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There are no limits to what you can discover and enjoy in Europe.

From the ancient monuments of Italy and regal elegance of France to the culinary delights of Spain and the enchanting islands of Greece, your dream vacation will come to life when you plan your trip with a top travel specialist.

Let your imagination run wild with the inspiration and information provided by Zicasso’s Europe Travel Guide.

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Grand canal and Santa Maria della Salute Basilica in Venice, Italy
Best Time to Visit Europe
The best time to visit Europe is typically during spring, March to May, and fall, September to November, as these times offer the benefits of traveling in the shoulder season. Travelers visiting most...
Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany
Top 10 Things to Do in Europe
Europe is full of exceptional experiences that feel historic and timeless, and the top 10 things to do on the continent allow travelers to experience the ancient world, culinary culture, best attractions,...
Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
15 Best Places to Visit in Europe
A dazzling continent with epic history and natural beauty, our list of the 15 best places to visit in Europe demonstrates the endless glamour and priceless experiences you can have during a custom trip....
Orange and blue umbrellas on the beach in Positano on the Amalfi Coast of Italy
How to Plan a Trip to Europe: Frequently Asked Questions
Whether you want to spend time on Mediterranean beaches or explore the history and mythology of Italy and Greece, our answers to the most common travel questions can help you plan your Europe trip. As...
Mother and daughter overlooking Rome
Top 9 Things to Do in Europe with Family
The top things to do in Europe with family will capture everyone’s imagination and immerse you in the marvels of your surroundings, whether wandering ancient ruins in Rome or sunbathing on Mediterranean...
Happy family of three having fun together in Paris near the eiffel tower
6 Best Places to Visit in Europe with Family
Train like a gladiator in Rome’s Colosseum or see England’s capital city from lofty heights on the London Eye, embracing the vibrant atmosphere and highlights of the best places to visit in Europe with...
Rector's Palace in Dubrovnik, Croatia
Our 12 Most Requested European Itineraries
Find inspiration from this collection of our 12 most requested European itineraries and customize them further to create your best vacation. With so many opportunities for where to go and what to see,...
Tower Bridge in London, England
Our 7 Best Europe Itineraries for First-Timers
Our seven best Europe itineraries for first-timers offer inspiration for your trip, with ideas on where to visit, what to do, and more. From touring the Louvre to visiting a Tuscan winery, witnessing...
Belvedere Palace and Gardens in Vienna, Austria
7 Best Places to Visit in Europe for Seniors
With an unimaginable wealth of art, architecture, culture, and natural splendor, the best places to visit in Europe for seniors abound with incredible experiences. Whether eager to see surrealist art...
16 Best Food & Wine Destinations in Europe

Europe has culture and heritage, and food and wine tell the story of both past and present in these best food and wine destinations.

History across the continent is specific to each country, but also intertwined with surroundings that have connected empires, epics, and the delicious flavors that stem from the unique landscapes. From pairing wines with Tuscan cheeses to enjoying pintxos in San Sebastian, the best food and wine in Europe will tease your palate on trips to these famous culinary destinations.

Whether looking for dramatic hanging vineyards or plains draped with vines, this list gives you our recommendations for the best food and wine destinations in Europe.

5 Most Romantic Places in Europe for Couples

The five most romantic places in Europe for couples demonstrate the variety of cultural, historical, and natural wonders to uncover as you experience legendary passion and immersive scenery.

Whether eager to enjoy famous wines or lounge on a secluded Mediterranean island, explore charming canals or visit a fairytale village, an exclusive Zicasso tour can shape your trip around the experiences you want to have.

We have worked alongside our Europe travel specialists to provide you with suggestions on what to do during your trip to make your tour unforgettable as you explore these top countries for romance in Europe.

10 Most Romantic Things to Do in Europe for Couples

Whether touring historic quarters or viewing masterpieces in famous galleries, the 10 most romantic things to do in Europe for couples invite you to embrace intimacy with your partner.

From gliding along gleaming waterways to stepping foot in the grand castles of medieval fortress towns, soaking in hot springs to sampling delicacies at culinary hotspots, European experiences and iconic attractions will seduce you and your partner.

We reveal the top things to do on romantic vacations in Europe and provide ideas on how to see, experience, and embrace the activities from one European country to the next.

Should I Plan a Single or Multi-Country Trip to Europe?

When deciding how to visit Europe, it can be challenging to choose between an immersive single country or the best multi-country Europe vacation package.

The continent offers epic history, fairytale castles, Mediterranean sunsets, and mouthwatering cuisine. Each country has something vastly different than its neighbor in terms of heritage and culture.

With 44 countries on the continent, the number of days you have in each will directly affect the type of experience you have when enjoying the best multi-city Europe trip, whether visiting a single country or many. The following are typical pros and cons of single and multi-country European tours.

10 Best Cities for Art Lovers in Europe

Europe abounds with culture from thousands of years of collective heritage, and these best cities for art lovers paint a priceless picture of the region's artistic endeavors.

From Paris to Rome, Bilbao to Berlin, these cities display artwork in elaborate galleries and along the streets as architectural treasures, while museums represent contemporary artists, showcase ancient artisans, and challenge perception with modern designers.

Whether focusing on prehistoric artwork or Roman mosaics, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers or preserved Moorish arches, these must-see cities spotlight emblematic art in Europe.

Our 7 Best Mediterranean Vacations

Our seven best Mediterranean vacations celebrate the dynamic destination by showing the surprising diversity of culture, landscapes, and charm.

From stunning vineyards to ancient islands, lively markets to exceptional volcanic peaks, every new discovery creates an exciting memory and uncovers the incredible breadth along the Mediterranean Sea.

Find inspiration for your trip with our ideas, which can be used as the foundations for your next adventure or personalized to the style, interests, and experiences you want.

12 Best Places in Europe for Christmas

The festive winter break from Christmas to New Year offers comfort, coziness, and culture at these best places in Europe for the holiday season.

Sip spiced wine as you sit around a cozy fire in a German restaurant, enjoy the choirs and songs that celebrate the season in Italy, and indulge in the offerings at markets that fill cities, towns, and villages across Europe with life and color. From alpine views to friendly villagers, when exploring Europe during the winter holiday season, you can experience authentic and timeless beauty.

Bask in the fun and excitement of the season by discovering the best Christmas destinations on the continent, where you can experience the traditions and wonders of the festive season.

How to Spend 10, 14, or 21 Days in Europe

How to plan your trip to Europe depends mostly on the amount of time you have, in addition to your interests, needs, and expectations. Our examples of how to divide your time with 10, 14, or 21 days in Europe are a guide to help you plan the best experience according to your travel preferences.

From Munich’s Glockenspiel to Rome’s Colosseum, London’s Parliament building to Paris’s Eiffel Tower, each city has its own allure and each country can bring fascinating insights into the monuments, traditions, and scenery that have captivated travelers for millennia.

A personalized Zicasso tour designs your trip around how you wish to travel, with your timeline, needs, and interests at the center to create the best Europe experience for you.

9 Best Cycling Destinations in Europe

Europe has some of the world’s best cycling routes. You can enjoy them in one country or cross borders on an ancient trail.

Venture into the mountains, enjoy expansive meadows, or wind along a riverbank.

Whether a cycling enthusiast eager to spend days on the road or simply interested in a half-day excursion, these nine best cycling destinations in Europe can take you along scenic routes or between monuments.

7 Best Places to Hike in Europe

With exceptional opportunities for active adventures, the following list provides our suggestions for the seven best places to hike in Europe.

From the Alps to the Dolomites, Via Francigena to the Camino de Santiago, the landscape across Europe can immerse you in thrills or seclusion as you uncover the scenery.

Coastal cliffs, islands, and rolling hills can bring to life a new perspective of the continent.

How to spend 10, 14, or 21 Days in Greece & Italy

How to plan your Italy and Greece trips depends on how much time you have to travel and where you wish to visit, but our guide provides samples on how to divide your time between the countries.

From the glory of Rome to the ancient marvels of Athens, the luxuries of the Amalfi Coast to the opulent cliffs of Santorini, Italy and Greece are marvels of the Mediterranean, with each offering a marvelous perspective of culture, history, and scenery. Whether eager to sample the food or enjoy a pristine beach, you can discover the splendor of grand canals and hanging monasteries, markets and olive groves.

A custom Zicasso tour allows you to organize your trip however you wish, with each day tailored to how you like to travel and explore to create your perfect Italy and Greece trip.

Best Time to Visit England, Ireland, and Scotland

Discover the wonders of fascinating and diverse countries when you travel during the best time to visit England, Ireland, and Scotland.

In all three, castles, quaint seaside towns, and countryside villages offer visitors the chance to step into bold, beautiful worlds. You can carefully plan each step of your journey or explore the charms of the countryside and treasures of the cityscapes on a whim.

Lush landscapes, ancient history and traditions, and boundless, flavorful cuisine display their timeless splendor, so giving yourself adequate time to uncover the ins and outs of England, Ireland, and Scotland will ensure you enjoy your desired experiences and more.

How to Spend 10, 14, or 21 Days in England, Ireland & Scotland

Embark on an epic adventure of classic England, Ireland, and Scotland by dividing your time between the three countries over 10, 14, and 21 days.

Explore rich English heritage in key cities such as London and York, then venture into the Scottish Highlands, where cows and sheep roam free in breathtaking scenery. Be entertained by Irish folklore and spend a few days simply relaxing in various villages and coastal gems.

Ensure you spend enough time discovering the highlights and national favorites in all the unique corners of each country when visiting for 10, 14, or 21 days.

Best Time To Visit London and Paris

The best time to visit London and Paris is from late spring into early summer, from May to June and again when the summer season winds down and fall starts in September and October.

A captivating history, contemporary ambiance, and overall tangled, chic atmosphere make these cities a perfect combination. Ensure you make the most of the weather, can avoid crowds, and have enough time to visit iconic monuments, from Big Ben and the Tower of London to the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, to experience the wonders of the cities.

Embrace the majesty and magnificence of London and Paris when you plan your travels to ensure you capitalize on the best time to experience both for an exploration tailored to your tastes.

How to Spend 10, 14, or 21 Days in London & Paris

How to plan your trip to London and Paris can depend on the time you have to spend on your vacation, while understanding how it should be split between two great cities. The following information can guide you to your perfect 10-, 14-, or 21-day exploration of London and Paris.

Visiting highlights such as Big Ben and the Tower of London, marveling at the magnificent Eiffel Tower, and stepping inside the Louvre are just a few of the key experiences you can have when visiting the cities.

Planning an itinerary that offers you the chance to experience the culture, architecture, and plethora of activities both offer will assure you the most memorable trip, and working with a Zicasso travel specialist to customize your vacation can ensure your London and Paris adventure happens exactly how you imagined.

Spain vs Portugal: Where Should I Travel?

When choosing between Spain and Portugal for your vacation on the Iberian Peninsula, you can find breathtaking beaches, awe-inspiring historical towns, and mouthwatering food and wine experiences.

From fairytale castles to Moorish palaces, Michelin-starred restaurants to antique wineries, Spain and Portugal share an entangled history and similar weather patterns. With diverse coastlines, famous wines, and established tourism infrastructure, both countries provide the makings of an unforgettable Mediterranean trip.

The following information can help make choosing between Spain and Portugal easier when looking to plan, book, and enjoy a custom-tailored vacation.

7 Best Spain & Portugal Itineraries

From Madrid to Barcelona, Lisbon to Porto, find inspiration for your Iberian adventure with our seven best Spain and Portugal itineraries.

Discover destinations with a rich cultural heritage spanning centuries, where world-class art and architecture stand alongside natural beauty spread from rugged coasts to rolling hills covered in vineyards. Savor incredible wine with notes of cloves and dark fruits, or indulge in traditional small plates famous for their exquisite flavor. Whether you wish to learn flamenco in Seville, explore Moorish palaces in Andalusia, or lounge on the beaches of the Algarve, you can find inspiration with an insider’s perspective.

Find motivation for your custom-tailored tour as you explore the diverse possibilities you can experience during your Spain and Portugal vacation.

Our 9 Best European Tours for Seniors

Experience the rich history and culture of Europe with our nine best European tours for seniors. These thoughtfully designed journeys cater to the mature traveler, offering unique adventures full of fascinating sights, comfortable pacing, and personalized service.

Wander medieval city streets in Croatia, admire artistic masterpieces in Italy, and delight in natural wonders like the Swiss Alps. Small groups and local guides will ensure every day feels special. Or create your personalized itinerary, with exciting destinations like Spain, France, and England to choose from.

Rediscover Europe with age-friendly tours focused on your travel style and interests, from relaxation to adventure and more.

How to Plan Your Zicasso Trip in 4 Easy Steps

Explore the world with Zicasso by working with top travel specialists who will bring your dream vacation to life.

Our primary goal is to make the planning, booking, and traveling process easy and enjoyable as you create the vacation experience you want most. No matter where you go and what you do, Zicasso can help you experience the best of travel without the stress.

Working with our destination experts, you can plan a trip to anywhere in the world and suit your travel style. Using insider knowledge of your chosen destination, itinerary ideas, and planning strategies, your Zicasso travel specialist can guide you through the following four steps.

How to Plan Your Zicasso Trip Budget in 3 Easy Steps

Knowing your budget is an essential component of any trip-planning process. Whether the sky's the limit or you have specific parameters, Zicasso is here to help you set your priorities to maximize your investment.

Your interests and preferences on a couple’s trip will differ from a family-friendly vacation, while a highlights tour will result in wildly different experiences than one designed to take you off the beaten path.

There are three steps in considering the costs of your trip, as a vacation that has been customized for you allows maximum flexibility with your spending.


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