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Top 5 Things to Do in Australia & New Zealand

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VIneyards in Marlborough, New Zealand

VIneyards in Marlborough, New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are defined by their ability to offer something utterly unique that you can experience during your personalized trip.

The accessibility of diverse destinations helps ensure unparalleled experiences as you discover beautiful cities, cruise through fjords, explore intrepid deserts, lounge on beaches, or hike through Middle Earth. Journeying across these surprising islands could last a lifetime, but even the shortest vacation provides a sublime concoction of wanderlust realized.

From a rhythm that quickly unveils its magic to uncovering a lost world that awaits, our list of unique experiences offers a fraction of the new experiences that will ignite your imagination during your Australia & New Zealand tour.

1. Raise a glass to sumptuous wine growing regions

Admire the stunning natural surroundings as you tour legendary wine regions like the Barossa Valley in South Australia and Margaret River in Western Australia. In between having your senses gently massaged by rich reds and dainty whites, discover sea lion-ruled beaches, sandstone city avenues, and fine organic cuisine whether in New South Wales’s Hunter Valley or New Zealand’s Central Otago region.

2. Glide above the Majestic Landscape on a Helicopter Ride

Helicopter ride above the beauty of the natural scenery and gaze down on an uninhabited world of reefs, fjords, mountains, and beaches. Australia and New Zealand offer excellent opportunities to appreciate the scale of the expansive landscape and diverse coastlines from the sky, and they combine the aerial experience with breathtaking landings on isolated glaciers, open plains, stunning mountaintops, and remote beaches.

3. Find Excitement in the Waters

Along the diverse waters of New Zealand, you can photograph the perfect reflection of snowy mountains and luscious forest or discover a love for adrenaline, as a contagious collection of heart-racing activities grabs hold of almost every visitor. In Australia, you can dive into the transparent waters of the Great Barrier Reef in search of rainbow-colored coral, exuberant fish, and images of pristine white-sand beaches that reflect the world’s natural splendor.

4. Embrace Isolated Islands

Islands isolated from the rest of the world are always going to develop wildlife of delightful inimitability. Wander amongst the trees and come face to face with the tiny joeys that are nurtured in pouches, Australia’s marsupials putting on a show for respectful visitors. Koalas quickly showcase their indelible charm while kangaroos hop and skip across open expanses of iconic bushland.

5. Discover the Ambiance of Geothermal Activity

New Zealand’s North Island bubbles with volcanic activity, geothermal jets spurting out of Rotorua's geysers and sending boiling water across colorful prehistoric rocks. Nature’s uncontrollable domination of the continent is rarely better exemplified as you explore the bubbling mud pools or visit with Maori communities who practice traditional cooking techniques by steaming seafood in the naturally heated waters.

Uncover Your Perfect Australia & New Zealand Experience

Australia’s vast and untamed land immediately captures the imagination, yet its otherworldly attractions are easily accessible. New Zealand’s unique geological formations expand definitions of natural beauty with the South Island’s astonishing ruggedness set against the volcanic and artistic North Island. Despite the size and scale, both countries always serve up a dreamy intimacy. If you wish to learn more about your possible trip, check out our Australia & New Zealand Tours. For more information, contact a Zicasso travel specialist by completing a Trip Request or by calling 1-888-265-9707.

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