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6 Off-The-Beaten-Path Experiences in Sweden

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Alen Stenar, ancient megalithic stone ship monument in Sweden

Southern, Sweden

Sweden is a remarkable country. Filled with vibrant Viking history, breathtaking coastline, and marvelous scenery, discover these unique things to do that will provide you with unique moments during your trip.

When we move beyond the expected in Sweden, you can find glimpses of authenticity that stir your emotions and create everlasting memories. From a mythic troll forest to an unforgettable hotel carved out of ice, Sweden brims with opportunities away from the familiar path.

With many incredible areas to explore and a vast number of must-see attractions, it is important to know that the country’s unique sites will take you out of the ordinary to enjoy a number of extraordinary experiences.

  1. 1. Experience the Cool Features of The Icehotel
  2. 2. Step Into the Kyrko Car Cemetery
  3. 3. Experience the Unique Sculptures of Sweden
  4. 4. Trailing in the Troll Forest
  5. 5. Marvel at The Tarap Giant Kettle
  6. 6. Discover the Historic Grisvard Stone Ships
  7. Discover Off-The-Beaten-Path Experiences in Sweden

1. Experience the Cool Features of The Icehotel

Ice Hotel in Sweden

Photo courtesy: ICEHOTEL, Sweden

Revised each winter and operating 365 days of the year, you can discover the coolness of the Icehotel in northern Sweden.

The structure envelops most of the village it is connected to and creates a fascinating architectural delight that offers more than just a place to sleep. There is a delightfully crafted dining area and bar, in addition to guided activities, including ice sculpting.

The remarkable design makes stepping inside the unique formation an immersion into a work of art.

2. Step Into the Kyrko Car Cemetery

Kyrko Car Cemetery in Sweden

Kronoberg, Sweden

For something a little bizarre, but totally artistic, take a ride to Kronoberg county to visit the Kyrko Car Cemetery.

Discover a graveyard with a difference, where dilapidated car shells are creatively placed in dense forest. Trails wind between once top-of-the-line models that are carefully displayed in a showroom strewn with flora and fauna.

Whether a unique art display or an outdoor museum, this off-the-beaten-path experience captures the artistic combination of nature and manufacturing.

3. Experience the Unique Sculptures of Sweden

Swedish artists and sculptors have and continue to display their eccentric and out-of-the-ordinary works of art along the roads, in museums, and at exhibits around the country.

From Millesgården to Skulptur i Pilane, the Picasso sculpture, and more, there are an array of unique and unusual pieces of design that invite you to embrace the curious nature of Sweden’s fascinating creators.

4. Trailing in the Troll Forest

Troll Forest in Oland Island, Sweden

Oland Island, Sweden

A magnificent display of nature’s feisty hand, twisted and bent into mystical shapes, the Troll Forest on the Island of Oland mesmerizes visitors. One of the country’s oldest trees lies in this forest, its branches knotted and gnarled, a beautiful twist on the standard oak trees you are used to seeing.

Ancient burial cairns, the ruins of a shipwreck, and the remains of fortifications are settled in this enchanting landscape. The area is within a nature reserve, with walking trails a popular feature that can further connect you to the magic of the destination.

5. Marvel at The Tarap Giant Kettle

Bordering the Baltic Sea is the region of Blekinge, often referred to as “Sweden’s Garden”.

Folklore shrouds the landscape as deep boulders cover the ground, murky waters appear green in pools of swirling rock, and the air carries a touch of mystery and intrigue.

While they look as if they were man-made, the scenery is the result of glaciers melting over 11,000 years ago to create a spectacular geological wonder.

6. Discover the Historic Grisvard Stone Ships

Grisvard Stone Ships in Gotland, Sweden

Gotland, Sweden

The Grisvard stone ships can be found on the island of Gotland, where the scenery teems with remnants and ruins from centuries ago. Most fascinating are the giant stones that were placed in the shape of ships and meant to steer the departed towards a safe and bountiful afterlife.

The vessel-like gravestones are placed throughout the Grisvard site, with several positioned close together to create a quiet and ghostly procession. Spend time admiring and reflecting on the importance of this site at your pace as your surroundings establish the ambiance.

Discover Off-The-Beaten-Path Experiences in Sweden

Medieval City wall in Gotland, Sweden

Gotland, Sweden

As far as the eye can see, Sweden is alive with fascinating and unique sites and experiences, whether it be an artist's impression brought to giant life, nature at its quirkiest, or a historic phenomenon that simply must be seen to be believed.

Discover the magic of Sweden by taking a look at our Sweden tours or explore inspiration for your custom trip in our Sweden travel guide.

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