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Shining examples of historic architecture, sweeping desert glowing in the sunset, and ancient civilizations with art that have withstood the test of time demonstrate the marvels of the Middle East and North Africa. From the stories shared in Djemaa El Fna Square in Marrakesh to the Pyramids in Giza, Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar to Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the wonder of Petra to the grandeur of Abu Simbel, the Middle East and North Africa are entirely immersive, embodying heritage passed down for hundreds of generations and opportunities to uncover the unique accentuated by captivating scenery. Explore the things to do, what to see, and more with our Middle East & North Africa Travel Guide before speaking with a travel specialist to customize your vacation.

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Istanbul, Turkey
10 Best Places to Visit in the Middle East and North Africa
Our 10 best places to visit in the Middle East and North Africa demonstrate captivating history and exceptional heritage that spans millennia. Discover the pyramids, witness historic mosques, or delve...
Al-Khazneh or "The Treasury" in Petra, Jordan
Top 12 Things to Do in the Middle East and North Africa
The top things to do in the Middle East and North Africa demonstrate layered history, provide exceptional cultural connection, and reveal heritage through landscapes and cuisines. Explore Middle East...
The blue city of Chefchaouen, Morocco
7 Best Places to Visit in Morocco
You will find timeless appeal and a colorful atmosphere with our list of the best places to visit in Morocco. Whether you want to spend a night under the desert stars or discover a traditional marketplace,...
The Secret Garden in Marrakech, Morocco
9 Most Romantic Places in Morocco for Couples
The nine most romantic places in Morocco for couples embody heritage, seclusion, and opulence. With grand palaces, traditional architecture, and natural splendor, Morocco is an incredible destination...
Ksar Ait Benhaddou, Morocco
Best Time to Visit Morocco
The best time to visit Morocco is in April, May, September, or October. From windsurfing on the Atlantic to the soaring gates of Old Marrakech, Morocco offers old-world wonder and modern energy. Captivating...
Intricate tile patterns, metal work and plaster carvings in Fez, Morocco
How to Plan a Trip to Morocco: Frequently Asked Questions
Located in the western part of North Africa, Morocco is one of the most exotic and culturally significant treasures to explore, and we have the answers to what to consider when planning a trip to the...
Dromedaries in the Sahara desert in Morocco
Top 8 Things to Do in Morocco
Morocco is impressive, exotic, and unique, a dizzying getaway with endless things to do. In this article, we highlight the top experiences. The country’s remarkable collection of monuments stems from...
Stone statue of Ramses II at Karnak Temple in Luxor, Egypt
14 Best Places to Visit in Egypt for Seniors
With natural wonders and ancient majesty, the best places to visit in Egypt for seniors will connect you with remarkable feats of nature and humanity. From cultural identity in Cairo to unforgettable...
Hot air balloon over Asasif Valley and the Temple of Hatshepsut in Luxor, Egypt
Best Time to Visit Egypt
Egypt is vibrant, colorful, and esteemed, and the best time to visit the country enhances the scenery by shining a rich light on the treasures left by history. Heritage decorates the halls and open-air...
How to Plan a Trip to Egypt: Frequently Asked Questions

Egypt offers visitors a myriad adventures and experiences, and the planning process starts here, with answers to the most frequently asked questions from travelers interested in visiting the country.

With temples and tombs that transcend time, and legends that speak to global civilizations, Egypt is a beguiling desert and thriving oasis begging to be discovered.

From when to travel to how long to spend there, and with information on what to see and do, plan your ideal Egyptian experience by finding what lies beyond the famous Pyramids of Giza and picturesque banks of the River Nile.

Top 10 Things to Do in Egypt

Full of ancient wonders, intriguing cities, and sites, all offering adventure-filled activities, we have compiled a list of the top things to do in Egypt.

Visiting the country is not only about viewing monuments and museums, marveling at hieroglyphics and the pyramids; it offers experiences that range from camel riding to navigating bustling markets and diving in the Red Sea.

Explore rich heritage and contemporary life, while embracing sweeping desert views, glistening Nile waters, and authentic local encounters.

Top 6 Things to Do in Egypt with Kids

The history of Egypt is educational and fascinating, and sharing the following six things to do with kids in the country will ensure an incredible adventure as you step back in time as a family.

From pyramids and temples to camel rides and floating down the Nile, exploring Egypt can be one big adventure. Whether uncovering the ambiance of a bazaar or the tombs in the Valley of the Kings, visitors of all ages can indulge in the variety of experiences and discoveries.

Below we share some of the highlights this captivating destination has to offer so you can plan your journey to a land that tells many tales of an ancient civilization.

10 Best Places to Visit in Israel

From the eminent Old City of Jerusalem to Eilat, the coastal jewel on the Red Sea, the 10 best places to visit in the country showcase the geographical diversity, cultural charms, and historic significance of the famous pilgrimage destination.

Discover religious history at ancient archeological sites walked by Jesus and his disciples. Cross the sweeping sand seas to capture panoramic views atop desert fortresses. Whether exploring the colorful gardens of Haifa or visiting the phenomenal churches of Nazareth, you can immerse yourself in picturesque wonder.

Explore the best of the historic Mediterranean destination using our guide to inspire your Israel vacation.

Best Time to Visit Israel

The best time to visit Israel is during spring, between April and May, and in autumn, between September and October. During these times, the days are comfortably warm, the evenings are refreshing, and there are fewer crowds.

When you visit Israel, you can spend time on the Mediterranean coast’s beautiful beaches, explore cities that immerse you in the country’s rich history, and embrace the romantic atmosphere of charming neighborhoods. For each experience, there is an ideal time to visit Israel, and here we discuss the best months for specific activities and travelers.

This guide will help you plan a trip to suit your group, whether you want to spend your honeymoon swimming with dolphins or bring your family to the historic city of Jerusalem.

Top 9 Things to Do in Israel

With riveting biblical history, beautiful Mediterranean beaches, and a distinct culinary culture, travel to Israel offers memorable experiences, and here, we share in our top nine things to do in the country.

Spend summer days soaking up the sunshine or swimming in the sapphire sea across from bustling promenades. Join pilgrimage tours and strolls to biblical sites that shed light on the country’s spiritual history. As you explore Israel, taste world-class wines at glamorous estates, circle reefs in search of shipwrecks, float on the Dead Sea, and more.

These top nine things to do in Israel provide a foundation upon which you can build your dream vacation.

How to Plan Your Zicasso Trip in 4 Easy Steps

Explore the world with Zicasso by working with top travel specialists who will bring your dream vacation to life.

Our primary goal is to make the planning, booking, and traveling process easy and enjoyable as you create the vacation experience you want most. No matter where you go and what you do, Zicasso can help you experience the best of travel without the stress.

Working with our destination experts, you can plan a trip to anywhere in the world and suit your travel style. Using insider knowledge of your chosen destination, itinerary ideas, and planning strategies, your Zicasso travel specialist can guide you through the following four steps.

How to Plan Your Zicasso Trip Budget in 3 Easy Steps

Knowing your budget is an essential component of any trip-planning process. Whether the sky's the limit or you have specific parameters, Zicasso is here to help you set your priorities to maximize your investment.

Your interests and preferences on a couple’s trip will differ from a family-friendly vacation, while a highlights tour will result in wildly different experiences than one designed to take you off the beaten path.

There are three steps in considering the costs of your trip, as a vacation that has been customized for you allows maximum flexibility with your spending.


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