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15 Best Places to Travel in November

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Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia

November is a magnificent time to discover new countries, and these destinations provide a mixture of captivating experiences.

From cruising near impressive karsts to winding along an ancient trail, discovering the pyramids to witnessing natural island beauty, travel in November is a highlight for new insights and authentic experiences across the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

From shadow puppets to arctic penguins, safari excursions to preserved temples, this information unveils some of the best places to visit, no matter the kind of traveler you are.

  1. 1. Portugal
  2. 2. Turkey
  3. 3. Australia
  4. 4. Chile
  5. 5. Brazil
  6. 6. Galapagos Islands • Ecuador
  7. 7. Cuba
  8. 8. Antarctica
  9. 9. Argentina
  10. 10. Tanzania
  11. 11. Vietnam
  12. 12. Japan
  13. 13. Laos
  14. 14. Egypt
  15. 15. Morocco
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1. Portugal

Rows of colorful, historil houses in Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal

Temperatures: Low 59°F • High 68°F

Highlights: Culture, beaches, museums, wine, cuisine

Other recommended travel times: January • May • June • July • September

Portugal in November is a perfect escape from the onset of autumn rain that often affects other cities and counties in Europe. The relaxed ambiance spreads from Lisbon to the Algarve, Porto to Melgaco.

Whether you are eager to visit fairy-tale castles or interested in strolling through ancient neighborhoods, lured by the promise of Port or ready to bask in the breathtaking scenery, from granite peaks to dune-covered beaches, Portugal in November lets you indulge in an immersive way.

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2. Turkey

Hot air balloons over rock formations in Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey

Temperatures: Low 54°F • High 62°F

Highlights: Culture, museums, cuisine, ancient ruins, unique scenery

Other recommended travel times: June • September

Turkey in November reveals its unique beauty, from pristine islands to ancient ruins, Byzantine grandeur to Ottoman ingenuity.

November is relatively mild across the country and the summer crowds have dwindled, making the various corners of Turkey accessible and welcoming.

The rich history of the landscape will come to life in the cuisine, the vibrant ambiance of the bazaars, and the distinctive culture that speaks to the layers of the past and is displayed effortlessly when autumn meets winter.

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3. Australia

Vibrant blue water on the sunshine coast in Queensland, Australia

Noosa, Australia

Temperatures: Low 63°F • High 77°F

Highlights: Hot weather, culture, water sports, scenery, Great Barrier Reef, beaches

Other recommended travel times: January • February • April • October

Australia sees the last month of spring in the Southern Hemisphere, creating a comfortable climate with low rainfall and warm days. In the far north, November can bring the beginning of the dry season, but across most of the country the crowds are minimal and the weather inviting.

With unexpected scenic diversity, ancient and vibrant cosmopolitan culture, you can embrace the spirit of adventure. Explore lively woodlands, sample delicious wines, bask on celebrated beaches, discover the colors of the Great Barrier Reef, or enjoy an introduction to Aboriginal culture.

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4. Chile

Lake Pehoe in Torres del Paine National Park, Chilean Patagonia

Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

Temperatures: Low 53°F • High 81°F

Highlights: Scenery, culture, museums, wine, hiking

Other recommended travel times: February • March • October • December

November in Chile embodies grandeur and majesty. Spring in the Southern Hemisphere blooms wild and colorfully from the northern desert to the southern icefields in Patagonia, with warmer weather, dry days, and accessibility to the different regions returning.

Nature demonstrates its magnitude and magnificence, from the Paine Massif to the Pacific Ocean, lush vineyards to snow-white sands on the salt flats. November in Chile allows you to take time for an exciting immersion.

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5. Brazil

Itaimbezinho Canyon in Cambará do Sul, Brazil

Aparados da Serra National Park, Brazil

Temperatures: Low 73°F • High 84°F

Highlights: Warm weather, wildlife, culture, beaches, scenery, the Amazon

Other recommended travel times: January • March • August

November in Brazil unveils the wonders of the tropics and the vibrance of cosmopolitan cities. The cluster of islands along the coastline become vibrant in the Southern Hemisphere’s spring as the weather warms, but the crowds remain slim.

Brazil is a captivating world of color, where the rainforest shines green and the beaches glow a powdery white. From coral islands and red-rock canyons to a rainbow of metropolises, Brazil is an endless wonder of art, rhythm, human history, and natural heritage.

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6. Galapagos Islands • Ecuador

Woman selling handmade wicker boxes at a Andean market in Ecuador

Cuenca, Ecuadorr

Temperatures: Low 65°F • High 79°F

Highlights: Warm weather, culture, cuisine, hiking, scenery, wildlife

Other recommended travel times: January • March • May • August • September • October

With warm, dry weather, the Galapagos in November demonstrates nature’s splendor. From hiking to wildlife spotting, venturing into the Andes’ rocky peaks to finding remote corners of the Amazon, Ecuador in November is quiet and inviting, as it nestles between the crowded travel seasons.

Whether looking for tropical penguins or the fiery red feathers of macaws, eager to touch the equatorial line or visit a traditional Andean market, Ecuador and the Galapagos bring culture, history, and scenery to life.

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7. Cuba

Vintage car on the street with colorful buildings in Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba

Temperatures: Low 75°F • High 84°F

Highlights: Warm weather, culture, beaches, scenery

Other recommended travel times: March • April

Tropical paradise returns to Cuba in November as the dry season sweeps across the island to bring plenty of sunshine and pleasant temperatures.

The majesty of timeworn architecture immerses you in historical heirlooms, from the coastline to the intoxicating music echoing through the streets of preserved Spanish colonial towns.

With folklore and inspiring karsts, cigars and rum, literary history and revolutionary spirit, Cuba in November can awaken passion in any and every kind of traveler.

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8. Antarctica

Antarctic emperor penguins in Antarctica


Temperatures: Low 28°F • High 41°F

Highlights: Snow, wildlife, scenery, water sports, scientific excursions

Other recommended travel times: January

November in Antarctica demonstrates the undisturbed grandeur of wildlife and wilderness. As one of the last frontiers on the planet, November ushers in the Southern Hemisphere summer, when the polar ice slowly breaks away.

Remote, undiscovered, and with a timeless promise of adventure, November in Antarctica can take you hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, or wildlife spotting to find endless natural wonder.

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9. Argentina

Salt flats of Salinas Grandes in Argentina

Salinas Grandes, Argentina

Temperatures: Low 64°F • High 78°F

Highlights: Warm weather, culture, hiking, scenery, cycling, wine, horseback riding

Other recommended travel times: February • April • December

November brings Argentina into full bloom, as the spring unfolds in the Southern Hemisphere.

From seductive tango to the intense glaciers of Patagonia, the rolling thunder of Iguazú Falls to the pristine saline flats of Salta, Argentina in November has comfortable weather, with crowds relegated to the future.

With global influence and diverse beauty stretching from the northern jungle to the southern ice fields, November in Argentina offers a rare glimpse into the wonders of the entire country.

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10. Tanzania

Travelers in jeep on a safari game drive observing young lions lying on rocks in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, Africa

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Temperatures: Low 52°F • High 81°F

Highlights: Warm weather, wildlife, culture, scenery

Other recommended travel times: January • July • August • October

Short daily rains and open space make Tanzania a marvelous adventure in November.

Herds set out along the northern edge of the Serengeti and rates remain low, providing an exceptional time of year to venture into expansive grasslands in search of wildlife or spend time on the warm sands of Zanzibar.

Visit the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, search for the Big Five on a dazzling safari, or explore the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean during a fantastic time of year to uncover Tanzania’s natural splendor.

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11. Vietnam

Rice terraces in mountainous countryside of Mu Cang Chai in the Yen Bai Province of Vietnam

Mu Cang Chai in the Yen Bai Province of Vietnam

Temperatures: Low 73°F • High 80°F

Highlights: Warm weather, ancient ruins, culture, beaches, cuisine, villages

Other recommended travel times: January • March • April

The astonishing combination of ancient jagged peaks and buzzing contemporary cities, lush paddy fields and lively historic towns creates a marvelous immersive ambiance in November.

The weather is dry and cooler in the north, with warm, sunny days in the south. With a touch of history, you can experience compelling traditions in secluded villages.

Vietnam is a complex mixture of past and present, grand nature and elaborate architecture that you can unwrap in the perfect November weather, before the crowds roll in around the end of the year.

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12. Japan

Fuji mountain and Chureito Pagoda shrine with autumn foliage in Fujiyoshida, Japan

Chureito Pagoda in Fujiyoshida, Japan

Temperatures: Low 49°F • High 61°F

Highlights: Cherry blossoms, culture, temples, villages, cuisine

Other recommended travel times: March • May • April • October

November in Japan is a vision. The cooler air and clear skies frame the changing foliage across the archipelago.

Timeless beauty takes center stage when you visit ancient temples or wander through futuristic cities, basking in the comforts of hot springs or sampling distinctive cuisine.

Traditional culture, the spirited splendor of the outdoors, and established customs preserved in time provide a marvelous framework within the greater ambiance of Japan.

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13. Laos

Man riding bicycle in front of Pha That Luang pagoda in Vientiane, Laos

Pha That Luang in Vientiane, Laos

Temperatures: Low 73.4°F • High 79°F

Highlights: Warm weather, culture, scenery, temples, villages

Other recommended travel times: March

November in Laos has little rainfall, plenty of sunshine, and high waters along the river that capture the spirit that combines local culture and undulating scenery.

The wilderness feels vivid and voluptuous, with soaring mountains, rushing waters, and an authentic kaleidoscope of colors.

From eclectic adventure to serene temples, enticing cuisine to continued customs, Laos feels unspoiled and effortlessly charming as cooler, drier days take hold.

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14. Egypt

Great Pyramids in Giza, Egypt

Giza, Egypt

Temperatures: Low 59°F • High 84°F

Highlights: Cool weather, culture, historical towns, museums, scenery

Other recommended travel times: January • October

November opens the desert landscape of Egypt, with the weather dramatically cooling to make remote scenery and history more accessible. The treasures of the past and present cultures of Egypt emerge from the sands and cities.

From discovering the celebrated monuments of the ancient world to enjoying the surprising splendor of the Red Sea, the oases on the banks of the Nile River to the bustling lanes of the Grand Bazaar in Cairo, Egypt contains layers of culture, heritage, and history.

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15. Morocco

Young girl exploring The Hassan II Mosque is a mosque in Casablanca, Morocco.

Casablanca, Morocco

Temperatures: Low 49°F • High 69°F

Highlights: Culture, architecture, cuisine, villages, hiking

Other recommended travel times: March • September • October

November in Morocco shines a light on brilliant nights, from the seascape to the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara Desert to the bustling ancient cities. The days shorten in November, bringing with them cooler weather and smaller crowds across the country.

With the dazzling natural beauty of the rolling waves along the west coast and the sand dunes to the east, the dramatic snowcapped peaks to the labyrinthine lanes of preserved medinas, you can sample the authentic culture of Morocco, lounge beneath the starlight, or embrace the captivating stories that spring to life in the streets.

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Plan Your Trip for November

People exploring  snowpacked Antarctica


November demonstrates the beauty of nature and displays the grandeur of culture in the heart of fall and spring across the world.

From finding waddling penguins along the Antarctic coastline to uncovering the stories dance movements tell, November opens you up to new experiences.

A personalized vacation can bring you new inspiration and ideas, and suggestions from our trips of a lifetime itineraries or more information on the best places to travel by month can guide you in finding your next trip.

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