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Why a Custom Tour Is Best for Your Vacation

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There are many ways to plan a vacation and a custom tour is one of the best as it allows you to travel your way, without hassle.

Many plan their own trip or join a group tour, but the best way to ensure a spectacular vacation is to work with a destination expert to plan a personalized itinerary. Now more than ever, an itinerary designed for you by a destination expert is the way to ensure a stress-free experience.

At Zicasso, we excel at helping you plan your vacation and there are several reasons you should consider using our service to make your next getaway the best one yet.

  1. What is a Custom Tour?
  2. What are the Benefits of a Private Custom Tour?
  3. Why is a Private Custom Tour Better Than a Group Tour?
  4. Should I Plan My Trip Myself?
  5. Plan a Custom Tour with Zicasso

What is a Custom Tour?

A travel specialist plans a customized tour according to your preferences, interests, travel dates, and chosen destination.

Whether you desire a family-friendly adventure or a romantic getaway, an anniversary vacation or to take the trip of a lifetime, each of the accommodations, activities, and destinations is tailored to your tastes.

The knowledge and experience of your travel specialist make a big difference because it is their insight into local businesses, activities, excursions, and other possibilities that will help connect the things you want to do with the destinations you wish to visit.

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What are the Benefits of a Private Custom Tour?

Enjoy Freedom and Flexibility

  • Travel on your timeline rather than having to fit your schedule around previously scheduled tour dates.
  • Move and explore as you like, opting to discover iconic highlights or moving off the expected path to new places.
  • Enjoy unique opportunities and possibilities based on your interests and what you enjoy doing most.

Benefit from Local Knowledge and Experience

  • Access activities and experiences you could never find on your own as Zicasso travel specialists know what the guidebooks do not.
  • Instead of only following the expected highlights, find new experiences in line with your particular interests and hobbies.
  • From VIP access to privately guided tours, exclusive restaurants, wineries, and so much more, if you can imagine it, your travel specialist can likely make it happen.

Why is a Private Custom Tour Better Than a Group Tour?

A group tour has a fixed schedule and the itinerary is pre-planned. It offers the advantage of convenience, but there’s much less flexibility, less local knowledge, and it requires travelers to move at the group’s pace.

After considering pre-set routes, add-on excursions or experiences, double-occupancy considerations, and the lack of freedom, there is often not a significant difference between the cost of a group tour versus a custom tour. However, it could result in a remarkably different experience.

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Should I Plan My Trip Myself?

Planning your trip yourself sacrifices local expertise and know-how, as well as connections that can help should unexpected circumstances arise. Why not take advantage of the expert advice and guidance of your travel agent to solve any issues or challenges?

From transportation changes to the need to shift your itinerary, your travel specialist is on hand to help 24/7 throughout your vacation. From planning every detail to ensuring your safe arrival home, your travel specialist is always three steps ahead of you to ensure your experience is hassle-free and relaxing.

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Plan a Custom Tour with Zicasso

Zicasso has spent thousands of hours vetting the best boutique travel partners in the world. When you complete a trip request, we match you with exceptional travel specialists to plan your custom tour.

Not sure where you want to go? Explore our Zicasso travel blog for inspiration or browse our featured luxury tours and vacations to plan your custom trip.

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