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Experiences of a Lifetime: Trip Ideas for the Culinary Traveler

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Woman preparing Thai noodle soup Tom Yum on boat in local floating market in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

These three food experiences of a lifetime explore the exciting possibilities of the world through flavor and custom, tradition and shared memories, no matter who you are traveling with.

Sample the essential flavors of culture on a new path as you discover how simple ingredients have created a lasting impact.

Discover unfamiliar and authentic delights that highlight only a few ways to enjoy the splendors of travel in a manner that suits your goals, all while uncovering new and familiar tastes.

  1. 1. Delight in a Royal Picnic in Versailles
  2. 2. Indulge in Monastic Culinary Culture
  3. 3. Treat Your Tastebuds with a Michelin-Star Tuk-Tuk Excursion
  4. Planning Your Culinary Experience Trip of a Lifetime

1. Delight in a Royal Picnic in Versailles

Gardens of Versailles Palace in Paris, France

Paris, France

Versailles is the epitome of opulence and grandeur, a palace that captures the essence of design and the power of a historic kingdom. A gourmet picnic lunch by a celebrated chef inside the spectacular gardens turns a typical visit into an unforgettable occasion.

A memorable excursion into the heart of the gardens with a sensational meal will immerse you in sensory details that demonstrate the extraordinariness of the experience, while also imprinting on your mind aromas and flavors that you can recall long into the future.

Whether dining by a fountain or snacking near a reflective pool, a gourmet dining experience at Versailles ignores the typical and celebrates the lavish in style.

France Trip Idea

Opulent Visions of France Tour: Endless Cultural Delight celebrates the classic and evolving flavors of the world-famous cuisine during an 11-day exploration that shares Michelin-starred delights, private cooking demonstrations, and exciting new places to explore exceptional tastes.

Highlights: Revel in the authentic flavors of Provençal cuisine with a private cooking class • Enjoy French cuisine with a private market tour and class in Paris • Experience the grandeur, allure, and history of the Louvre Museum • Witness the opulence of French aristocracy with a private cycling tour of Versailles

2. Indulge in Monastic Culinary Culture

Salumi al Banco, Norcia, Umbria, Italy

Umbria, Italy

Time has stopped in Norcia, a small village in Umbria eternally connected to the flavors of local ingredients and those shared historically by the region and on trade routes. A picturesque landscape in the heart of Italy brings the quintessential essence of individual flavors to the forefront, demonstrating how simple does not mean easy, but can mean exquisite.

More than a culinary experience, such a tour of Norcia unveils views of the surrounding mountains, the charm of the facades and piazzas time forgot, and the flavors of monastic cuisine. With local black truffle and farro, black celery and prosciutto, the town feels like an unknown culinary capital, with the mastery of the kitchen hidden further in a little-known monastery.

Italy Trip Idea

Indulge in the soft-spoken beauty and tremendous flavors of tradition on this 10-Day Umbria & Tuscany Exploration Tour that shares authentic styles, customary ingredients, and elegant, simple dishes accentuated by surrounding natural charm.

Highlights: Sample the intimate flavors of typical Umbrian cuisine during a cooking class inside a palatial home • Learn the art of crafting ricotta cheese • Indulge in the enticing flavors of Tuscan cuisine with a cooking class on an organic farm • Experience the art of crafting cashmere in an Umbrian village • Witness the breathtaking detail and inspiring breadth of Michelangelo’s David

3. Treat Your Tastebuds with a Michelin-Star Tuk-Tuk Excursion

Cooking class in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand is a culinary paradise, with remarkable Michelin-starred restaurants that celebrate tradition and evolve the gastronomic landscape into new dimensions. A lifetime experience discovering the food scene of the city by tuk-tuk shares the typical travel method with an elevated sampling of unforgettable culinary flavors and techniques.

Bangkok is a testament to the role food plays in a community and in the way cultures relate to each other and the world around them. Chefs capture an essential part of their history, lives, and heart in the food they prepare, which in turn reveals their connection to their city and the way in which they take inspiration from the past, present, and future.

A tuk-tuk leaves you open to the sights and sounds of the bustling city. Each new street can uncover the hidden treasures of Michelin stars awarded to street-food vendors who stand out for their quality, taste, and menu offerings. The experience is only available in Bangkok and will leave your mouth watering.

Thailand Trip Idea

The spirit of custom and contemporary culture combine on this 12-day Enchanted Highlights of Thailand Tour, with luxurious accommodations and unforgettable views leading you to white-sand beaches, dense jungles, and unspoiled ancient ruins crowned with mouthwatering culinary opportunities.

Highlights: Learn how to prepare a selection of coveted Thai dishes guided by an acclaimed celebrity chef • Discover Chiang Mai by tuk-tuk on a unique tour revealing the history and culture underpinning the northern capital • Explore Doi Inthanon Mountain • Embrace the balmy waters of Phi Phi island and discover the marvelous marine life

Planning Your Culinary Experience Trip of a Lifetime

Spices at a market in Egypt

Spices at a market in Egypt

Taste is undeniably linked to memories, forever connecting us to a mouthwatering meal or favored trip.

Delight in the sensual aromas of a Michelin-starred experience. Dip into the familiar and unfamiliar flavors on a French picnic. Allow simple ingredients to create fantastic flavors across Italy.

By opening up to the tastes of local life, the experience becomes inextricably linked to the destination and your journey. Find more inspiration for your next trip with our trips of a lifetime itineraries or explore more of the experiences you can have with our trips of a lifetime travel guide.

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