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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Hassan in Morocco

Hassan's Travel Agency


 Based on 10 reviews

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Verified Review

Emily H.
Submitted on 3.28.2022

I have never used a tour company before so I was not sure what to expect, but the travel designer of this travel company was so quick to respond to my questions and I knew I was in good hands early on. I told my designer I was a single female traveler and what cities I wanted to go to and the timing. This was all in the middle of the pandemic, I was hoping my March 2022 wasn’t too bold of an expectation for the world to begin to open up again. We made a few tweaks to the itinerary and it was set, very simple and I’m not sure we ever even had to speak on the phone! I told him I preferred e-mail and he respected that. The trip was for sure a once of a lifetime experience. Every moment was a photograph! It was 15 days of perfection, and it was all times out very well. The driver and guides I met were all wonderful and kind. I could go on and on but I will just say it was a fantastic vacation. 

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Travel agent Camille in Brazil

Camille's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Brenda M.
Submitted on 3.2.2022

We loved working with a local, eco-friendly travel company for our week-long trip to Rio de Janiero and the Amazon.  Our travel designer was able to provide us with answers to all our questions, as well and provide top-notch drivers, guides and hotels. We were met at the airport by a driver and a guide who spoke great English, transferred to a great hotel (and room) overlooking Copacabana Beach -- and the travel designer had arranged for us to check in to our room at 7 am!  After an overnight flight, this was very much appreciated.We kept the same driver and guide later that day for a leisurely tour of the Botanical Garden and Park Luje. A lovely way to de-stress after a long, long day of travel. We were suppose to do a helicopter tour late this afternoon, but when the clouds rolled in to cover the views, our guide made alternate plans for the next morning.  Again we were promptly picked up by the same driver and guide, and taken directly to the heliport for a fantastic helicopter tour (arranged by our designer, of course). Then we were taken to a clinic for Covid tests (required to stay in the Amazon) on our way to the airport to catch our flight.The travel designer arranged all flights & transfers: Rio to Manaus, overnight stay, then Manaus to Tefe where we had a transfer by boat to our Amazon lodge. The small lodge she recommended was delightful.  At the end of our stay she arranged for boat transfer and airline flights with all the necessary transfers. We were delighted to have booked thru our travel designer because she made sure all our guides and transfers had English speakers, which were immensely helpful in hotel and airport check ins, etc.The travel company made our trip stress free and allowed us to see, experience, and learn so much about Brazil thanks to her knowledge and her staff's quality assistance. We would highly recommend the travel company and won't hesitate to use them again for our next trip to Brazil. 

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Travel agent Kent in Africa

Kent's Travel Agency


 Based on 37 reviews

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Verified Review

Christine D.
Submitted on 10.21.2021

Sara was the best, she listened to exactly what I wanted and that is the way she planned it.Every place was exactly the perfect place I wanted to stayI did a lot on my trip from Gorilla trekking in Ugunda to southern TanzaniaEverything was perfectly planned and everyone at the lodges in Tanzania made sure I had the best experienceIt was a childhood dream of mine to visit Africa and she made it come true, and it was more amazing then I ever could of imagined!!! I can't wait to call them and set up my next trip!

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Travel agent Elizabeth in Cuba

Eli's Travel Agency


 Based on 43 reviews

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Verified Review

Lisa Z.
Submitted on 1.26.2020

Wow. All I can say is WOW. If you're thinking of going to Cuba, GO. If you need a travel planner, use this company. It will be among the most memorable and excellent trips of your life. My daughter and I just returned from 9 days in Cuba. It was truly a life-changing experience. We genuinely got a deep immersion into the culture, the people, the country and the amazing things it has to offer. The agenda put together by this travel team was spectacular. We visited a tobacco farm and learned how to roll cigars and how to smoke them, we had a session with the young dancers at a Dance school, had Cuban cooking lessons, visited an organic farm, a mosaic city, hiked into the rain forest, visited museums and learned so much. I am truly only scratching the surface. The food was AMAZING - far better than I expected. Prepare to skip or share meals because there is so much delicious food. The accommodations were excellent - in family homes but with private baths, breakfast and comfortable surroundings. But the best part of the trip was the excellent partnership planning by the travel planner (and her extremely knowledgeable son). I don't think I ever emailed my planner where she didn't respond within 10 minutes and was ALWAYS flexible in accommodating our needs. Here advice was priceless and I felt so safe with her plans and style. And...I can't say enough about our guide and our driver. They were with us the entire trip, always with a smile, a helpful hand, super flexible and just plain good fun. It made all the difference. Cuba is not an easy trip. The distances are far and the infrastructure is difficult. But don't let that stop you. You can have the best of both worlds through this travel team. Immerse in Cuba but at a comfort level you're used to in the U.S. Be prepared for long distances in a '53 Chevy or the like. There is no other way to see the country. DON'T limit yourself to Havana. We loved Trinidad and Vinales so much. Be flexible...the restroom situation is not like the U.S. but with a little flexibility you can manage that. We didn't drink tap water but bottled water was very accessible and reasonable. The food is unbelievable. Bring good walking shoes, layers for unexpected weather and a flexible attitude. Listen before you "tell". You'll hear the Cuban perspective which is why you're there!!  AMAZING!!! 

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Agent travel Mary in Italy

Mary's Travel Agency


 Based on 15 reviews

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Verified Review

John H.
Submitted on 10.18.2021

Our vacation to Italy, Turkey and Greece was amazing, the travel designer at this travel agency did a great job of planning our itinerary with having very little time to work with due to our last minute decision to travel because of covid 19, we managed to see all of the major sites and still had enough free time to enjoy some leisure time on our own. I would recommend this travel agency and Zicasso to anyone who would like to enjoy a worry free vacation. 

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Travel agent Ante in Croatia

Ante's Travel Agency


 Based on 165 reviews

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Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Verified Review

Sue A.
Submitted on 5.2.2022

Our travel agency was an amazing company to work with, and Ivana, in particular went out of her way to be welcoming. Every hotel was centrally located, every guide was so knowledgeable and every driver so pleasant to be with. We learned so much about the history and culture in each city we visited, Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik. My husband had suffered a foot injury just before our trip and each guide maintained a pace that made our walks leisurely with no stress whatsoever. Everyone we encountered on this trip was a pleasure to be with. I just can't say enough about what a wonderful trip this company created for us. I will highly recommend Zicasso and our travel agency to all of my friends.

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Travel Agent Marcus in Morocco

Marcus' Travel Agency


 Based on 187 reviews

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Verified Review

Submitted on 11.30.2021

Marcus is a treasure!  He listened to everything I asked for and delivered.  Every decision he made in terms of lodging was exceptional! He was truly an expert on what we should anticipate making it an almost seamless trip.   The travel team in Morocco starting with our local travel agent, our driver to our tour guide provided quality service.  Every aspect of our trip was memorable.  Money well spent!

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Travel agent Filomena in Portugal

Filomena's Travel Agency


 Based on 234 reviews

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Verified Review

Sue A.
Submitted on 5.28.2022

Our travel company was amazing. The owners were at the airport to greet us upon our arrival and helped us get settled in our hotel. They arranged for us to have the same driver and guide throughout our time in Portugal. By the end of the trip, we felt like family. The guide helped us negotiate the Covid tests for our return trip by contacting the pharmacy and setting up the testing appointments and then accompanied us to be sure that there were no problems with communication. The itinerary was lovely. We visited an olive plantation, a cork factory, a 100 year-old vineyard and a port wine lodge. We learned so much about each of these products. We also visited numerous castles, cathedrals and monasteries and the beautiful towns in which they were located. The company scheduled boat rides on three different occasions, on a catamaran in Lisbon, a moliceiro boat in Aveiro and a boat ride on the Douro river.All in all it was a trip we (all eight of us) will never forget. 

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Featured Reviews

South Africa Luxury Honeymoon Review: Sabi Sand, Table Top Mountain, Botanical Gardens, Cape Point Nature Reserve, 11-Day Tour


Brittney F.
Sep 10, 2021

We had an amazing and very memorable honeymoon! It is honestly hard to put into words just how fantastic the whole experience was. We have been telling all our friends and family that it truly was a once-in-a-lifetime type experience. My husband and I can not say enough great things about Natalie. She made planning our honeymoon such a pleasure and we credit her with the amazing time we had. All of her suggestions, tips, and planning made this experience great for us. She stayed on top of everything, was quick to respond to our questions, and follow up was greatly appreciated. We had a couple of schedule changes due to flight changes and weather and she took care of everything, we have nothing to worry about because she was on top of it all. 

When we started planning our honeymoon, we looked at several travel companies but they all seemed to have basic itineraries; however, Zicasso and our travel agent, Natalie, got to know us and our interests and created a specialized itinerary that was perfect for us!

Travel Review: Luxury Tour of Portugal & The Azores, Culinary Tour, Winery, Walking Tours of Lisbon & Porto, History, Scenery


Martin S.
Apr 07, 2022
The travel company is an absolute top tier company in all ways. We were 2 married couples, long--time friends who had some very definite ideas about what we expected in our vacation. They patiently listened, planned, suggested edits and modifications and delivered a memorable trip with flawless execution. This was mostly done via email, with one group phone conference. Note that we wanted a highly varied experience, certain level of luxury, sophistication, convenience and flexibility for our completely private itinerary. All in all we spent 14 days on vacation, 10 of them in mainland Portugal, and 4 of them in the Azores. The owners of the company are entirely hands on and always available during the planning stages and while we were actually in Portugal. Due to weather a sunset cruise was cancelled and promptly refunded without any request or delay on our part. Their selection of guides (including a well known food critic to lead our culinary experience), venues, and subcontracted companies (like the Jeep tour) proved that they have an eye for  highest quality and vendor responsibility. Portugal and the Azores offer varied experiences that are cultural, historical, culinary, and scenic/nature oriented and this company definitely took the time to know us and our expectations. Their delivery was exemplary !!  We can recommend them with no hesitation whatsoever. 

Luxury Spain Travel Review: Seville Tapas Tour, Culture, Historical Sites, Fine Dining & Wine


Jerry G.
Oct 14, 2021

This was our first trip using Zicasso and the experience could not have turned out better. 

First, the agents that they recommended were attentive and experienced in their efforts to determine what we wanted out of our trip and to make it happen to meet our expectations. The most difficult part of the planning process was having to make a choice of which agent to choose. They were both excellent in their planning and their proposals.

We chose a travel designer at this travel agency to be our agent and we really needed his expertise to make this trip happen without a problem. It was planned for the spring of 2020, but of course the Covid 19  pandemic changed everything. Our agent was there with us throughout the complete experience. We finally were able to complete our two-week tour of Spain this September into October. It was as stress-free as traveling could possibly be. He was in constant contact with us to make sure our transportation, guides, hotel, and dining experiences happened without any problems. 

Would I use the travel agency as my agent again? Absolutely, our travel designer is a consummate professional who has earned my complete trust.

Would I use Zicasso again? Absolutely, they not only recommend two agents, but they also assign a contact person at Zicasso to offer help and guidance in the selection process. Once your choice has been made they continue to be in contact with you to make sure that you have an additional resource during your planning process.

I have again used Zicasso to plan a graduation trip to Italy for my granddaughter in 2022. I cannot offer a greater recommendation for a company than to be a repeat customer.

Jerry G.

Spain Travel Review: Luxury Family Vacation, Costa Brava, Barcelona, Flamenco Show


Sue J.
Jan 03, 2022
Thank you for planning this vacation for us. You did a fabulous job. Travelling with kids requires a lot of mindfulness, but you had it all covered! Every one of your drivers and tour agents were on time, very presentable, professional, courteous and friendly. Each hotel was centrally located to the main attractions. This was my first time booking with Zicasso and I'm absolutely going to do it again. I had zero stress on this vacation as you handled it all. We dealt with the travel designer in Barcelona and every time I reached out to her on my trip, she was quick to respond. While booking the trip she listened to what I wanted and worked around it make sure we got it done. Thank you.

Egypt Trip Review: Luxury 9-Night Cairo, Giza, Edfu, Dendera


Brad L.
Sep 27, 2021
Fantastic,  It was so easy to describe what we were looking for and Zicasso quickly brought us 2 excellent tour companies to choose from. Our travel specialist was, by far, the best tour company we have ever worked with.  Their attention to detail was spectacular in handling virtually everything for us each step of the way in seeing the best that Egypt has to offer.  Our 10-day tour included all of the main attractions but our travel specialist added additional sites in each location to make the vacation unique for us.  We were blown away by the 5-star hotels especially in Ashwan and Luxor and the people at our travel specialist company, from the airport agents to the guides and drivers, which is the real key to a great time wherever you travel.  

Italy Travel Review: Culture, Relaxation & Activities, Luxury 16-Day Vacation


Azarmeen P.
Feb 05, 2022

This agent organized one of our top 5 vacations of all time! Impeccable attention to detail. Excellent communication and extremely responsive before and during the trip. I have a rule of never using American agents to plan a foreign trip but I’m very glad I made the exception here because the agent’s ties to the country as well as employees on the ground in Italy mean that they have an intimate knowledge of the best that Italy has to offer. They created bespoke tours based on our interests and these would not have been possible if they were not themselves immersed in their destination. Once you choose this agent though, do listen to their advice trust that they know what they’re doing. 

Luxury Cambodia Tour Review: Angkor Wat, Citadel of Women, Shopping, One-Week Trip


Kristen M.
Mar 22, 2022
We were among some of the first travelers to return to Cambodia after it had been closed for two years due to COVID.  We knew that some sites would not be open but that our goal of visiting Angkor Wat and seeing the key cultural sites would be met. And we did meet those goals. Initial discussions with this travel company were good and I made clear some basic needs that would have to be met in order for us to travel -- specifically that we would need high-speed internet capable of supporting video conference calls and streaming (as we would need to be able to attend work meetings and online classes while in-country) and a really high-quality guide with a deep background in the history who could make it come alive for us. But the quality of tour guide (from lack of language skills and lack of expertise in the history of the country and sites) really made it a disappointing experience. Initial problems with the internet connectivity were addressed between the tour company and hotel and by the second day, had enough connectivity to complete our work.  When I contacted the company, I was told "it's been two years since the guides last spoke English or visited the sites" along with a litany of other excuses as to why the experience did not live up to our expectations. Beyond the initial disappointment, the way in which our feedback was handled was not what I expected from a company recommended by Zicasso. Additionally, pre-travel communication regarding visas and entry requirements was non-existent. They provided no information or support in this regard -- something that has been provided by all other companies we have worked with via Zicasso.On the positive side -- they worked to adjust the schedule several times due to flight changes and entry requirements.  And they made an effort to alleviate the wifi issues as well as an attempt on the last day to try and smooth over the other issues.

Italy Travel Agent Review: Venice, Pompeii, Truffle Hunting, Walking Tour, 10-Night Tour


Angelique P.
May 13, 2022
The whole trip was wonderful it exceeded my expectations! The Truffle Hunting was amazing I would recommend that to anyone. It was a great experience and the family & the food where exceptional! The tour guides & drivers where so professional & made us feel like we have known them for a lifetime they all deserve a big hand of great great job especially our Pompeii guide. All the resultants did not fail. Thank you for an amazing trip all was taken care of down to the last detail. I will recommend this trip to all. Thank you again. Hotels top rated! 

Travel Review: Luxury Galapagos Island & Ecuador 10-Night Tour, Quito, Snorkeling Excursion


Marsha P.
Jan 05, 2022
We enjoyed our trip but this was the first time we were not “blown away” by or did not feel as though the travel company we worked with was exceptional. We’ve taken several trips with Zicasso recommended companies and always felt like we received an outstanding experience for our money, unfortunately that was not the case this time.

Travel Review: Italy Luxury Tour, Truffle Hunting, Food Tours, Cooking Class, Wineries, Pompeii, Rome, Tuscany


Victoria M.
Apr 19, 2022

Our agent with the travel company is a dream come true. I’ve been hesitant to use a travel agent after our family travel agent retired. I've never found anyone like her and at her caliber. However, we’ve discovered the travel agent! This is our first time using this agent and her first time getting to know us. Overall, she did a fantastic job learning about us through a pandemic and executing our postponed honeymoon with finesse. I'm picky about travel agents, and finally, I've found someone I adore as much as my retired travel agent. Our agent was always available when we got there and always had a suggestion when we asked. We cannot recommend enough the agent and travel company. You will not be disappointed! 

The drivers were top-notch. The other quick drivers were great, but we spent so much time with the above, and they were the perfect personalities for our journeys together. From the moment we arrived, we were blown away by our three mentioned drivers and the level of detail they each provided. We tipped them more than usual because they worked hard, and we have seen so much lack of care from

People everywhere with work; it was genuinely refreshing to see them go above and beyond. We know it’s hard right now for everyone. It’s sometimes just enough to make it through the day. That is why we wanted to show our appreciation. And, *hint, we want them again if we are in those areas. 

Not only were the drivers great, but we also loved our accommodations! The agent provided choices, and we made selections based on her input, and sure enough, we were so pleased in totality. We stayed in 4 exceptional accommodations across several cities and towns. Our favorite was the Rome hotel, followed closely by our Tuscany hotel, with our Positano final hotel closing out the top 3 out of 4 favorites. 

From the tours to the transportation, everything she arranged was great for just getting to know us. The quality was excellent as well. With her now knowing a bit more, We are excited about what details she will recommend for next time.

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