Palace of Versailles in Versailles, France
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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Daniel in England

Mario's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Susan F.
Submitted on 6.16.2022

1. The trip was well planned and everyone; hotels, guides and transfers knew who we were and where we were going.2. The guides were very good. Knowledgeable and friendly. They were willing to change or emphasize their talk to our questions.3. The help line was extremely reassuring. Just knowing there was someone we could contact if there was a problem.4. The guides let us know that the office was calling and making sure we were where we should be. This made us feel like we were not alone.5. Pre-trip was made easy by Nicole who answered any questions we had. She was very easy to talk to.6. This trip was special for us and we had looked forward to it for a long time. The staff made it special.

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Travel agent Adam in France

Adam's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Bonnie D.
Submitted on 3.19.2022

The travel company planned the exact trip we had hoped for!  My husband and I wanted to explore Burgundy.  My husband is pretty knowledgeable about wine from the area, whereas I am a novice.  The travel company arranged a four day experience for us that we both loved.  They were communicative throughout the process.  They offer an app that provided our itinerary, train tickets, important contacts, and recommended restaurants.  This feature made the trip even more seamless.  It was an incredible experience!

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Travel agent Laurence in France

Laurence's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Carrie S.
Submitted on 12.30.2021

We had a FANTASTIC vacation that was so well planned for my husband and me. The travel company made us feel like millionaires, not two retired teachers from the Seattle area. There were so many incredible moments on this trip of a lifetime, each providing a special memory. Each day was carefully planned with drivers and guides who were knowledgeable, sharing their insights into Paris. We loved them. Each unique experience, from the baking class where my husband and I made baguettes, staying on the French Riviera, to every moment in Paris including our 5-star hotels, gave us a lifetime of memories that wouldn’t have happened without the careful planning of our travel designer at this travel company. Of note, our guide in Nice, was knowledgeable, kind, and patient. He gave us time to discover on our own, and shared his extensive knowledge of the area with us. Most of all, he was patient and kind, helping a 72-year old who sometimes needed a little extra assistance.Please note: this review was written by Anne and submitted by her daughter.

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Travel agent Joel in France

Joêl's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Ann W.
Submitted on 10.6.2021

Joel and all the guides made this trip special. The hotels and tours were great. The guides really knew their material and made the visits special. The real test, however, was when something went wrong. One of our group had developed mobility issues (this trip had been postponed due to COVID) that impacted the trip. Joel and Sarah (our Normandy guide) had to scramble to rearrange the trip and deal with all the issues that came up. I do not know what I would have done without the support of this travel company. Quite a lesson in why going with a great tour company is worth it.All that they did meant the trip could continue and we all had a wonderful time. I would highly recommend Zicasso and this France travel company for anyone. They made a big difference.

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Travel agent Sophie in France

Sophie's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Kristen N.
Submitted on 4.26.2022

I work and was really looking forward to a trip to Europe with my kids.  We selected London, and were so grateful for all the assistance, advice, and support provided by the owners of the travel company.  They were so great to collaborate with in setting up our customized itinerary.  Also, the vendors/ private tour guides we had during the trip were so wonderful.  Our tour guide became almost a part of our family.  What a great experience to be able to have a plan in place for vacation.  I was able to enjoy my time and not worry about logistics.  We enjoyed all that was planned.  I am already dreaming about our next trip and highly recommend this company as someone to chose to work with.Thank you so much for making travel easy and fun!

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Travel agent Bernhard in Greece

Bernhard's Travel Agency


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Czech Republic
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Verified Review

David D.
Submitted on 10.5.2019

We are several weeks past the return from our trip, but we are not out of raves for the entire experience. We asked for a highly customized trip to visit the great old libraries of the world across several mid-European countries and were richly rewarded by the excellent transportation, drivers, and guides provided by the travel company. This was a fabulous and life-affirming experience.It would not have been possible without the careful planning and research done by our travel planner and his colleagues at this travel company. The hotels that were arranged were central and convenient in the cities in which we stayed and their personnel were friendly and incredibly helpful, adding to the enjoyment of our trip. Food recommendations, especially a food tour that was booked for us in Prague, were spectacular. Given our focal interest in centuries-old libraries and literature, the planner and his crew found top-notch experts in each location who deepened our understanding of the incredible edifices we toured and their histories.Then, especially in route from Prague to Vienna, we must exclaim about the beautiful alpine scenery and small towns. Noting that we were also very interested in nature, our driver-guide detoured to take us to mountain locations that were personal favorites of his. Spectacular!It’s simply difficult to say how much we enjoyed this trip in every detail.

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Travel agent Hilary in Italy

Hilary's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

christine G.
Submitted on 8.31.2021

We wanted to go on a family trip to Italy this Summer to celebrate our 20th Anniversary, and had budgeted a significant amount of money to have a great trip ($35k-$40k). It was very important to us that we get our money's worth.  Hilary specializes in trips to Italy, and after speaking with her about our rough travel plans, we felt that she would help us make the most of the time and money we were spending.  She built us a fantastic itinerary that enabled us to see 4 major cities (Venice, Florence, Rome and Positano) in a way that we never felt rushed or bored.  We are a family with three teenagers who definitely didn't want to just browse museums.  Hilary supplied plenty of interactive fun activities (i.e. cooking class in Florence, large full day boat trip off the Amalfi coast, glass bottom kayaking with cave exploration, motor boat tour of Venice canals, food tour in Rome, etc.)  The accommodations she chose were fantastic as well -- all of the hotels were right in the middle of the places we wanted to explore.  The staff at the hotels Hilary picked were extremely hospitable and helpful with finding any transportation we needed.  Hilary was also able to find us private transport between cities in Italy -- the drivers were all friendly, punctual, and spoke English.  We really have no complaints -- the itinerary was very well thought through and flowed extremely well.  

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Travel agent Andrew in France office

Mark's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Aaron S.
Submitted on 10.22.2019

Really enjoyed our trip.  Company was very responsive in modifying trip based on our requests when we were communicating initially.  They were again very responsive when I requested one of our hotels be changed because the reviews for one the hotel we were booked at didn't look great, and they immediately offered to switch our hotel (from a 3 star to 4 star hotel) without any extra cost to us.  There was one hiccup with that--one of our tour pickups didn't get changed to our new hotel, but that actually worked out fine as the company was able to switch our tour to another day, which happened to work out great.  

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Featured Reviews

Luxury France Tour Travel Review: Chablis, Burgundy Region, Cooking Class


Robert B.
Mar 26, 2022
This was an outstanding first class trip. Our travel planner was a true asset to work with; we planned everything and it went off without a hitch. I highly recommend using them if you have vacation plans in France. 

Travel Review: France, Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux, Food & Wine, Family Vacation


Christopher M.
Mar 29, 2022
 Our family trip to France which was already booked and arranged had to be cancelled because of Covid. The travel planner and his team were extremely helpful in getting us rebooked quickly to when travel reopened and we were able to travel again. 

One-Week Trip to France Travel Review: Normandy and Paris


Brian S.
Mar 26, 2022
The travel company did a great job of capturing what we were hoping to get out of our trip to Normandy and Paris. Had a great time with great guides, and they were always there when needed to edit a reservation or make a new one. Very happy with the experience and I would happily recommend them to a friend traveling to France.

England & France Travel Review: 9-Night's in London, Avignon, Provence, Paris


Michael D.
Oct 07, 2021
Our travel specialist team created an amazing vacation for us. I discussed our trip with two other agencies and Adam and the staff of this travel company had ideas that matched our desires. COVID delayed our trip for a year and then travel restrictions caused a change in location from London to Avignon, France. Throughout, the team was accommodating and incredibly helpful. We had an amazing time. The plans and vendors they arranged were perfect for us. We’re looking forward to our next European trip with our travel specialist.

France Travel Review: 5-Days in Paris, Versailles, River Cruise


Matthew T.
Oct 03, 2021
The trip overall was very nice.  The only disappointment was that the agency didn't stay up-to-speed on the ever-changing Covid restrictions and communicate those to us.  We had to stay on top of this on our own.  Usually, travel agencies handle ALL of the details.  Unfortunately, that wasn't the case here.  

Travel Review: Paris France, London England, Catacombs of Paris, Windsor Castle


Max D.
Apr 01, 2022
I would recommend this service to anyone who is unsure about international travel. We first took a very extensive questionnaire about what kind of travelers we were (foodies, outdoors type, etc) and what we wanted to see during our trip. After that Zicasso sends you to a specialist who builds you an itinerary based on the questionnaire and what your budget is. We were traveling to London and Paris and was paired with a travel designer from the travel company. She was very helpful in helping build the itinerary. She was accessible probably more than what is expected given the time difference via phone and was always prompt in responding via e-mail. She helped us change our itinerary on numerous occasions to make our trip perfect. Not only that she was available while we were actually in the country as well. We had one miscommunication with the private auto driver we had hired, and she was quick to help us resolve the issue and it was in no way her fault, but she came through for us. I have no complaints about the company. 

Travel Review: Solo Italy & France Trip, Rome, Paris, Colosseum, Food Tour, 12-Day Vacation


Sophia M.
Nov 28, 2021
I did a rome/paris customized trip and I would say overall went well. I am pretty sure for the price for a solo traveller package that this could have been done much cheaper. I believe Rome was worth the package/tours. Paris is a city that can be adjusted on your own because the tours/hotel were not as great. I would need to experience other travel agencies to have a better review and frame of reference. But, overall went well. Thank you

Travel Review: Luxury 12-Night France Trip


Jonathan O.
Dec 10, 2021
My wife and I were looking forward to this trip soo much, specially with all the COVID issues going on in the world, AND everything turned out just perfectly! Even with all the COVID restrictions, testing requirements and overall precautions in place with travel, it was an amazing trip that I wish we could relive. We really wished we could have stayed another month plus. Big thanks to our travel company & specifically Marie-Lys for helping us create and live out the perfect trip to France!! I highly recommend working with this team and hope that we can one day work with Marie-Lys once again! 

France Honeymoon Review: Paris, Bordeaux, Loire Valley, History, Wine & Cheese Tasting, Cooking Class, Bike Tour


Matthew K.
May 12, 2022
The bullet point version. I had never been to France, and trying to plan a honeymoon during a pandemic where conditions are constantly shifting sounded impossible. Manon was a wonderful resource. She was knowledgeable about every place we wanted to go and put us in touch with excellent local guides. She was very responsive to email and messaging. All guides a were on time; all of the drivers were on time and in immaculate luxury vehicles. We did several days wine tourism in Bordeaux (difficult or impossible without a guide), guided walking historic tour in Paris, guided tour on bikes in the Loire Valley, wine and cheese tasting in Paris, and a guided history tour through Bordeaux.  The hotels that she chose were also perfect. Most of the things that we did would not have been possible without a guide service to arrange.

France Anniversary Vacation Review: Paris, Burgundy, Provence, Eiffel Tower, Winery Tours, Cooking Classes, Louvre, Bike Tour


Clint J.
Sep 29, 2021

This France travel company and Laurence were absolutely fantastic! This was our first time in France and we were celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversary. We were so disappointed as our original trip had to be canceled in April 2020, but Laurence did an AMAZING job of re-booking our entire itinerary, planning out new activities, and providing updates on travel requirements for the country. We eventually went on our trip in September 2021 and it did not disappoint.

Laurence covered every detail, we were so thankful. From drivers to and from locations, site suggestions, restaurant suggestions, bookings for our anniversary dinner, rental cars, train tickets, you name it, she covered it! She personally met us at our first hotel stop in Paris with a more detailed itinerary, maps, activity pamphlets, and a great tote bag from her company! 

We spent 8 days total in France:

-3 Days/3 Nights in Paris - Eiffel Tower, Le Louvre, Latin Quarter Food Tour, Dinner Cruise, Montmarte walking tour, numerous suggestions.

-2 Days/1 Night in Burgundy (Dijon) - Burgundy winery tours (with driver and personal wine expert), City of Dijon suggestions

-3 Days/3 Nights in Provence (Saint Remy de Provence) - French Cooking Class, Bike tour through wine country and mountains, regional activity suggestions (we rented a car and could drive around)! 

All in all, I would HIGHLY recommend using this travel company and Laurence for your French travel needs. Whenever we come back, we'll be giving her a call! What a great experience!

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