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Romantic Vacation Ideas for Couples: Find Your Travel Style Together

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Tourist couple sharing a romantic moment on the black sand beach at Mount Vestrahorn

Stokksnes beach with Mount Vestrahorn in Iceland

From exotic getaways to playful adventures, these romantic vacation ideas for couples are sure to inspire your decision on where to travel next to enjoy the right experience for you.

Delve into ice caves in Iceland. Witness the wonders of lions on a safari game drive. View breathtaking art in a famous city or indulge in the mouthwatering flavors of unforgettable cuisine. No matter the style of travel you prefer, you can find the right experience for your next trip, one that could whisk you to an exotic island or immerse you in ancient culture as you share the experience as a couple.

No matter where you wish to journey or the style you prefer when traveling, our featured romantic vacation ideas for two can show you what is possible when planning your ideal getaway.

  1. 1. The Adventurous
  2. 2. The Art Lovers
  3. 3. The City Wanderers
  4. 4. The Cultured
  5. 5. The Culinary Connoisseurs
  6. 6. The History Enthusiasts
  7. 7. The Secluded Romantics
  8. 8. The Sensuous Seekers
  9. 9. The Wine Lovers
  10. 10. The Naturalists
  11. Make Lifelong Memories with Our Romantic Vacation Ideas for Couples

1. The Adventurous

Couple enjoying the view at Mount Fitzroy in Patagonia

Mount Fitz Roy, Patagonia

Together, adventurous couples can experience the world through thrills and discovering exciting new destinations, or familiar places in new ways.

Each new journey can take you on an active exploration of the wilderness, immerse you in spellbinding panoramas, or unveil enticing new perspectives on wildlife in its natural habitat.

From wandering secluded corners of the Earth to embracing the adrenaline of the great outdoors, a couple’s active adventure vacation can unleash the serene, unexpected, and unforgettable, while still being luxurious.

Adventure Vacation Ideas for Couples

  • Patagonia Adventure Tour: Thrilling Activities, Serene Nature, Marvelous Luxuries is a 12-day trip that immerses you in the untamed wonders of Patagonia, with its crystalline lakes, lush forests, and soaring peaks that encompass Argentina and Chile. Mountain bike on roads or through ancient forests, and ride on horseback through flourishing fields.
  • Seven-day Spellbinding Volcano Tour of Ecuador travels the magnetic Avenue of Volcanoes, where you can uncover silver waterfalls and Incan heritage, volcanic peaks and the equatorial line. Embark on a scenic train journey to delve into floral traditions and uncover the adventures Ecuador has to offer.
  • Romantic Getaway of a Lifetime: Iceland Adventure will take you on a 10-day journey through the raw beauty of Iceland’s untamed scenery. Travel outside your comfort zone in a safe and luxurious manner as you horseback ride across sandy beaches, search for whales off the coast, and indulge in the soothing pleasures of natural thermal pools.

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2. The Art Lovers

Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence, Italy

Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence, Italy

From architecture to museum galleries, pottery to culinary artistry, art can take on many forms and when traveling with a partner, you can embrace the world through the artistic lens you prefer.

Share in the experience of witnessing masterpieces or bask in viewing the world from a new perspective when experiencing a different culture.

Whether with a renowned painting in Europe’s best cities for art lovers or a local musician busking in a heritage town, you can discover art that celebrates tradition and culture as you participate in fresh experiences together.

Art Vacation Ideas for Couples

  • Your Spirited 17-Day Journey through Italy: Highlights and Hidden Culture brings to life art and heritage that spans millennia. From famous masters to hidden architectural treasures, landscapes that inspire wonder to sculptures that emulate drama, you can experience art in all its machinations across the Italian peninsula.
  • The Art Lover’s Tour of Spain: From Goya to El Greco is a 13-day tour that commemorates the artistic heritage and inimitability of Spain. As you wander through the Golden Age of art to the influential masters of the 20th century, you can engage with the connection between art and daily life in museums, towns, cities, and cuisine.
  • This 12-day Uncovering the Artistry of Cuba Tour immerses you in the creative heritage of the Caribbean island, where tradition, culture, and custom remain a strong part of daily life. Meet local professors, engage with the connection between Spanish heritage and Afro-Cuban tradition, and experience architecture as art.

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3. The City Wanderers

Cherry blossoms and evening city lights reflect in the Meguru Canal in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Visiting a city is a fantastic way to explore a different culture, while creating memories with your partner. Every city, whether among the best places in Europe or Asia’s hidden gems, has its own personality and your preference can influence how you interact with the streets, architecture, history, and locals, with every opportunity providing another unforgettable experience.

Whether strolling down a cobblestone lane or beneath a tunnel of fragrant cherry blossoms, finding the perfect restaurant serving traditional local cuisine or lounging in a park for a distinctive view of local life, you can find the heart of the travel experience in the unique ambiance of a city.

City Vacation Ideas for Couples

  • 10-Day Highlights of Northern Spain: Madrid, San Sebastian, Barcelona Tour is a journey into the unique depths of Spain’s marvelous northern cities. From Gaudi’s surrealist designs to the flavors of San Sebastian, the bustling pace of Madrid, and Toledo's preserved medieval streets, you can find urban glamour and endless inspiration.
  • When on the nine-day Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka Tour: Japan’s Big 3 you will find the contemporary bustle and historic opulence of the country’s most famous places. From geisha ceremonies to masterful shrines, high-speed bullet trains to traditional tea ceremonies, you will find endless delights in each of the three cities.
  • Legendary London and Paris Tour will take you on a nine-day exploration of two of Europe’s most notable cities to uncover surprising ruins and experience legendary culture. From French cuisine to English castles, contemporary magic to artistic majesty, you can discover the true splendor of the cities as you embrace their undeniable spirit.
  • Vietnam Colonial Heritage Luxury Vacations is a 12-day tour that brings to the forefront heritage that spans more than a millennium. With the legacies of emperors and architecture that capture French colonial rule, you will find layers of culture and tradition that define the personalities of each distinctive city.

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4. The Cultured

Couple watching the sunset behind the Taj Maja from the banks of the Yamuna River in Agra, India

Taj Mahal in Agra, India

Learning about a new culture can bring you, your partner, and your destination closer together. Create everlasting memories as you learn about the heart of a new country or the traditions of a village as they relate to broader cultural heritage.

Whether uncovered inside a museum gallery, witnessed on a tour of ancient ruins, or experienced when visiting locals for a private cooking class, as you engage in the culture, you can immerse yourself in custom and venture deeper into the treasures of your surroundings together.

Culture Vacation Ideas for Couples

  • This eight-day India’s Golden Triangle Tour blends the colors, history, and artistic riches for which the country is known into an unforgettable cultural experience. From the wonders of the Taj Mahal to the pink walls of Jaipur, the grand lake of Udaipur to the Mughal city of Fatehpur Sikri, you can bask in India’s unparalleled ambiance and ancient heritage.
  • 10-Day Peruvian Adventure: Heritage & Culture Tour celebrates more than two millennia of history that remains a prevalent part of the culture across the country. From dazzling views over Machu Picchu to the wonders of the Nazca Lines, the traditions of the Colca Valley to the beauty of colonial cities, you will find depth and majesty as you explore Peru.
  • Discover colorful heritage and culture in luxury during this seven-day Exclusive One-Week Morocco Tour for Couples. Overnight in a Sahara Desert private camp. Indulge in the views of a private hot-air balloon ride over Marrakech. Explore an ancient Berber Kasbah. Each new experience will welcome you deeper into the diverse cultures of Morocco.

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5. The Culinary Connoisseurs

Immersive oyster farm experience at Saffire Freycinet in Tasmania, Australia. Photo courtesy Luxury Lodges of Australia

Immersive oyster farm experience at Saffire Freycinet in Tasmania, Australia. Photo courtesy Luxury Lodges of Australia

Food can be the ultimate romantic experience when traveling and how you engage with yours during a trip can create the perfect ambiance for special memories that will linger endlessly.

From cooking classes to encounters with personal chefs and an adventurous countryside tour offering a unique dining experience of traditional dishes, the cuisine during your romantic tour will open your eyes to the possibilities of dining, inspiration from tradition, and how any dish can give a deeper glimpse into the local culture.

Whether in a night market or a Michelin-starred restaurant, the cuisine can have an unforgettable impact on your culinary tour experience.

Food Vacation Ideas for Couples

  • Heart of Italian Cuisine: 10-Day Gastronomy and Culture Tour will have your mouth watering during the ultimate culinary experience in Italy as you sample the flavors that create the foundations of regional cuisine. Capture the Mediterranean and embrace hyper-local ingredients in three-course meals and cooking classes that immerse all your senses.
  • The nine-day Japan Culinary Tour: Sushi Class, Kobe Beef, Fine Whiskey, Ramen delights in the five basic flavors and brings the majesty of simplicity to the forefront. Meet world-renowned chefs, sample sake, indulge in world-class ramen, and quench your insatiable appetite as you uncover the culinary mastery of Japan.
  • A Diverse Culinary Tour of Australia and New Zealand will have you uncovering the wonders of the distinctive culinary regions on a 14-day tour during which boutique gastronomy compliments the remarkable landscape. Private wine-tasting sessions, indigenous culinary traditions, and menus that highlight fertile lands and vibrant oceans will give you a new perspective on culinary culture.
  • Culinary Delights of Italy, France, & Spain Itinerary will have you indulging in a three-day culinary experience in Andalusia, embracing the vineyards of Burgundy and Cote De Nuits while cooking, and basking in the tastes of balsamic, prosciutto, and cheese in Emilia-Romagna. The 17-day fully immersive culinary tour celebrates cuisine with mouthwatering experiences.

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6. The History Enthusiasts

Couple walking together at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Traveling as a couple through history does not only reveal new information about your partner, but can also bring the past to life. Indulge in the ambiance of a historic city where palaces loom large over the streets or discover a hidden cave to find remnants of legendary fossils.

Whether in an ancient town still bustling with captivating traditions or ruins that expand as far as the eye can see, hidden temples or colonial streets, a vintage restaurant to preserved architecture, when traveling together on historical tours, the past becomes tangible and can carry new meaning.

History Vacation Ideas for Couples

  • On this Legends of Portugal: 12-Day Highlights Tour, you can discover the wonders of iconic cityscapes and delve into one of the oldest cities in Europe. From charming ancient towns to breathtaking artisan tradition, witness the myths of the seaside, embrace the convergence of cultural heritage, and delight in the histories of storybook neighborhoods from Porto to Lisbon.
  • From Ottoman sultans to Greek temples, this 10-day History Lover’s Tour of Turkey will highlight the marvels of the ancient world. Embrace Roman history and find biblical references, enjoy the grandeur of sultans and experience underground cities for unique connections that bring the past to life.
  • On this 16-day Tale of Two Empires: Italy & Greece Historical Tour, you can settle into the cradle of Western civilization for the perfect exploration of European history. Explore the Acropolis, uncover the Roman Forum, witness the Venetian Republic, and wander the lanes of Mycenae as you step back into the living ruins of the past.
  • Thailand and Cambodia Tour: Ruins of Angkor & Ayutthaya to Beauties of Chiang Mai & Wildlife is a 13-day historical adventure that introduces you to the hidden walls of past empires and the significant cultural connection to local wildlife. On your unique tour, find the temples of Angkor and the preserved Buddha statue of Ayutthaya, cooking heritage, and floating villages.

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7. The Secluded Romantics

Couple watching the sunrise at Lemala Nanukie Lodge in the Serengeti, Tanzania

Nanyukie Lodge Serengeti, Tanzania. Photo courtesy Lemala

A trip to a secluded destination is the perfect opportunity for ultimate romance. From breathtaking destinations with beautiful views to unique luxuries in the middle of nowhere, passion and discovery can combine on your preferred trip.

Whether looking for the perfect tropical escape, interested in opulence on a remote island, or eager to embrace the wonders of nature while on a spirited trip tailored to a couple’s distinctive experience, you can enjoy the perfect blend of relaxation and exploration when on a luxury honeymoon or couple’s getaway to a secluded destination.

Secluded Vacation Ideas for Couples

  • Safari and Seascape: 9-Day Tanzania and Zanzibar will give you a new perspective on the perfect secluded experience. Embrace an escape into the wilderness and a getaway to the wonders of the Indian Ocean. Enjoy a game drive in search of big cats. Search for elephants and wild dogs. Lounge on the hot white sands of a resort as you embrace remoteness.
  • Boundless beauty and endless passion reveal the majesty of this 14-day tour of Romance in Tropical Sri Lanka and The Maldives. Pastoral scenery creates an idyllic ambiance as you embrace old-world architecture, uncover cave temples, and lounge in the comforts of a spellbinding seascape on a private island.
  • A Romantic Belize Getaway: Beauty & Luxury in Paradise will give you a serene eight-day immersion into the tropical majesty connecting the jungle to the Caribbean Sea. Snorkel in warm water along the second-largest barrier reef in the world and wander through hidden Mayan ruins, with each new discovery creating a lasting memory.

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8. The Sensuous Seekers

Couple snorkeling in Tahaa, French Polynesia

Tahaa, French Polynesia. Photo courtesy David Kirkland/Tahiti Tourisme

The right tropical destination for your couple’s trip can slow down time and immerse you in the marvels of crystal-clear waters and pristine sands, soaring palm trees and thatched-roof accommodations.

While the gorgeous weather may be similar, each tropical destination can unveil distinct activities, charming adventures, and local traditions that will provide you with exciting new experiences.

Whether looking to relax on the shoreline, lounge in an overwater bungalow, or embrace a scuba adventure in search of tropical fish and whale sharks, your tropical vacation will provide the perfect atmosphere for your preferred style of travel.

Tropical Vacation Ideas for Couples

  • Ultimate Fiji Highlights Vacation Tour in 2 Weeks is a tropical dream come true. With a cultural connection accentuating the rustling leaves and lapping waters, you can embrace the true vision of paradise as you lounge in an overwater bungalow, discover local history, and explore the unique sand dunes edging an island.
  • With 12 days to indulge in idyllic tropical wonder during the Best of French Polynesia Vacation: An Escape to Bora Bora and Tahaa, you can embrace the meaning of a dream-like escape. Swim with manta rays, relax in luxurious spas, or follow trails that lead to ancient temples as you embrace the perfect tropical ambiance of French Polynesia.
  • Gems of Thailand’s Islands for Two Itinerary gives you 14 days in the wonders that create a tropical ambiance. With alluring landscapes that lead to pristine white-sand beaches, luxurious spa treatments, and excellent snorkeling opportunities, you can take your time discovering the romance and passion of tropical island living.

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9. The Wine Lovers

Couple walking through vineyards in Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza, Argentina

The best couple’s wine trip can take you to sophisticated wineries or introduce you to vineyards that tease your palate for indulgent experiences in which you can open up and share a bottle or more.

Wine is often ingrained in cultures, with established wineries and vineyards providing insight into local heritage, as well as the characteristics of the landscape.

From unique cultivating techniques to romantic cellar experiences, a tour focused on wine during your couple’s trip represents much more than flavor, revealing the complex relationships and bonds between grapes, vines, scenery, custom, and tradition.

Wine Vacation Ideas for Couples

  • This 12-day Wine Delights Tour of Spain and Portugal introduces you to the splendid flavors and authentic winemaking history around the Iberian Peninsula. From private wine tours to personal cellars, food tours to architectural grandeur, you can bask in the cultural heritage that celebrates wine and its connection to daily life.
  • Argentina and Chile Wine Region Tour gives you a nine-day immersive gastronomic experience that will connect you to the lively personality of Buenos Aires and the best-kept secrets of Mendoza, the impressive views of Santiago and the enticing flavors of Colchagua Valley. Embrace the cultural delights found in the wines as you sample Argentina and Chile.
  • Authentic flavor and elegant scenery become the focus during your Food & Wine of Croatia in 10 Days tour. From decadent ingredients that accentuate the characteristics of the wine to the regal ambiance of lush islands, you can sample the splendor of Croatia as you enjoy the country’s wines.

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10. The Naturalists

Wildebeests at sunset in Kruger, South Africa

Kruger, South Africa

Volcanic islands, open plains, beaches fringed with palm trees, natural hot springs, and mountains demonstrate the wonders of the natural world you can experience during a romantic couple’s nature tour.

The wilderness and wildlife take center stage as you bask in the glow of sunset or spend time listening to the morning call of a howler monkey.

When focusing on nature, you can slow the pace of life and indulge in the world's natural order, from witnessing a herd of wildebeest to following the slow glide of a giant tortoise. Colorful, vibrant, and majestic, nature provides the perfect setting for a romantic wildlife tour.

Nature Vacation Ideas for Couples

  • Costa Rica Nature & Wildlife Vacation: Volcano, Hot Springs, Jungle & More is an eight-day immersion into nature that will settle you into a tropical adventure. Set between oceans and uncovering the marvels of biodiversity, you can traverse Caribbean canals in search of turtles, lounge in hot springs, search for colorful birdlife, or wander through winding mangrove forests.
  • Enjoy nine days on an Intimate Exploration of South Africa: Safari and Starry Skies to embrace the postcard-perfect images of the savannas, pastures, and woodlands in which African wildlife thrives. From a private reserve to the stunning Big Five, hidden cheetahs to unfettered starlight, you will uncover wonder in nature’s endless beauty.
  • 14-Day Adventure in the Ecuador Amazon Rainforest & Across the Galápagos Islands is an exploration of exclusive wonders found in the protected nature that thrives along the volcanic archipelago and deep in the Amazon. From an all-inclusive cruise to the marvels of colorful birds, snorkeling to squirrel monkeys, fully discover breathtaking oases hidden across Ecuador.

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Make Lifelong Memories with Our Romantic Vacation Ideas for Couples

Couple on a suspension bridge in La Fortuna rainforest in Costa Rica

La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Every couple is different and your preferences for travel will inform the perfect trip for you. Whether you are eager to bask in a secluded nature getaway or embrace the bustling ambiance of an ancient city, working with a travel specialist will help create an experience tailored to your goals, needs, and desires.

Explore more vacation ideas for couples in our featured romantic vacations or find inspiration when planning a dreamy escape as newlyweds in our honeymoon travel guide.

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