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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Kieran in Argentina

Kieran's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Edward L.
Submitted on 3.7.2022

The travel planner of this travel company nailed it as to what we wanted and what we got out of our trip. We wanted to see all the major sights of the country. He understood our priorities as far as timing and comfort. We got hotels that fit what we wanted. At each destination, we had helpful, knowledgable guides who helped us get where we wanted to go and facilitate almost everything.

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Travel agent Victoria in Peru

Victoria's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

David B.
Submitted on 5.2.2022

Victoria and the team she did put together is just awesome!Communication was always easy and transparent from day one. It started with the quoting step. Victoria was demonstrating real listening skills, trying to really understand our family, what we liked and what we wanted this trip to be. She demonstrated a lot of patience and flexibility, making adjustments to the itinerary along the exchanges we had to stick as close as possible to what would be the perfect experience for us. (opposite to the other travel company that did quote us. They just wanted us to do what they wanted us to do, demonstrating frustration when we were asking to adjust some of the proposal and even being aggressive before finally telling us that he didn't want to work with us...bad experience).She went out of the traditional itineraries by proposing some unique activities (like Zip Lining) to offer fun to our teenagers. It was awesome by the way!!During the trip, Victoria was always available through What's App to give us updates and assist us, being pro-active to anticipate any issues that would come. Best example was how she handled the strikes in Cusco. We arrived in Cusco on April 16th and right in the bus on the way to the hotel, our guide explained that strikes might be taking place in the region in the following couple of days that might prevent us to freely move around and get to Machu Picchu. As an anticipation Victoria decided to change our hotel reservations and move us to Ollantaytambo (where the train station to Machu Picchu is) one day sooner to ensure that we would not get stuck in Cusco.Our visit to Machu Picchu was planned for Tuesday April 19th but because of strikes, all trains were canceled, leading to the cancellation of our tour of Machu Picchu. Victoria and our guide decided to make the most of that day by organizing other activities (Visit of a very remote village to meet with local villagers, offer color paper and pencils to the kids, visit of other archeological sites), she also managed to get new tickets for the train the following day and get all reservations changed!.As a result, our trip got even better than planned with extra cultural exchanges and we finally got to visit Machu Picchu with the same outstanding experience that was originally planned.Our guide and our driver were just great people, we shared great moments and conversations with them, we had local breakfasts in small villages with them and they told us so much about the local culture they are part of. More than guides they made us feel like friends showing us around hungry for making us discover their country and its wonderful people!As a summary, probably the best trip ever especially due to the great work and commitment of this Peru tour company!

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Travel agent Brian in Colombia

Brian's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Enilda A.
Submitted on 4.5.2022

This is the best vacation I have ever not organized myself. My expectations were very high! The travel company is an all around travel agency.They were very professional and organized from the start of my research to the actual end of my vacation. We were 4 people and everything was planned for us to the T!! The travel team, together with all of their staff were always available and willing to help, guide, answer any questions and please our every request. I strongly recommend the travel agency. They took us to a property that was very special place in the mountains near Medellin. They all are very knowledgeable and speak Spanish and English. What they offered us for the cost value was extremely reasonable and fair.

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Travel agent David in Australia

David's Travel Agency


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New Zealand

Verified Review

Cristal G.
Submitted on 4.2.2022

Our trip was originally supposed to take place in 2020. We saved up for this trip for quite sometime, but unfortunately COVID delayed it. We were able to take our trip in 2022. Our agent tried his best to match our original itinerary without an additional cost. He was very responsive to our messaging. We were able to accomplish everything we wanted in our ambitious trip and managed to see numerous sites around England and Ireland. 

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Travel agent Catarina in Belize

Catarina's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Robert T.
Submitted on 4.24.2022

First, we want to say that our trip to Belize was exactly what we were hoping for! We reached out to Zicasso for help planning our honeymoon to Belize and were matched up with the travel agent at the travvel company.  We had envisioned a beach honeymoon that included relaxing on the beach but also scuba diving multiple times during the week.  We are also foodies and love to experience a countries cuisine via private dinners or cooking classes wherever we travel.  Our agent heard all of our requests and brought it to life for us.  It was a perfect combination of romantic and relaxing, while also being fun and adventurous at times.We spent 7 days total in Belize. The first portion was spent on a private island resort close to Dangriga.  We could only utilize a boat to get on and off the island.  We had one day of diving and the rest of the time was spent relaxing on the beach, drinking fruity drinks, and eating delicious food.  The resort was very welcoming and accommodating. Our final night on the island included a private dinner with the head chef of the resort.  That was certainly a highlight of the trip! This first leg of our trip was truly incredible and forced us to unwind and really detach ourselves from our hectic home lives and enjoy the moment in time that we had on this beautiful Caye. The second portion of the trip was spent on Ambergris Caye at another 5 star resort just outside of bustling San Pedro.  We stayed in a beach front cabana.  Having our front door open up to the sandy beach, with the ocean steps from our front door was breathtaking! The food and service at the resort were top notch and the diving excursions we had were something we will not ever forget. Throughout the trip the travel company was just an email or phone call away.  They checked in on us throughout the vacation making sure everything was going smoothly.  We constantly felt taken care of and that our happiness and satisfaction with our trip/experience were the most important thing to this travel agency.  We cannot recommend the travel agent and her affiliates enough if you are planning a trip to Belize. Everything service related (both by the agency and the resorts) was impeccable and executed seamlessly and took any and all travel related stress away.  When we go back to Belize we will be using the travel agency again!  Thank you so much for the amazing honeymoon and the fantastic memories we created while in Belize.

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Travel Agent Lucas in Argentina

Lucas' Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Dylan C.
Submitted on 4.18.2022

My fiancée and I were so very lucky to be connected with the travel company and the travel agent's expertise for our April 2022 Honeymoon to Chile. Having never traveled to South America and with a limited understanding of the Spanish language, we were already at a disadvantage when planning the trip. Our agent took all of our uncertainty away as he created a thoughtful and detailed 12-day itinerary traveling throughout the country of Chile - including the natural wonders of Patagonia, the Atacama desert, the Lake District, Valparaiso, and old Santiago. Our travel agent was very diligent in maintaining our budget and taking care to get the most out of our vacation funds. From booking all domestic flights to lodging in the best Hotels, to assisting with Chile’s Entry procedures (Mobility Pass, Covid testing, etc), to connecting us with knowledgeable, passionate English-speaking Tour Guides, the travel company met our every need and more. The vacation itinerary flowed flawlessly once in country, and the agent was never more than a text away if I had any questions or concerns. As business owners in the service industry, my wife and I were astounded at the travel company’s level of professionalism and commitment to their clients. We will definitely be looking to travel again with this travel company on our next adventures to Argentina and Peru! 

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Travel agent Camille in Brazil

Camille's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Brenda M.
Submitted on 3.2.2022

We loved working with a local, eco-friendly travel company for our week-long trip to Rio de Janiero and the Amazon.  Our travel designer was able to provide us with answers to all our questions, as well and provide top-notch drivers, guides and hotels. We were met at the airport by a driver and a guide who spoke great English, transferred to a great hotel (and room) overlooking Copacabana Beach -- and the travel designer had arranged for us to check in to our room at 7 am!  After an overnight flight, this was very much appreciated.We kept the same driver and guide later that day for a leisurely tour of the Botanical Garden and Park Luje. A lovely way to de-stress after a long, long day of travel. We were suppose to do a helicopter tour late this afternoon, but when the clouds rolled in to cover the views, our guide made alternate plans for the next morning.  Again we were promptly picked up by the same driver and guide, and taken directly to the heliport for a fantastic helicopter tour (arranged by our designer, of course). Then we were taken to a clinic for Covid tests (required to stay in the Amazon) on our way to the airport to catch our flight.The travel designer arranged all flights & transfers: Rio to Manaus, overnight stay, then Manaus to Tefe where we had a transfer by boat to our Amazon lodge. The small lodge she recommended was delightful.  At the end of our stay she arranged for boat transfer and airline flights with all the necessary transfers. We were delighted to have booked thru our travel designer because she made sure all our guides and transfers had English speakers, which were immensely helpful in hotel and airport check ins, etc.The travel company made our trip stress free and allowed us to see, experience, and learn so much about Brazil thanks to her knowledge and her staff's quality assistance. We would highly recommend the travel company and won't hesitate to use them again for our next trip to Brazil. 

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Travel agent Paul in Peru

Paul's Travel Agency


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Galapagos / Ecuador
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Verified Review

lz c.
Submitted on 4.20.2022

     We were very pleased with the service provided by the travel company.   Having booked a cruise, we decided to add an extra "piece" to round out our trip.    The travel planner coordinated our addition seamlessly.    Besides the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, the planner recommended several other points of interest where we learned about agriculture, history, and culture (addressing our specific interests ).     The planner's advice on hotels was spot-on. Most especially in the Sacred Valley hotel was magnificent.  Guides and trips were coordinated with no hiccups.  Navigating Covid requirements for both Peru and our return to US was fully facilitated by the travel planner with no worry on our part.       We strongly recommend the travel company. They listened to our interests and did a wonderful job tailoring our trip.   The travel company was especially careful that all financial transactions occurred over secure networks.   They are professional, competent, readily available (during planning stage and the active phase of the journey), and very pleasant.    

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Featured Reviews

Travel Review: Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, 8-Day Vacation


Sharon T.
May 03, 2022
Thank you for your help. Our Galapagos Ecuador trip was perfect. Also spent a split week in Guayaquil that we loved. 

Luxury Peru, Ecuador & Galapagos Islands: Lima, Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, The Andes, Culture


Bill M.
May 11, 2022
Our travel agency did an outstanding job planning our trip to Ecuador and Peru. Our guides were great and all our drivers were on time. Jason made great recommendations and helped us put together a very memorable trip. Our accommodations were very nice at all locations and the people were great.

Peru & Bolivia Travel Review: Uyuni Salt Flat, Amazon, Machu Picchu, 2-Week Vacation


Teri P.
Apr 05, 2022
The travel company was very patient with us as we were trying to fit many items into a packed 2 week trip to Bolivia and Peru. Considering the numerous flights, guides, drivers, everyone was on time and very friendly. There were a few unexpected changes due to protests and road blockades, and the travel company was very swift in modifying the itinerary and making any changes up to us with upgrades and extras. They provided some fun surprises for my daughter who celebrated her 15th birthday while away. I would recommend the travel company especially for Peru specifically, and also would note that we have used Zicasso for other international vacations before and have always been impressed by the quality of companies bidding for our trips. 

Galapagos Island/ Ecuador Travel Review: Isabella Island, Boat Cruise, Mother & Son Trip


yana m.
Mar 26, 2022

I took my 14yo son to Galapagos for his March vacation. We spent 7 days on Galapagos and 2 days on Mainland.  The travel planner organized the whole trip and we had a blast! Every detail was taken care of, we were met at each of our destinations by friendly representatives who took care of literally everything. Hotels we stayed in were hand picked and exceeded our expectations, local guides were amazing and the 4days/3 nights cruise was simply wonderful! Our guide knew everything about Galapagos nature and his fun personality became the highlight of our trip. The whole process of booking the trip was easy and the planner made sure all my questions were answered. I strongly recommend this company for anyone looking to go to South America, you will not be disappointed! 

South America Travel Review: Luxury Trip to Peru, Ecuador & Galapagos Islands, Rainforest, Cusco, Machu Picchu, Quito, Yacht


Eva P.
Jan 20, 2022
I don’t know where to begin. My husband and I travel a lot and had never been to South America. We decided we wanted to visit the Peruvian Amazon Rain Forrest, Machu Picchu and the Galápagos Islands. In researching, we came in contact with our travel designer with this tour company. We corresponded over days/weeks.  I gave the designer the basics of what we were looking to do and see. The travel designer took my suggestions and came up with the ideal tour. We started out three nights in the Amazon Rain Forrest with a wonderful lodge. Very remote inside the Forrest. We loved the open wall design. We could see monkeys and other wildlife right room the open room. Our tour guide was the best! Then we traveled to Cusco Peru. There we had a terrific guide. Our guide was a local guide. His knowledge and kindness was priceless. Our guide took us on the trek across the mountain into Machu Picchu. This was a very difficult trek, we had moments wondering if we were going to make it to Machu Picchu. Our guide was very patient with my husband and I. We are 61 and 73 and from US. High altitude acclimations are very important. We did make it after about 8 + hours. We stayed several nights in a wonderful resort in Machu Picchu Pueblo. We travel backed to Cusco and stayed 4 nights in a luxury hotel. Our guide took us daily on tours of ruins and historic sites . We then traveled to QUITO Ecuador. Our tour guide in Quito was a local guide too. His knowledge of the area was priceless as well. Our last week the designer planned the 8 day 7 night on a small yacht to tour the Galápagos Islands. We couldn’t hand picked a better yacht to explore the Galápagos Islands. The staff was knowledgeable and the yacht was perfect. Our naturalist was the best! His enthusiasm was contagious and we learned so much. The food was delicious. The accommodations were great. The entire trip was planned perfectly. The travel designer had every detail planned perfectly, from transfers to guides, to accommodations. We were gone three weeks. Before our trip, I had many questions. The designer was always quick to reply and answered every question or concern I had. Anytime in the future, I plan to travel to South America, I will use the travel designer and this tour company. The travel designer is a real Jewel!

Galapagos / Ecuador Trip Review: 10-Night Tour of Quito, Cotopaxi National Park, Galapagos, Puerto Francisco de Orellana


Venu K.
Jan 08, 2022
Very well coordinated.  The entire trip went without any issues. Jason and his contact in Ecuador, Paul,  kept in touch with us so that we didn’t have any issues.  We were able to communicate with Paul when we had issues about getting results of COVID PCR and he was able to get the results to us so we could go on our Galapagos cruise without issues 

Travel Review: Galapagos Island, Ecuador, Amazon Jungle, Galapagos Cruise, Luxury Trip


Syed H.
Apr 04, 2022
The travel company went above and beyond for us. The staff was constantly in touch, and the team was just lovely. It clearly helped having staff who were local to Quito. Special thanks to the travel specialist. There's no doubt that they care deeply about what they do. The Galapagos cruise company they picked treats their staff well compared to the others and the lodge in the Amazon was a gem. Your organization was impeccable. Keep doing what you're doing -- we will be back.

Peru & Ecuador Trip Review: Galapagos Islands, Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Culture, History, 2-Week Tour


Julia D.
May 03, 2022
Veronica amazed us by creating and seeing us off on a beautifully organized trip to the Galapagos and Machu Picchu in less than two weeks! We were very happy with our experiences and guides throughout. Veronica and her team made us feel well cared for at every step - before and during the trip.

Chile Travel Review: Santiago, Colchagua Valley, Atacama Desert, Wine, Hiking


Brent S.
Mar 02, 2022
The travel planner and his team did an exceptional job planning our 10-day vacation to Chile! We went to Patagonia, Santiago, Colchagua Valley, and the Atacama desert. What we really enjoyed about working with our planner was that the trip was tailored to our interests rather than many other travel agencies where they send everyone the same trip outline. Our itinerary was thoughtfully assembled and took into consideration all of our interests (wine, hiking, site seeing, etc.). Additionally, the travel planner and his team were there for us every step of the trip. Whether it was preparing all of the necessary documents to enter the country or sending us daily app messages to detail our day/excursions, they were on top of everything! They are also available 24/7 and will always answer your message or call. We were truly grateful to have their support this entire trip. Without the travel company, we would have been lost and struggled mightily to plan a trip of this caliber. I would highly recommend using the planner and his team for your trip to Chile, Argentina, or any other country in South America. We had an incredible time on every step of the journey. You will not regret it! 

Costa Rica Honeymoon Review: Excursions, Exploring, Luxury Vacation


Hanna T.
May 16, 2022
Had a fantastic time in Costa Rica for our honeymoon. The travel designer with the travel agency customized our trip to fit our budget and needs and went above and beyond by providing a welcoming gift and a departing gift to make our trip even more special. She was easy to work with while planning and also checked in and answered any questions we had while we were on our trip.
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