Bird's-eye view of Old Town Bern in Switzerland.

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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Jordi in Spain office

Jordi's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Loretto M.
Submitted on 6.13.2022

Positives:- Experiences were more than we had hoped for- Transfers/drivers were always on time and very helpful- Tour guides were very experienced, communicated very well, and provided unique insights for each site- Hotel accommodations were wonderful and centrally located for us to explore on our own- When Royal Palace was closed due to an event, it was proposed to do all of the activities on the next day (day before departure). We weren't comfortable with that so instead, we kept the original time for the tour and viewed the Prado museum instead. Flexibility allowed us to learn and see new things without cramming everything in the last day.- Liked that were were based in a single location for a couple of days before moving to a new hotelOpportunities for improvement:- Agenda communication - During Douro Valley trip (absolutely beautiful), by the time we got there and took the winery tour, we were late to lunch. Lunch went long (very slow service) which then prevented us from taking the river cruise because the driver told us we needed to leave by 5 PM. Either poor planning or slow service. Disappointed we missed this cruise but the winery/wine was excellent. Lunch was probably the worst lunch we had on the whole trip.- Small point but in the paperwork, we were told we would be notified 24 hours in advance of who the driver was, etc. and this usually took place 12 hours before. Just say 12 hours and don't set up the expectation for 24 hours. 

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Travel agent Andrea, specializing in Croatia, Montenegro; Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Slovenia

Andrea's Travel Agency


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Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Czech Republic
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Verified Review

Julie M.
Submitted on 6.7.2022

Jack, the Kellers, and I want to thank you for putting together such a wonderful itinerary. After the initial bump in actually getting a flight to Dubrovnik, we thoroughly enjoyed every single day and every hotel – each was beautiful and unique. Everything ran like clockwork once we arrived in Dubrovnik – hotels expected us, the rental car pickups and returns were smooth, and the transfers were on time. Our travel company, and specifically Andrea, made sure that we had a memorable trip.

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Travel agent Eleni in Greece

Eleni's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Marty C.
Submitted on 6.8.2022

The travel company and planner are the very best!  Our travel planner put an 8 day trip together for my daughter and me to celebrate her college graduation (2 years ago).  Jillian, my daughter is a ‘foodie’ and the planner went above and beyond to make sure we experienced all the wonderful food that Greece has to offer.  We stayed at a fabulous resort on Tinos for the first 5 days.  It was beautiful, and has a Michelin star restaurant.  We went on a food and wine tour in Tinos town with our guide, and loved her, her knowledge and the food.  We ate at many wonderful restaurants on Tinos.  We then went to Athens for the next 3 days, and did the same there.  We had a private guide for the Acropolis and another food tour.  Again, she was PERFECT.  Having all our pickups,  transfers and most food arranged was such a blessing.  Made being in this beautiful foreign country a joy.I cannot wait to return with my husband, and have the planner and travel company put our trip together.  I highly, highly recommend.

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Travel agent Bjoern in Switzerland

Bjoern's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Renee D.
Submitted on 6.16.2022

The trip itinerary was excellent considering we had only 3 days to explore and see as much as possible. We enjoyed our excursions and loved seeing how beautiful Switzerland is. Also we really like our hotel and it’s great location in Old Town.

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Travel agent Anne in England office

Anne Marie's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Carrie E.
Submitted on 6.14.2022

This travel company did an extraordinary job planning, executing, and supporting our trip from the initial phone call all the way through a few weeks after the trip helping us close out some post-trip details.Our entire party was impressed with the quality of care and accommodations, as well as the attention to detail. They also far exceeded expectations on their ingenuity, determination, and commitment to put together a top rate vacation in the midst of one of the largest disruptions the hospitality industry has ever seen. However, I personally found this company's best skill was understanding the personalities and small details that matter for everyone on our trip, and building personalized experiences that left each of us enthralled at one point or another in the journey.We had a few minor hiccups as you would on any trip, and Anne Marie and Simon were available 24/7 to find quick resolutions and allow us to focus on enjoying each day and each outing. We are already considering another trip with them!

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Travel agent Filomena in Portugal

Filomena's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Beatrice S.
Submitted on 6.17.2022

What a fantastic trip to Portugal! Working with Filomena at our travel agency was such a pleasure. She put together an itinerary that was better and more comprehensive than we could have imagined. We were able to see so much of the country without feeling rushed. The highlight of the trip was having dinner with a family in the Alentejo area. They were perfect hosts and are now lifelong friends. Just seeing how they live, interacting with several of their children (16, 13, 12), having vibrant conversation and incredible Portuguese food let us experience the “real” Portugal.  Our trip was made of experiences. We enjoyed: the different food tours; visiting a cork farm, a winery and the antiquity of Portugal; seeing rugs made, dolls, pottery and tiles painted. Our excellent guides found us so many special places that are not normal “tourist” stops and introduced us to local foods and pastries. The pastry in Monsaraz, the cataplana in Tavira, the bifana in Porto and the suckling pig in Mealhada were all treats our guides introduced us to.I posted pictures every day on FaceBook and the response was amazing. People who have been to Portugal couldn’t believe how many things we saw and experiences we had. Those who have not even considered Portugal have now put it at the top of their list.Thank you, Filomena, and your whole company for making our trip to Portugal a memorable experience.

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Travel agent Tomaz in Slovenia

Tomaz's Travel Agency


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Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Czech Republic
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Verified Review

David P.
Submitted on 6.23.2022

Tomaz and Mojca were excellent to work with!! We had initially put our trust in another travel company, and when they were slow to respond with an itinerary, we immediately reached out to this travel company. Three weeks to plan a 17-night honeymoon trip to Paris - Switzerland - Italy was not a small feat, yet Tomaz immediately set up a time to speak with us. Within 24 hours, we had received an itinerary online and was able to give him commentary and changes. A quick back-and-forths of edits and emails later, they were able to get all hotels and transportations booked within a week! They have access to a great database of hotels and activities and it's extremely easy to review and comment on their online itinerary on your web browser. During our travels, they were quick to respond via WhatsApp and notified us of different alternatives or announcements. On our birthday, they even had a little welcome surprise at our hotel. They absolutely made our trip seamless and memorable and were beyond pleased with the hotel choices + route that they recommended!A piece of advice: For travelers who are not into touristy sites and main destinations, do not fear and make that preference known to this travel agency. Do a bit of your own research or talk to friends and ask for the unique experiences that you want to make your trip your own. Work with them and listen to their recommendations on how to make an effective but efficient journey and let them book it all. (For example, we told them we were interested in local events like festivals, and they recommended a music festival in Paris that we would not have found by ourselves!)By doing this, our travel agency cut down our travel planning stress from the usual 100% to ~10%. Worth it!

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Travel agent Eleonora in Italy

Eleonora's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Adrielle K.
Submitted on 6.6.2022

We originally booked our trip a year before the pandemic, so it took us 3+ years to take the full journey. Throughout the process, Eleonora and her colleagues at this travel company were absolutely fabulous. They worked with us to set up an amazing trip, then re-planned everything and arranged it all for us with some changes after the pandemic subsided enough for us to travel again.During our travels, we got amazing service. Any time we needed anything, we sent a text message and got immediate replies. They recommended and booked restaurants, helped us arrange other things, and were available for our every need. The entire trip went smoothly: drivers were outstanding, tour guides were amazing, and the planning was impeccable. We would definitely use this travel agency again, and will refer our friends and family as well. Our trip to Italy was amazing, and we are grateful for the support and guidance we got along the way.If you’re going to Italy, use this travel company!

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Featured Reviews

Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Switzerland, Norway, Ireland, Spain & Italy Trip Review: 8-Week Tour


Sid F.
May 30, 2022
Outstanding. Perfection. Every detail was taken care of. We were on an 8 week European trip and Mary gave us peace of mind so that we could enjoy our trip. She and her staff thought of everything and continued their support throughout our travels. 

Travel Review: 4-Week Trip, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina


Mark S.
Oct 07, 2021
We just returned from 4 weeks in Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Originally we were to do this trip last year but Covid. Despite all the setbacks that Covid posed our travel company tailored and delivered a perfect tour for us.  Everybody that was supposed to meet us or deliver us was there on time every time.  Every ticket, every pass, every small detail - all arranged without flaw.  What I didn't realize was that not only had they crafted the itinerary for us in advance but they were working in the background throughout our trip checking daily to ensure that everything was going smoothly.  When the weather turned for us they already knew in advance and made alternate arrangements.  It was like having parents :-)Highly recommended. 

Luxury England & Scotland Vacation Review: London, History, 8-Day Tour


Heather L.
Jun 11, 2022
We had an amazing trip to England and Scotland! Our travel specialist spend lots of time working with us to help create the perfect trip. We would not have had the chance to experience the UK with so much class and authenticity, if we had not used our travel agency. Thank you for such a wonderful trip that we will never forget! We would use them again in a heartbeat!!

Luxury Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia & Montenegro Trip Review: Culture, History, Natural Beauty


Jim R.
May 30, 2022
Our travel agency did an outstanding job for us. The itinerary was amazing. They worked with us to reschedule the trip twice due to the global pandemic and also make several last minute changes when our travel partners had to delay the start of their trip by several days. They are professional, competitive and thorough. Antonia and Ivana were a pleasure to work with!

Luxury Czech Republic, Turkey, Italy, Austria, Hungary & Slovakia Travel Review: Wine Tours, 24-Day Trip


Greg B.
Jun 26, 2022
Great trip. Highest recommendation for our travel agency. Extremely knowledgeable of the region, very responsive to our ideas. Arranged some unique and memorable experiences.

Scotland, Wales & England Travel Review: Churches & Cathedrals, History, Natural Beauty, Music, Fine Dining, Luxury 23-Day Tour


Luther N.
Apr 06, 2022

The travel company planned a complex 23-day tour of England, Wales, and Scotland in two parts. For the first part, my wife and I were the sole travelers and then were joined by another couple for the second part. Traveling in the very early spring, we expected rain, wind, and cold. We were greeted by the sun on almost all the days with wonderful photographers’ clouds.The complex trip with ten base locations and many events beyond was planned and executed flawlessly. In developing the plan the travel designers were very available and responsive as the dialog for planning the trip progressed.We had been to London, Bath, and the Cotswolds before, but the trip explored many more regions including some of the most scenic national parks. There were smiles on our faces for all 23 days and we haven’t stopped smiling since. 

Luxury Ireland, England & Scotland Trip Review: Baking Class, English Cream Tea, 16-Day Trip


Dianne R.
Jun 13, 2022
We had a wonderful experience in Ireland, England and Scotland by booking our trip with our travel agency. We were most ably helped by Alex who tailored the trip to our exact needs! Alex helped me to clarify our wants and needs to create the best use of our time and budget.I really appreciated how she was available to us outside of business hours when we were on our vacation and needed some extra help. She went above and beyond the requirements of the job for us.We thoroughly enjoyed our accommodations in all the places we visited. The restaurant recommendations were helpful and delicious! Being a baker I really loved getting the opportunity to take a bread baking class and learning to make some British baked goods. It was fun and we got to interact with other British students on a more personal basis. The cream tea was a treat for us as well! We loved meeting the owner. She was so much fun!Also, the guides that we had were all very knowledgeable and charming. All were excellent drivers as well. I always felt very safe.

Europe Travel Review: United Kingdom, Germany, Italy & Austria, 18-Day Tour


Jacie D.
Nov 06, 2021
What a wonderful experience with the travel company!We traveled to multiple countries and cities in UK, Germany, Italy and Austria. The travel team handled everything; airfare, hotels, transfers, trains and tours. Hotels in great areas close to sights and trains. Guides were very knowledgeable and tours were tailored to our interest. Tours were private or small groups. Transfers were on time, well dressed with comfortable vehicles.I can't begin to thank the travel team for their outstanding personal attention! Examples:1.  I was briefly hospitalized in Germany. The travel team were wonderful and soon we were back on track with their help2. All trains were down to Heidelberg due to storm. A travel designer arranged for a private car to pick us up and take us all the way to the next town, over an hour away!3.  We problems finding a facility for covid testing in Venice. One phone call and everything taken care of by a travel designer!4.  Transatlantic cruise back to United States (not arranged by this travel company but third party) was cancelled at the last minute. The travel team handled change in transfers seamlessly.I can't imagine a trip to Europe without the travel company! We will definitely use for our next trip!

England, France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium Trip Review: London, Paris, Rome, Florence, Milan, Dinner Cruise on the Seine


Dana B.
May 28, 2022
Our travel agency did an outstanding job for us. Bernhard was a delight to work with. We had many emails and phone calls to discuss what we wanted to do. We had two weeks to travel in Europe and wanted to go to London, Paris, Rome, and Florence, and we wanted to travel only by train because my wife was afraid of flying. I am 82 and my wife has Alzheimer’s so we are not as flexible as we were. Bernhard arranged to have first class rail travel and drivers making sure that we made our connections. All of the hotels were first class and in great locations. All of the details with tickets, hotel reservations, and the contact information were provided in an app on our phone. Along the way, Bernhard stayed in touch to make sure everything was going well. In each city, we had excellent tour guides to take us on 2 to 4 hour tours to see the sights. They were helpful in easily getting into museums when the crowds were Big and the lines were long.

England & Scotland Luxury Trip Travel Review: Falconry Experience, Roman Baths, Tea, Shopping, Cadbury World, Boating Thames River


Spencer K.
Mar 29, 2022
We just returned from our lovely trip to the UK planned by the travel company. The planning process was easy, the itinerary perfect for our needs, and the customer service top notch. We would highly recommend the travel team for your UK travel needs.
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