Bird's-eye view of Old Town Bern in Switzerland.

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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Nancy in Greece

Nancy's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Gina L.
Submitted on 8.28.2019

We LOVED working with the this travel team!We were originally contacted by a few different companies after submitting our travel inquiry to Zicasso. Of all of the companies, we felt that this travel team took the most time to make a package more personalized to our needs, and were so patient to listen to us on the phone to better understand what we were asking for. We traveled to Greece for one week without our three young children to celebrate our ten year anniversary.  Our travel planner understood that it was difficult for us to leave three young kids behind. She optimized our time to ensure we caught all of the sites, minimized the time away from our children and also captured enough time to relax. She took such great care of us and helped to plan the PERFECT vacation for us.  She listened to our requests, respected out budget and made wonderful suggestions appropriate to our tastes.  The private drivers and tour guides that were arranged were outstanding.  Everyone was so friendly and knowledgeable. I can honestly say that there wasn't anything that disappointed me.I will definitely book another trip with this planner when I travel to Europe again....hopefully soon! ;-) Thank you for your help in creating the best anniversary trip for us!

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Travel agent Jeff in Scotland

Jeff's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Brenda F.
Submitted on 6.5.2022

From start to finish this trip was everything we could have hoped for. I told Jeff a bit about our interests in Scotland and he put together a trip that hit all the marks. Great itinerary, hotels, sights and distilleries! Jeff and Linda took care of all the details from the moment we landed in Edinburgh until we said a sad goodbye to Scotland in Glasgow.Our guide was incredible! Knowledgeable, funny, tireless and a wonderful storyteller - she made the trip perfect for us.

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Travel agent Eleonora in Italy

Eleonora's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Tim C.
Submitted on 3.30.2022

Exceptional trip for a second time.  The travel planners were extremely responsive in providing suggestions of things to see and do in the areas we were planning to visit in March 2022.  We had a prior excellent experience in December 2019.  They provided timely and courteous responses to changes we needed to coordinate during the planning process and made themselves available for any questions we had during the trip.  Our family trip consisted of four people including 2 adult children.  The accommodations were great and in areas near the activities we wanted to do.  Transportation arrangements were excellent and timely.  Our family had a great experience and would highly recommend the travel company. 

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Travel agent Tomaz in Slovenia

Tomaz's Travel Agency


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Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Czech Republic
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Verified Review

Lauren E.
Submitted on 1.11.2022

I had a wonderful trip to Switzerland with my husband, over the Christmas and New Year holidays, which we had been planning since prior to the pandemic starting. Once we finally made the move to coordinate, our travel agents (and team) were beyond attentive with coordinating initial calls, to ensure we included everything we wanted within this trip and then planned everything down to the very last detail. Our itinerary helped us so much! From directions on which trains to take, metros to transfer to and walking instructions to our various hotels and activities, we desperately appreciated when navigating unknown cities. It took the stress of having to do it ourselves off our plate and allowed us to truly enjoy where we were. Even when problems arose, with us getting lost on the bus, a travel agent was readily available via an app, planning our travel and navigating us back to where we needed to be. We’re so very thankful for their service, support and care. I would definitely reach out again for our next trip! Thank you!

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Travel agent Ana in Spain

Ana's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Emily M.
Submitted on 5.7.2022

Wow!  We can't say enough good things about our travel agency!Incredibly smooth process from planning to scheduling to trip and in between.  Ana is incredibly friendly and helpful. She designed a fantastic trip based on our preferences and was always available by phone either immediately or within minutes. She picked a great balance of fun things to do and interesting places to visit along the way. There are many things we wouldn't have realized we could do or that we could have scheduled. We were literally doing something different every day. Everything was masterfully organized and executed. We were met every time exactly as scheduled by a tour guide or driver. They provided a cool app with details of each day and driver's/tour guide's name and cell number (we never needed to call but nice to know it was there).  Tour guides were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They provided a local cell phone for using google and keeping in touch with them while we were in Spain. That came in handy when a flight got cancelled due to fog but they fixed it quickly. They checked on us regularly to make sure we didn't need anything. They literally thought of everything!If you are going to Spain or Portugal I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND our travel agency! You will not be disappointed.  

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Travel agent Jayde in Norway

Jayde's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Amy A.
Submitted on 7.28.2021

The trip was wonderful and we loved almost everything about it. We did need help a couple of times with issues with reservations and we got very quick replies and help. One day a boat tour was cancelled due to mechanical issues. Refund for the tour was super easy and it ended up working out for us as we were a bit tired on that day so we had a slower pace that morning. That same day, we showed up to our horseback riding tour and they had set the tour for the wrong day. The place sorted it out but that was a bit frustrating. I called the wrong number (not the emergency number) at the travel company so it took a bit for us to hear back and the place had already resolved the issue. A bit later in the trip we had another tour not have our reservation for the correct day. That was the full day Jeep tour of the Askja crater. While we were disappointed to miss this, the replacement tour worked well for us. We did get a quick response from the travel company this time and we got resolution to the issue pretty quickly. Also had no trouble getting the refund for the difference in tours. When we arrived we made a last minute decision to add on a tour to the erupting volcano. Our travel designer made that happen with ease. That turned out to be everyone's favorite day as well. She was very quick to respond to our last minute changes and did a lot of work behind the scene to make the change seamless for us. I really think 4.5 stars is a better rating and the only reason not 5 is due to the small scheduling hiccups we had. While for the most part it didn't really impact our enjoyment of the trip, it was a little frustrating in the moment.  However how a company responds to problems is extremely important and this travel company was absolutely on top of resolving the issues that did arise. The tours that were chosen were amazing and we loved all the people we met. Iceland is an exquisitely beautiful, otherworldly country that I feel should be on everyone's bucket list. I wholeheartedly recommend both Zicasso and this travel company to anyone looking to travel to Iceland Our travel designer was able to craft a tour that gave us an excellent taste of what Iceland has to offer and the itinerary was perfectly detailed and guided us well. The trip was pretty close to perfect.  

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Travel agent Jonathan in Iceland

Jonathan's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

jenny W.
Submitted on 3.15.2022

We were very please to have this Iceland tour company plan our trip.They were able to custom our trip according to our interest and they were able to replace our canceled trip quickly without any delay.Jonathan is our trip advisor, he has done an amazing job to take care of our trip plan and answer my calls all the times.It is like having a 24-hour butler service.100% highly recommend to my friends and families to use their service. 

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Travel agent Irene in Greece office

Irene's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Ron R.
Submitted on 11.2.2021

We use Zicasso for almost all of our travel adventures and we must say this Greece travel agency provided one of the best travel experiences we have had.  From start to finish, the service was superb.  Irene and her team listened intently during the planning process and crafted a custom trip that exceeded our expectations in every respect.  The itinerary was well paced, the guides were extremely knowledgeable (many with university degrees in archeology), the drivers courteous, helpful and punctual, the accommodations superb, and the restaurant recommendations delicious.  Irene actively stayed in touch with us throughout the trip via a local mobile phone she provided that was pre-programmed with every phone number needed for our entire 30 day trip: her office, the guides, the drivers, the hotels, and many restaurants.When Olympic Airlines did not deliver our luggage on a return flight from Naxos to Athens we called Irene on the phone she had given us, explained the situation and then handed to phone to the Olympic baggage desk representative.  Irene spoke to her in Greek and then took over the entire expediting process of getting the luggage delivered quickly to our next stop in Napflion so we could focus on our trip and not on trying to get our luggage.  It was truly remarkable service.We will return to Greece in the future and we will definitely use this travel agency again.

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Featured Reviews

Travel Review: 4-Week Trip, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina


Mark S.
Oct 07, 2021
We just returned from 4 weeks in Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Originally we were to do this trip last year but Covid. Despite all the setbacks that Covid posed our travel company tailored and delivered a perfect tour for us.  Everybody that was supposed to meet us or deliver us was there on time every time.  Every ticket, every pass, every small detail - all arranged without flaw.  What I didn't realize was that not only had they crafted the itinerary for us in advance but they were working in the background throughout our trip checking daily to ensure that everything was going smoothly.  When the weather turned for us they already knew in advance and made alternate arrangements.  It was like having parents :-)Highly recommended. 

Europe Travel Review: United Kingdom, Germany, Italy & Austria, 18-Day Tour


Jacie D.
Nov 06, 2021
What a wonderful experience with the travel company!We traveled to multiple countries and cities in UK, Germany, Italy and Austria. The travel team handled everything; airfare, hotels, transfers, trains and tours. Hotels in great areas close to sights and trains. Guides were very knowledgeable and tours were tailored to our interest. Tours were private or small groups. Transfers were on time, well dressed with comfortable vehicles.I can't begin to thank the travel team for their outstanding personal attention! Examples:1.  I was briefly hospitalized in Germany. The travel team were wonderful and soon we were back on track with their help2. All trains were down to Heidelberg due to storm. A travel designer arranged for a private car to pick us up and take us all the way to the next town, over an hour away!3.  We problems finding a facility for covid testing in Venice. One phone call and everything taken care of by a travel designer!4.  Transatlantic cruise back to United States (not arranged by this travel company but third party) was cancelled at the last minute. The travel team handled change in transfers seamlessly.I can't imagine a trip to Europe without the travel company! We will definitely use for our next trip!

Scotland, Wales & England Travel Review: Churches & Cathedrals, History, Natural Beauty, Music, Fine Dining, Luxury 23-Day Tour


Luther N.
Apr 06, 2022

The travel company planned a complex 23-day tour of England, Wales, and Scotland in two parts. For the first part, my wife and I were the sole travelers and then were joined by another couple for the second part. Traveling in the very early spring, we expected rain, wind, and cold. We were greeted by the sun on almost all the days with wonderful photographers’ clouds.The complex trip with ten base locations and many events beyond was planned and executed flawlessly. In developing the plan the travel designers were very available and responsive as the dialog for planning the trip progressed.We had been to London, Bath, and the Cotswolds before, but the trip explored many more regions including some of the most scenic national parks. There were smiles on our faces for all 23 days and we haven’t stopped smiling since. 

England & Scotland Luxury Trip Travel Review: Falconry Experience, Roman Baths, Tea, Shopping, Cadbury World, Boating Thames River


Spencer K.
Mar 29, 2022
We just returned from our lovely trip to the UK planned by the travel company. The planning process was easy, the itinerary perfect for our needs, and the customer service top notch. We would highly recommend the travel team for your UK travel needs.

Travel Review: Bosnia and Herzegovina & Croatia Vacation, Mostar, Sarajevo, Zadar, Zagreb, History


Darby G.
Sep 28, 2021
We traveled to Bosnia and Herzegovina (staying in Mostar and Sarajevo) and to Croatia (where we stayed in Zadar and Zagreb).  Not only were the cities that we visited interesting and engaging, but the stops along the way (the whirling dervish monastery in Blagaj, the Museum of the Battle for the Wounded at Neretva in Jablanica, and Konjic with its woodcarvers and Tito's Bunker from Cold War days) were memorable as well.  The guides were excellent in helping us understand the complex history of the former Yugoslavia.  My husband uses a walker and each guide and driver looked out for him and found ways to make his travels easier.  We accidentally left the smaller of his two walkers in Zadar and Ivana, our travel agent, arranged for it to be sent to our hotel in Zagreb.  We will never forget this trip!

European Honeymoon Travel Review: Germany, France, England, Netherlands, 16-Day Tour


Katie M.
May 01, 2022
We have nothing but wonderful things to say about Femke, who helped put our entire itinerary together. We gave a high-level overview of what we were wanting to do, and she did an amazing job pulling together a completely customizable experience. We couldn't have asked for a better person to help plan our trip. Our primary concerns arose during the trip, along with at the completion of the trip. I've included a few examples below:Leading up to our trip, we needed to constantly follow-up on where we were at in the booking/planning process. It was a nightmare trying to book our airlines, and we were continuously told they'd become available within a set timeframe. We needed to follow-up to get confirmation on where we were at with things, as we never received follow-up. Even a week prior to departure, we needed to get confirmation on flights, our travel documents, finalized itinerary, etc. It just felt as though we needed to constantly hound them when they should be the ones reaching out to us. We were told a WhatsApp chat would be setup, which it was; however, they set it up with the wrong phone number. This led to complications with airport pickup as we had a difficult time getting a hold of someone. Meeting locations were incorrect at times, causing unnecessary delays. We had to contact the companies directly, outside of this tour company, to get confirmation on where to go and where to meet.Some of the experiences required additional charges, outside of what we previously paid. This led to accrued expenses that weren't accounted for when budgeting our trip (transportation). Our travel company did offer to refund us for the tickets though.One of our experiences was unable to be confirmed. We found this out less than 24 hrs in advance. When requesting an alternative, we never heard back and were forced to make plans last minute without really having done any prior research. We did a lot of walking tours, some of which didn't provide any breaks for lunches or snacks. This is definitely something that should have been communicated prior so we could have better prepared. We wished some dinner reservations would have been setup at local restaurants (or at least recommendations provided). By the time we go there, virtually every restaurant was already full, or booked for the time we were there. This caused us to eat a more "touristy" locations, which really weren't reflected of the country we were visiting. Flying home was a nightmare. My husband tested positive for Covid, and when attempting to rebook his flight, we were met with an attitude from the owner (Mario specifically, who was also the one who provided minimal follow-up after booking), who said no flights were available until 2 days later, despite seeing over 25 flights available. He originally provided a flight option, which he said was no longer available, even though it's the same flight we eventually booked him on, on our own accord. He continued to tell us "the airline doesn't work for us" and that "we're at the mercy of the wholesaler." We never heard back, nor had any follow-up, so we ended up booking a flight on our own, costing us an additional $1700. We asked for a credit or refund, and were told to go through Traveler's Insurance, even though the credit is handled through the airline directly. There was no follow-up from the tour agency regarding our travel plans, and what we were going to do, which made us feel as though they didn't care what we did because as far as they were concerned, they were done on their end. While we ended up having a terrific time on the honeymoon itself, I would have much preferred a travel company that treated us as people vs. clients. We felt like a number after providing payment, and as you can imagine, this wasn't a cheap trip. We expected more than what we got, and felt the personalization we felt we were getting through Zicasso was lost post booking.

Travel Review: Luxury Tour of Ireland, Cliffs of Moher at Sunset, Belfast & Dublin Tour, Ring of Kerry, The Food


Michelle G.
Apr 06, 2022
I booked a trip to England and Ireland with the travel company. Unfortunately, it was cancelled for covid. We rebooked for spring break 2022, but just did the Ireland portion. We basically took a road trip around the island. Our experience with the travel company and specifically our agent was excellent. She kept us up to date with everything, especially as it related to covid. Our agent was really easy to contact and was quick about changing plans, etc. She kept contact with us, while we were in Ireland to make sure everything went smoothly. 

Travel Review: Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, & Germany Solo Tour, 16-Day Trip


Theodore C.
Oct 07, 2021
This travel company was terrific. They took my ideas for what I was looking for and fleshed it out and presented me with an itinerary in a wonderful fashion that let me investigate choices of small tours, trips, dining, and other possibilities to enhance my experience. The format using their online platform was terrific and easy (print versions always offered too) and let me modify my plan until it seemed just right.Also, the tours that I chose were 100% positive; great guides and NO so-so experiences. All were unique, interesting, and enabled me to see, learn about, and be where I wanted to be. My vacation was a multi-city/multi-country tour, and the connections and time allotted to each place were perfect.Finally, I still had the flexibility to change it up along my route as my trip evolved. My in-tour contact let me feel supported and kept track of during my trip, but never intrusively.

England & Scotland Trip Review: Isle of Skye, Aberdeen, Braemar, Wildlife Sancturay, 10-Day Tour


Sally S.
May 03, 2022
Our travel agency stepped in at the last minute and saved a trip. Given the timing, they did an excellent job. Our guide/driver in Scotland was kind and prompt, and he found some opportunities for special events. He was not from Scotland and so was a little less knowledgeable than the guides we have had on other Zicasso trips. The hotel in Braemar, not the fault of our travel agency, was one of our unfavorite hotels from all of our trips, and was one of the most expensive hotels we've ever chosen.

England & Ireland Tour Review: Cliffs of Moher, Pubs, 12-Night Vacation


Cristal G.
Apr 02, 2022
Our trip was originally supposed to take place in 2020. We saved up for this trip for quite sometime, but unfortunately COVID delayed it. We were able to take our trip in 2022. Our agent tried his best to match our original itinerary without an additional cost. He was very responsive to our messaging. We were able to accomplish everything we wanted in our ambitious trip and managed to see numerous sites around England and Ireland. 
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