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Zicasso Signature Tours: 4 Places You Can Visit Now

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Aerial view of Ray Caye Private Island Resort in Belize.  Photo courtesy of Ray Caye

Aerial view of Ray Caye Private Island Resort in Belize. Photo courtesy of Ray Caye

Every day we are inspired by the many Zicasso travelers ready to book their next trip. Our travelers seem to have three things in common: the desire for good value, increased privacy, and the ability to make real-time adjustments during the Covid-era. We asked several of our travel specialists to create sample itineraries for their regions that put these three priorities center stage.  This series of itineraries, the Zicasso Signature Tours, will bring you through the many regions of the world and show you how to visit them in 2021 and beyond. With an emphasis on flexibility and safety, a customized trip will exceed your expectations and celebrate the wonder to be found abroad. These first four featured countries are not only ready for your 2021 trip, but they are also able to welcome you in 2020. A last-minute trip is not only possible, but highly recommended in the hands of a local travel specialist. See what’s possible below.

  1. Costa Rica
  2. Belize
  3. Croatia
  4. Tanzania
  5. More Travel Information & Tips

Costa Rica

Beach sunset at Marino Ballena National Park in Uvita, Costa Rica

Beach sunset at Marino Ballena National Park in Uvita, Costa Rica

“Travelers will experience more wildlife and incredible service due to the fact that less tourists will be traveling this year,” says Catalina, a Zicasso travel specialist for Costa Rica. Known for incredible warmth and hospitality, Costa Rica is ready to welcome travelers back to the beautiful beaches and rainforests. With remarkable wildlife, 2020 and 2021 bring opportunities to see everything without the usual crowds.

A popular destination with Zicasso travelers, Costa Rica is ideal for family trips, romantic getaways and those seeking adventure. As part of our Zicasso Signature Tours series, the sample itinerary, Handcrafted Costa Rica Tour: Finest Tropical Escape, illustrates the range of activities and options. “Costa Rica is a beautiful, unique and diverse country that commits to environmental protection and sustainable tourism,” says Catalina. It is impossible to leave Costa Rica without feeling happy and renewed.

Open to travelers in 2020, Costa Rica is a fantastic destination for a last-minute holiday trip, and it is wise to plan ahead for 2021 or 2022. “Costa Rica has handled the safety protocols in a very good way, the whole tourism industry has been committed so that our travelers can be safe,” Catalina confirms. The options are many, and now is a great time to put some plans in motion. Our specialists are ready to create wonderful Costa Rica itineraries for you to look forward to, and with easy flights from the United States, a perfect destination for holiday travel.


Xunantunich surrounded by lush jungle landscape in Belize

Xunantunich surrounded by lush jungle landscape in Belize

“Come on down!” says Catarina, a travel specialist for Belize with Zicasso. “Belize is open and ready to receive visitors with great travel deals in October and November of 2020, and enhanced safety measures and protocols in place to protect everyone’s well being.”

One of the best-kept secrets, Belize offers an incredible array of activities for all ages and travelers. The Hallmarks of Belize Tour: Ancient Ruins, Rich Culture, Thriving Tropics, which Catarina designed for 2020 and 2021, is a sample itinerary that shows how much is possible. “Belize is an ideal country to visit even amidst the backdrop of a global pandemic because it is a country that you can easily explore and enjoy. The warm tropical climate makes being outside in the fresh air appealing all-year-round, and all our main attractions, from snorkeling and diving to scaling Maya Temples, are experienced outside in nature,” says Catarina. Flights are accessible and relatively short for American travelers, and Zicasso can help to find the right flights for you.

With a fantastic collection of boutique resorts, open-air and outdoor restaurants, and plenty of natural beauty to explore, the environment is perfect for a trip during the coronavirus. “Small group sizes of 2-6 people for guided day excursions are already the norm here because custom travel, rather than mass tourism, is what Belize is all about. Now that we have implemented enhanced safety protocols at all levels of the tourism industry, visiting Belize is safer than ever!” Catarina confirms.


Trogir, Croatia

Trogir, Croatia

"Be prepared for what every traveler wishes for when abroad – no tourists. The ‘new normal’ will unveil authentic local way of life," says Ante, a Zicasso travel specialist for Croatia. "With easy restaurant bookings, no crowds at points of interest, and guides and drivers with lots of energy to take care of guests, a trip now will be unlike any other."

Popular with Zicasso travelers for the mix of Old-world style and modern luxury, a trip to Croatia brings incredible food, warm hospitality, relaxation, and refreshment. As part of our Zicasso Signature Tour series, Ante has designed a luxury itinerary, Adriatic Excellence: Premier Croatia Tour, to ensure a private exploration of Croatia in 2021. From cities to the countryside, the inland to the sea, this highlights tour can be modified based on your budget, preferences, and the time of year.

Open to US-based travelers for 2020, a last-minute trip could include a very festive atmosphere. "Zagreb has one of the best Christmas markets in Europe, which is planned to take place with plenty of local food stands, souvenirs, crafts, and possible events and concerts, which most important of all are all taking place in the open." While circumstances can change swiftly, Croatia is working to keep travelers and locals safe amid Covid-19. Your decision to work in partnership with a Zicasso travel specialist is the best path forward, and they can help you consider your plans.


Lion cub in Tanzania

Lion cub in Tanzania

“Tanzania is both ready and open!” says Tehsin, a Zicasso travel specialist for Tanzania. “The absence of other tourists, the absence of lots of safari vehicles, and sparsely filled hotels and airlines make a trip in 2020 worth serious consideration.”

Our Signature Tanzania Safari: Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, and More, was designed by Tehsin with Covid-19 considerations throughout. This expert operator has handpicked lodges and mobile camps to maximize your safari, and all of our specialists are able to curate your accommodations based on the time of year, your travel goals, and your preferences. With incredible luxury and attention to detail, you can escape daily life and enjoy genuine awe on any Zicasso safari.

“By its nature, safaris are in the open, far from any crowds, so it is the perfect place to be in a Covid world,” says Tehsin. Planning a trip for 2020 or 2021 can be very advantageous in terms of rates and accommodation options. Zicasso offers many sample Tanzania itineraries to inspire your trip, but it is always best to speak directly to a Tanzania travel specialist. With real-time knowledge and local access, working directly together can answer questions and ensure your complete comfort with every detail accounted for.

More Travel Information & Tips

The view from a tented suite at Lemala Mpingo Ridge Lodge in Tarangire National Park.  Photo courtesy of Lemala

The view from a tented suite at Lemala Mpingo Ridge Lodge in Tarangire National Park. Photo courtesy of Lemala

Find more Zicasso Signature Tours to inspire your next adventure, and learn more about travel in 2020 and 2021 at our Zicasso Blog and 2021 Travel Guide. To get your next trip started, fill out a Trip Request or call us at 1-888-265-9707. Our Traveler Care team is ready to connect you to the right travel specialist for your dream vacation.

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