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Where Can I Take My Grandkids on Vacation? 12 Best International Destinations

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Grandfather with his grandson on the beach in Latin America

Our 12 best international trips to take with your grandchildren engage everyone to create lasting memories and unforgettable bonds. With safety and comfort at the forefront, these countries offer something for every age.

From safaris to remote beaches, museum galleries to cooking classes, each new opportunity can focus on how you and your grandchildren want to experience each destination. Personalize your trip based on the ages and interests of all of you for a vacation unlike any other.

Every family is different, and the following list offers inspiration on where you can have a spectacular trip together.

  1. 1. Italy
  2. 2. Greece
  3. 3. England
  4. 4. Japan
  5. 5. Costa Rica
  6. 6. Belize
  7. 7. Egypt
  8. 8. Thailand
  9. 9. Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands
  10. 10. Tanzania
  11. 11. South Africa
  12. 12. Australia & New Zealand
  13. Explore the Best Places to Take Your Grandkids

1. Italy

Mother and daughter sitting in front of gondolas looking at San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

With stunning scenery, captivating cities, and charming towns, Italy is one of the best international trips for grandparents and grandchildren.

Ancient ruins can captivate the imaginations of any age and a connection to tradition shines through the food and handcrafts across the country.

Italy makes travel easy, history immersible, and Italian arts and crafts accessible for travelers of all ages and interests for the perfect introduction to la dolce vita, or life’s pleasures.

Italy Vacation Idea

Whether traveling with young children or older teenagers, our 11-Day Luxury Trip to Venice, Florence, and Rome for Families is a perfect example of how visitors of all ages can explore, discover, and enjoy the highlights of Italy together.

Highlights: Enjoy a walking tour past Venetian monuments and marble palaces • Channel your inner gondolier during a Venetian rowing lesson • Discover Florence during a guided tour of monuments • Taste countless gelatos on a gelato tour • Zip by Rome’s iconic Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and Spanish Steps via golf cart • Tour through Trastevere and taste traditional Roman fare

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2. Greece

Navagio beach with shipwreck and flowers on Zakynthos island in Greece.

Zakynthos, Greece

Sparkling waters, pebbled beaches, mouthwatering cuisine, and millennia of cultural heritage make Greece an unforgettable destination for grandparent, grandchild trips.

The top things to do in Greece with family can uncover familiar flavors that make sampling the food a comforting adventure or demonstrate Greek mythology that captivates travelers of any age, including young children interested in exploring and teenagers who might seem disengaged.

From hanging monasteries to renowned ruins, the best cities to visit with family to snorkeling beyond the view of untamed landscapes, your entire family can bask in the essential spirit of Greece.

Greece Vacation Idea

17-Day Family Vacation in Athens and Western Greece is an immersive way to uncover ancient history, contemporary life, and the treasures that have made the cradle of Western civilization alluring for millennia.

Highlights: Get in touch with your inner athlete on a visit to the ruins at Olympia • Follow the Athenian Way up the slopes of the Acropolis • Snack your way through Athens on an authentic Greek food tour • Survey the secret beaches, shipwrecks, and sea coves on a boat excursion of Zakynthos • Explore the Peloponnesus Peninsula • Enjoy a sunset cruise across the face of a dormant volcano on Santorini • Visit the origins of one of Greece's earliest civilizations on a day trip to Mycenae

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3. England

London Eye in England

London Eye in London, England. Photo courtesy of Visit London

The allure of England spans millennia, making it a perfect destination for grandparent trips with grandchildren. Whether with young kids or teenagers, England occupies a majestic space for travelers interested in European history, western civilization, and natural beauty.

From Stonehenge to the World of Harry Potter, high tea to the Lake District, England embodies legend and can immerse your family in fantastical castles or dreamlike landscapes. Visit charming villages, witness white cliffs, or stroll down the cobbled lanes of London for your best family experience.

England Vacation Idea

England is a spectacle to enjoy as a family and London captures the greater spirit of the country featured in our Best of Legendary London One-Week Tour. It can take you from the bustling cobblestone lanes of the city to the quiet banks of the Oxford River in style.

Highlights: Discover London's main sites on a driving tour of the city • Enjoy a bird's-eye view of the city from atop the London Eye • Witness the works of master artists • Wander the centers of learning at Oxford and Cambridge • Rock along the rails on a classy tour aboard a vintage 1920s train • Explore London's infatuation with soccer

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4. Japan

Skyline of Tokyo with Mount Fuji in Japan

Tokyo, Japan

The contrast between Japan’s timeless ambiance and super-modern pace will keep everyone engaged and interested as rich traditions meet modernity.

There are endless things to experience when visiting Japan, turning a trip into one of the best vacations for grandparents and grandchildren. Learn how to make traditional foods, explore natural landscapes, or search for the best places to see cherry blossoms. Japan’s diverse experiences are suitable for all ages, but children aged 10 or older are likely to be more engaged in the opportunities the country has to offer.

With thousands of years of history to explore, coupled with ease of travel, Japan is full of beauty and heritage, whether you visit hot springs or learn to make noodles, find fine porcelain or visit a Shinto temple.

Japan Vacation Idea

Perfect for grandparents traveling with older grandchildren, Tokyo Tour to Remember: Sushi to Go-Carts is an exciting eight-day exploration of the country’s endless delights, seen through the lens of futuristic Tokyo.

Highlights: Go-cart through dynamic Tokyo • Experience the sensory overload of Tokyo at night • Witness the expansive Tsukiji Market, with its colorful displays and charismatic vendors • Discover the incredible artistry of the teamLab Borderless Museum • Sample some of Japan’s best cuisine at noteworthy restaurants throughout Tokyo • Delve into Tokyo’s secrets with a local guide who will lead you off the beaten path

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5. Costa Rica

A pod of spinner dolphins in Nosara, Costa Rica

Nosara, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a wonderland of activities and experiences that stretch from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic shoreline.

With an abundance of ways to discover its treasured wilderness, the top things to do in Costa Rica with family can take you searching for quetzals in a cloud forest or scarlet macaws in a rainforest, sea turtles while snorkeling off a secluded beach or howler monkeys while kayaking beneath mangrove trees.

From yoga to surfing, volcanic peaks to ziplining, Costa Rica is the ultimate place to take children of all ages for adventure.

Costa Rica Vacation Idea

Our nine-day Costa Rica for Families Vacation explores diverse ecosystems, showcasing the brilliant colors of the rainforest and the sparkling waters of the Pacific, with activities tailored to your family’s preferences.

Highlights: Create unforgettable family memories during a sensational zipline tour over the rainforest • Learn the history of chocolate during a tasting tour • Scour the banks of the Corobici River on a rafting safari • Wander the trails of Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve at night • Revel in an afternoon cruise, often accentuated by pods of passing dolphins • Traverse the trees of the cloud forest in Monteverde on a tour of the famous hanging bridges

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6. Belize

Young boy shows off a starfish he found while snorkeling in Belize

Caye Caulker, Belize

A wondrous combination of the Caribbean Sea and tropical jungle, Belize is as adventurous as you want it to be on a trip with family. Whether traveling with young children or older teenagers, you can explore the remains of Mayan temples or search for manatees and monkeys on a boat trip up a secluded tributary.

Visit the islands for an exotic escape, enjoy dipping into the warm waters on snorkeling excursions, or embrace the challenge of a guided jungle hiking excursion to find signs of jaguars. Sail, relax, or explore; when visiting Belize with your grandchildren, it is entirely up to you.

Belize Vacation Idea

Boasting coral gardens, Mayan ruins, and captivating caves, you can relax while watching adventures unfold or participate at your leisure on this 10-Day Family Adventure of Ancient Maya, Caves, and Barrier Reefs in Belize.

Highlights: Explore the ancient stepped pyramids and Mesoamerican ball courts of the Xunantunich Mayan Ruins • Enjoy an adventure unlike any other as you enter the Actun Tunichil Muknal underground cave complex • Paddle across the cobalt blue waters of the Five Blues Lake National Park • Partake in an after-dark jungle safari • Race across the emerald rainforests on a zipline • Escape to the sparkling Placencia coastline and snorkel among the fluorescent coral formations • Hike the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

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7. Egypt

Sisters riding camel on the beach in Egypt

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Egypt is mighty and ancient, with the past informing the present. You and your grandchildren will become immersed in stories, legends, and histories that can take you to the pyramids and down the Nile River as you uncover the incredible experiences you can have with family in Egypt.

With gentle oases, iconic monuments, and the powerful allure of Cairo’s Grand Bazaar, you can step into ancient history or uncover a new perspective on gorgeous beaches along the Red Sea, all with safe and attentive tourism infrastructure.

Egypt Vacation Idea

Family-Friendly Tour of Egypt: Camel Rides, King Tut, & The Red Sea is an 11-day journey into the history and natural beauty of Egypt, where your grandchildren will uncover the wonders of the past, the charms of the scenery, and the inviting contemporary culture.

Highlights: Camel ride across the desert at sunset, watching the pyramids turn golden • Uncover the secrets of King Tutankhamen • Stand beneath the majestic Pyramids of Giza • Enjoy a relaxing three days cruising down the Nile River • Discover the icons of Luxor on private tours • Marvel at the Valley of the Kings, temples of Karnak, and the Sphinx of Giza • Lounge on a private beach in Sharm El Sheik at the Red Sea

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8. Thailand

Giant statues and pagoda at Wat Arun in Bangkok Thailand.

Wat Arun in Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand celebrates children of all ages, making it an easy and enjoyable destination to travel to as a family. With stunning beaches that give way to coral gardens, ancient temples representing once-powerful kingdoms, and jungle terrain in which you can meet local communities, Thailand is a safe and marvelous country to discover.

Cruise around the famous karsts in the Gulf of Thailand, bask on the islands, enjoy traditional food with a private cooking class, or embrace nature as you experience this unique, majestic, and welcoming country with your grandchildren as you explore the diverse things to do together.

Thailand Vacation Idea

Connect to contemporary culture, incredible natural beauty, and preserved architecture on this 11-day Tantalizing Thailand: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Krabi Tour that will reward you with the treasures for which Thailand is celebrated.

Highlights: Trace the origins of Thailand’s unending spirituality within Bangkok’s ornate temples • Glide along the gentle canals that weave through the city of Bangkok • Indulge your senses in northern Thai culinary specialties • Tour ethnic Karen and Lanna hill tribes • Weave your way through the forested trails of Doi Inthanon National Park • Wallow in the tropical island lifestyle on the shores of Phi Phi Island

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9. Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands

Brown pelican with Pinnacle rock on Bartolome Island in the back

Bartolome Island, Galapagos

When traveling with your grandchildren, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands will inspire you all to think differently about the surrounding world and symbiosis of nature.

From the colorful traditions of the Andes to the sounds of the rainforest, Spanish colonial architecture in the cities to the untouched ecosystem of the Galapagos, Ecuador is sure to instill in your family a sense of awe and inspiration.

Ecuador and the Galapagos Vacation Idea

Travel from the Andes to the islands to find preserved Spanish colonial architecture, local culture, and unforgettable wildlife during this 10-day Perfect Family Vacation to Galapagos Island.

Highlights: Discover the Galapagos archipelago on a six-day cruise • Naturalist guides and activities allow the whole family to explore the Galapagos above and below the water • Stand beside giant tortoises, find fur seals on the beach, and hike along stunning volcanic cliffs • Snorkel with sea lions and penguins • Visit the true middle of the Earth at the Equator line • Hike the slopes of a dormant volcano and zipline through the cloud forest of Mindo • Discover the charms of the world's first-ever World Heritage Site with a walking tour of Quito

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10. Tanzania

Elephant with wildflowers in the Ngorongoro crater, Tanzania

Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

From the Serengeti to Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania brims with some of East Africa’s most famous attractions.

With wildlife safaris, wilderness adventures, and pristine beaches, Tanzania is the ultimate destination for you and your grandchildren. Trek for chimpanzees, scour the savanna in search of lions, and listen out for herds of elephants.

Whether meeting Masai warriors or lounging on the white sands of Zanzibar’s beaches, Tanzania is an idyllic destination filled with heritage for children aged 10 and older.

Tanzania Vacation Idea

9-Day Tanzania Northern Circuit captures the wonder of the wilderness and beauty of the landscape.

Highlights: Cruise across the beautiful landscapes of Arusha • Search Tarangire National Park for game such as lions, leopards, buffaloes, rhinos, and elephants • Traverse the landscapes of the Ngorongoro Crater’s volcanic caldera • Discover the Big Five on safaris • Witness the Great Migration, when millions of animals race across the northern Serengeti • Search the Serengeti day and night for animals and birds

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11. South Africa

Teenage photographer on safari game drive in Kruger National Park, South Africa

Kruger National Park, South Africa

South Africa is a classic wilderness safari destination, but also offers gaping gorges, stunning coastlines, expansive vineyards, and captivating cities.

The diversity of activities in South Africa makes it a wonderful place to take grandchildren aged six and older, while teenagers will have plenty of opportunities for adventure in the wild, sea, or by exploring local history.

As a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, you can find the perfect immersive experience, from the top things to do in Cape Town to exploring Kruger National Park, as you uncover outdoor adventure, exceptional history, dramatic landscapes, and the renowned Big Five.

South Africa Vacation Idea

Explore the bush on land and water while you embrace the scenic thrills and active wildlife during a 14-day Grand South Africa Tour for Families with Teenagers: Cape Town, Safari, & More.

Highlights: Savor all the thrills of a Big Five safari with four nights in Sabi Sands • Learn about animal tracking as guides take your family on a walking safari • Explore vibrant Cape Town • Watch penguins waddle across Boulders Beach • Soak up the coast with five nights in Plettenberg Bay • Try surfing, go kayaking with dolphins, explore some of South Africa's finest walking trails • Hot-air balloon above the Kruger National Park

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12. Australia & New Zealand

The moon above Kata Ttjuta in Australia

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia

Australia and New Zealand are countries of indescribable natural beauty and unbelievable adventure.

From Australia’s Red Desert to New Zealand’s glaciers, meeting kangaroos to searching for kiwis, you can connect with indigenous stories or exciting excursions into the untamed wilderness.

Look for the unusual animals of Australia as you explore ancient rainforests, embrace unparalleled hiking with the Great Walks of New Zealand, whale watch, or journey to the best secret islands of the Great Barrier Reef; the options abound to create an adventure perfect for children of all ages.

Australia & New Zealand Vacation Idea

Complete Australia and New Zealand Escapade Tour is an inspirational journey through which you can find the right path for you and your family as you pick what interests you to create your perfect itinerary.

Highlights: Interact with kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, wombats, and Australia’s natural beauty on a trip to the Blue Mountains • Embrace the spiritual importance and desert beautyof Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park • Dive into an underwater paradise at the Great Barrier Reef • Uncover Melbourne’s hidden lanes • Travel the scenic Great Ocean Road • Step into another world at Waitomo Caves • Revel in the adrenaline-pumping activities that make Queenstown an adventurer’s paradise • Bask in the vast and untouched wilderness of Fiordland National Park

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Explore the Best Places to Take Your Grandkids

Grandchildren with grandparents sitting on a wooden jetty at a lake in Sommerset West near Cape Town, South Africa

Western Cape, South Africa

Traveling with your grandchildren is an exciting way to bring the family together, whether on an exotic adventure. exploring family heritage, or sharing in a relaxing visit to a pristine beach. From visiting Europe with family to finding unique places to visit with kids, you can enjoy a travel experience with your grandchildren that’s personalized to everyone’s tastes.

Explore our family travel guide and our senior travel guide for more information on the types of trips you can enjoy based on our preferences, ideas, and expectations. For more inspiration on your multi-generational trip, visit our Zicasso blog.

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