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There are no limits to what you can discover and enjoy in Europe.

From the ancient monuments of Italy and regal elegance of France to the culinary delights of Spain and the enchanting islands of Greece, your dream vacation will come to life when you plan your trip with a top travel specialist.

Let your imagination run wild with the inspiration and information provided by Zicasso’s Europe Travel Guide.

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Top Countries & Cities to Visit on a European Vacation...
What to see and do on a trip to Europe can be challenging to determine, but knowing what you want to experience most can help you to narrow your choices to the right itinerary for you. With so many cities,...
10 Most Requested European Itineraries 2021-2022
Find inspiration from this collection of Zicasso's ten most popular sample itineraries to Europe.  With so many opportunities on where to go and what to see, it can be challenging to decide how...
Top 10 Things to Do in Europe
Europe is full of exceptional experiences that feel both historic and timeless, and there are so many essential things to do. From artisan crafts to ancient ruins, diverse cuisine, and fascinating architecture,...
7 Perfect Itineraries for First-Timers to Europe
Visiting Europe for the first time can feel overwhelming with possibility, and choosing what to see and do within your vacation days can be challenging. From touring the Louvre to visiting a Tuscany...
Top 15 Best Places to Visit in Europe
Europe is a dazzling continent with epic history and natural beauty, and the list of must-see destinations is endless. Dramatic mountains lead to fairytale castles, and pebbled coastlines offer Mediterranean...
One Country or Several? How to Decide Where to Go on...
Trying to decide the best way to visit Europe? There are good reasons to consider both a single-country focused trip or a multi-country travel experience. Europe offers epic history, fairytale castles,...
11 Best Spain Itineraries for 2021 - 2022
From Madrid to Mallorca, Seville to San Sebastian, Barcelona to Bilbao, Granada to Girona, Spain is a perfect destination for 2021 and 2022. The following sample itineraries offer essential experiences...
13 Best Greece Itineraries for 2021-2022
From Athens to Santorini, Meteora to Crete, your vacation to Greece brings modern luxury alongside ancient history. Island beaches shimmer with white sands, romantic sunsets light the sky, and your days...
Best Family Itineraries for 2021 - 2022
From Costa Rica to Italy, France to Thailand, Australia to Japan, South Africa to Greece, you have an endless number of vacation destinations perfect for the entire family in 2021 and 2022. The following...
Zicasso Travelers' Top Destinations for 2021

As our Traveler Care team is in constant conversation with our Zicasso travelers, we are frequently asked if anyone is actually booking a trip for 2021?  The answer is yes! For those who have booked their next trip, there have been some changes to what they are looking for and how they want to travel. We spoke to travel specialists from all over the world as they have already begun to reinvent to ensure the safety and comfort of our travelers for post-pandemic travel. We looked at some of the most popular destinations people are booking with Zicasso for 2021 to learn more about the travel trends and the current atmosphere in each country.

Zicasso Signature Tours: Most Requested Destinations for 2021

While there are some options for last-minute travel in 2020, most travelers are looking ahead to 2021. As preferences for the most iconic destinations have remained the same, our specialists have responded with new itineraries that take into account the new travel realities. Learn how to see Italy, Greece, England & Scotland, and South Africa the best in 2021 and beyond by reading on.

5 Best Mediterranean Vacations: Where to Go and What to See

The Mediterranean is a dynamic destination with a surprising diversity of culture, landscapes, and charm and these sample itineraries celebrate them all. From stunning vineyards to ancient islands, lively markets to exceptional volcanic peaks, every new discovery creates an exciting memory and uncovers the incredible breadth along with the Mediterranean Sea. Use any of these five sample trips to inspire your own as you look forward to your next vacation.

10 Best Museums in France

France is home to some of the world’s most notable museums, and any trip to France should include a visit. 

With over 1,200 galleries tucked across the country, every exhibit offers a new perspective of the country and its history, heritage, and culture. Whether focusing on Greek statues or Impressionist masters, gigantic paintings or ancient tapestries, France’s must-see museums display an indelible grandeur and should find a place on any trip itinerary.

16 Best Food & Wine Destinations in Europe

Europe is a fascinating collection of culture and heritage, and food and wine tell the story of both past and present in these sixteen best food and wine destinations. 

History across the continent is specific to a country but also intertwined with the surroundings to connect empires, epics, and the delicious flavors that stem from the unique landscapes. 

Whether looking for dramatic hanging vineyards or plains draped with vines, this list gives you our recommendations for the best food and wine destinations in Europe.

Top 10 Best European Cities for Art Lovers

Europe abounds with culture from thousands of years of collective heritage and independent progress, and there are plenty of must-see destinations for art. Cities display artwork in elaborate galleries and along the streets as architectural treasures, while museums represent contemporary artists, showcase ancient artisans, and challenge perception with modern designers. Whether focusing on prehistoric artwork or Roman mosaics, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers or preserved Moorish arches, these must-see cities have it all.

7 Best Wine Regions to Visit in Portugal

Portugal’s wines share the character and charisma of the country by revealing flavorful diversity in every bottle, and here are the seven best wine regions to visit in Portugal during your trip.

With vines rolling across hillsides that are cast in the shadows of fairytale castles, and even rising out of the coastal sands, you can find hints of the idyllic scenery and the spirit of cultural history exuding from the wineries and ultimate flavor.

The following list focuses on our recommendations for the top seven wine regions while providing insight into how the climate affects each varietal and what typical wines to expect when you visit, preparing your palate for Portugal.

How to Plan Your Trip in 3 Easy Steps

You can book a trip with Zicasso to nearly any destination in the world. Our goal is to make the planning, booking, and travel process easy and enjoyable as you create the experience that you want most. The world overflows with wonders, and the sheer number of choices is exciting. Your decision to work with a destination expert on where to go, how to get there, and how long your trip should be simplifies your planning process significantly.

There are three main considerations to planning your trip:

How to Plan Your Trip Budget in 3 Steps

Knowing your budget is an essential component of any trip planning process. Whether the sky's the limit or you have specific parameters, Zicasso is here to help you set our priorities in planning to maximize your investment. Your interests and preferences on a couples trip will differ from a family-friendly vacation, while a highlights tour will result in wildly different experiences than one designed to take you off the beaten path. There are three steps in considering the costs of your trip, as a customized vacation that has been designed for you allows maximum flexibility with your spending.


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