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11 Best Beach Honeymoon Destinations

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Couple on the beach in the Maldives


Your honeymoon will be an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience, and our best beach honeymoon destinations let you discover diverse possibilities, from a tropical beach getaway to a remote Mediterranean coastline.

There are few better images that capture the feeling of being a newlywed than beautiful waters, soft sands, and luxurious resorts. Snorkel over coral reefs, relax on pristine shores, or embrace the views to the horizon from atop magnificent coastal cliffs.

The following list offers some of the top beach honeymoon destinations for you, with endless natural beauty, gorgeous accommodations, accessible luxury, relaxation, and more.

  1. 1. Tahiti & French Polynesia
  2. 2. Thailand
  3. 3. Sicily
  4. 4. Greece
  5. 5. Turkey
  6. 6. Costa Rica
  7. 7. Zanzibar
  8. 8. The Maldives
  9. 9. Australia
  10. 10. Cuba
  11. 11. Mozambique
  12. How Many Days Is Enough for a Beach Honeymoon?
  13. What Sort of Travel Budget Do I Need for My Honeymoon?
  14. Explore the Most Romantic Beach Honeymoon Destinations

1. Tahiti & French Polynesia

Beautiful beach and overwater bungalows in Tahiti

Tahiti, French Polynesia

French Polynesia is a collection of idyllic islands that create a tropical paradise perfect for your honeymoon. With picture-perfect coastlines, it will feel as though you’ve stepped into a postcard of the South Pacific. From soft white sands to black volcanic shores, the beaches offer you a relaxing ambiance as they fade into gentle turquoise waters.

Whether you prefer to dig your toes into powdery sands or snorkel along vibrant reefs in search of active fish, the islands of French Polynesia are a wonderful place to indulge in the exotic land and sea, from Moorea to Tahiti, Maupiti to Rangiroa, and the essential wonders of a Bora Bora honeymoon.

Highlights: Mareto • Avea • Matira • Plage Tereia • The Pink Sands • Le Plage de Maui

2. Thailand

Railay View Point in Krabi, Thailand

Railay View Point in Krabi, Thailand

Breathtaking beaches define the coast of Thailand’s mainland and islands, making it one of the world’s best destinations for a honeymoon, whether you prefer remote luxuries or a beautiful oasis in the heart of vibrant coastal life.

Exotic jungle brush covers the peninsula and edges soft golden sands as you discover secluded island corners or witness dramatic karsts rising out of clear, calm seas, creating incredibly romantic places to visit for couples. Warm waters, cooling breezes, and nodding palms offer you a serene slice of paradise.

Highlights: Koh Samui • Koh Lipe • Koh Phangan • Krabi • Koh Tao

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3. Sicily

Isola Bella in Taormina, Sicily

Isola Bella in Taormina, Sicily

Sicily is a divine island with famous and secretive beaches. You have the chance to make countless memories in water that stretches out from the golden shores in layers of crystal-clear blue.

Sicily is a wonder of the ancient world, a place of enchanting natural beauty on the island and along the neighboring volcanic islets. You may feel as though you have entered a movie set, with welcoming fishing villages, charming seaside towns, elegant sands set in complete isolation, and more ideas in our Sicily travel guide.

Highlights: Taormina • Cefalù • San Vito Lo Capo • Licata • Agrigento

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4. Greece

Timoni Beach in Corfu, Greece

Timoni Beach in Corfu, Greece

It is hard to find a place that can balance glamour and authenticity in the way Greece does. You can bask in a blend of perfect beaches and ancient culture on a honeymoon accentuated by timeless sunsets.

The shorelines glow with reflective waters, pristine sands, and inviting fresh air. Find ideas on how to plan your perfect honeymoon in Greece so you can lounge in luxury among the remote bays hidden from the sunbathing crowds, whether on the mainland or hopping between islands.

Highlights: Corfu • Zakynthos • Santorini • Mykonos • Paros • Rhodes

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5. Turkey

View of Ölüdeniz with Belcekız beach in Turkey

View of Ölüdeniz with Belcekız beach in Turkey

Turkey may surprise you with its grand and gorgeous coastline that resembles a daydream of sun-soaked sands, but the country is an indelible bridge between the western Mediterranean and the eastern Black Sea.

A Turkey honeymoon can have you experiencing pure bliss, where ancient ruins meet the seas, calm waters lap against sweeping shores, and idyllic villages overlook lavish resorts, each with access to the warmth of the Mediterranean sun.

Highlights: Fethiye • Ölüdeniz • Alanya • Gelemis • Dalyan

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6. Costa Rica

Palms at the beach in Puerto Carrillo, Costa Rica

Palms at the beach in Puerto Carrillo, Costa Rica

Bordered by powdery sands, Costa Rica reveals one of the best tropical honeymoon destinations.

The coastlines are expansive and diverse, from the Pacific to the Caribbean, giving you access to white-sand beaches lined with palm trees, secluded shores dotted with rugged coves and blanketed in black volcanic sands, and remote beaches hidden by lush jungle foliage.

A Costa Rica honeymoon feels private and luxurious, yet adventurous and alluring, perfect for any kind of honeymoon.

Highlights: Jaco • Tamarindo • Playa Grande • Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio • Playa Cocles

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7. Zanzibar

Kendwa Beach in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Kendwa Beach in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Touch down in Zanzibar and you quickly understand the romance exuding from the exotic sands surrounded by the turquoise Indian Ocean, hosting some of the best beaches for honeymoon seekers.

Coral reefs, swaying palm trees, and the sweeping sands of idyllic beaches create a surprising escape from everyday life. The beaches are a destination unto themselves, plunging you into intimate beauty along remote shorelines, in colorful waters, and with the possibility of seeing dolphins in the distance.

Highlights: Bwejuu Beach • Michamvi Beach • Kendwa Beach • Kizimkazi Beach • Matemwe Beach

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8. The Maldives

Milaidhoo Island Maldives

Photo courtesy of Milaidhoo Island Maldives

The Maldives is a special place to honeymoon, where you can explore island beaches with views of the endless ocean. It is your best place to enjoy clean, white sands that feel as fine as flour or embrace the point at which the tropical, emerald vegetation contrasts the crystal-clear water.

In the Maldives, the coastlines flow into one another, creating an endless row of beaches defined by the Arabian Sea. It isn’t your typical or traditional destination, instead offering you a remote intimacy unlike anywhere else.

Highlights: Milaidhoo • Kanuhura • Maagau Island • Muravandhoo Island

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9. Australia

Whitehaven beach in the Whitsunday Island in Australia

Whitehaven beach in the Whitsunday Island in Australia

Australia is the land of sand and sun that can immerse you in anything from a tranquil coastline to a beach full of celebration. An Australia honeymoon cannot be defined by a single place or characteristic, even as Australia’s best beaches exemplify romantic perfection.

The coastline stretches across the entire country for seemingly endless stretches of paradise along shores draped in golden sunshine, powdered with white sand, and crystal-clear waters glowing turquoise. It is an outdoor lifestyle perfect for exploration and unique romantic experiences.

Highlights: Bondi • Four Mile Beach • Manly • Whitehaven • Turquoise Bay • Bells Beach

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10. Cuba

Varadero Beach in Cuba

Varadero Beach in Cuba

The beaches of Cuba are magical, perfect for your honeymoon. Dusted with gold or powdery white sands and connected to cities lined with grandiose colonial architecture, Cuba shares with you a special view of the Caribbean.

It is a classic tropical paradise, capturing images of a sea layered with shades of emerald and sapphire, palm trees edging the coastline, and a smattering of musicians adding to the water’s soothing sounds. Easy reefs, splashing waves, and Cuban passion keep you company.

Highlights: Playa Paraiso • Varadero Beach • Playa Pilar • Playa Coral • Playa Siboney

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11. Mozambique

Ponta do Ouro Beach, Mozambique

Ponta do Ouro Beach, Mozambique

Mozambique is often considered a place for savvy beach lovers, where you can lounge on semi-deserted coastline or sunbathe in complete privacy. The unspoiled beauty gives you a perfect paradise for your romantic honeymoon, whether you want to relax on pristine white sands or snorkel with rays and angelfish.

When it comes to beaches, you can have it all in Mozambique by enjoying the ambiance of a popular beach or reveling in the barefoot lifestyle of a private island.

Highlights: Ponta do Ouro • Ponta Mamoli • Inhaca Island • Tofo Beach • Benguerra Island

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How Many Days Is Enough for a Beach Honeymoon?

Resort in Koh Samui, Thailand

Resort in Koh Samui, Thailand

Ten to 12 days is a great amount of time for a beach honeymoon. You always have to ask yourself what matters most to you for your special romantic getaway and whether or not things like travel time to and from a destination matter, as well as the amount of time you have for your trip. If you have 10 to 12 days, you not only have more time to spend as a couple enjoying the beaches, but can also venture out to discover the sand, sea, and other adventures.

What Sort of Travel Budget Do I Need for My Honeymoon?

Luxury water villas with pools at Emerald Maldives Resort and Spa.  Photo courtesy of Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa

Luxury water villas with pools at Emerald Maldives Resort and Spa. Photo courtesy of Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa

Your perfect honeymoon according to your budget is possible, especially with the help of a travel specialist experienced in designing customized luxury trips. The price of a trip may vary depending on certain factors, such as the time of year, type of accommodations you choose, a specific country you visit, or particular inclusions while there.

A luxury honeymoon can start around $1,440 per person for an eight-day trip to certain destinations, but costs can jump considerably based on inclusions. Our how to plan a honeymoon has much more information and helpful tips for arranging your perfect getaway.

Explore the Most Romantic Beach Honeymoon Destinations

Dhow Bar at andBeyond Benguerra Island Beach Resort in Mozambique.  Photo by DOOK Photo, courtesy of andBeyond

Dhow Bar at andBeyond Benguerra Island Beach Resort in Mozambique. Photo by DOOK Photo, courtesy of andBeyond

A honeymoon is your time to enjoy seclusion and intimacy for a new start as newlyweds. Your perfect beach will always depend on the type of idyllic setting you prefer. Whether connected to a historic town or on a remote island, there are so many different kinds of romance, with variations in the best honeymoon destinations.

For more insights, tips, or inspiration, you can explore our honeymoon travel guide or embrace our hidden honeymoon gems.

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