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Fall Vacation Ideas for 2024: Best Places, Itineraries, and More

Updated: November 22, 2023

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Lush green countryside along the Whanganui River in New Zealand

Whanganui River, New Zealand

Whether in the heart of the season or at its cusp, our top fall vacation ideas for 2024 can immerse you in the beauty of shifting scenery across the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Revel in the lingering tropical sunlight on hidden beaches after the crowds have returned home. Indulge in the dramatic views of expansive glaciers across Patagonia or remote southern islands. From exotic rainforest excursions to safari getaways and ancient ruins, myriad adventures await.

Whether in Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, or the greater South Pacific, fall is a dynamic season in which to enjoy a custom-tailored trip.

  1. 1. Italy
  2. 2. Portugal
  3. 3. Spain
  4. 4. Iceland
  5. 5. Peru
  6. 6. Seychelles
  7. 7. Kenya
  8. 8. Tanzania
  9. 9. Egypt
  10. 10. Morocco
  11. 11. Argentina
  12. 12. Brazil
  13. 13. Thailand
  14. 14. Vietnam
  15. 15. Australia
  16. 16. New Zealand
  17. 17. Fiji
  18. Discover the Best Fall Vacation Ideas for Your 2024 Trip

1. Italy

Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park, Italy

Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park, Italy

No matter when you wish to visit, Italy is a wonderful destination, but in fall an enchanting ambiance rises out of the ancient towns, fascinating history, and friendly culture, accentuated by the changing leaves.

Bask in the beauty of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus in the Uffizi Gallery, sample the flavors of pizza in its birthplace, explore Italy’s famous UNESCO sites, or wander the unique neighborhoods of Venice to experience the nation’s diversity.

Italy in fall erupts, with the harvest in full swing and the different regions celebrating the changing seasons, with cooler temperatures in the north and lingering warmth in the south. Crowds thin in autumn, vibrant colors spread across the landscape, and locals enjoy the end of beach season or the beginning of ski season in venues that provide endless possibilities.

Italy Vacation Idea

Capture authentic heart and charm with an eight-day Soulful Italy: Umbria, The Marches, and Abruzzo Tour as you explore charming towns, medieval castles, and alluring countryside in regions often overlooked by travelers.

Highlights: Explore the beauty of Gran Sasso National Park • Embrace authentic local cooking with a professional chef • Discover underground caves • Enjoy an idyllic wine-tasting experience

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2. Portugal

Vineyards on the Douro River in Portugal

Douro River Valley, Portugal

Portugal is one of Europe’s best places to visit in the fall. The warm weather creates an inviting ambiance across the country as the golden Iberian light continues to shine on the legendary beaches of the Algarve, while comfortable temperatures provide fantastic opportunities for exploring the famous cities and enchanting towns.

The diversity of the heritage and history emerges away from the summer crowds to reveal the remarkable collection of Roman ruins and Moorish influence, Portugal's fairytale-like castles and vineyards that cling to steep hillsides. Cafes fill with the aromas of seasonal cuisine, while decorative zellige tiles enhance elegant designs in open plazas and on the facades of private homes.

With a combination of land and sea, the fall in Portugal can feel like a continuation of summer as it inches closer to harvest season, emphasizing the uniqueness of local culture and the natural world.

Portugal Vacation Idea

Legendary Countryside and Cityscapes Tour of Portugal is a nine-day exploration that celebrates the unique position of land and sea as a perfect combination between scenic waterfronts and regal castle designs, exceptional wines and soulful musical traditions.

Highlights: Enjoy the raw emotion of a fado performance • Immerse yourself in a food tour of the Belem neighborhood • Discover fairytale-like castles in Sintra • Sip delicious port at a family-owned winery

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: Portugal Tours & VacationsPortugal Travel Guide

3. Spain

The Rock of Gibraltar in Spain

The Rock of Gibraltar in Spain

Spain is one of the best places to travel in September and, in fall, offers a majestic combination of culture and cuisine, mystical landscape and treasured coastline. The weather cools from the intense summer heat into a pleasant and inviting ambiance that spreads across the southern waters to the northern undulating mountains between September to November.

Proud culture resonates in distinctive towns and monasteries in remote areas become elaborate getaways with panoramic views that span the open landscape. From witnessing epic festivals to sampling the flavors of each region, capturing a view of a famous coastline to enjoying a colorful Gaudi design, the best fall vacations share timeless things to do in Spain.

Spain Vacation Idea

Find charm and natural wonder on this nine-day Spain's Majestic Landscapes Trekking Tour that celebrates luxury by immersing you in the lush and vast landscape that has shaped culture, inspired history, and continues to provide alluring escapes.

Highlights: Enjoy a walking tour of the seaside city of Málaga beneath the looming citadels • Traverse the leafy paths that wind from King Alfonso XIII hydroelectric dam • Stroll along the shaded trails of  El Torcal de Antequera to witness the wondrous geological formations • Travel off the beaten path of Granada and meander the countryside • Access Cordoba after the Guadanuño River and cross the monumental Moorish and Roman bridges

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4. Iceland

Hvítserkur rock formation on the Vatnsnes peninsula in North-West Iceland

Vatnsnes Peninsula in North-West Iceland

Autumn in Iceland is an unforgettable experience. While the summer and winter represent peak season, the fall can open connections to the land and culture, with fewer crowds and a quieter ambiance revealing the quintessence of nature.

The colors of the scenery shift, reflected in peaceful waters, locals celebrate the changing season with authentic festivals and activities, and the Northern Lights drape the darkening sky.

No matter the season, Iceland is a destination of adventure and natural majesty, where volcanoes rumble, geysers splash, hot springs steam, glaciers glint, and ice fields sprawl to the horizon. In autumn, the country feels unspoiled and intimately yours as you explore the best places to visit in Iceland.

Iceland Vacation Idea

Discover the intensity of the Land of Fire and Ice with Untamed Iceland: Signature Tour in 8 Days as you experience local culture and explore the marvels of nature, from waterfalls to the Northern Lights, geysers to horse herding.

Highlights: Witness the traditional Horse Gathering • Enjoy soothing thermal pools • Witness historic lava fields • Hunt for the Northern Lights • Find seals and whales

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5. Peru

Vinicunca, or Rainbow mountain, near Cusco, Peru

Vinicunca, or Rainbow mountain, near Cusco, Peru

From September to November, Peru embodies the unique beauty of the Southern Hemisphere’s spring. The coastal waters are warm, the night air is cool, and the rivers flow easily through the mountains for incredible active adventures.

Peru harbors incredible ecological and biological diversity, making the spring a fantastic time to delve deep into the Amazon, lounge on a beach, explore the desert, or head into the Andes on a trek to Machu Picchu. The wildlife is active, the cities brim with charm, and the traditional Andean towns erupt with colorful markets.

Snorkeling, hiking, whitewater rafting, visiting ancient ruins, or searching for reclusive rainforest wildlife are all possible in the fantastic weather across the country. No matter how you prefer to travel, you can find your best experiences in Peru from September to November.

Peru Vacation Idea

Step into Machu Picchu and beyond during this 8-day Paradisiacal Peru: Lima, Cusco, Sacred Valley Tour that uncovers the natural and cultural beauty from the Lima coastline to the Andean summits.

Highlights: View high-altitude landscape from the fortifications at Sacsayhuaman • Discover the culture of Cusco during a walking tour • Connect with alpaca at Awanacancha • Enjoy a mountain-biking expedition to Moray • Walk in the steps of the Inca on the Machu Picchu Trail

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6. Seychelles

Mahe, Seychelles

Mahe, Seychelles

The Seychelles in fall is a tropical wonderland you can visit on an African safari and beach vacation combined with South Africa. During the calm periods between the trade winds, the archipelago features crystal-clear waters, exclusive resorts, and the return of hawksbill turtles.

The 115 coral islands feel unspoiled. Untouched jungle shimmers emerald against the surrounding snow-white sands and coral gardens. Marine sanctuaries protect thriving submarine life and the circulating winds throughout the year provide world-class sailing opportunities.

Whether above the water or below, the warm temperatures in fall inform the ocean, while the rugged island interiors create diverse opportunities, from hiking to relaxing, snorkeling to surfing, rock climbing to sampling mouthwatering cuisine.

Seychelles Vacation Idea

Okavango Delta and White Sandy Beaches: Luxury Botswana and Seychelles lets you discover the untouched in opulent style, from the remote shores of a white-sand beach to the banks of a secluded river surrounded by big game.

Highlights: Scuba dive around Mahe Island • Bask on premier beaches • Enjoy a revitalizing spa treatment • Cruise the Okavango Delta • Witness wild game on a mokoro canoe excursion

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7. Kenya

Giraffes in Samburu National Reserve, Kenya

Samburu National Reserve, Kenya

Kenya is pure magic, and one of Africa’s best places to visit in the fall. It reaches the edge of the dry season and features the golden grasses of the savannah, with fewer waterholes making it easier to view wildlife on a game drive.

The fall months spread across the edge of the dry and wet seasons, so you can experience the diversity of the landscape as it shifts from gold to green, newborns emerge in the grasslands, or wildebeest travel across the expansive scenery during the breathtaking Great Migration in Kenya.

Beyond safari, Kenya is an adventure that conjures timeless images, whether of flamingos dotting lakes with pink, islands bathed in sunlight, or ancient tribes introducing their cultural heritage. Fall in Kenya can demonstrate a unique harmony between contemporary life and the natural world.

Kenya Vacation Idea

Revel in the rich majesty of the natural world when immersed in wildlife and wilderness during the 10-day Exclusive Kenya Safari: Luxury Adventure that celebrates the splendor of the night sky, the beauty of local tradition, and the wonders of the Great Migration.

Highlights: Stargaze from a private glamping suite • Discover wildlife in the Lewa Conservancy • Explore the Ngare Ndare Forest • Witness the Great Migration • Visit an authentic Maasai village

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8. Tanzania

Zebras and wildebeests grazing in Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania

Tanzania from September to November is considered the Southern Hemisphere’s spring, with the drier days of the earlier months leading to pockets of rain by mid-November.

The dry spells of September to October glow with golden grasslands, making Tanzania one of the best places to travel in October on Serengeti safaris, while the cool and wetter days of November create abundant foliage that bursts with color. The wildebeest begin roaming with their calves in November to reach greener pastures, while migratory birds swoop, sing, and nestle in the trees.

With famous national parks and access to Mount Kilimanjaro, safaris, wilderness adventures, and the beaches of Zanzibar, Tanzania is an endless escape into wonder with the months of September to November offering the perfect mixture of open space, a comfortable climate, and sightseeing possibilities.

Tanzania Vacation Idea

Tanzania Classic Weeklong: Iconic National Parks focuses on the wonders of conservation and nature when left untouched, from the rich environments to the local communities, famous landscapes to inspiring wildlife, the experience takes you on unique excursions.

Highlights: Tour Tarangire National Park on thrilling safari drives • Enjoy morning and evening game drives, as well as guided bush walks alongside an armed ranger • Ascend to the rim of the Olmoti Crater to take in breathtaking views of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area • Embrace the thrill of adventure across the sweeping savannas of the Serengeti • Journey to an authentic Maasai village to meet the locals

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9. Egypt

The Great Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha at the Citadel of Saladin in Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt

The 7,000 years of history and glistening waters of the Red Sea come to the fore in Egypt during the fall. Nature and cultural opulence emerge from the desert sands as the temperatures cool to a pleasant warmth and the crowds thin.

Exploring Egypt’s best places to visit is rewarding no matter the time of year, but fall provides a comfortable ambiance that allows you to embrace the regality of the ancient world, the captivating remains of medieval architecture, and the lively culture of contemporary life, while opening access to the greater charms of the natural world.

Uncover the wonders of pharaohs and witness the iconic pyramids. Drift down the legendary waters of the Nile or lounge on the immaculate beaches of the Red Sea. From pulsing cities to glowing oases, Egypt in autumn is impressive on the best fall vacations.

Egypt Vacation Idea

Experience the unexpected and discover the endless allure on this 12-day Exploring the History of Ancient Egypt With a Relaxing Resort Escape that sends you on a journey through ancient history until it immerses you in the calming beauty of the beaches on the Red Sea.

Highlights: Discover the Valley of the Kings with a private guide • Tour the historic sites of Alexandria • Visit the Khan el-Khalili Bazaar and Egyptian Museum in Cairo • Explore Abu Simbel

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10. Morocco

Luxury riad courtyard in Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco

Morocco in the fall is comfortable and colorful. The weather cools considerably from the peak summer months and the crowds ease to reveal a more authentic ambiance across the legendary cities and mythical landscapes.

Morocco features fascinating architecture shaped by Arab and African aesthetics that inspire artists, while the landscape is dramatic and the colorful towns accentuate a unique history, inviting travelers to explore the secrets of the best places in Morocco.

Hiking trails through the mountains, rolling sand dunes across the Sahara, blue cobbled lanes cut into the hillside, and the aromas of rich spices drifting through the traditional souks add to the allure of the fall.

Morocco Vacation Idea

8-Day Morocco: Artistry, Luxury and Wonder is an eight-day tour filled with exciting new experiences that celebrates the mixture of artisan crafts, historic luxuries, and the point at which nature informs heritage.

Highlights: Experience the Djemaa El Fna Square • Venture into the Sahara Desert for sunset over the sand dunes • Enjoy a traditional Moroccan cooking class • Explore the famous Marrakech medina

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11. Argentina

Birdseye view of Iguazu River and Falls in Iguazu National Park, Argentina

Iguazu National Park, Argentina

Argentina in autumn is a wonderland of adventure. Wildflowers and the fall foliage blossom. The Andes shimmer against ripening vines. Glaciers glint in the sunlight and the days feel warm in the tropical north and sub-arctic south. From white-washed desert to soaring Andean peaks, long stretches of beaches to enticing jungle terrain, Argentina is a masterful collection of geographical and biodiversity.

The architecture, art, and cultural heritage have influenced the world, the promise of pampas or horseback riding, antique cathedrals or the edge of the South American continent providing timeless charisma. Whether interested in the allure of tango or Argentina’s fabulous wine regions, city life or a rural escape, Argentina is a celebration of natural wonder and culture for the best fall vacations.

Argentina Vacation Idea

Nature and culture demonstrate a rich connection as you Explore Argentina's Capital, Natural World Wonder, and Patagonia for 12 Days to find lush forests, glinting glaciers, and the intoxicating ambiance of Buenos Aires.

Highlights: Discover the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires • Embrace a Milonga tango experience • Witness the power of Iguazu Falls • Visit a remote penguin colony • View the marvels of Perito Moreno Glacier

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12. Brazil

Colorful street in the historical center of Paraty, Brazil

Paraty, Brazil

Brazil in the fall is seductive. September to November represents the Southern Hemisphere’s spring, making Brazil warm, sunny, and a wonder of nature. People have not yet crowded the beaches, wilderness destinations like the Pantanal are accessible before the summer rains, and the clear sky provides perfect weather across the country.

The mixture of powdery white sands and lush rainforest demonstrates why Brazil is captivating. Like a kaleidoscope, the country has biodiversity that reflects the breadth and depth of remarkable ecosystems and metropolises that move to their own special rhythm to create a riot of color.

In South America’s largest country you can adventure in search of toucans, jaguars in the wild, lounge beneath the golden sun on a secluded island beach, or join in the fun of a random act of celebration. In fall, Brazil epitomizes a unique and unforgettable treasure.

Brazil Vacation Idea

10 Days Capturing the Beauty of Brazil's Green Coast immerses you in nature and a colorful atmosphere as you explore immaculate sands, the lively culture of Rio, and the endless beauty of a coastline often overlooked by visitors.

Highlights: Explore Rio • Enjoy a scenic cable car trip to Sugarloaf Mountain • Discover colonial Paraty • Cycle the photogenic Paraty coast • Embrace secluded Lopes Mendes Beach

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13. Thailand

Giant statues and pagoda at Wat Arun in Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Waterfalls, emerald plains, and thriving forests shimmer during fall in Thailand. The summer heat and humidity begin to drop, making fall a much more comfortable time to explore the tropical landscape and best places to travel in Thailand. The winter holiday crowds have not yet arrived and you can discover the lively cities or secluded beaches at your own pace.

Modern luxuries and ancient traditions create a harmonious blend across the country. Bold monkeys sprinkle popular beaches, the water glints various shades of blue, and the traditional communities continue their way of life in the hills of the northern jungle. Whether interested in pristine white beaches or adventures through the trees, karsts, or canals, Thailand in fall is lively, welcoming, and bountiful.

Thailand Vacation Idea

Tantalizing Thailand: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Krabi Tour is an 11-day exploration of the natural splendor that spreads from the tropical southern islands to the expansive northern jungle, while uncovering culture and history.

Highlights: Visit the remarkable temples of Bangkok • Explore Bangkok’s charming canals • Meet traditional hill tribes • Explore Doi Inthanon National Park • Bask in tropical Koh Phi Phi

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: Thailand Tours & VacationsThailand Travel Guide

14. Vietnam

A red junk boat sailing in Ha Long Bay in Vietnam.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Vietnam in autumn represents diversity, and is one of the best places to travel in November. The moderate temperatures, small number of visitors, and endless opportunities for exploration create an intoxicating environment, even as the three primary regions experience the seasons differently throughout the year.

The remarkable combination of natural beauty and cultural variety can take you from winding mountain passes to emerald paddy fields, soaring ocean karsts to meandering canals hidden beneath towering grasses. Contemporary cities glisten with luxuries and rural villages reflect local culinary delights. The landscape and culture reveal why Vietnam is a captivating destination in the fall, especially as you explore Vietnam’s top places to travel.

Vietnam Vacation Idea

Amazing Vietnam Vacation: Karst Islands to Imperial Citadels is an immersive eight-day customizable tour focused on the spellbinding cityscapes, landscapes, and islands that emerge through the veil of legend to surpass expectations.

Highlights: Cruise around the karsts of Ha Long Bay • Explore the Dai Noi Citadel • Indulge in authentic cuisine prepared by a local chef • Enjoy a scenic drive in the Hai Van Pass • Glide down the Mekong Delta

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: Vietnam Tours & VacationsVietnam Travel Guide

15. Australia

Barossa Valley Estate vineyards in South Australia

Barossa Valley Estate Vineyards. Photo courtesy of South Australia Tourism / Simon Griffiths

Australia’s beauty shines brightest from September to November. The Southern Hemisphere moves through spring in these months, resulting in clear skies, gorgeous views, and light crowds across Australia.

The island continent features endless wonders that can immerse you in the legends of Dreamtime, demonstrate the boundless mysteries of nature, or celebrate the joyful culture in popular cities. Game drive in search of kangaroos or cassowaries, witness the vibrant colors of the Great Barrier Reef, experience the remote beauty of Uluru, or embrace the secluded, endless stretch of white sand at Cable Beach.

The best of Australia shares the unexpected and unveils the world’s oldest cultures. Sample delicious flavors, indulge in bold wines, or embrace the spirit of adventure from the outback to the rainforest.

Australia Vacation Idea

From the wilderness to its vines, the 17-Day Immersion into Australia: Outback to Wine Country combines the wonders of Australia’s wildlife with the luxuries of the winelands as you experience comfort and adventure.

Highlights: Revel in a Sydney Harbour cruise • Explore celebrated flavors of a food tour • Discover the historic tastes of the Hunter Valley • Experience wine chemistry in the Barossa Valley • Delight in a wildlife tour on Kangaroo Island

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: Australia Tours & VacationsAustralia Travel Guide

16. New Zealand

Urupukapuka Island, Bay of Islands.

Bay of Islands, New Zealand

September to November is New Zealand’s spring. The fine, warm weather spreads across the islands for a perfect time to explore at your pace and leisure, with few crowds. Nature takes center stage with staggering results. From snowcapped peaks to sparkling glaciers, shimmering coves to jade rainforests, the topography is dramatic and accessible.

The untouched natural world demonstrates its power amidst the serene ambiance. Pristine white sands in the north or the Fiordland dripping with waterfalls in the south, the islands are as adventurous or relaxing as you make them. Meet Maori communities, search for kiwis, explore the open and inviting outdoors, and enjoy more top things to do in New Zealand on your fall vacation.

New Zealand Vacation Idea

Spectacular Nature to Sparkling Cityscapes New Zealand Tour allows the natural and cultural highlights of the North and South islands to shine over 17 days on the golden beaches of the north and around the glistening fiords of the south.

Highlights: Discover the Bay of Islands • Enjoy a geothermal adventure in Taupo and Rotorua • Sample delicious wines in Napier • Explore the wonder of Able Tasman • Delight in Milford Sound

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: New Zealand Tours & VacationsNew Zealand Travel Guide

17. Fiji

Woman kayaking in the Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

Fiji is one of the South Pacific’s best places to visit in the fall, with September and October providing a tropical paradise at the edge of the dry season. Temperatures remain comfortable, sunshine spills over Fiji’s best beaches, and the jungle trails are accessible.

The archipelago is a destination to savor slowly. Fine-sand beaches glow white against turquoise water. The culture is warm and inviting. Views of jungle-clad mountains juxtapose vibrant gardens and locals create an added layer of warmth to every interaction. Mud pools, hot springs, roaring rivers, incredible surf breaks, and one of the largest coral reefs in the world turn the remote island nation into an idyllic escape for any type of traveler.

Fiji Vacation Idea

Embrace legendary beauty and mythical colors during this nine-day Discover Fiji Vacation Tour: Matamanoa & Taveuni, on which coral reefs, inviting waters, and private resorts provide the perfect combination through which to experience a tropical paradise.

Highlights: Delight in a beachside dinner under the stars • Enjoy a remote island resort • Revel in the Rainbow Reef’s beauty • Trek jungle mountain trails • Sail the Mamanuca Islands

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Discover the Best Fall Vacation Ideas for Your 2024 Trip

Praia da Marinha in the Algarve, Portugal

Praia da Marinha in the Algarve, Portugal

Fall is an incredible time of year to travel, no matter your preferences. Whether you are eager to embrace the whispers of the changing leaves or watch the emerald colors of the plains return, a travel specialist can help you find the best destination for your preferred experiences.

Discover ideas for your next trip, depending on the time you wish to travel, with our Zicasso travel blog. You can also explore the best places to visit in September, top travel destinations for October, and popular travel destinations for November for more inspiration.

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