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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Belize on Vacation

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Long stretch of pristine beach in Placencia, Belize

Placencia, Belize

With Caribbean coastline, jungle beauty, and distinct heritage, the top five reasons to visit Belize on vacation can immerse you in its unique splendor.

Trek to Mayan ruins, visit tropical coral reefs, search for jaguars in the jungle, or lounge on a hidden white-sand beach, taking in the many reasons Belize is worth visiting. The wonders of the natural scenery can take you to lively islands, cultural villages, or along a pristine peninsula, the possibilities during your Belize trip being endless.

Whether on a family vacation or a couple’s retreat, remarkable experiences await you as you embrace a marvelous adventure or a relaxing escape.

  1. 1. Close to the States for Easy Access
  2. 2. The Nature and Scenery are Surprising
  3. 3. Find the Perfect Family Getaway
  4. 4. Enjoy the Diverse Landscapes Year-Round
  5. 5. The Right Combination for Adventure and Safety
  6. Experience What Makes Belize a Must-Visit Destination

1. Close to the States for Easy Access

Toucan rainforest bird, Belize

Toucan rainforest bird, Belize

Belize promises wonder for any kind of traveler and, located beneath Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, it is very close for travelers from the United States, which offers direct flights from major cities.

Even with the diverse terrain that can take you from the Caribbean Sea to the jungle-clad mountains, pine forests to idyllic islands, travel between destinations generally takes between 90 minutes to two hours, making connections easy. When taking a small flight between destinations, travel time can be even quicker.

Because of its size and easy accessibility, you can easily enjoy 7-day Belize tours and vacations or stay for longer, with half the time in the jungle and the rest at the beach. For an extended trip of between nine and 12 days, you can experience three locations to enjoy the variety of Belize, such as staying on an island, on the mainland shoreline, or in the inland jungle.

The diversity of the land and sea make the country unique and authentic, while giving an off-the-beaten-path feel, even in the most popular places to visit in Belize.

2. The Nature and Scenery are Surprising

Mayan Mask Temple at Lamanai Archeological Reserve in northern Belize

Lamanai Archeological Reserve, Belize

The natural scenery can inspire you during your Belize trip as you plunge into crystal-clear waters or follow jungle trails that open to grand views of sensational vistas.

The world’s second-largest barrier reef lines the entire eastern shoreline. Inside the reef, shallow lagoons feature hundreds of small cayes perfect for viewing the active marine life and enjoying the variety of water activities, some of the best experiences to have in Belize. Small island resorts may sit right on the reef, where you can snorkel from the dock, embrace the turquoise sea, or wade in the calm waters of a shallow lagoon.

From remote beaches on the central coast to the narrow strip of white-sand coastline of the Placencia Peninsula, you can travel inland to the relaxing ambiance of the dense jungle terrain.

Wildlife adds to the remarkable atmosphere, with the sounds of howler monkeys or the tweets of tropical birds. Within the trees, you can uncover sensational Mayan ruins at archeological sites.

From cave-tubing to visiting the main chamber of a Mayan burial site, searching for returning scarlet macaws or vibrant wetland birds, the layers of active wildlife, activities, and culture accentuate the beauty of nature, whether on Belize tours for seniors, Belize honeymoon packages, or traveling solo, with friends, or family.

3. Find the Perfect Family Getaway

Family snorkeling, Belize

Family snorkeling in Belize

Traveling as a family can be challenging as you search for activities that are exciting, fun, and educational for everyone, but Belize brims with wonderful options that can keep children and adults of any age entertained.

The diversity of possibilities can take your family to butterfly farms or animal rehabilitation programs. You can follow a guide through the wilderness to learn about the flora and fauna throughout the day or at night, as you discover a host of wildlife, including tarantulas. The zoo only features natural-habitat enclosures to give visitors the best opportunities for viewing animals like jaguars and tapirs.

Active adventure can uncover waterfalls, take you ziplining across the canopy, or rappelling alongside a rushing cascade. Learn about contemporary Maya culture with a cooking experience or follow the history and timeline of chocolate, from bean to bar. Explore iconic coral spanning the reef system or become amateur archeologists during a tour of preserved Maya ruins.

The low population allows for open, conserved wilderness to explore and small, unique, boutique accommodations help showcase the natural surroundings on Belize family vacations.

4. Enjoy the Diverse Landscapes Year-Round

Azure water and white sand, Ambergris Caye,Belize

Azure water and white sand, Ambergris Caye,Belize

The tropical ambiance of Belize provides typical weather patterns that create warm and hot days throughout the year. The official dry season takes place from November to May, but no matter the time of year, you can enjoy the distinct beauty of the land, sea, wildlife, and culture.

The weather is often most dry from the end of March to May, while the rainy season from June to July explodes with color. Visitors not used to high humidity can enjoy how coastal resorts capture the sea breeze and inland lodges offer a nightly escape when the jungle exhales the warm weather.

By fall, the nights are cooler and the skies gorgeous, with bright-blue colors and puffy clouds. The temperature can drop sharply in December and January if a northern weather system drifts southward, but the climate across the country is mainly consistent throughout the year, with each new month offering a different view of the landscapes and adventures you can experience during the best times to visit Belize.

5. The Right Combination for Adventure and Safety

Green sea turtle in the Caribbean Sea, Belize

Green sea turtle in the Caribbean Sea, Belize

With the right planning, you can enjoy a variety of excursions and the promise of relaxation according to your preferences for the perfect tropical getaway in Belize.

Almost all activities are outdoors, with very little hindrance on the types of excursions you can take, from boating up the Monkey River in search of manatees to exploring the central Mayan temple at Caracol. Boutique accommodations provide plenty of open space and traditional restaurants are most often open-air, without the added pressures of mass tourism.

The accessibility makes it easy to reach Belize, but also safer to travel to and within the country. Direct flights, short flights, and rigorous cleaning protocols create an intimate sense of ease and comfort.

Whether eager to glide along a river system winding through a cave or interested in a couple’s massage in the quiet jungle ambiance, knowing you can travel safely can create a more inviting environment and you can learn more with answers to common travel questions in our guide on how to plan a trip to Belize.

Experience What Makes Belize a Must-Visit Destination

Palm tree on the beach, Placencia, Belize

Palm tree on the beach, Placencia, Belize

Discover Belize as you explore cultural history, embrace gorgeous islands, travel untamed mountains, spot vivacious wildlife, and participate in specific heritage. No matter the kind of travel experience you prefer, you can find the right trip for you to create an experience of a lifetime with our sample Belize tours and vacations.

Trek the jungle to reach surprising vistas, follow the sounds of howler monkeys to find the roaring troop, or snorkel along the second-largest coral reef system in the world in search of sea turtles or nurse sharks. Learn everything you need to know and more in our Belize travel guide.

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