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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Egypt on Vacation

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Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs at Dendera Temple in Egypt

Dendera Temple, Egypt

The top reasons to visit Egypt reveal the long and lingering dream of culture, history, and heritage that can take you from ancient life to natural grandeur, with new ways to explore and possibilities that abound.

People visit Egypt to experience how the country’s ancient past unfolds like a storybook, with each page revealing a new, inspiring wonder, from the grand tip of the pyramids cracking the sky to the serene banks of the Nile River. From the Red Sea’s surprising opulence, the preserved architecture of medieval Islam, and continued Coptic Christian traditions, Egypt is full of marvels.

Our reasons to explore the country reveal when it is most beautiful, the unexpected charms that await, and more, to give you an idea of why Egypt is worth visiting on vacation.

  1. 1. Egypt Truly is a Year-Round Destination
  2. 2. The Red Sea Coastline Rivals the Best in the World
  3. 3. Egypt is a Treasure Chest of Ancient Discovery
  4. 4. Egypt Specialists Can Show You Unbridled Luxury
  5. 5. Exclusive Itineraries Showcase What Makes Egypt Special
  6. Experience What Makes Egypt a Must-Visit Destination

1. Egypt Truly is a Year-Round Destination

Felucca boat on the Nile river in Aswan, Egypt

Aswan, Egypt

No matter the time of year, an Egypt trip can take you on an exploration of vast desert dunes, rugged cliffs within reach of the Nile’s winding riverbanks, an ancient port, or the waters of a coastal paradise.

While the summers may reach peak temperatures, most of Egypt has a moderate climate that often surprises visitors, rather than the sweltering desert many expect. The different regions and seasons can give you a great diversity of crowds, weather, and the beauty of the surrounding landscape. The summer heat can also provide a new perspective on Egypt’s grandeur by revealing the splendor of the Red Sea, rather than only focusing on ancient heritage.

Autumn, winter, and spring, from the coastline to the winding edges of the Nile River, offer calm and consistent weather that makes it easy to travel, explore, and enjoy. The comfortable weather will enhance your trip and accentuate your connection to diverse cultures and mouth-watering cuisine. Whether interested in the fairytale architecture of the historic mosques or eager to bask in therapeutic waters, you can always find the right time to visit Egypt.

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2. The Red Sea Coastline Rivals the Best in the World

Beach resort in Hurghada on Egypt's Red Sea coast

Hurghada, Egypt

The heritage of Egypt stems from the tangible and intangible, ancient ruins to a specific cuisine, but the crystal-clear waters and vibrant coastline of the Red Sea add to the overall impression Egypt can make on your travel experiences.

The coastline along the Red Sea, where you can find Hurghada, one of Egypt’s top places to visit, feels like a surrealist vision come true, where soft, golden sands reflect the inland desert landscape, while overlooking the shifting colors of the water. It can immerse you into a paradise of palm trees that feel like a luxurious oasis, accentuated by the sea breeze, the scent of dates, and the touch of hot sand beneath your feet.

Whether looking for water sports or a luxurious beachside resort at which you can lounge, eager to dive along seabeds or wind through lively reefs erupting with rainbow hues, the Red Sea is an unexpected jewel.

3. Egypt is a Treasure Chest of Ancient Discovery

The Great Sphinx of Giza framed by one of the Great Pyramids

The Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt

Egypt feels like a treasure chest that connects the wonders of the ancient world to contemporary culture. As one of the world’s oldest civilizations, it has inspired visitors from across the globe eager to witness the impressive temples, learn through shared interactions, or continue to uncover a piece of the past to learn more about the shared heritage of the Mediterranean.

From the discovery of the first pharaoh, Narmer, who united the two kingdoms, to the story of Moses floating down the Nile River, Egypt will capture your imagination and bring legends to life. With artifacts and tombs continuously uncovered, the country’s ancient allure feels immortal as you explore on history tours and experience more of the top things to do in Egypt.

From Cairo to Luxor, Alexandria to Aswan, Egypt can feel like an open-air museum, with culture, traditions, and history preserved from its cities to villages. Whether wandering the former with a guide or exploring museum galleries, the depth of Egypt’s heritage is unparalleled.

4. Egypt Specialists Can Show You Unbridled Luxury

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt

With so much opulence, history, and heritage to explore, Egypt can feel overwhelming, but Egypt travel specialists can customize your luxury Egypt tours to focus on the best and finest experiences in the country.

Exploring Egypt’s beauty and charm with the help of a specialist can take you into unexpected palaces, medieval mosques, Nubian villages, and the grandeur of ancient ruins. A travel specialist understands the diversity and specific differences of the types of cultural experiences you may prefer.

You can expect splendor. You can expect wonder. But most of all, you can expect that your trip will unfold Egypt before your eyes as you discover more than just the famous monuments. From museums to tombs, shopping lanes to elegant beaches, you can discover Egypt in a safe, comfortable, and unforgettable way that highlights the important beauty of the cultures that share the land and heritage.

5. Exclusive Itineraries Showcase What Makes Egypt Special

Sphinx alley in Karnak temple complex, Luxor, Egypt

Luxor, Egypt

When planning an exclusive Egypt itinerary, you have the opportunity to travel to the renowned pyramids and beyond, explore uncovered tombs and more, and sample delicious cuisine and culture.

Working with Zicasso means you work with an Egypt travel expert who understands important customs, has local experience, and is knowledgeable about the various ways you can travel through the country at your pace, within your preferences, to make your desired experiences a reality and showcase why Egypt is worth visiting.

Exclusive Itineraries in Egypt:

One-Week Capturing the Essence of Egypt in Cairo, Luxor, & Aswan is a brilliant introduction to the highlights of the ancient world and the Nile River’s timeless allure. Experience the beauty and essence of heritage that spans millennia, while witnessing the wonders of the ancient world.

Highlights: Explore the mysterious and momentous Pyramids of Giza • Visit the ancient capital of Memphis • Tour the impressive odes to ancient Egyptian gods at the Karnak and Luxor temples • Soar over the Nile River and the Egyptian desert in a hot-air balloon

Travel through the wonders of the past in luxury as the ancient world meets contemporary opulence on this 12-day Exploring the History of Ancient Egypt With a Relaxing Resort Escape. From Cairo to Abu Simbel, treasured oases to the comforts of the Red Sea, you can indulge in the uncommon splendor of Egypt.

Highlights: Visit the massive rock-cut temples of Abu Simbel • Cruise in a romantic and calming traditional Egyptian sailboat • Admire the Greek-built architecture in honor of ruling pharaohs of the Edfu Temple • Discover Cairo’s timeless historic highlights • Tour Alexandria’s wealth of heritage • Revel in the clear waters of the Red Sea

Wonders of Egypt & the Great Pharaohs: 11 Days for History Buffs indulges in the sacred and mysterious, the awe-inspiring and the unique. From the astonishing pyramids to picture-perfect temples, the Valley of the Queens to a traditional felucca, you can discover the distinctive pleasures of Egypt like an amateur archeologist.

Highlights: Discover the Great Pyramids and the impressive Sphinx • Explore the awe-inspiring Abu Simbel temples • Visit the staggering Philae Temple on the banks of the Nile • Journey to the Valley of the Queens • Enter the intricate network of ancient burial grounds in the Valley of the Kings • Explore Egypt’s history within bustling Cairo

Experience What Makes Egypt a Must-Visit Destination

Quad bike ride through the desert near Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

Egypt is the perfect destination in which to combine adventure and culture, relaxation and discovery. With four-wheel excursions, luxury cruises along the Nile River, or uncovering artifacts in the famous Egyptian Museum, you can experience Egypt in all its grandeur and diversity on our Egypt tours and vacations.

For more travel tips and insight to inspire your custom trip to Egypt, explore our specialist advice in our Egypt travel guide.

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