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5 Reasons to Work with a Zicasso Travel Specialist

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The temple of Abu Simbel in Egypt

The temple of Abu Simbel in Egypt

Zicasso travel specialists use their hands-on experience and wealth of insight to curate custom trips, adding value, convenience, and exclusivity for travelers exploring the world.

A great travel specialist will make their mark on us just like the places we visit do. They can reveal the depths of an unfamiliar culture, the overlooked ambiance of a forgotten neighborhood, or the unforgettable energy beneath the surface of a city you thought you knew.

If you have ever wondered what a travel specialist is, what they do, and how they can help, we share the answers below. Here are five reasons to work with a Zicasso travel specialist.

  1. 1. Zicasso Travel Specialists Know What the Guidebooks Don’t
  2. 2. Customize Sample Ideas or Tailor a Trip to Your Preferences
  3. 3. Eliminate Travel Stresses and Focus on the Journey
  4. 4. Experience the Luxury of Flexibility When Traveling
  5. 5. Zicasso Travel Specialists Place Your Safety First
  6. Connect With a Zicasso Travel Specialist to Plan Your Custom Trip

1. Zicasso Travel Specialists Know What the Guidebooks Don’t

Woman on a terrace overlooking the water in the Okavango Delta in Botswana

Photo courtesy of Sanctuary Chief's Camp

Our idea of travel has evolved from a belief that luxury means five-star hotels and multi-course dinners. Luxury now implies a desire for exclusive experiences that take us away from the crowds – that immerse us in the indelible charm of a private kitchen in Fez or a unique terrace view from a secluded safari camp in the Okavango Delta. Exceptional travel now requires local insight and expertise, an eye for immersive experiences and connections to make them happen.

Zicasso matches travelers with travel specialists in the countries our tourists choose to visit. A travel specialist is a vacation planner and partner who knows their destinations inside and out, inviting travelers to explore the world beyond the guidebooks. Whether you wish to uncover a new place or discover a familiar one in a new way, our travel specialists use their insider knowledge to reveal the world from new perspectives.

Manlio, a Spain travel specialist, says “travel has become more and more about experiences, memories, and the opportunity to adopt a culture or lifestyle that is different from the one back home. In this regard, relying on insider access to make sure one can avoid tourist traps and have someone who can enable them to truly experience the local culture have made travel specialists sought-after.”

2. Customize Sample Ideas or Tailor a Trip to Your Preferences

Roys Peak, New Zealand

Roys Peak, New Zealand

A Zicasso travel specialist helps design trips around your unique preferences, goals, expectations, and group. You can customize sample itineraries or build your vacation from scratch with the insight and assistance of our top travel specialists.

Sample ideas are a springboard that can ignite your imagination and help you discover specific experiences or places to visit. These ideas represent a foundation from which your travel specialist partner can redesign to fit perfectly with your travel dreams. From adjusting the length of your trip to adding different places, specific adventure activities, or recommending the best cultural experiences, your travel specialist can handle every aspect of your trip’s design.

3. Eliminate Travel Stresses and Focus on the Journey

Sunrise kayaking at Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand

Sunrise kayaking at Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand

Zicasso travel specialists remove the stress of planning the perfect away, allowing you to focus on your journey and the experiences that await. Facilitating the travel planning for your trip from the moment you submit a Trip Request to the day you depart, the duration of your vacation, and once you return, your travel specialist goes above and beyond to make your experience stress-free.

Removing the stress from travel planning, travel specialists also encourage travelers to spend their relaxing adventures exploring the world’s most unique places. When working with a travel specialist, you have a partner who will ensure an inspiring and engaging journey off the world’s beaten path.

For example, our New Zealand travel specialist Kate has organized authentic travel programs that support the conservation of cultural heritage and natural resources, in addition to highlighting the endless wonders in the crystal-clear waters of Abel Tasman National Park or the sound of crampons digging into the icy surface of Franz Josef Glacier. Freedom from stress allows travelers to have these kinds of unforgettable journeys.

4. Experience the Luxury of Flexibility When Traveling

Evening in Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

Flexibility is a key consideration when planning your trip with a Zicasso travel specialist, as the nature of travel is constantly changing. A travel specialist, beyond ensuring the necessary arrangements are made for flexibility in departure and return dates or tour times, ensures you experience the luxury of flexibility for the duration of your vacation.

Travelers choosing Zicasso as their travel partner enjoy the pleasures of trips that adapt and evolve to suit the moment. Instead of being locked into specific experiences, places, and situations, you can quickly and easily make changes to your itinerary before and during your vacation.

You could, for example, extend your stay on the sensational Greek island of Santorini or choose to swap out your morning safari in the Kruger for a night safari to see nocturnal wildlife instead. The choices are yours and they are always available to be made with the help of your travel specialist.

5. Zicasso Travel Specialists Place Your Safety First

Guided horseback riding in Torres del Paine, Chile

Torres del Paine, Chile

Your travel specialist's support goes beyond advice, recommendations, and travel planning. They are available 24/7 for your comfort and place your safety at the center of your vacation. From arranging private transfers to offering private guided tours or group tours with reputable guides, travel specialists ensure your travel needs and experiences are as safe as possible.

As Zicasso travel specialists are available for the duration of your trip, you can contact them in the rare case of an emergency. Whether there is a tour delay or a medical situation to attend to, your readily available specialist can provide you with information, contact details, or specific solutions to your challenges.

The right travel specialist acts as your advocate, with up-to-date information on legal and health regulations, taking into account safety protocols that will ease possible travel challenges.

Connect With a Zicasso Travel Specialist to Plan Your Custom Trip

Ronda, Spain

Ronda, Spain

Here at Zicasso, our travel specialists are ready to answer your questions as you consider your next trip. As the ways we travel will continue to evolve rapidly, it is essential to have a destination expert in your corner. Your travel specialist will underscore the significance of human connection and will ensure personal support throughout your travel experience.

To begin your journey with Zicasso, you can start by browsing our sample Handcrafted Luxury Tours or insider tips and resources in our Zicasso Travel Blog.

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