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17 Best Places to Travel in June

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Lofoten, Norway

Lofoten, Norway

In June, the weather inches into summer or winter to become one of the best months in which to explore the world and experience your perfect trip.

Enjoy local heritage during festivals and celebrations, find gorgeous beaches, lush rainforests, and glorious countryside. Delight in the cusp of summer in the Northern Hemisphere or explore the edges of winter in the South to find your perfect experience.

From iconic history to wildlife, you can customize your vacation to include only those things you want to see and do. While our travel specialists can personalize a trip to any of the regions we serve, this list offers some of the best options for June.

  1. 1. Italy
  2. 2. Greece
  3. 3. Spain
  4. 4. Portugal
  5. 5. Switzerland
  6. 6. Sweden
  7. 7. Norway
  8. 8. Finland
  9. 9. France
  10. 10. United Kingdom
  11. 11. Peru
  12. 12. Kenya
  13. 13. Rwanda
  14. 14. Zambia
  15. 15. Fiji
  16. 16. Turkey
  17. 17. New Zealand
  18. Plan your trip for June

1. Italy

San Gimignano in Tuscany, Italy

San Gimignano, Italy

Temperatures: Low 59°F • High 81°F

Highlights: Warm weather, culture, cuisine, beaches, museums, ancient ruins

Other recommended travel times: February • March • May • September • October • December

From the Alps to the Ionian, Italy in June is soaked in sunlight. The summer blankets the landscape in beauty in lush Tuscan hills, on beaches with golden pebbles, and in vineyards flush with ripening grapes.

As warm weather turns Italy into a feast for the senses, with locals indulging in the sweet life of outdoor cafes, hiking the golden hills of Umbria, or relaxing beneath an umbrella on the shore, the crowds also grow around popular attractions, especially in Rome, Florence, and Venice.

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2. Greece

Athena Pronaia Temple in Delphi, Greece

Delphi, Greece

Temperatures: Low 69°F • High 83°F

Highlights: Warm weather, culture, beaches, museums, cuisine, ancient ruins

Other recommended travel times: May • July • September • October

Greece is a vision of beauty and ancient wonder, with June bringing warm weather perfect for exploring the beaches, islands, and mainland. The famous Mediterranean sunlight stretches from the Pindus Mountains in the north to the southern shores of Greece.

Whether searching for remains of the infamous labyrinth of Knossos, hiking the trails along Olympus, witnessing the layered colors of a Santorini sunset, or indulging in the soothing ambiance of a Paros beach, June in Greece is immersive.

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3. Spain

Cala d'Hort beach in Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza, Spain

Temperatures: Low 61°F • High 83°F

Highlights: Warm weather, culture, beaches, museums, cuisine

Other recommended travel times: January • March • May • September • October • November

June in Spain sweeps quickly from spring to summer, with ample sunshine, colorful flowers, and golden coasts running across the northern and southern shores. Spain thrives in the comforting warmth of the Mediterranean, with crowds stirring the sands of Ibiza and the Costa del Sol.

Beyond the celebrated beaches, Spain sings in June as festivals celebrate local culture, famous cities reveal their captivating pace, and small towns make a big impact by showing how to bask in the beauty of life’s little pleasures.

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4. Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Temperatures: Low 61°F • High 73°F

Highlights: Warm weather, culture, beaches, museums, cuisine

Other recommended travel times: January • May • July • September

Portugal is a destination that’s great to visit at any time of the year, but June embodies its essential beauty, from the eastern border with Spain to the Atlantic Coast.

As summer lays across the landscape, you can spend time among the lush vineyards of the Douro Valley or wander the antique cobbled lanes of Lisbon’s Alfama district.

Whether looking for ancient ruins, historic artwork, traditional cuisine, or contemporary cafe culture, June shines a light on Portugal’s undeniable splendor.

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5. Switzerland

Green meadows and Mount Saentis in Switzerland's Appenzellerland

Mount Saentis in Switzerland's Appenzellerland

Temperatures: Low 52°F • High 70°F

Highlights: Cool weather, culture, cuisine, museums, cultural villages

Other recommended travel times: January • April

Visiting Switzerland in June is like having the Alps to yourself.

June edges the shoulder season, which means fewer crowds and great weather for the best opportunities to trek in search of panoramic Matterhorn views or wander along medieval wooden bridges draped in preserved murals.

The lakes reflect the surrounding architecture, foothills, and terraced vineyards. The hanging glaciers glint in the sunlight and the plains shimmer with greenery, revealing more of Switzerland’s storybook charms.

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6. Sweden

Cobblestone streets in the the Hanseatic Town of Visby, Sweden

Visby, Sweden

Temperatures: Low 52°F • High 69°F

Highlights: Culture, villages, museums, hiking

Other recommended travel times: February • May • July

In June, you can discover the glamour of Sweden as the warm weather shines a brand new light across the lush landscape and glistening fjords. The edge of summer brings with it the Midnight Sun, creating a unique ambiance accentuated by beaches and historic cobbled streets.

The mountains become a destination for trekking and viewing wildlife, while the cities thrive with outdoor cafes. From boating Stockholm’s archipelago to embracing rural Dalarna, Sweden springs to life in June.

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7. Norway

Beren, Norway

Beren, Norway

Temperatures: Low 51°F • High 69°F

Highlights: Culture, villages, museums, hiking

Other recommended travel times: February • July • August • September • December

Norway is dramatic beauty on a grand scale in June. The Midnight Sun brings light to the fjords’ remotest corners, mountains, hinterlands, and the Arctic Circle.

The warmer weather can immerse you in adventure with hiking, cycling, and whitewater rafting, as well as discovering charming seaside villages or watching for whales off the coast.

June in Norway exemplifies a new perspective of Scandinavian sophistication, antique charm, and majestic wildlife.

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8. Finland

Cabin in Finland lake district

Finnish Lakeland

Temperatures: Low 52°F • High 61°F

Highlights: Culture, villages, museums, hiking

Other recommended travel times: February • May • July

The summer comes fast and strong in Finland, with June bringing a celebration of the season through festivals, cuisine, and delightfully warm weather.

The light feels endless in the Land of Midnight Sun as it blankets Lapland north of the Arctic Circle and islets along the Baltic Sea.

With hiking, cycling, boating, cafes, and villages blending exploratory adventure and enticing culture, Finland in June feels brushed with color and vibrant with wildlife.

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9. France

Côte d'Azur, the French Riviera, France

Côte d'Azur, France

Temperatures: Low 64°F • High 70°F

Highlights: Warm weather, culture, beaches, museums, cuisine

Other recommended travel times: May • July • September • December

In France in June, flowers bloom in the countryside and excitement overflows in the cities, bringing enjoyment around every corner.

The warm weather creates an enticing ambiance along the beaches from the south to the Basque region, while villages glow with a storybook charisma.

Whether you want opulent palaces, grand monasteries, luscious wines, or trails from forest to mountainscapes, France in June is accessible and alluring.

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10. United Kingdom

Buckingham Palace in London, England, United Kingdom.

Buckingham Palace in England, United Kingdom. Photo courtesy of Visit London

Temperatures: Low 49°F • High 65°F

Highlights: Culture, scenery, ancient ruins, museums

Other recommended travel times: April • May • September

June in the United Kingdom offers history, tradition, and the splendor of the natural landscape, with typically pleasant weather. The warmth brings life back to the diverse scenery, from the vineyards of southern England to the Scottish Highlands, the lush rolling hills of Wales to the dramatic Giant’s Causeway of Northern Ireland.

With more hours of sunlight, you have plenty of time to wander medieval castles, visit ancient monoliths, explore colorful museum galleries, or stroll through charming villages and blossoming gardens.

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11. Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru

Temperatures: Low 62°F • High 81°F

Highlights: Warm weather, culture, scenery, beaches, wildlife, ancient ruins

Other recommended travel times: January • November

June in Peru represents the driest month of the year and the opening of winter in the Southern Hemisphere. The country is a tapestry, from the Amazon to the Andes, the desert to the Pacific Coast, and June offers one of the few perfect times to explore Peru’s diverse regions.

Whether you trek to Machu Picchu, snorkel the Ballestas Islands, or sail around Lake Titicaca to visit the floating villages, you can expect the complexities and intricacies of nature, culture, and diversity.

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12. Kenya

Rhinos in Masai Mara during winter

Maasai Mara, Kenya

Temperatures: Low 59°F • High 72°F

Highlights: Warm weather, safari, wildlife, culture, beaches

Other recommended travel times: February • July • August • September

June brings life to light in Kenya, with a rush of dry weather spreading from the equatorial line. Culture and wildlife are revealed in abundance as herds pepper the savannas and snowcapped peaks crack the sky.

Whether looking for the soulful color of traditional villages or the stirring scenery from palm-fringed coastlines to open plains full of wildebeest and zebra, Kenya erupts with surprises and delights.

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13. Rwanda

Gorillas in Rwanda

Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Temperatures: Low 62°F • High 79°F

Highlights: Warm weather, safari, wildlife, culture, inland beaches, trekking

Other recommended travel times: February

June begins the long dry season that makes Rwanda's eternal rolling mountains scenic and accessible. Bamboo forests hide mountain gorillas and Lake Kivu offers golden sands on inland beaches.

Mountain rainforests protect the active primates and metropolitan movement allows urban culture to thrive. From heritage to nature, Rwanda in June unveils mystique to reveal more of the country’s majesty.

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14. Zambia

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Temperatures: Low 51°F • High 73°F

Highlights: Warm weather, safari, wildlife, culture, history

Other recommended travel times: March • May • August • September

June reveals Zambia in its prime. As the dry Southern Hemisphere winter sets in, the warm and cloudless skies help bring the wildlife out from the brush.

The wilderness takes center stage as lions emerge from the golden grasses, elephants charge the plains in search of a waterhole, and leopards poke their heads out from the trees.

Victoria Falls thunders with water from the wet season and the culture easily reflects the nation’s diversity.

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15. Fiji

Malamala Island, Fiji

Malamala Island, Fiji

Temperatures: Low 68°F • High 83°F

Highlights: Warm weather, culture, beaches, water sports

Other recommended travel times: May • July • August

June brings winter to Fiji and the Southern Hemisphere to carry in perfect weather in the tropical paradise. Relax on pristine beaches shaded by towering palm trees or dive into crystal-clear waters for snorkeling among bright coral reefs.

Discover exotic birdlife or visit a prehistoric wonderland. From a quiet village to the warmth of a city, hospitality feels authentic in daily life as you bask in the natural splendor of lush jungle trees and powdery white sands.

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16. Turkey

Balloons over Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey

Temperatures: Low 73°F • High 84°F

Highlights: Warm weather, culture, museums, cuisine, ancient ruins, beaches

Other recommended travel times: September

With ancient monuments representing a parade of empires, dazzling beaches that embody the Mediterranean's beauty, and surreal nature that brings fantastic landscapes to life, Turkey shimmers with riches in June.

At the beginning of the summer season, the crowds remain slim but active as they eagerly discover the Hagia Sophia or lyrical ruins of Ephesus. From the plunging rock valleys of Cappadocia to the opulent Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey hums with life in June.

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17. New Zealand

Skiing at The Remarkables

The Remarkables Ski Resort in New Zealand. Photo courtesy Destination Queenstown

Temperatures: Low 53°F • High 61°F

Highlights: Cold weather, wildlife, culture, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, scenery

Other recommended travel times: February • March • July • August • December

June in New Zealand ushers in the first full month of winter in the Southern Hemisphere to create an exciting wonderland of culture, landscapes, and wildlife.

Whether you are looking for an action-packed ski adventure or a serene sailing excursion on a fjord, wish to participate in Māori culture or sample world-renowned wine, New Zealand is welcoming and accessible in June.

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Plan your trip for June

Porto Katsiki beach on Lefkada Island, Greece

Lefkada Island, Greece

June is when summer blossoms or winter rears its head, offering exponential opportunities for you to enjoy yourself around the world.

Your perfect destination will provide endless chances for you to experience jungle trekking or safari game drives, relax on a pristine beach or indulge in a Michelin-starred restaurant.

June is an exceptional time to experience a trip personalized to your preferences. Find more ways to bask in your preferred destination with Zicasso’s guide to the best places to visit by month and plan around your style and expectations.

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