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Greece’s 8 Best-Kept Secrets

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Greece's unknown destinations are ready to be explored

Whether searching for a mountain retreat or secluded seaside resort, a hidden harbor or the location of a mythical battle, the following inspirational list looks beyond common destinations to uncover eight of Greece’s best-kept secrets.

Travelers have ventured to Greece for millennia for its remarkable history, enchanting mythology, and mesmerizing landscapes. Beyond the majesty of classic destinations like Athens and Santorini that have become beacons for tourists, you can find authentic splendor and exceptional treasures that may feel like a secret only you can share.

Embrace the seaside charms of Kastellorizo or trace history along the lanes of Medieval villages on the island of Chios when exploring these hidden jewels of Greece.

  1. 1. Kastellorizo
  2. 2. Ithaca
  3. 3. Milos
  4. 4. Paxi
  5. 5. Chios
  6. 6. Mani
  7. 7. Epirus
  8. 8. Monemvasia
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1. Kastellorizo

Greek culture persists on this tiny island a stone's throw from Turkey

The charismatic island at the edge of the Dodecanese lies less than 2,625 feet from the Turkish coast and fiercely guards its Greek identity. For millennia, the tiny island has acted as a crossroads for seafaring communities and major civilizations. The birthplace of Zeus offers panoramic views, Byzantine monasteries, and stunning contrasts between the Mediterranean's blue waters and white sands.

2. Ithaca

Historical prominence and contemporary comforts

The stunning island of Ithaca gained prominence thousands of years ago with a mention in the Homeric legend The Odyssey. The Ionian Island retains its mythical allure with isolated sandy beaches and picturesque fishing villages. Boutique hotels offer a touch of contemporary luxury and the fjord-like bay shimmers alongside the iconic architecture. With the pairing of lively cafes and the island’s more than 30 archeological sites, this island provides a totally unique experience.

3. Milos

Paradise is dotted across the Aegean Sea

Milos has one of the most exotic landscapes in the Aegean Sea. Its beaches glow pink and orange in contrast to emerald hues of the water. Secluded caves contain legends of pirates from the Middle Ages and charming homes glint with vibrant colors. Families and couples alike can enjoy the ancient catacombs, archeology museum, and the endless natural wonders.

4. Paxi

Pinnacle Mediterranean relaxation and discovery

Three charming harbor villages overlook the sapphire waters and pebbly white beaches. Ancient olive groves rise up the inland hills amid dense vineyards. Taxi boats travel between towns and the unspoiled coves isolated by sheer limestone cliffs. Luxurious villas, wild myrtle, pine, and cypress trees grow on the neighboring island of Antipaxi, and the prized Venetian architecture of the capital highlight Paxi’s distinctive beauty.

5. Chios

Charming Chios evokes enchantment and amazement

The unexplored island of Chios contains 24 preserved Medieval villages. Unique decorative architecture, geometric designs, the remains of impregnable fortresses, and mastic production give a glimpse into the island's culture. The individual styles of each village showcase the variety of traditions present in the region. Byzantine streets overlook seaside streets and densely packed white houses allow travelers to traverse across the rooftops.

6. Mani

Vestiges of the past hold true on this impressive peninsula

The gorgeous region of Mani spreads across the Peloponnese’s southern edges and is made up of steep foothills, unspoiled coves, snowcapped mountaintops, and remarkable medieval villages hidden in thriving olive groves. The network of coastal caverns host stalagmites, stalactites, and the mythological entrance to the underworld. Cape Tenaro captures the imagination of visitors with a temple to Poseidon at the edge of the European continent. This location is notable as it is first mentioned in Homer’s epic poem, the Iliad.

7. Epirus

Epirus provides a refreshing and enlightening perspective of Greece

Instead of the quintessential beaches and ancient history for which Greece is known, the northern region of Epiros highlights the diversity of the country with natural marvels ranging from verdant forests to reflective mountain lakes. Epirus feels worlds away from the Cycladic architecture of Mykonos or the ruins on the Athenian Acropolis. Instead, Venetian remnants and wildlife including wolves, brown bears, and birds of prey amaze visitors.

8. Monemvasia

A unique blend of cultures and histories allow for a mystical charm to settle over this corner of Greece

The preserved castle town of Monemvasia exudes a fairytale ambiance. The medieval fortress rises up the foothill with homes, vaulted alleyways, and stairs carved out of the sea rock. Byzantine, Ottoman, and Venetian influence line the cobbled lanes that date back to the 13th century and embody the picture of medieval charm. Enjoy panoramic views of the sea from Venetian villas and then relax in Turkish baths.

Ready to Uncover Greece's Secret Destinations?

Whether searching for surprising medieval castles or an immersive excursion into nature, Greece embodies the wonders of Mediterranean culture and natural beauty. From island charm to mainland grandeur, colorful houses to inviting views of the sea, you can find more inspiration for your perfect trip with Zicasso’s Greece Travel Guide. Discover your best secret destination by contacting us at 1-888-265-9707 or by submitting a Trip Request to speak with a Greece travel specialist for free.

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