Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain.
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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Manlio in Spain

Manlio's Travel Agency


 Based on 70 reviews

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Verified Review

Michael D.
Submitted on 3.14.2023

We booked a seven day vacation with this travel agency and worked with Manlio to set up the travel plan. I found Manlio and his agency very knowledgeable and efficient with clear communications throughout the process. We had excellent results. All of our selected cities were supported with excellent guides and drivers and all of our hotels were ones that matched or exceeded our expectations. We were provided with electronic travel documents as well as a printed one when we arrived at our first hotel.  We were even provided a restaurant guide for each of the cities we visited. Already planning a return trip!

Travel agent Ana in Spain

Ana's Travel Agency


 Based on 223 reviews

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Verified Review

Jennifer B.
Submitted on 1.6.2023

We had a wonderful trip to Spain, despite some unfortunate airline disruptions. The guides, hotels, drivers, and itinerary were spectacular and well organized for our allotted time in the country. Our travel agent Patricia was a huge help in navigating issues related to our airline issues -- rebooking train tickets and drivers and hotel in order to accommodate us when our kids were delayed in their arrival. Also, she was incredibly helpful in making dining reservations both before we arrived and when we were in the country.  The Spanish cell phone allowed for super easy communication with her as well as a moving itinerary through their travel app. What a dream!We would highly recommend this travel agency for your next trip! 

Travel agent Jorge in Spain

Jorge's Travel Agency


 Based on 2 reviews

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Verified Review

Daniela D.
Submitted on 2.19.2023

The tours and guides provided were all wonderful. We enjoyed them all.

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Travel agent Lalo in Spain

Lalo's Travel Agency


 Based on 28 reviews

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Verified Review

Ross B.
Submitted on 3.19.2023

Our trip throughout Spain was amazing!  Lalo and the travel company provided us with a bespoke tour meeting all our requirements.  From professional drivers in luxury vans to deluxe accommodations to professionally guided private tours, this travel agency exceeded the expectations of everyone in our group. Spain is a huge country and the agency provided us with a terrific introduction to it and its peoples in a variety of locales.  If anything, we asked for too much! We were all so favorably impressed that we plan to visit Spain again and will definitely use Lalo's professional services to make our next trip as enjoyable and memorable.  

Travel agent Emely in Europe

Emily's Travel Agency


 Based on 67 reviews

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Verified Review

Kris N.
Submitted on 2.14.2023

Emily was AMAZING! She helped us from start to finish. I was nervous at first using a travel agency but Emily did a great job to calm any nerves I had. Even when our flight had us delayed by almost 3 hours, Emily was able to move things around to make it still work out perfectly. Every tour guide she had us with was amazing in their own way and our driver for the entire trip was the nicest man we have ever met. I would use Emily for any travel plans I had in Spain, Morocco, or Portugal! She made my wife and I have the best honeymoon and we wouldn't have been able to do it without her help. Thank you again Emily!

Travel agent Samuel in Spain

Samuel's Travel Agency


 Based on 444 reviews

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Verified Review

Michael A.
Submitted on 11.25.2022

This past September my wife and I embarked on a three week trip to Morocco, Andalusia and Madrid. Every part of the itinerary was custom tailored for us by Paloma and Samuel at this travel company. I have read several reviews written by others concerning their experiences and I can say I have very little to add. It was an awesome adventure. I would advise anyone who wants a luxury, custom tailored travel experience that would exceed all of their expectations to hook up with Paloma and Samuel. You won't be sorry.

Travel agent Raquel in Spain

Raquel's Travel Agency


 Based on 47 reviews

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Verified Review

Steven H.
Submitted on 10.4.2022

Overall, we were very pleased with the travel company and the itinerary Raquel developed for us.  Raquel actually met us as our hotel in Madrid when we arrived and provided constant reminders of our itinerary and contact information for our drivers via an app.  We especially liked everyone from the local tour company in San Sebastian. 

Travel agent Danny in Valparaiso

Danny's Travel Agency


 Based on 52 reviews

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Verified Review

Ali K.
Submitted on 3.17.2023

My wife and I had a wonderful time exploring Morocco and Spain. The travel agency looked after our specific needs and were very accommodating. Both countries were very different yet both experiences were magical!Jess from the travel agency was very responsive to any queries and we felt well looked after throughout.

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Featured Reviews

Spain & Portugal Trip Review: Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Toledo, Douro Valley, Tapas Tours, History, Art, Food, Beaches


karen l.
Oct 25, 2022

From the initial contact and phone call about six months ago all the way through to us getting back home after our 18-night trip to Spain and Portugal last week, we were positively impressed with the attention to detail, FLEXIBILITY with the many changes we made, updating, and communicating with us throughout the trip, professionalism, patience and kindness Brianna from this travel company gave us. We would highly recommend her and her company. The guides we had throughout Spain and Portugal also spoke highly of both Brianna and our travel agency.Thank you for recommending such a top-notch travel company.

Spain Tour Review: Basque Country, Biarritz, Barcelona, Artist Influences, Museums, Seaside Towns, San Sebastian


Jim F.
Oct 19, 2022
We would recommend Zicasso to anyone planning on taking a trip to Spain.  We worked with Ana on our itinerary, she made recommendations as needed based on our conversations and was able to get everything scheduled for our travels to Northern Spain. From pickup at the airport upon our arrival to the drop off at the end of our trip they provided perfect worry free service.  Their guides show up on time every time at your hotel with a car waiting to take you on an exciting adventure.  They are very knowledgeable, considerate and happy to answer any questions during your tour.  

Luxury Spain & Morocco Travel Review: Andalusia, Madrid, Marrakech, Culinary Experience With Berber Family, 3-Week Tour


Michael A.
Nov 25, 2022
This past September my wife and I embarked on a three week trip to Morocco, Andalusia and Madrid. Every part of the itinerary was custom tailored for us by Paloma and Samuel at this travel company. I have read several reviews written by others concerning their experiences and I can say I have very little to add. It was an awesome adventure. I would advise anyone who wants a luxury, custom tailored travel experience that would exceed all of their expectations to hook up with Paloma and Samuel. You won't be sorry.

Spain Travel Agent Review: Food, 12-Day Vacation


Albert P.
Nov 25, 2022
Our trip to Spain was wonderful. All the details were taken care of by our travel coordinator Ana. She was at our disposal every step of the way. We had a magnificent time and will be sure to use her services when we return to Spain or Portugal.

Spain Vacation Review: 10-Night Travel


Logan a.
Sep 28, 2022
Our trip to Spain was perfect. Luis with this travel company did everything for us and it was all just as we had hoped! I would recommend his services to anyone traveling to Spain. His correspondence before, during and after the trip made the travel so easy and unforgettable. I feel that he went above and beyond what we needed and all our hotels, restaurants, tours were just wonderful! Luis is very detailed oriented and everything we did was just as he described!! Thank you Luis!

Portugal & Spain Travel Review: San Sebastian, Basque Coast, Sintra, Food, 10-Night Tour


Jean S.
Dec 19, 2022
As always Zicasso paired us with excellent travel advisors, and Anna was no exception. All of our guides were informative, answered all questions--many I am sure they're been asked many times! The restaurant suggestions gave us all a literal "taste" of Spain and Portugal. 

Spain Travel Review: Madrid, 2-Week Vacation


Donald G.
Oct 31, 2022
This is the first time that I have engaged a third party for a personal tour. The organization of the trip (two weeks in Spain) was amazingly efficient. We were well informed of every day and segment of our tour. Not for one minute were we left unsecure. The tour guides were independent contractors, top notch, and well presented. Their knowledge of the community we were exploring was thorough and capably presented. Transport vehicles were glove clean and luxurious. Everyone was on time to the minute!In my business asking the right questions gets you to the heart of the matter. Maybe the best way to convey my impression of this travel company is through the comments of the tour guides themselves. I nearly always questioned the guides, "what is it like to work with this travel agency?" Without fail our travel company was praised, and very overtly. The guides really like the assignments they obtained from our travel team.Several of my friends have inquired about our trip which we posted on Facebook. I think our travel company will be receiving more tour requests in the future.Well done!

Spain Travel Review: Ronda, Cordoba, Seville, Jerez de la Frontera, Sherry Tasting, Equestrian Show, 8-Night Tour


Betsy J.
Sep 25, 2022
We had a fabulous time. We loved everything and every person who guided us along the way. Raquel's planning and availability is impeccable. She did not miss a beat. We were assisted with every need and her plan, the places she suggested, the resources she used we can't praise enough. Words fail me to be honest it was such a great trip. I would sing her praises (if I could sing). Thank you for the recommendation. Please tell future clients she is the very very best in the business for Spain.  Zicasso, you do a fabulous job at recommending travel organizations. We LOVED our travel company. The attention to detail was completely amazing. And, Raquel's flexibility!! Wow!!  We had the same experience with the resource we used for Africa. Thank you so very much.  Sincerely,Betsy J. and Nancy J.

Spain Tour Review: Barcelona, Cordoba, Toledo, Granada, Seville, Girona, Besalu, La Alhambra, Private Tour, 16-Day Vacation


Sam J.
Mar 18, 2023
We just completed a 16 day Jewish Heritage Trip of Spain. Lalo from our travel agency was absolutely spectacular. We have visited over 80 counties around the world and lived for extended time in Australia/New Zealand, Hong Kong, Israel and Germany. No one, no travel agency did or could do better than Lalo. Not in any special order...he was always available both before the trip and during the trip. We Zoomed together probably at least 6 times before the trip. He met us at the hotel after we just arrived form the US in Madrid. I called him several times during the trip and he always answered the phone and responded to my inquires immediately. In fact, he stayed in contact almost every day of the trip asking for feedback and what he could do to make the trip even better. He loved co-creating the itinerary with my wife and me. We stayed at 7 hotels, which he worked with us to choose. We had 10 different guides in 9 different cities-towns villages...and they were top, top, top. All incredible experts. Lalo suggested restaurants for all places and they were spot on. Lalo and the travel company have a personal app they create for you as the client. It is fantastic. ALL the documents, tickets and vouchers. Every single day's itineraries and where to be and when. Names and phone numbers of guides and drivers. Restaurants and your hotel details. The app works on and off line. Wow!  Yes...the trip and the company were 5 star!!!!!

Luxury Spain Vacation Review: Cordoba, Toledo, Salamanca, Segovia, Consuegra, Ávila‎, El Escorial, Valley of the Fallen


Darby G.
Dec 21, 2022
We had a fantastic trip to Spain. Brianna at this travel company was so easy to work with. We had some definite ideas about where we wanted to go and she helped us figure out the best way to get there. We had decided on a few specific hotels. She suggested the rest and we were pleased with all the selections. The guides were top notch.
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