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Zicasso’s Trips of a Lifetime Series - Part 1

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Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

You may wish for an active exploration of breathtaking nature or perhaps a glimpse into the inspiring artwork of past civilizations, but no matter the experiences you want to have, a trip customized by an expert will make your trip of a lifetime possible.

We invited a few of our top travel specialists to write the "dream" itinerary to their region to push the limits and remove any boundaries as we consider the place in the world that we wish to discover, or possibly, rediscover.

Our Trips of a Lifetime three-part series can inspire your journey of any style, length, or plan. As wanderers, explorers, and discoverers, these trips let you sample ideas of what you may want and how you can make it happen.

  1. Mesmerizing Patagonia and Antarctica: Trip of a Lifetime
  2. Ultimate European Explorer Tour: Italy, France and Greece Trip of a Lifetime
  3. Unparalleled East Africa Safari Trip of a Lifetime
  4. Planning your dream trip can start now

Mesmerizing Patagonia and Antarctica: Trip of a Lifetime

Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

Remote with unflinching natural drama defines the rugged beauty of Patagonia and expansive isolation of Antarctica. A trip of a lifetime around Chile, Argentina, and Antarctica immerses you in untouched wonder and the exciting allure at the end of the world.

Alejandro, a travel specialist for Patagonia and Antarctica, says that a trip to the masterful showing of nature will “push the limits of what is possible.” His sample itinerary, Mesmerizing Patagonia and Antarctica Trip of a Lifetime, is the perfect adventure for nature lovers and those looking for a unique experience far from the crowded city streets.

The combination of forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, and glaciers in Patagonia leads to visions of guanaco, choique, and condor. Zodiac boats around towering glaciers in Antarctica give way to the squawking penguins, breaching whales, or sweeping panoramas of the endless tundra. “We only work with small luxury lodges and boats, ensuring our clients have a very personalized experience either privately or in small groups,” says Alejandro.

A travel specialist understands the logistics of your dream trip, making it easy and safe to travel to and from the airports, reach your accommodations, and comfortably meet with local guides. The remoteness of Patagonia and Antarctica requires careful planning but results in big rewards stemming from a mystical ambiance that rendered explorers like Darwin, Shackleton, and Amundsen speechless.

Alejandro recommends planning ahead to experience your journey of a lifetime sooner rather than later. “Boats are sold-out pretty quickly, as are the lodges, particularly in the Glaciers and Torres del Paine National Parks. The resorts are usually small, which of course, significantly enhances the experience.” Any trip to this region, of any length and design, brings you into the wonder of remote beauty, and your plans can begin when you are ready.

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Ultimate European Explorer Tour: Italy, France and Greece Trip of a Lifetime

Grand Canal in Venice, Italy

Grand Canal in Venice, Italy

Europe fascinates world travelers with promises of distinctive yet connected cultures with millennia of history. Many visit countries like France or Italy to experience the different pace of life, and the Ultimate European Explorer: Italy, France, Greece Trip of a Lifetime was designed to celebrate the simple pleasures.

From the taste of morning coffee to the sunlight glinting against the river, this carefully designed 28-day customizable itinerary leaves space to travel with intention. Travel expert Mario says, “The cultural heritage of [France, Italy, and Greece] are unique. With the contrast in culture, food, art, architecture, and stunning landscapes, this trip will be rich in unforgettable experiences with each day offering a new perspective.”

Your travel expert works to ensure that you do not have to surrender quintessential experiences and instead gives you access to famous highlights, offbeat marvels, and comfortable security.

The wonders on display in the Uffizi and Accademia Galleries will continue to inspire you long after you leave, and your senses will engage with a private truffle hunt in the secluded woodlands of Tuscany. A guided wine tour through the lush vineyards of France’s Loire Valley will highlight the region’s elegant ambiance while also touching on the spirit of the nation. A private sunset catamaran cruise on Santorini’s caldera will only immerse you in the charms of Mediterranean island life.

To experience your trip of a lifetime to Europe, the time to begin your plans is closer than you might expect. “In terms of capacity, places like Positano, Venice, Santorini, Mykonos sell out very quickly. I really urge travelers to book their trip,” encourages Mario. “I totally believe one can only explore these incredible destinations by living the trip through people, sights, foods, wines, and very unique experiences,” says Mario. Any Zicasso trip to Europe is customized to your preferences, allowing you to travel the world your way.

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Unparalleled East Africa Safari Trip of a Lifetime

Leopard in a sausage tree in the Serengeti

Leopard in a sausage tree in the Serengeti

Our travel has always served a purpose, whether to support a cause we believe in or to support our personal growth by exploring new cultures, exciting adventures, or witnessing the wonders of the wilderness. “An East African safari provides the soul-shifting experience of getting up close and personal to Africa’s wildlife. To be within arm’s reach of a mountain gorilla or hear a lion roar a mere few feet away – these moments are what lifetime memories are made of!” says Beth, an African safari expert.

Designed by a team of Zicasso safari specialists, the Unparalleled East Africa Safari Trip of a Lifetime brings you the best of safari. From walking through the wilderness with an expert guide in search of resting lions to horseback riding alongside sprinting zebras, a private outdoor canvas bath overlooking the riverbanks to trekking for gorillas in dense jungle terrain, or even following rangers to learn more about conservation efforts protecting the likes of elephants and rhinos, the opportunities are endless.

An African safari embodies both a trip of a lifetime and a perfect escape from the crowds into luxurious seclusion. Wildlife encounters become endless delights enhanced by the magnificent landscapes, from endless plains to dense tropical forests. It is easy to imagine playful lion cubs and marching elephants, giraffes eating tree leaves, and hyenas hollering in the distance. But each safari destination across the African continent reveals something different about the region culturally and within nature.“East African safaris provide amazing insight into unique cultures and play host to an exciting exchange of ideas and ancient wisdom shared,” says Beth.

An East Africa dream trip unveils lions, leopards, rhino, buffalo, and elephants to show you Africa’s famous Big 5, while a trek through the jungle of Rwanda gives you the priceless experience of tracking and seeing the endangered mountain gorillas.  As Beth says, a safari brings “a total shift to your soul” as you become immersed in the distinctive juxtaposition between luxury camps and serene nature, opulent lodges, and untouched wilderness set beneath the expansive African sky. A safari itinerary is perfect for every type of traveler, from families to solo adventures, those looking for superior luxury lodges to remote mobile camps.

“We recommend that our travelers start planning well in advance,” Beth says. No matter your travel preferences, an African safari captures you, it seizes a piece of you, making it feel as though no other adventure can ever inspire you in the same way.

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Planning your dream trip can start now

Chateau de Chenonceau in Loire Valley, France

Chateau de Chenonceau in Loire Valley, France

We should no longer put off our trips of a lifetime and instead find inspiration to bring our notion of “someday” to “now” with a trip customized, prioritized, and designed by a travel specialist.  By choosing to embark on plans for our next trip, we put aside the notion that our next big trip is around the corner and instead decide that travel will be a part of our lives.

As we continue this series of Zicasso’s Trips of a Lifetime, we invite you to dream without boundaries and ask yourself:  If I could only take one more trip, what would I do?  You can start planning your trip of a lifetime with Zicasso by submitting a Trip Request, or by calling our team at 1-888-265-9707.

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