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Travel Tips and Hints: Top 5 Europe Destinations for 2021-2022

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Cliffside village of Manarola in the Cinque Terre, Italy

Manarola, Italy

While the pandemic may have kept many of us at home, Zicasso travelers never stopped dreaming of their next vacation to top European destinations. Summer 2021 brought much enthusiasm with spectacular interest in both last-minute travel and in looking ahead to 2022.

From exploring unforgettable cuisine on a family tour to embracing the romance of a renowned city, following a pilgrimage trail to enjoying celebrated beaches, Europe offers countless ways to enjoy and explore heritage, history, and natural splendor.

Our Zicasso travel specialists offer their thoughts and expertise on what travel will be like leading into 2022 and how to experience the trip you want, whether now or in the future.

  1. 1. Italy
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  3. 3. Croatia
  4. 4. Iceland
  5. 5. Spain
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1. Italy

Orvieto in the Umbria region of Italy

Orvieto in the Umbria region of Italy

Our top destination for Zicasso travelers, Italy can immerse you in ancient ruins or Renaissance masterpieces, uncover traditional flavors or reveal natural beauty. With last-minute trips for some and planning far ahead for others, we asked Eli, one of our Zicasso specialists, her thoughts on travel to Italy over the next few months.

Zicasso: Throughout the pandemic, demand for Italy has remained high and our travelers report a fantastic experience. As protocols and entry requirements continue to shift, do you feel that a trip to Italy is still a great idea going into the end of 2021 and into early 2022?

Eli: I 100% feel that Italy is a great destination for the end of 2021 and into 2022. The requirements of completing a QR code for entry and a negative Covid test 72 hours prior are very simple and protects you, the traveler, and the cities of the country as well. Italians are so excited to see Americans arriving, and it has been a very touching experience to bring travelers back.

Zicasso: What do you wish travelers knew about booking travel now?

Eli: I would love travelers to know that every country welcoming visitors is going above and beyond to accommodate and make their stay very special. In Italy, for example, masks in indoor spaces are respected, most seating is outside under incredible landscapes, and everyone involved in transportation is also very cautious to keep things safe. Advantageous rates are possible, and a travel specialist can assist in finding the right accommodations and activities for you.

Zicasso: Any top recommendations as travelers consider their customized vacation?

Eli: My best recommendation for any traveler is to get accurate information about any restrictions in Italy from experts, as not all things we read are correct. Consider traveling sooner rather than later as Italy is less busy, giving travelers more time to enjoy it all rather than battle the usual crowds. While it is a new way of travel, it is not an impossible time to travel. It just takes a little more planning, and we are here to help you enjoy your vacation.

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2. Greece

Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

Incredibly popular over the summer season, Greece sparkles with opportunity. With some of Western Civilization’s most important historical sites, 6,500 islands, and enticing blue waters that capture the essence of the Mediterranean, Greece is a natural and cultural wonder. Greece is always calling to Zicasso travelers, whether for a last-minute island getaway or a future vacation, so we asked Dimitrios, a Zicasso specialist, for insight into traveling to Greece over the next few months.

Zicasso: Greece has been very popular with our travelers since borders opened. What advice do you have for travelers that might like to visit in late 2021 or early 2022?

Dimitrios: We expect the following two or three years will be particularly busy for Greece! Being one of the premier summer travel destinations in the world and also one of the safest, great volumes of visitors are expected to storm our islands. The two best things to do is to finalize and book your trip as early as possible and avoid the busiest peak of our season when the Greeks also take their vacations, like July and August. If you can resist their charm, we also recommend avoiding our busiest and most popular islands! After all, you will have no trouble finding one or two that suit your needs amongst the almost 6,500 greek isles!

Zicasso: What are the best winter time activities in Greece? What are the advantages of traveling off season?

Dimitrios: Greece is not famous for its wintertime activities, and that is exactly why you can have such a fantastic time here during the not-so-popular months! Beyond the obvious answers like skiing (yes, you can also ski in Greece, in any of our 25 resorts), hiking on some of our most famous mountain forests like the ones on Mount Olympus, Kaimaktsalan, and Mount Parnassus and their traditional villages, and perhaps museum-hopping, there are also well-kept secrets that you should discover in Greece during winter, like cave-hopping, taste Greece's unique winter cuisine, and drinks range, from the small traditional mountain villages to the seaside port-towns, and perhaps visit the Greek islands. Avoiding the summer crowds while visiting our most famous sites would undoubtedly be the biggest advantage of visiting Greece during winter, but one should not pay less attention to the fact that you can enjoy one of the oldest civilizations in the world without the oppressive heat spoiling your fun and, of course, the lower cost of both flight tickets and accommodation everywhere.

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3. Croatia

Old City walls in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Old City walls in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia feels unspoiled and vibrant with historic cities, ancient ruins, enticing nature, glamorous Venetian-era architecture, and Mediterranean sunshine that spreads from the coastline to the islands. Zicasso travelers are more and more eager to discover the beauty of Croatia, whether for a last-minute break or a future summer vacation. We asked Andrea, a Zicasso specialist, for her ideas on travel to Croatia in 2021 and early 2022.

Zicasso: Croatia has been very popular with our travelers. What have travelers enjoyed most over this summer season?

Andrea: This summer has all been about the general reset of the much-desired holiday after the turbulent period we have all been through. Our travelers have increasingly wanted to live like a local, immersed deeply in local culture and customs, learning and making human connections. They have enjoyed time outdoors and in nature, hiking or exploring many of Croatia’s national parks or stunning scenery. We have witnessed a steady increase in booking experiences like dinners in unusual locations, discovering local culture, food and wine tastings, sailing the Adriatic Coast, exploring the islands and secluded beaches and bays on a private boat. In general, travelers are increasingly turning to sustainable forms of travel and have become more aware of their own impact on the environment and local communities.

Zicasso: For travelers looking to travel in late 2021 and early 2022, is a trip to Croatia a good idea?

Andrea: Croatia remains a safe location for travelers. We have been managing the pandemic without major lockdowns throughout the year. The weather is usually fantastic in September and October, making travel in the low season very convenient and attractive, especially since there are fewer crowds and it becomes easier to walk the Dubrovnik Walls or hike the Ferrata route above the Cetina canyon! Early spring is especially lovely for those who prioritize natural wonders, as the awakening of nature is a sight to witness firsthand something that cannot be seen in summer. Spring is also a great time to plan extensive gastronomic tours and active activities that cannot be done in the summer heat. Croatia is a foodie heaven, and there is plenty to do and experience in spring and fall.

Zicasso: What is your top travel tip for those considering a trip to Croatia?

Andrea: Our major tip for those planning a trip to Croatia is to plan on being relaxed. The country is safe, people are easy-going, and almost everybody speaks English. You will get a sense of the Mediterranean mixed with Centro-European lifestyle with only a hint of Balkans – especially in food. Even if you only have time for a short vacation, you can still see a lot while not being forced to travel long distances between points of interest. This saves time and allows you to enjoy every destination you visit more thoroughly. That is why we used to say, “A small country for a great holiday. “

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4. Iceland

Northern lights over Mt. Kirkjufell and Kirkjufellsfoss in Iceland

Northern lights over Mt. Kirkjufell and Kirkjufellsfoss in Iceland

Iceland is a natural wonder of fire and ice, where volcanoes loom over the coastline, hot springs steam against the surrounding cold, the Midnight Sun shines over colorful glaciers, and the Northern Lights bring dancing colors to the night sky. Iceland has remained a popular destination for Zicasso travelers interested in a relaxing last-minute break or an adventure for a prospective vacation. We asked Andres, a Zicasso Iceland specialist, for his thoughts on immediate and future travel to Iceland.

Zicasso: What is the best reason for a traveler to consider a trip to Iceland now?

Andres: Iceland is a very safe choice for any traveler. We have a small population, most are vaccinated, and we enjoy almost no restrictions on the island with massive nature to enjoy. Currently, the active volcano is one of the attractions for many travelers, otherwise, the northern lights, glacier hikes, and natural ice caves are always a must-see.

Zicasso: What do you wish every traveler to Iceland knew before booking their trip?

Andres: Travelers should know that they can travel without concern, as Iceland offers a very local and simple life. You can explore without boundaries, and we can create a customized itinerary to suit your needs and interests.

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5. Spain

Alhambra in Granada, Spain

Alhambra in Granada, Spain

With grand Moorish palaces, exceptional cuisine, and galleries that display the works of past artistic masters, Spain can feel both timeless and contemporary. As an endlessly popular destination for Zicasso travelers, Spain has been easy for those interested in immediate cultural exploration, a last-minute coastal vacation, or a future culinary vacation. We asked Samuel, a Zicasso specialist, his thoughts on travel now and into 2022.

Zicasso: What do you recommend for a late fall or early winter trip to Spain?

Samuel: Definitely, Andalusia. The south of Spain is the place to visit for a late fall or early winter trip. The weather indeed starts to be cold, but fall weather in Spain is not as cold as in other European countries. We enjoy the sun during the day, perfect for sightseeing. Travelers will also find that cities are not crowded as in other months, and they can visit them comfortably.

ZIcasso: What is your top travel tip for any traveler considering a trip to Spain?

Samuel: Traveling in December is also an excellent idea. Although December can be a very cold month in many Spanish cities, travelers will have the chance to visit Spain during the Christmas season and will find cities full of lights, decorations, and life!

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Mount Olympus in Greece

Mount Olympus in Greece

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