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4 Tips for Your Japan Cherry Blossom Trip in 2024

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Cherry blossoms on Mount Yoshino in Yoshino, Japan

Yoshino, Japan

The changing seasons in Japan are a time for locals and visitors to slow down and notice the beauty of nature. With this in mind, our four tips for your Japan cherry blossom trip in 2024 will help you capture the majesty of quiet moments, surrounded by spectacular beauty.

From the different months to visit the country to the various destinations in which the cherry blossoms thrive, how to experience the season, and possible locations in which you can avoid the crowds, by understanding your preferences you can learn how to best plan for your trip, no matter when you choose to travel.

As the cherry trees blossom across the country, the ambiance creates festive cheer that will welcome you to the wonders of the season, whether in 2024 or beyond.

  1. 1. Find the Right Time for Your Visit
  2. 2. Explore the Top Places to Visit to Give You the Best Opportunities
  3. 3. Experience Cherry Blossom Season Like a Local
  4. 4. Design a Customized Cherry Blossom Itinerary
  5. Start Planning Your 2024 Japan Cherry Blossom Tour

1. Find the Right Time for Your Visit

Mount Fuji and cherry blossoms in spring

Mount Fuji, Japan

Japan’s cherry blossom season traditionally starts in March and lasts until May, but there is no definite time when the blossoms will bloom or wither. Typically, the trees spring to life later in the north and earlier in the south, in relation to warming weather that signifies spring.

Discovering the cities and countryside on a route that follows the blossoms is one of the best experiences in Japan and a way to experience the connections between the natural, cultural, and historical beauty of the country. The trees generally start to blossom in Okinawa in the south by early March, eventually blooming in Hokkaido in the north by May.

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2. Explore the Top Places to Visit to Give You the Best Opportunities

Night time with cherry blossoms at Meguro River in Tokyo, Japan

Meguro River in Tokyo, Japan

There are plenty of places in which you can view cherry blossoms across Japan, but different locations may offer alternative ways to engage with the season and the blooms.

The best places to visit in Japan can immerse you in charming cherry blossom festivals and activities that exemplify the splendor of spring, or simply provide you with a new perspective on how to enjoy the natural majesty of the blossoms and drifting petals that decorate mountain slopes and valleys, parks and plazas.

  • Ueno Park in Tokyo has 1,200 trees and plenty of picnic spots, and is the best place to view the cherry blossoms at night, when the trees are illuminated and evening performances create a lively ambiance.
  • Meguro River Cherry Blossom Festival in Tokyo has 800 trees that create a pink tunnel along a three-mile stretch of river that becomes illuminated by paper lanterns at night.
  • Takada Castle has approximately 4,000 trees that bloom in early April, accompanied by taiko drumming and traditional dances, as well as 3,000 glowing lanterns at night.
  • Fuji Kawaguchiko Cherry Blossom Festival starts in early April on Mt Fuji’s north shore, where activities and special events take place day and night.
  • The Hirosaki Castle Park Cherry Blossom Festival takes place from late April to early May and features 2,600 trees thriving on the grounds of the 400-year-old castle.

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3. Experience Cherry Blossom Season Like a Local

Philosopher's Path covered in cherry blossoms

Philosopher's Path in Kyoto, Japan

Hanami is the traditional word for cherry blossom viewing and will give you a better understanding of how locals experience the season. From wandering down Kyoto’s Philosopher’s Path beneath the hundreds of cherry trees dotting the ancient walkway to sitting with your family in Ueno Park with a bento lunch, cherry blossoms are meant to be enjoyed slowly.

The blossoms are the national flower of Japan and symbolize the transience of nature, inspiring a celebration of the moment, whether with family or friends, or enjoying a solitary view of the trees from near an ancient temple.

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4. Design a Customized Cherry Blossom Itinerary

Chidorigafuchi Park with cherry blossoms set agains the Tokyo skyline

Chidorigafuchi Park in Tokyo, Japan

The beauty of the cherry blossom season exemplifies the marvels of Japan and the connection between tradition and contemporary life that you can explore with 10 days in Japan.

Discover the futuristic ambiance of Tokyo as it merges with the charm of blossoming cherry trees. Experience the grand traditions of Kyoto, from temples to gardens, as cherry blossoms shine a light on the spiritual heart of Japan.

Witness the ancient remains of Hirosaki Castle for a combination of samurai history and cherry blossom charm, and embrace the passionate atmosphere of Osaka, where cuisine matches the marvel of the blooming trees.

Where to Visit During Your Vacation

Days 1-3: Tokyo

Days 4-6: Kyoto

Days 7-8: Hirosaki

Days 9-10: Osaka

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Start Planning Your 2024 Japan Cherry Blossom Tour

Cherry blossoms in Hirosaki Park in Japan

Hirosaki, Japan

Japan is a wonder of natural beauty, celebrated tradition, and futuristic movement, with cherry trees providing an added layer of sophisticated charm. From Tokyo to Kyoto, secluded mountain retreats to lively island getaways, the cherry blossoms that adorn Japan are a marvel that inspires visitors and locals to slow down and embrace the uniqueness of an individual moment.

Find inspiration for your perfect experience with our Japan cherry blossom travel guide or explore the country how you prefer during the cherry blossom season by finding more inspiration with our Japan tours and vacations.

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