Senior travelers hiking in Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

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Every traveler is looking for a different experience, and you can enjoy a custom tour designed to your preferences as a senior traveler with access to 92 countries around the world. Whether looking for cultural immersion in Europe, an unforgettable safari in Africa, a food tour in Southeast Asia, or even a hiking adventure in South America, find inspiration on the kind of trip you have dreamed of most. You can find popular destinations for seniors or simply uncover a new idea perfect for your next experience.

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Get inspired with our sample trips below. Let our travel specialists customize a trip just for you.

Riomaggiore, the southernmost town of the Cinque Terre

7-Day Senior’s Tour of Tuscany and Cinque Terre

7 Day Custom Tour

From $1,920

Designed especially for seniors travelers, this incredible 7-day trip allows you to experience the unrivaled beauty and rich history of Tuscany and Cinque Terre. From the art masterpieces in Florence to the famous Leaning Tower in Pisa, discover the best locations in Tuscany before exploring the gorgeous Cinque Terre area. Private tours and experiences in each stunning town immerse you in the fabled lifestyle and culture of this idyllic destination.

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Tali Wiru Dining Experience with Uluru in the background

Australian Adventure Tour for Seniors: Sydney to Melbourne

14 Day Custom Tour

From $4,755

Explore the Oceanic continent on a 14-day senior tour of Australia. Discover biodiversity on a four-wheel-drive excursion to the Outback, board a luxurious catamaran to explore the Great Barrier Reef, and join a local guide to immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the Aboriginal people. Get lost in the hustle and bustle of city life and delve into classic adventures at your pace.

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Garden and bell tower at Alhambra Palace in Granada in a beautiful summer day, Spain

Best Spain & Portugal Highlights for Seniors

10 Day Custom Tour

From $2,395

From the prestige of the Alhambra to the historic charms of the Castelo de Sao Jorge, your custom-tailored 10-day senior tour of Europe leads you through Spain and Portugal for the best of the Iberian Peninsula. Feel the beating spirit of Seville during a flamenco performance, sample the subtle flavors of celebrated wines in the Douro Valley, climb the impressive stairwell of the Spanish Royal Palace, and wander along the remnants of Moorish ramparts.

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Hvar, Croatia

8-Day Croatia Explorer: Nature and Timeless Beauty

8 Day Custom Tour

From $3,995

Unspoiled nature and timeless history represent essential beauty during your 8-day Croatia highlights tour. You will spend a full week discovering the wonders of Dubrovnik’s city walls and Zagreb’s cosmopolitan charms. With Split’s classic architecture dating back to ancient Rome and Hvar’s natural grandeur giving way to delectable flavors, Croatia is blissful in its diversity and simply the embodiment of the Mediterranean at its best.

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Vineyards in Sicily, Italy

Sicily Itinerary for the Experienced Wine Connoisseur

8 Day Custom Tour

From $2,195

Combine traditional flavor with ancient history, and Baroque charm with rich landscapes during your custom-tailored wine tour of Sicily for seniors. The indelible marks of ancient settlers gave rise to stunning culinary delights while elegant towns capture the grandeur of former kingdoms. Your immersive tour will highlight the treasured sunsets in Noto and luxurious coastline at Marzamemi, as well as the bountiful vineyards that spread across the foothills of Mount Etna. You will capture the spirit of the local markets that reveal customary recipes and explore the isolated islands that overflow with hidden splendors to shape your perfect blend of the past and present of Sicily.

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Luxury tent in the Chiang Rai wilderness. Photo courtesy Chiang Rai Four Season Tented Camp

Best 10-Day Thailand Wilderness and Cities Tour for Seniors

10 Day Custom Tour

From $1,795

The vast area of tropical highlights will present itself to you during this luxurious 10-day adventure of its iconic destinations. Luscious forests proliferate across Thailand, and its culture shines through its welcoming communities. Whether you are indulging in a steamy bowl of Thai broth, connecting with the spirited locals at an ethnic hill tribe, or watching the wildlife rustle through the tree line, you will be absorbed by the incredible beauty that emanates from the landscaped locations on this tour for seniors.

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Beautiful Bay on Waiheke Island in New Zealand

Best of Both Islands: Two-Week New Zealand Seniors Tour

14 Day Custom Tour

From $3,495

New Zealand’s laid-back ambiance and slow pace of life are ideal for senior travelers in addition to the ease and accessibility of the country’s wilderness areas. On this two-week tour, you will fly over Fjordland, cruise with whales, discover the famous Sounds, and explore vineyards and islands. Handcrafted to include a rich variety of destinations and experiences, this relaxed and private tour can run at your pace with each day being tailored to your mood and energy levels.

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Vernazza in the Cinque Terre, Italy

Highlights of Northern Italy Vacation for Seniors

13 Day Custom Tour

From $3,245

Northern Italy is a land of culture and charm, where wonders are draped along the water, and the atmosphere is always relaxed. When you want to take it slow on vacation, this is where you come. Handcrafted for senior travelers, this luxury tour spends three nights in each of four exceptional destinations: Rome, Bologna, Cinque Terre, and Lake Maggiore. Travel with a leisurely pace to discover the art, history, food, and tradition as you take in all of the legendary sights.

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The city of Bariloche on Lake Nahuel Huapi in Argentina

Perfect One Week Argentina Tour for 50 Plus Aged Travelers

7 Day Custom Tour

From $1,745

On this luxurious 7-day adventure, you will experience Argentina’s finest destinations in complete luxury. From the magnificent features of the Lake District of Bariloche to the gorgeous vineyards of wine country in Mendoza, Argentina is a land whose spectacular beauty astounds all its visitors. Indulge in a glass of world-class Argentine Malbec wine, attend a spellbinding tango performance in the heart of Buenos Aires, listen to stories of local winemakers in Mendoza, and delight in the glacial waters of Bariloche.

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Suspension bridges, Monteverde, Costa Rica

Best of Costa Rica Itinerary for All Ages

8 Day Custom Tour

From $1,435

Costa Rica can be very relaxed and a perfect destination for senior travelers, which you will discover on this luxurious, 8-day excursion. From volcanos to rainforest and beautiful beaches, Costa Rica can create an adventure for people of every age. You do not need to participate in challenging hikes through humid jungle to appreciate the essence of Costa Rica. With private guides and customizable activities, you will explore the country’s iconic, natural highlights, connect with indigenous cultures, and bask in the natural hot springs.

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Ancient stone Mayan pre-columbian civilization pyramid with carved face in the forest, Lamanai archeological site, Orange Walk District, Belize

Belize for All Ages: Family with Seniors Tour

8 Day Custom Tour

From $2,795

Celebrate natural wonders and historic splendor during your luxurious 8-day family Belize tour. Create lasting memories with your family during fascinating excursions in search of jaguars, hiding in the rainforest underbrush, or finding black howler monkeys among trees. The charms of Belize will enchant and inspire your family, from its azure Caribbean waters to the emerald leaves of the tropical jungle and hidden Mayan cities.

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St Peter's Cathedral in Rome, Italy

European Senior Tour of Italy and France

12 Day Custom Tour

From $3,295

During this luxurious, 12-day vacation to Italy, you can indulge in mouthwatering chocolates, enjoy spectacular views, and experience the magnificent culture of Italy and France. The marvels of Italy and France will come to light during your custom-tailored, seniors tour of Europe, which will immerse you in its cafe culture, the captivating prestige of Vatican City, and the majestic collection of artworks that are on display in the Louvre. Travel from Rome to Paris to uncover ancient ruins, elegant palaces, artistic enclaves, and enchanting villages.

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Multi-Generation Portugal Tour: 10-Day Family Tour with Seniors

10 Day Custom Tour


This 10-day Portugal tour offers unique adventures that will allow you to uncover some of the best experiences that this country has to offer. Learn how to make Portuguese pastries, partake in a cycling tour of Porto, and cruise along the captivating coastline of Lagos.

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Idyllic Peruvian Getaway Tour for All Ages

7 Day Custom Tour


The vast treasures of Lima, Peru will be yours to uncover during this 7-day journey that will have you indulging in many of the most exclusive experiences that this country has to offer. Discover the mystic ruins of ancient civilizations and the wonders of modern life in the eclectic city of Lima. Explore the ruins of Machu Picchu, Cruise along the water of Isla Palomino during a marine wildlife exploration, and visit Inca ruins.

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Adventurous 10-Day Luxury Tour of Morocco for Seniors

10 Day Custom Tour


Take off on a 10-day Morocco trip for seniors to enjoy an excursion into the mystical beauty of northern Africa. Explore historic and religious landmarks of centuries past, weave in and out of the winding labyrinths, immerse yourself in artisan workshops, and journey to the summit of the country’s highest peak. From fame to hidden gems, you will find the true wonders of Morocco.

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A Serene Senior’s Tour of Southern Italy and Sicily

7 Day Custom Tour


Discover the breathtaking towns, stunning landscapes, and the delicious cuisine of Southern Italy and Sicily during this amazing week-long vacation crafted especially for seniors. Exclusive experiences and private tours await at every destination as you uncover the history, culture, and ideal lifestyle of the area. Wander through the historic streets of Palermo, venture to the majestic island of Capri, and experience the fascinating city of Pompeii.

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10-Day Senior Tour to Chile

10 Day Custom Tour


On this 10-day tour of Chile, you will have all your senses enlightened by the magnificence of this South American country. From the vast landscapes of Patagonia to the cosmopolitan center of Santiago, Chile is a country that enchants nearly all who visit. Sip a glass of fine wine as you gaze out on the snow-capped Andes Mountains, experience Punta Arenas, which is one of the world’s few gateways to Antarctica, and immerse yourself in the rich culture of Santiago.

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Best South Africa 10-Day Vacation for Senior Travelers

11 Day Custom Tour


Welcome to ten days of South African highlights for senior travelers that consists of whales, Winelands, safaris, and secret histories. You will experience an authentic, African safari in Mala Mala, which is where luxury meets an immersive wildlife realm. Cape Town provides color, charm, and history. After immersing yourselves in this idyllic city for two days, transfer to the serene coast in Hermanus. After some delightful whale watching, your last destination will be the Cape Winelands, where sensual splendor enhances South Africa’s laid-back atmosphere.

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Botswana & South Africa Safari for Seniors

11 Day Custom Tour


Designed with senior travelers in mind, this exclusive Southern Africa itinerary combines three iconic wonders. It starts in Cape Town, one of the world's most beautiful and memorable cities. Savuti Camp offers an unrivaled safari experience in northern Botswana, while the spectacular Okavango Delta is one of nature's greatest phenomenons. Throughout it all, luxury accommodation combines comfort with style, luxury with tradition, and ensures you are always surrounded by the natural splendor of Africa.

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Central Vietnam Coastal Vacation for Seniors

7 Day Custom Tour


On this tailor-made one-week tour, encounter the lush landscape that flanks sandy shores and iconic landmarks that share a wealth of history. Vietnam’s stretching coastline boasts sublime seaside destinations that are shrouded in rich culture and heritage. From ornate pagodas to the geological wonders that yearn to be explored, you can expect to be completely immersed in the best scenic splendor of Vietnam.

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Charming One-Week Cuba Tour for Seniors

7 Day Custom Tour


Your customizable 7-day senior tour of Cuba embraces the preserved charm and contemporary culture of classic cities and will introduce you to the treasures of working artists and the history of the Bay of Pigs. From the shining and emerald jungle to the colonial homes painted with pastels, Cuba impresses and excites all who visit. Baroque architecture towers above cobbled lanes, and limestone karsts soar above picturesque tobacco fields. Immerse yourself in an authenticity and a heritage that has spanned 500 years.

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Cultivated Senior Adventure Through Iceland

10 Day Custom Tour


This customizable 10-day adventure is designed for seniors who enjoy cultivated viewpoints of a country that is known for its elemental power and stark nature. Travers an incredible array of mountains, hike to powerful and mesmerizing waterfalls, and explore a canyon that is filled with folklore. With this tour, you can experience the country at your own pace while still indulging in adventures that create everlasting memories.

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Classic Luxury Egypt Tour for Seniors

10 Day Custom Tour


Ancient Egypt’s sights are legendary but the experience is not purely visual. From the Great Pyramids to Luxor and Abu Simbel, the icons of the past emanate an ethereal atmosphere. As you travel at a leisurely pace on this handcrafted tour, you will absorb all the details, from the smells of the tombs in the Valley of the to the soft oasis sounds in Aswan. Tailored for senior travelers, this route will include all of Ancient Egypt’s major sites along with a luxury Nile cruise and some unique extras.

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Ecuador's Haciendas & Galapagos Tour for Senior Travelers

14 Day Custom Tour


Ecuador's charms softly cascade from Andean peaks to surreal islands, as this handcrafted Ecuador and Galapagos tour for senior travelers takes you on a journey of natural wonder and cultural intrigue. Enjoy six days of elegance on the mainland: haciendas, cloud forests, bird watching, colonial cities, colorful markets, and cute villages. Then, a 7-day luxury cruise unveils the intimate mystique of the Galapagos Islands, providing easy excursions to some of nature's most resplendent wildlife sites.

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