventures
  4. 4. Embrace a Cruise On the Nile
  5. 5. Visit Captivating Museums and Mummies
  6. 6. Indulge In a Seaside Escape
  7. Plan Your Perfect Egypt Trip with Kids

1. Explore the Pyramids and Sphinx

Great Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx, Egypt

Giza, Egypt

When we think of Egypt, the first thing that comes to mind are the incredible pyramids and Sphinx of Giza. Follow the path up the Grand Pyramid, standing as tall as you can in front of the giant blocks used to create this masterpiece, then step inside and walk down long passageways that lead to a large room holding an empty sarcophagus.

Let your explorations take you to Egypt’s oldest pyramid, the Step Pyramid, and marvel at the perfect simplicity this ancient structure represents. Take the steps down into the Unas pyramid and spend some time admiring the inner setting of a truly unique structure.

Highlights: Great Pyramids of Giza | Sphinx | Step Pyramid of Djoser | Unas Pyramid

2. Uncover Exceptional Temples and Tombs

Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, carved into the rock of Deir el-Bahri, Luxor, Egypt

Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Luxor, Egypt

No matter where you go in Egypt, you will be crossing paths with some of the world’s most magnificent architecture, temples standing strong as a reminder of an ancient world, and burial sites that simply intrigue. From Cairo to Aswan, Luxor to the banks of the Red Sea, there are temples small and large.

Comprising impressive statues of pharaohs and queens set among tall columns made out of stones and bricks, remaining walls are alive with tales depicted in colorful hieroglyphics. Kids can make their way through hallways and into underground chambers to see tombs previously full of treasure, all part of an exciting adventure.

Highlights: Temple of Luxor | Kom Ombo | Philae Temple | Valley of the Kings | Valley of the Queens | Karnak Temple

3. Enjoy New Desert Adventures

Motorbike safari in the Sinai Desert, Egypt

Sinai Desert, Egypt

The allure of the red sand of the Sahara Desert sends out an invitation of impending adventure in the warm Egyptian sun, for kids and adults alike. Activities in the Red Land, as it is called, range from fun-filled 4x4 desert safaris, zooming around the dunes leaving swirls of dusty red behind you, to adrenalin-packed sandboarding, choosing as high as you want to ride this captivating landscape.

Take the pace down a notch and embark on a camel ride, the slower pace allowing you to take in your surroundings, and possibly a walk through a desert oasis, spotting small villages as you pass, working up a thirst for not just water, but more adventure.

Highlights: Sahara Desert | Hurghada Desert | Sinai Desert | Giza for Camel Rides | Aswan’s Amber Desert

4. Embrace a Cruise On the Nile

 Cruising the Nile, Egypt


A key highlight when visiting Egypt is spending time on the famous Nile River. Running south to north, the Nile is said to be the longest river in the world and is alive with color by way of cruising vessels large and small. Embark on a three- or four-day adventure from Aswan to Luxor, or vice versa, your cruise stopping along the way for guests to go ashore and visit temples and valleys.

As you float along the river, kids can play a game of “I Spy” as they look out for anything from odd-shaped bushes to quirky ruins, cows and monitor lizards. Marvel at modern engineering as you pass through the Esna Lock and enjoy onboard entertainment.

Highlights: The Nile River itself | Aswan | Luxor | Esna Lock | Kom Ombo | Temple of Horus

5. Visit Captivating Museums and Mummies

Cairo National History Museum,Egypt

Egyptian Museum in Cairo,Egypt

The Egyptian Museum is a must-see on every visit to Cairo, full of fascinating artifacts and bursting with history and tales of ancient Egyptians and their lifestyle. From floor to floor, incredible architecture, marvelous statues, and haunting mummies lay in hallways and private rooms.

For a special treat, enter the room of the most famous Egyptian pharaoh, King Tutankhamun, where many of the treasures discovered in his sarcophagus in the Valley of the Kings are on display. Visit the mummies’ room for a somewhat spooky example of human and animal preservation, leaving young adventurers with a mine of information.

Highlights: Egyptian Museum in Cairo | Karnak Museum | Luxor Museum | Aswan Museum | King Tut’s Tomb, Valley of the Kings

6. Indulge In a Seaside Escape

Corals and fish in the Red Sea. Egypt

Snorkeling, Hurghada, Egypt

Escape to the coast along the Red Sea and enjoy time relaxing on the beach and playing in the sea, where an array of water activities are available in the popular seaside town of Hurghada. Turquoise waters invite kids to snorkel incredible reefs to delight in the spectacular coral wonderland and the warm Red Sea.

Sharm el Sheikh, on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, offers a tranquil time out for the entire family, with beautiful beaches and wonderful resorts. Discover water sports and boat rides, a charming town, and nearby hikes for those looking to mix some sand with soil.

Highlights: Hurghada | Sharm el Sheikh | El Gouna

Plan Your Perfect Egypt Trip with Kids

Step pyramid of Djoser - the oldest pyramid in Egypt

Step pyramid of Djoser, Egypt

From temples to tombs, museums to mummies, sailing to safari, Egypt offers non-stop excitement for any young adventurer. Balance your visit to Egypt with time spent on land and water as you visit pyramids, enjoy some time in the city, and cruise the Nile.

Let your kids step back in time to a fascinating ancient world. Find the information you need to help envision the right trip for you and your family with our Egypt Travel Guide. Fill out a Trip Request or call our team at 1-888-265-9707 to speak with an Egypt travel specialist.

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