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Spring Vacation Ideas for 2024: Best Places, Itineraries, and More

Updated: January 16, 2024

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Spring blooms in Rovinj, Croatia

Rovinj, Croatia

With colorful scenery, fewer crowds, and great weather at destinations around the globe, this list of spring vacation ideas is just the beginning of what is possible as winter gives way to the season’s blooms.

From the sunshine that spills across Spain’s southern coastline to the pleasant weather and clear seas in which to explore Australia’s Outback and Great Barrier Reef, the following destinations are spectacular at this time of year. They also offer a mix of iconic and unique experiences that you can embrace using our vacation ideas as inspiration.

From the wonders of wildlife to the charms of historic cities, cobbled medieval lanes to the splendor of the rainforest, enjoy the beauty of the season with our best spring vacations.

  1. 1. Spain
  2. 2. Portugal
  3. 3. Italy
  4. 4. Sicily
  5. 5. France
  6. 6. Croatia
  7. 7. The Maldives
  8. 8. Australia
  9. 9. South Africa
  10. 10. Argentina
  11. 11. Colombia
  12. 12. India
  13. 13. Ireland
  14. 14. United Kingdom
  15. 15. Vietnam
  16. Discover the Best Spring Vacation Ideas for Your 2024 Trip

1. Spain

Plaza de España in Seville, Spain

Plaza de España in Seville, Spain

Warm weather returns in Spain, with endless sunshine across the southern coastline, and vibrant energy fills the cities and towns as the past and present converge.

Spain in spring is about the re-emergence of life’s simple pleasures. Epic landscapes entice every visitor, the cafés brim with sophisticated ambiance, and the passion for cuisine and tradition spills into the streets. Fewer tourists also make each day feel more authentic, as you experience the top things to do in Spain.

From the medieval streets of Toledo to the cathedral of Santiago, the kitchens of San Sebastian to the vineyards of Jerez de la Frontera, Spain in spring is picture-perfect.

Spain Vacation Idea

The eight-day Luxury First-Timers Tour of Spain's Highlight Cities is the perfect inspiration for your customizable trip, as you explore surrealist beauty, Moorish architecture, captivating artwork, and medieval streets that bring the essential wonders of Spain into view.

Highlights: Witness Gaudi’s surrealist architecture in Barcelona • Wander charming Seville • Visit the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba • Explore Madrid’s Prado Museum

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: Spain Tours & VacationsSpain Travel Guide

2. Portugal

Benagil Cave in Portimao, Portugal

Portimao, Portugal

Spring in Portugal is a delight as the cities warm, the coastline brightens, and the vineyards across the country return with a welcoming lushness. From the Algarve to the inland plains, a vibrant energy colors the whole of Portugal and highlights the diversity of fairytale castles, ancient neighborhoods, and dramatic landscapes.

Portugal offers the wonders of spring blossoms, golden sands that expand along the Atlantic coastline, and the simple pleasures of cafes that look out onto the cobbled streets in major cities.

Enjoy the architecture that crowns the hills on Lisbon vacations, find ancient Roman ruins that fill the plazas of Evora, and appreciate the zellige tiles that pave the avenues to give you a new perspective of the gorgeous combination of culture, land, and sea.

Portugal Vacation Idea

Spectacular Portugal Adventure: Kayaks and Cooking is an eight-day exploration of Portugal that combines marvelous cuisine and unparalleled natural beauty to demonstrate an idyllic passion, charisma, and historical cultural significance.

Highlights: Uncover hidden gems in Lisbon • Enjoy a private experience with a professional chef • Explore cultural history in the Sintra Mountains • Kayak along the Waters of Lagos

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: Portugal Tours & VacationsPortugal Travel Guide

3. Italy

Ostuni, Italy

Ostuni, Italy

Italy in the spring is a wonderland of rebirth and warmth without the crowds. Flowers bloom, snow melts along the mountain passes, and the famous places in Italy beautifully blend historic architecture with contemporary life.

Italy is a popular destination year-round, but the splendor of the landscape and cityscapes are best without the larger crowds often found in the summer. From the canals of Venice to the landscape that sweeps across the southern plains of Puglia, the blossoming flowers that line vineyards to the delights of local food and wine, Italy is energetic and lively.

Rich with heritage and brimming with endless options, whether in the alpine towns or along the Mediterranean coast, Italy is one of the best places to travel to in spring.

Italy Vacation Idea

The 12-day Unique Exploration of Italy: Rome, Matera, Monopoli Tour shines a light on the  heritage that informs the roots of Italian culture in warm weather that blankets the often overlooked, yet enriching south.

Highlights: Experience the Vatican museums • Explore the unique cave dwellings of Matera • Cook a delicious meal in a traditional farmhouse • Visit the fairytale homes of Alberobello

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: Italy Tours & VacationsItaly Travel Guide

4. Sicily

Palace of the Normans in Palermo on the island of Sicily, Italy

Palace of the Normans in Palermo, Italy

Sicily is a marvelous destination to visit as the weather warms, allowing travelers to uncover the golden Mediterranean light for which the island is famous.

As the crossroads of the region, Sicily shares customs, heritage, and traditions with cultures from across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, accentuated by architecture layered with history, cuisine erupting with spices, and a coastline glinting with crystal-clear azure waters.

Embrace the charm of the island as you comfortably explore its streets, beaches, and ancient monuments. With ancient Greek temples, indulgent chocolates and pastries, mouthwatering wines, and the mighty caldera of Mount Etna, the island in spring abounds with opportunities to experience the top things to do in Sicily.

Sicily Vacation Idea

Coastal communities, gorgeous beaches, Norman palaces, and Greek temples can offer you insight into the diverse history of Sicily on this sample 19-day Paradise Tour of Italy: Sicily and Puglia Vacation.

Highlights: Embrace the multicultural Mediterranean ambiance of Palermo • Wine taste in Marsala • Uncover Ancient Greek temples at Agrigento • Visit the summit of Mount Etna

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: Sicily Tours & VacationsSicily Travel Guide

5. France

Evening view of the Arc de Triomphe

Paris, France

France blossoms with color, while fewer tourists make every detail of the familiar culture approachable. From weaving around cafe terraces to lounging in a market that overtakes a village square, wandering through the grand galleries of the Louvre to exploring the detailed flavors of a coveted vineyard, it's the perfect time to discover it all.

France celebrates life as the weather warms, with France food and wine tours highlighting the changing season and art capturing the rhythm of daily life, as each city and town exudes the quintessential French lifestyle.

From coffee and croissants to lily-clad gardens and ancient mythology, France in spring revels in legendary style, effortless grace, and the splendor of the outdoors, from the Riviera to the Alps.

France Vacation Idea

This sample 14-day Highlights of France Tour: Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, and Nice can inspire you with an immersion into the timeless charisma of France, with activities that allow you to experience artistic mastery, seductive ambiance, enticing flavors, and the natural beauty of the country, from rolling vines to turquoise waters.

Highlights: Enjoy a cooking class in Paris • Wander famous museum galleries • Visit a famous spa in Bordeaux • Explore the food culture of Lyon • Bask in seaside splendor in Nice

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: France Tours & Vacations France Travel Guide

6. Croatia

Waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Spring turns Croatia into a fantastic Mediterranean destination, as the sea shimmers with shades of blue and ancient walled towns bring added drama to the epic contours of the natural landscape.

As the days lengthen, the chance to snorkel, kayak, and sail returns, while the architecture is also yours to explore. Croatia is a cultural feast that celebrates a connection to layered heritage, from the flavors of the cuisine to its architectural styles.

With craggy peaks and stunning Croatian beaches, pearl farms, and unique vineyards, the fewer crowds and colorful contrasts of Plitvice Lakes National Park bring the shades of the past into reality.

Croatia Vacation Idea

Revel in the inspiring sample itinerary of this 11-day Tailor-Made Croatia Highlights Exploration that demonstrates the illustrious history, contemporary culture, and endless beauty of Croatia that you can experience during an active adventure or relaxing exploration.

Highlights: Admire the beauty of Plitvice Lakes National Park • Enjoy an adventure on a Cetina River excursion • Cycle between small towns on Hvar Island • Embrace a Dubrovnik Kayak tour

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: Croatia Tours & VacationsCroatia Travel Guide

7. The Maldives

Lily Beach Resort & Spa at Huvahendhoo

Photo courtesy of Lily Beach Resort & Spa at Huvahendhoo

Crystal-clear waters, white-sand beaches, lush palm trees, and the serene ambiance of a tropical getaway make the Maldives the perfect destination. The spring months provide cooler, drier weather across the wide-spread archipelago to capture the edge of the dry season, one of the best times to visit the Maldives.

The Maldives is a paradise that can immerse you in the splendor of luxurious accommodations and powdery coastline, whether traveling for a seductive couple’s escape or a thrilling family vacation.

The wonders of the underwater world can become a treasure trove of colorful fish and coral, while the nights can fill with starlight to embody the excitement that comes with a combination of active exploration and relaxation.

Maldives Vacation Idea

This sample itinerary for the 11-day Perfect Maldives Vacation: Island Escapes and Pristine Beaches represents the highlights of the remote archipelago that can take you from jungle trees to unfettered coastal sands, diving into a calm lagoon or indulging in a glamorous spa treatment, all customized to your travel preferences.

Highlights: Enjoy a relaxing five-star overwater bungalow • Visit the vibrant coral reef • Relax with a soothing spa treatment • Embrace a glass-bottom canoe excursion

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: Maldives Vacations & ToursMaldives Travel Guide

8. Australia

Sydney Opera House at sunset

Sydney, Australia

March to May in Australia capture the fall in the Southern Hemisphere for the perfect time to explore Australia, while avoiding the crowds of the most popular seasons.

The weather varies greatly, from the tropical climate of the north to the Mediterranean ambiance of the south. The next few months offer a fantastic overlap for you to experience pleasant weather all around. Venture deep into the Outback to find the marvels of Uluru, embrace the colorful coral gardens of the Great Barrier Reef, and travel through the dense tropical jungle.

From vineyards to vintage arcades, scenic drives to fascinating wildlife, Australia is unlike anywhere else in the world.

Australia Vacation Idea

This 15-day Amazing Australia Tour: Cities, Outback, Barrier Reef offers you a sample of Australia’s captivating possibilities for your personalized tour, and speaking with a local Zicasso travel specialist can ensure your best trip with an itinerary tailored to your preferences.

Highlights: Explore Melbourne • Visit exciting Uluru • Discover Sydney and the Opera House • Enjoy snorkeling and cruising the Great Barrier Reef

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: Australia Tours & VacationsAustralia Travel Guide

9. South Africa

Young leopard in Sabi Sands, South Africa

Sabi Sands, South Africa

Astounding wildlife, adventurous wilderness excursions, and the drama of the landscape, tamed by delicious cuisine, provide the perfect backdrop for visiting South Africa in spring.

This is a wonderful time to experience a South Africa safari, explore the famous cities, and visit the eastern beaches. History shapes the identity of contemporary South Africa, as the landscape brims with urban charm and natural splendor.

The renowned Big Five and other wildlife provide timeless allure, passing whales create an added layer of wonder, and museums reflect a variety of perspectives that help portray a point of view on the past. When visiting in spring, South Africa’s diversity becomes a constant inspiration.

South Africa Vacation Idea

This sample 12-day Exquisite South Africa Exploration: Culture to Safari embodies the best way to explore the Rainbow Nation and can act as a guideline for your trip. By planning with a local Zicasso travel specialist, your vacation will be personalized to your preferences.

Highlights: Indulge in the luxurious wildlife of Sabi Sands Private Reserve • Embrace the famous Cape Winelands • Explore celebrated Cape Town

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: South Africa SafarisSouth Africa Travel Guide

10. Argentina

Hiker in Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina

Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina

March to May unveil the pleasures of Argentina and the fall months of the Southern Hemisphere, from the tip at Ushuaia to the northern tropical corner of Iguazu.

The tourist crowds are gone, the weather is pleasant, and your experience can feel authentic as you uncover the treasures of the country’s diverse culture and landscapes. The scenery can feel seductive and intense, while the culture gives way to captivating gauchos and the tango.

From the legendary barbecues to the exceptional glaciers, grazing wildlife to alluring vineyards, vibrant city life to expansive pampas, Argentina’s best places to visit capture the sensational allure of intertwining culture and beauty.

Argentina Vacation Idea

Find inspiration in this 12-Day Argentina Introduction: Culture, Wine, and the Southern Patagonian Scenery, and with the help of an Argentina travel specialist, you can have your itinerary personalized to your travel preferences for an unforgettable trip.

Highlights: Enjoy an authentic Argentine dinner with locals • Discover Buenos Aires’s vibrant ambiance • Witness the power of Iguazu Falls • Sample the wines of Mendoza • Embrace the splendor of Los Glaciares National Park

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: Argentina Tours & VacationsArgentina Travel Guide

11. Colombia

Hacienda Bambusa in Quindío Colombia.  Photo courtesy of Hacienda Bambusa

Hacienda Bambusa in Quindío Colombia. Photo courtesy of Hacienda Bambusa

Colombia is vibrant with color year-round, but is particularly beautiful in the spring. Outside of Easter, when many Colombians travel around the country, the months offer the chance to embrace a mixture of tropical warmth and Andean charm.

On the heels of Disney’s hit Encanto, explore the stories behind the film and experience the joy found around every magical corner when experiencing the top things to do in Colombia.

Visit local communities, enjoy the emerald hilltops, bask in the beauty of Spanish colonial architecture, or discover the marvels of hidden pre-Colombian ruins, from epic statues to staggering mosaics.

Colombia Vacation Idea

The eight-day Experience the Real Encanto In Colombia tour brings to life the magic of the Madrigal family from the popular Disney film, while demonstrating the endless marvels of Colombia’s landscape, heritage, and vibrant wildlife.

Highlights: Embrace magic at the hotel that inspired the Casita • Explore the colors of traditional Silletero flower farmers • Horseback ride to reunite the Familia Madrigal • Dance like Tio Felix at a private salsa lesson

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: Colombia Tours & VacationsColombia Travel Guide

12. India

Vineyards in Nashik, India

Nashik, India

Spring in India ushers in a riot of color across the diverse topography and exceptional cities, ancient temples, and religious monuments for which the country is famous.

The cooler months of spring make it the perfect time of year in India to explore the depth of the country, from the Himalayas of northern Himachal Pradesh to the southern canals of Kerala, without the crowds of peak travel season.

The urban landscape and countryside can reveal the surreal and the splendid when traveling India in spring, as you make your way through mighty mountains and lush greenery, golden deserts, and dense tropical forests. Cities shimmer with pink, blue, gold, red, and white, while historic architecture crowns streets adorned with preserved gems that demonstrate a captivating blend of traditions, spiritual beliefs, and memorable festivals.

India Vacation Idea

Discover the dream of India with this sample 15 Days Golden Triangle with Vineyard Tour that can immerse you in the known marvels and lesser-known wonders of the culture and landscape when tailored to your preferences by a Zicasso travel specialist.

Highlights: Explore New Delhi’s highlights • View the Taj Mahal’s majesty • Witness the Pink City of Jaipur • Explore the grand scale of Mumbai • Wander the sandstone city of Fatehpur Sikri

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: India Tours & VacationsIndia Travel Guide

13. Ireland

Cliffs of Moher in County Clare, Ireland

Cliffs of Moher in County Clare, Ireland

Lush, majestic, and inviting, Ireland in spring is a quiet time to visit the Emerald Isle. The weather is slightly cooler than in summer and wildflowers dot the woodlands, prairies, and gardens with color, while the untamed coastline is dramatic.

With fewer crowds, small towns, lively cities, and a tradition of storytelling, Ireland in the spring can be a perfect getaway. Wander along cobblestone streets, visit rolling hills and ancient monoliths, find views of majestic mountains, and listen to stories of cultural heritage that will immerse you in the history of the landscape and Ireland’s best places to explore.

Ireland is welcoming and reveals colorful villages, ancient texts, fascinating cliffs along the Atlantic, and adventure that connects strongholds to estates.

Ireland Vacation Idea

Your 11-day Excellence of Ireland Luxury Tour: Cultural Charm to Natural Beauty can give you the perfect combination of scenic grandeur and cultural charisma during a custom-tailored trip that leads from Dublin to the Dingle Peninsula, the remote Aran Islands to the mystical landscape of Connemara.

Highlights: Visit the Guinness museum • Witness a falconry demonstration • Explore the charming Dingle Peninsula • Sample whiskey at antique distilleries

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tip: Ireland Tours & VacationsIreland Travel Guide

14. United Kingdom

Village of Castle Combe, England

Village of Castle Combe, England

The United Kingdom promises alluring landscapes and classic history of western civilization as you explore the lush hills, stunning mountains, and charming towns for a majestic perspective. Enjoy the unique combination of centuries of history and modern culture when exploring the best places in the UK in spring.

Consisting of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, here you can enjoy the cultural subtleties and vibrant landscapes, famous urban neighborhoods, and quiet villages with thatched-roof cottages.

From dramatic castles to opulent estates, world-class art galleries to delectable cuisine, the United Kingdom is always a pleasure and endlessly fascinating.

United Kingdom Vacation Idea

From the wonders of western England to the hidden charms of Wales, this 13-day Wonderful Wales: Unique UK Tour can be personalized to your preferences, enabling you to explore the United Kingdom from a timeless point of view that’s steeped in greenery, drama, and charisma.

Highlights: Explore charming Cotswold communities • Sample traditional English ales • Visit Snowdonia National Park • Wander epic castles • Search for puffins

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: UK Tours & VacationsUK Travel Guide

15. Vietnam

A red junk boat sailing in Ha Long Bay in Vietnam.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Perfect temperatures, colorful landscapes, and clear skies with golden sunshine are what you can expect on a Vietnam trip in the spring.

The cold mountain air warms and the heat along the southern edge of the country has not yet settled, offering prime trekking and vibrant scenic exploration in Vietnam’s best places to visit.

With natural beauty and complex cultural history, you can immerse yourself in the megacities or visit hill-tribe villages to uncover the compelling ambiance and exotic landscapes.

Vietnam Vacation Idea

Spectacular scenery, local culinary majesty, and endless cultural wonders create the best experiences on this customizable sample itinerary for an eight-day Amazing Vietnam Vacation: Karst Islands to Imperial Citadels.

Highlights: Cruise natural beauty in Ha Long Bay • Enjoy the secrets of local cuisine • Travel to the scenic Hai Van Pass • Uncover the wonders of the Mekong Delta

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: Vietnam Tours & VacationsVietnam Travel Guide

Discover the Best Spring Vacation Ideas for Your 2024 Trip

Spring flowers in Cordoba, Spain

Cordoba, Spain

The best spring vacations reveal the shifting beauty that sweeps cities, forests, coastlines, and grasslands in the northern and southern hemispheres. From the charming coastal towns of Croatia that shimmer in the spring sunshine to the sensational South African bushveld with its incredible wildlife, our spring vacation ideas offer inspiration for your custom trip.

As you consider your spring plans, you can find more tips and ideas in our travel guide for 2024. You can also discover the best places to visit in March, top travel destinations for April, and popular travel destinations for May when designing your vacation.

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