Penguins and cruise ship in Antarctica

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Those brave enough to venture to the ends of the earth are rewarded with a perspective and inspiration unlike any other. Here, nature reigns supreme, where untouched ice-crowned mountains rise majestically amidst brilliantly blue glaciers in icy waters. Follow in the footsteps of legendary explorers and historical adventurers as you arrive on the shores of the seventh continent.

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Kayaking around icebergs in Antarctica

Antarctica Adventure Cruise and Tour: Kayaking, Wildlife, & Excursions

14 Day Custom Tour

From $11,195

The diversity of snow, wildlife, glaciers, and ice shelves will be on full display during your personalized tour of Antarctica. Your comprehensive trip to the remote continent will introduce you to seals, penguins, and whales amidst adventures on zodiac boats, snowshoes, and kayaks. Travel across the Weddell Sea to find emperor penguins and hear the stories of Earnest Shackleton’s ill-fated expedition in the early 20th century. Experience the distinctively British ambiance of the Falkland Islands and find king penguins and nesting albatrosses. Whether in search of adventure or interested in learning more about the secluded snow-filled landscape, Antarctica will provide a complete travel experience.

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Exploring iceberg off the coast of Antarctica

Antarctica Tour: Exploring the Seventh Continent

11 Day Custom Tour

From $13,195

Experience the spectacles of the Seventh Continent during your custom-tailored 11-day Antarctica tour. Soar over the Drake Passage on a picturesque flight and travel between the South Shetland Islands on a zodiac boat. Imagine yourself in the shoes of 19th-century explorers in search of elephant seals, sea lions, and an abundance of penguins. From unlikely geothermal activity to trekking between secluded national research stations, Antarctica's isolated shores will touch you.

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Crabeater seals on ice floe in the Antarctica

Whales, Penguins, and Seals of Antarctica Tour

10 Day Custom Tour

From $7,995

Antarctica offers secluded wonders found both in the landscape and waters, from the pebbled shorelines to the endless blankets of snow. Let the majestic scenery and the enchanting wildlife of the Seventh Continent surprise and delight you on a 10-day Antarctica tour that will encompass luxury, discovery, and excitement. Search for giant whales as they migrate between the temperate Central and South American climates to the frigid waters around the islands of the South Pole, and then trek across the pebbled beaches to find the largest Gentoo penguin colony in the Southern Hemisphere. From Arctic terns to Weddell seals, your excursion will provide first-class insight and distinctive views of life in Antarctica.

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Sunset in Antarctica

Unbeaten Path of Antarctica Trip: Weddell Sea & Falklands

14 Day Custom Tour

From $11,195

Chart your course for the secluded, icy waters of the Weddell Sea during your personalized Antarctica tour that will reveal the fascinating shores of sheltered landscapes that are populated with captivating wildlife. Legend of historic expeditions will pass around the ship during your venture through the infamous Southern Ocean as images of the emperor, rockhopper, and Gentoo penguins overtake the diverse scenery. Thermal springs provide a surprising warmth to the frigid waters as from tabular icebergs to hidden English charms, breaching whales to massive ice floe, your Antarctica tour will highlight the thrill of discovery and the exhilaration of exploration.

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A traveler takes photos during an expedition to Antarctica

Polar Photography Tour: Iconic wildlife and Stunning Nature of Antarctica

11 Day Custom Tour

From $8,795

Your imagination can fit inside a picture frame during your personalized Antarctica tour focused on the art of travel photography. Begin your journey in Ushuaia, Argentina then travel to the South Shetland Islands and along the edges of the Antarctic Peninsula to see the stunning beauty and incredible landscape through your lens. Learn new skills and test your knowledge of photography alongside professional guides and instructors keen on helping you capture images of your unforgettable Antarctica cruise past the end of the South American continent. Mount crackling sea ice, snapshots of passing icebergs and penguin rookeries, and record the barking seal troops on your fascinating discovery of nature in an unrivaled region of the world.

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Two orca whales in Antarctica

In-Depth 2-Week Exploration Trip of the Antarctic Peninsula

14 Day Custom Tour

From $11,195

Dive deep into both complexity and diversity on your 14-day Antarctica trip designed for an immersive experience spent amidst whales, penguins, seals, and snow. The world’s borders disappear behind the open seas, and the floating icebergs as dramatic mountains are blanketed with snow and enchanting ice formations that encapsulate the imaginative world near the South Pole. Humpback, Orca, and minke whales swim through the waters of the Drake Passage, and the penguins slide down slippery snow-paved slopes near island coasts reaching into crystal waters. The gorgeous scenery, cold air, and serene sounds establish an all-encompassing Antarctica tour near the depths of the southern pole.

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Emperor penguin on iceberg in Antarctica

Highlights of Antarctic Circle and Peninsula Tour

12 Day Custom Tour

From $9,595

Indulge in the excitement of a custom-tailored Antarctica tour as you travel deep into the Polar Circle and along the Antarctic Peninsula for a contemporary exploration of a beloved destination. Cruise among ice floes in search of whale pods and seal colonies, and then visit with different species of penguins as they roam alongside the icy waters. Learn about the many ecosystems of the frozen landscape as you observe captivating wildlife and discover historic research stations in hidden huts and grand complexes.  Engage in an immersive experience perfect for admirers of scenery, history, science, adventure, and nature.

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The Lemaire channel in Antarctica

Undiscovered Antarctica Tour: From Wildlife Colonies to Thermal Springs

20 Day Custom Tour

From $15,995

Antarctica tops the bucket list of most travel bucket lists, and for a good reason as the pristine landscape, captivating nature, and remote locations are unparalleled. Your 20-day Antarctica tour will be the most in-depth exploration of the south seas for the ultimate check on your bucket list consisting of the Falkland Islands, South Georgia Island, and Antarctica, including the Polar Circle. Your immersive journey will place you in a British village, an abandoned whaling station, ample penguin colonies, and in search of hidden whale pods before you set foot on the snowy borders of the Seventh Continent.

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Tourists hiking on glacier during an excursion in Antarctica

Antarctica Cruise and Excursion Trip

12 Day Custom Tour

From $9,595

During your customizable Antarctica cruise, your ship is your ideal base camp for your Antarctica tour focused on adventure. Acting as a safe harbor, you will embark on the ultimate discovery of pebbled beaches, slippery glacial surfaces, and the powdery texture of blanketing snow. Search for seals, whales, and penguins or bask in cozy thermal baths as you sail.  Move out into the scenery on an endless selection of activities that range from snowshoeing to kayaking, zodiac boat tours to glacier walking, wildlife spotting to photo work-shopping, for an unprecedented, comprehensive trip to Antarctica.

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Penguin waiting outside expedition tent in Antarctica

A True Polar Adventure: Cruise, Hiking, and Camping in Antarctica

11 Day Custom Tour

From $8,795

Enjoy the immersive thrills and enchanting scenery found on your luxurious Antarctica cruise. The White Continent is perhaps the ultimate escapade for thrill seekers and eager explorers interested in uncovering the marvels of the globe at their preferred pace. Wind around dramatic tabular icebergs that broke away from ancient glaciers, and then make camp on snow-drenched hills far from civilization’s reach before trekking over knolls and rocky points for unforgettable views of wildlife. Your Antarctica trip brings the best out of an exciting journey through the Drake Passage, past the South Shetland Islands, and touching down for a grand tour of the Antarctic Peninsula.

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Emperor penguins on Snow Hill island, Antarctica

Christmas in the South Pole Vacation Tour & Cruise

12 Day Custom Tour

From $9,595

Get into the holiday spirit of snow, sleighs, and the wildlife of your wintery dreams with a personalized Antarctica tour at Christmas.  Your time spent around the Southern Ocean will be a perfect, unparalleled present as you traverse bays and channels crowded with icebergs and ice floes on a speeding zodiac boat that will bring you close up to the soaring figures. Kayak around the protected waterways as you search for passing whales and listen to the cacophonous calls of penguins. Embrace the luxuries of your Antarctica cruise ship while you take in the enchanting landscape of rugged marble mountains over blanketing, sprawling snow for an unforgettable exploration of the Antarctic wonderland.

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Penguins jumping from iceberg in Antarctica

7-Day Antarctica Tour: Soar Above the Drake Passage

8 Day Custom Tour

From $7,195

Your express tour of Antarctica will make the remote continent more accessible than ever as you circumvent the Drake Passage and fly directly from Chile to the South Shetland Islands. Use a zodiac boat to explore idyllic bays that teem with seals and whales, and then scour the beaches that are dotted with different species of penguins and take in the icy plateaus. Near-constant sunlight washes over the landscape which then offers spectacular panoramas from the ship to shore at all hours of the day and night. Indulge with an immersive Antarctica tour tailored for you to experience luxury, wildlife, and the untamed scenery of a continent no longer lost to seclusion.

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Highlights of Antarctica & Argentina Tour

10 Day Custom Tour


From the cosmopolitan streets of Buenos Aires to the remote snow-capped mountains of the South Shetland Islands, you will bask in an enlightening expedition of discovery during your highlights tour of Argentina and Antarctica. The nightlife in the capital fills with the pulsing beat of tango while nearby a statue crowns the cliffs of Cape Horn and penguins populate the coastline of an archipelago less than 100 miles north of the Antarctic Peninsula. Whether basking in the aromas of traditional Argentinian barbecue or scouring the water in search of breaching whales, your customizable highlights tour features captivating culture, wildlife, and luxury.

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Family-Friendly Vacation & Cruise to Antarctica

12 Day Custom Tour


Wonder will engage you all during your family-friendly tour to Antarctica. Explore together with a cruise that promises to unveil the picturesque drama of the Seventh Continent as you pass through iceberg rattled channels and into the depths of the Weddell Sea. Enjoy the historical tales of shipwrecks around Elephant Island, and then listen to emperor penguins call out from the rocky beaches of Snow Hill Island. Watch for whales as they migrate through the Drake Passage and slap their tails against the water’s surface. Your Antarctic cruise will combine excitement and learning during a family-friendly journey into the thrilling seas that are decorated with ice, snow, and hidden wildlife all to be found and explored.

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Mesmerizing Patagonia and Antarctica Trip of a Lifetime

27 Day Custom Tour

Unyielding adventure and passionate spirit await during your 27-day luxury tour of Patagonia and Antarctica revealing the essence of the untamed wilderness. You will discover the culture of Chile and Argentina on an inspiring adventure beneath snowcapped peaks and across expansive pampas. Sip wine at vineyards in the Casablanca Valley. Experience the tango halls of Buenos Aires. Gentoo penguins and sea lions will become part of the scenery as you leave footprints in blanketing snow. From hiking trails to zodiac boats, you will create endless memories during your trip of a lifetime in Patagonia and Antarctica.

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