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7 One-on-One Trip Ideas for Families

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Mother and daughter on the beach in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Create lifelong memories with your children with inspiration from our top seven trips with younger members of your family. With safety and ease of travel at the forefront, these itineraries celebrate the magic of experiencing the world together.

Eager for adventure or interested in a tropical getaway, celebrating a milestone or simply looking for a unique vacation together, find the right place to explore with your travel style in mind.

Each destination will draw you and your children closer together as you share quality time, exciting ideas, and adventures.

  1. 1. Trip Idea for Teens
  2. 2. Trip Idea for School-Age Children
  3. 3. Trip Idea for Kids of All Ages
  4. 4. Trip Idea for the Adventurous
  5. 5. Trip Idea for the Beach Type
  6. 6. Trip Idea for the Nature Lover
  7. 7. Trip Idea for the Curious
  8. Explore the Best Experiences with Your Family

1. Trip Idea for Teens

Kayaking around the caves at Ponte de Piedade in Algarve, Portugal

Algarve, Portugal

Regal Relaxation Family Portugal Tour is a 12-day trip that celebrates the history and Iberian sunlight for which Portugal is famous. Indulge in the seaside ambiance of the Algarve and delight in the flavors of historic cities. Delve deep into the storybook ambiance of hidden towns and embrace the fascinating art that decorates open plazas and private gallery spaces.

Every teen has their own preferences and opinions, and this itinerary is flexible to include extra time to explore in whatever way feels best. Relax together as you uncover Portugal's distinctive culture and welcoming ambiance that can entice even the most discerning teenager.

Highlights: Enjoy a motorbike tour of Porto • Explore the inspiration for Harry Potter • Discover beautiful heritage towns • Lounge on the Algarve beaches • Sail the coastline on a private boat

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2. Trip Idea for School-Age Children

Piazza Venezia in Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

The nine-day Family Exploration of Italy's Historic Cities & Enchanting Countryside will capture your children’s imagination in a safe and inspiring environment. With each day designed to capture Italy’s famous history, while also urging creativity, you can make a Venetian mask and learn the art of gladiatorial battle.

Explore Italy’s legendary areas, from Venice to Florence, Tuscany to Rome, with ease and in comfort while traveling with younger children, enchanted by the stories, the landscape, and the food. Learn the secrets to crafting pasta, uncover the myths of medieval towns, and discover new meaning in renowned artworks as you create unforgettable memories across the country.

Highlights: Explore St. Mark’s Square and Doge’s Palace • Make a masquerade mask • Take a Tuscan cooking class • Explore an underground city • Learn about gladiators at the Colosseum

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3. Trip Idea for Kids of All Ages

Milford Sound, New Zealand

Milford Sound, New Zealand

Best of New Zealand's South Island in 11 Days shares the natural grandeur and timeless charms of glaciers, soaring mountains, and glistening lakes while traveling at your own pace. Explore together with a coordinated self-drive tour to see the expansive ice fields by boat or stroll through the country’s second-largest city, search for sea lions and penguins, or mountain bike through the wilderness.

Whether traveling with young children or active teenagers, you can set the tone for your tour as you cruise the untouched fiord of Milford Sound or glide through a silent cave system looking for the gentle light of a glowworm colony. Whether driving scenic roads or on a helicopter ride over a glacier’s surface, you can enjoy comfortable accommodations and a safe environment across the South Island.

Highlights: Visit the rim of an extinct volcano • Cruise a glacial lake • View New Zealand’s only castle • Witness the famous glowworms • Explore Milford Sound’s nature • Enjoy a helicopter ride over Fox and Franz Josef glaciers

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4. Trip Idea for the Adventurous

Father and son hiking in the Patagonia in Argentina

Patagonia, Argentina

Experience Hiking Patagonia: Two-Week Active Adventure with your children and embrace the wonders and wilds of the outdoors. Patagonia is celebrated for its dramatic mountains, glinting glaciers, and unique wildlife that crosses borders between Argentina and Chile. Your experience will immerse you in untamed wilderness for an unparalleled exploration together.

Celebrate culture and nature as you travel from Buenos Aires to Argentine Patagonia. Discover the city’s distinctive neighborhoods and sample traditional local cuisine before opening your eyes to hanging glaciers, thundering waterfalls, and remarkable glacial lakes. From the French Valley to the Paine Towers, witness iconic landmarks, cruise remote waters, and share in the adventure together.

Highlights: Sample traditional Argentine cuisine • Trek the icy surface of the Perito Moreno Glacier • Hike to the Mirador las Torres • Enjoy a catamaran cruise of Pehoe Lake • Follow the famous Torre lagoon route

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5. Trip Idea for the Beach Type

Seascape of Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar, Tanzania

There are many beach destinations in the world, but very few unveil history, a pristine coastline, and a wonderful connection to wildlife like the island of Zanzibar. With luxurious accommodation options, white sands, crystal-clear waters, and access to unbelievable activities, Safari and Seascape: 9-Day Tanzania and Zanzibar offers a safe, inviting, and easily accessed experience with little need for constant transfers, which adds to the overall ease of travel.

A beach destination enhances the safari experience at Ruaha National Park, where you can search for lions, leopards, elephants, or rhinoceros. Whether with a sunset cruise on the ocean waters, looking for hidden waterfalls, or basking beneath the golden sun, you can enjoy the combination of destinations as a family.

Highlights: Enjoy the sparkling Indian Ocean and colorful reefs • Sail along the coastline of Zanzibar • Cruise in a traditional dhow boat • Find waterfalls in Jozani Forest • Embrace a safari experience in Ruaha National Park

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6. Trip Idea for the Nature Lover

Beach sunset at Marino Ballena National Park in Uvita, Costa Rica

Uvita, Costa Rica

This 11-day Handcrafted Costa Rica Tour: Finest Tropical Escape shines a spotlight on the wonders and power of untouched nature in one of the most biodiverse destinations in the world. Costa Rica is considered one of the safest destinations on Earth and the easy option of private transfers between destinations, private guides, and comfortable accommodations allows you to explore as you like.

Whether your kids want action and adventure in the jungle terrain or a relaxing ambiance along the coastline, you can combine every possibility as you celebrate the natural world. Indulge in hot springs in Arenal, listen for the unmistakable sounds of howler monkeys, search for sloths as you walk hanging bridges in the rainforest canopy, and kayak along the jeweled coastline of Manuel Antonio National Park. Unrivaled in its ease and accessibility, Costa Rica is always an excellent destination for families.

Highlights: Bask in the biodiversity of Costa Rica • Enjoy thermal hot springs • Take a rainforest canopy walk • Horseback ride through a private wildlife refuge • Zipline across the treetops for a bird’s-eye view • Search for wildlife in Manuel Antonio National Park

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7. Trip Idea for the Curious

Town of Ait Benhaddou in Morocco

Ait Benhaddou, Morocco

Ancient Heritage to Hot Sands: Immersive Morocco Tour is an 11-day discovery of cultural majesty, natural wonder, and enticing mythology. Private transfers, guided tours, boutique accommodations, and a welcoming culture combine for an enticing mixture that curious children and adults can experience together. Discover the diversity that stretches from the rolling golden hills of the Sahara to the colonial architecture of the Atlantic coastline.

From the storytellers of Djemaa El Fna Square to the cinematic fortified desert city of Ait Benhaddou, the colorful marketplaces to the vibrant medinas, you can indulge in the aromas or enjoy vibrant gardens at your family’s pace. The unforgettable environment, blended with unique activities, will create an array of endless memories for you and your children.

Highlights: Explore Marrakech’s famous medina • Enjoy a private cooking class • Witness Morocco’s tallest waterfall • Discover a 17th-century Moroccan castle • Wander the infamous Sahara sand dunes on a camel • Uncover the seaside fortress of Essaouira

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Explore the Best Experiences with Your Family

Sloth hanging from a tree in the rainforest of Costa Rica

Costa Rica

When traveling with your children, you want to ensure you create a stimulating, even educational environment in a safe and enjoyable place. Whether you wish to travel in luxury or are eager to share in adventures, it is difficult to know where to visit and how to plan the right trip with a single child, let alone siblings who may not wish to have the same experiences.

Understanding the kinds of experiences you and the younger members of your family want immediately helps with where you should visit and how you should travel. Looking for island getaways with classic European culture? Greece could be the right destination. Interested in a comfortable journey off the beaten path? Australia has exciting opportunities.

Working with a travel specialist can help you explore, plan, and experience your perfect trip with your kids. Find more inspiration with our Family Vacation Travel Guide.

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