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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Anne in England office

Anne Marie's Travel Agency


 Based on 112 reviews

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Verified Review

Logan S.
Submitted on 10.18.2022

I am at a loss for words on how to truly describe how wonderful everything was on our trip to the UK. We have created hundreds of new and amazing memories that will stay with us forever.This travel company was a pleasure to work with from our first call to the moment we arrived home. They took our feedback into consideration for each decision they made while planning and it showed in the final itinerary. When something goes wrong (there is ALWAYS something on a 3 week trip) they were there to help and make the best of the situation. We have worked with several travel companies over the years and this travel agency provided a level of service above and beyond.    

Travel agent Laura in Italy

Laura's Travel Agency


 Based on 44 reviews

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Verified Review

Jennifer W.
Submitted on 10.17.2022

Veronika and Alexia created a beautiful trip for us. We had a few phone conversations and were able to communicate through email to pick the cities and experiences that were most important for us. All the hotels were picked by Veronika and they were beautiful and the experiences/tours were fun. The location of all the hotels was perfect and we could easily walk to the sites.We appreciated having someone working with us on a one-on-one basis and felt they were organized. A week before the trip we received our packet with all the details of the trip, confirmation numbers, where to meet our guides for our excursions, and train tickets. There was only one miscommunication where we had requested an early morning Vatican tour, but ended up on an afternoon tour. It all worked out to our advantage though as we had a free morning to explore in Rome.I would use this travel agency again and appreciated their knowledge and guidance in planning our ideal trip. Their organization and suggestions saved my sanity :). Our trip to Italy was so wonderful and memorable thanks to the help of the travel company!!

Travel agent Nikos in Greece.

Nikos' Travel Agency


 Based on 18 reviews

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Verified Review

Jose C.
Submitted on 9.16.2022

We had an amazing trip. We could have not ask for anything more, everything was planned and taken care of with extreme care and detail. Everything was top notch. Our travel agent Niko was amazing he was very responsive and kept in touch during our whole trip to see how everything was going and if we needed anything. We have no complaints, we were very happy with his service and planning. We will definitely will be using him again in our next trip and recommending to all of our friends and family. Thank you again Niko for a wonderful experience and a trip of a lifetime.

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Travel agent Lisa in France

Lisa's Travel Agency


 Based on 8 reviews

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Verified Review

Bunny L.
Submitted on 10.14.2022

This is the third time we have used Zicasso and we will continue to do so since the services of their agents are absolutely superlative. Our wonderful agent, Lisa, booked a trip to Western France and planned it perfectly and included those areas we wanted to see as well as some we never would have thought about. She also included choices in the different areas such as on the way from Paris to our first stop, Honfleur, she suggested stopping at either Giverny, La Roche-Guyon or Rouen. We picked what suited us best and our itinerary continued this way throughout most of our 18 days in France. The places we stayed were wonderful. The restaurant recommendations were fabulous. The tours were outstanding. Everything was done with so much care and thought. It was a magnificent trip and we hated leaving.One of the most important things to us when we plan a trip is trust and accessibility of the travel agent. I can't say enough wonderful things about Lisa. I know this is more than a job to her. She clearly cares about her clients and their satisfaction and happiness.  

Travel agent Filomena in Portugal

Filomena's Travel Agency


 Based on 267 reviews

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Verified Review

donna f.
Submitted on 10.13.2022

We contacted a lot of companies in planning this trip, and finally went with Filomena at this travel company because she really listened to what we wanted, actually gave us more than what we asked for, and did it all within our budget. All the people she gave us as guides were extremely knowledgeable, enhanced our travel experience tremendously, and constantly went out of their way to give us a little bit extra. The travel app she used allowed her to be constantly available should travel plans need to be updated, and gave us a wealth of information on things like restaurants in the area, tipping, shopping, history, etc. She also gave us a portable wi-fi hotspot so the maps on our phone always worked as we navigated the country. She thought of everything. Filomena, George, and all of their associated guides constantly gave us that personal touch, and exceeded every expectation. Look no further when planning a trip to Portugal. 

Travel agent Martin in Germany

Martin's Travel Agency


 Based on 207 reviews

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Verified Review

Betsy G.
Submitted on 10.12.2022

This travel company paid great attention to detail both in planning the trip & in the execution. Documentation & follow-up throughout the trip was exceptional. The "book" had everything we could have possibly needed and the daily itinerary & restaurant documents were easily downloadable on our phones. All of the ladies at our travel agency were just great with which to work.Tour/suggested activity selections offered varied and unique experiences. All of the local/day guides were great resources for information on the "tour de jour" putting what we were looking at in context with the appropriate time period and also providing current relevance. Our time in Germany & Austria varied from the historic & rustic Bavarian region to the lush Rhine River Valley to the urban center of Berlin. Each was their own unique experience with churches, castles & palaces. 

Travel agent Bjoern in Switzerland

Bjoern's Travel Agency


 Based on 8 reviews

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Verified Review

Vonda R.
Submitted on 10.4.2022

Bjoern planned the perfect trip for my friend and me. He was super attentive, and personalized every aspect of our week in Switzerland. Bjoern scheduled the right amount of activity and touring. He gave us a great variety of activities, and warned us of a couple of heavily-scheduled days (we said we were up for it!). He worked with our guide for an awesome bike tour in southern Switzerland.There was a dossier waiting at our first hotel, and Bjoern provided vouchers and train schedules organized for each day. He was available to answer a couple of questions during the trip and was very responsive and helpful. Many times throughout the week my friend and I were singing Bjoern's praises as he truly planned a very memorable trip, at a reasonable price, tailored to our requests. Five-star service every step of the way!I would HIGHLY recommend this travel company! Thanks, Bjoern!

Travel agent Alexandra in Italy office

Alexandra's Travel Agency


 Based on 104 reviews

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Verified Review

Amy H.
Submitted on 10.20.2022

Overall, it was amazing! While traveling we appreciated the frequent contact and access to 24/7 assistance if needed. There were a couple times in which our plans had to be adjusted due to unforeseen challenges. Three of the four times, they were adapted well! One time, the tour guide did not communicate how plans had to be adapted and we missed out out visiting an entire town which was very disappointing given it mattered more to us than others.We liked the flow of our travel, recommendations provided, and having assistance with driving and tour guides every step of the way!

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Featured Reviews

European Vacation Review: Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Prague, Berlin, Cooking Class


Deborah H.
Aug 03, 2022
Justin at this travel company did an incredible job planning our trip. I am a 55 year old woman who was travelling with my 17 year old, non-binary child, so it was necessary to be thoughtful about our arrangements. His suggestions weren't always completely in our budget, but when the costs started creeping up, he was more than willing to help evaluate where money could be saved verses where it was worth it to splurge a little. The hotels he chose were very well located and close to the areas in which we were interested. They were also very high quality, comfortable and clean. Europe in general is not great with air conditioning. There was a heat wave happening when we were traveling and it was so nice to come back to our air-conditioned hotel and be able to cool down and rest. The best part about Justin's service was his accessibility and attention to our particularized needs. In total, he probably spent at least 5-7 hours just communicating with me, and who knows how many hours completing all the arrangements and bookings. He responded to my emails quickly, and was always able to make the changes that were necessary based on my requests. He had an "on the ground" partner in Europe--Emilie. She was fabulous as well. She responded quickly to us and was always helpful. The private guides Justin and Emilie chose were wonderful, informed, nice people and the drivers were great. My child and I both enjoyed the trip immensely! 

Austria, Slovenia & Croatia Trip Review: Salzburg, Bled, Mozart Dinner & Concert, Castle


Diane D.
Sep 22, 2022
Every aspect of our trip went smoothly.All tour guides were terrific; our hotel accommodations were excellent; all our vouchers worked.We had a voucher for a dinner and concert one evening. We had the best seat in the house!  Everything about our trip was fantastic.  The one time that we had a question and needed to call the company, they were easily reachable and called us back immediately.  I would highly recommend this company for your Europe vacation. We traveled to Salzburg, Austria, to Slovenia and then to Croatia.

Norway & Denmark Family Vacation Review: Copenhagen, Oslo, 18-Day Trip


Sari M.
Sep 11, 2022

Bernhard and his team went above and beyond for our family during our visit to Norway and Denmark. We had an airport crisis getting to Oslo which Bernhard personally handled for us at 530 in the morning. We would surely have been sleeping in the airport in Amsterdam without his help. We also had a death in the family and again Bernhard was there to help us manage travel arrangements and deal with travel insurance. 

Our hotels, drivers and guides were all terrific. We saw absolutely extraordinary things off the beaten path especially in Norway. In hindsight, I think I would have preferred less time in several of the rural spots in Norway where the weather was temperamental and more time exploring greater Denmark. We absolutely adored Copenhagen. 

Highly recommend. This is why you book a trip like this with a top quality travel agent. 

Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia & Montenegro Solo Vacation Review: Hvar, Ljubljana, Tirana, Winery Visit, Food


Ingrid C.
Sep 03, 2022
This travel company was amazing! Violeta was there at every step as promised. She helped me choose the best hotels in each city. Violeta listened to what I stated I wanted and she delivered at each stop. I had one issue and she was there to assist. The cost seemed a little pricey given only one hotel was included for the 10 days but I had nice private tours and drivers from Ljubljana to Tirana. My only recommendation was the guide used for the Bosnia/Herzegovina trip not to be used for a solo traveler as he was going to leave me without knowing where my driver was located and we were at a different stop than where we arrived. It was a little distressing but luckily we found the driver in time. All the drivers were professional. I especially enjoyed my drive with one driver. We had lunch together at an authentic local restaurant. Priceless experience!! I highly recommend using this travel company!! 

Luxury Czech Republic, Austria & Hungary Vacation Review: Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Český Krumlov, Kutna Hora, Mozart Concert


Iris F.
Aug 27, 2022
The travel company was excellent! We just returned from a 10 day trip to Czech Republic, Vienna and Budapest. Viktor was quick to respond and answer questions both before and during the trip. The hotels and tours arranged were top notch. We especially loved our guides in Prague and in Budapest. They showed us so much in such a short time and were personable and fun to be around! All of the dinner reservations/ recommendations were wonderful. Overall it was an amazing trip. 

Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Switzerland, Norway, Ireland, Spain & Italy Trip Review: 8-Week Tour


Sid F.
May 30, 2022
Outstanding. Perfection. Every detail was taken care of. We were on an 8 week European trip and Mary gave us peace of mind so that we could enjoy our trip. She and her staff thought of everything and continued their support throughout our travels. 

England, Scotland & Ireland Vacation Review: Windsor Castle, White Cliffs of Dover, Edinburgh, Westminster Abbey, St. Andrews


Fred M.
Sep 21, 2022
My wife and I spent 11 exciting days on our private tour of England, Scotland and both Ireland. The guides were excellent in all cases, the daily tours were well planned and executed by people selected by our travel company. It all fit together quite nicely.

Scandinavian Vacation Review: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Fjords, 16-Day Tour


Laura S.
Jul 31, 2022
This is the third time I have used Zicasso for an overseas trip. I just returned from a tour of Scandinavia and had excellent service from every tour and driver set up through this agency. The agency I used through Zicasso contacted me through the trip to ensure things were going well. Very pleased and would recommend. 

Multi-Country European Family Trip Review: Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, France, England, 1-Month Vacation


Kristen C.
Sep 06, 2022

The planning portion of the trip was fine. We ran into communication issues in the 3 weeks leading up to the trip. Part of the challenge was having a month-long trip seemed to have too many variables for the tour company to manage in advance. All of the apartments we originally booked were no longer available due to the pandemic by the time we traveled. However, instead of booking us in 5-star apartments (as we had in our proposal and what we paid for), the housing was incredibly varied. One of the flats was lovely - great location, comfortable. One was horrific - filthy, bad location, loud, uncomfortable, terrible amenities. Some were in between but nothing as nice as what we paid for in our proposal. The travel commpany didn’t want to take responsibility for any of the issues we experienced. Their claim was to continue to blame The reason we use zicasso is to avoid sites like and to use local agents who have relationships and know the right places to book. Overall it was a very stressful trip with so much communication throughout trying to fix issues. We have booked numerous other travel groups through zicasso and never had a single issue. Sadly, this was not the case. The first day we arrived in Europe our accommodation was not available and we sat jet-lagged in a park with our kids for 6 hours waiting for a resolution which only happened when we got zicasso involved. We do not recommend this group.

Luxury England & Scotland Vacation Review: London, History, 8-Day Tour


Heather L.
Jun 11, 2022
We had an amazing trip to England and Scotland! Our travel specialist spend lots of time working with us to help create the perfect trip. We would not have had the chance to experience the UK with so much class and authenticity, if we had not used our travel agency. Thank you for such a wonderful trip that we will never forget! We would use them again in a heartbeat!!
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