Our Team

We’re a diverse bunch! We’ve come from many parts of the country and the globe; we speak many languages, and we’ve traveled the far corners of the planet, from Atacama to Zanzibar. Most of us work at our Mountain View, CA headquarters as well as the Zicasso Denver office. Meet the team members here!

Brian Tan

Founder & CEO

Lucky me! My job allows me to explore my big passions: travel, food, photography, and wildlife. I love the adventure of discovery when I travel. For food, my favorite destinations are Italy and Malaysia, where I grew up. Most of all, I love African safaris--the wildlife and scenery create a photographer’s paradise!

Yuchun Ku

Founder & COO

Having traveled to over 60 countries, I treasure the moments that I am immersed in the wonder of nature, cute wildlife included. I love being able to form a genuine connection with local people and life, whether it be following a leopard and her cubs in Botswana to discovering a Tibetan monk’s life journey.

Adam Vaught

Director of Sales

Originally from Southern California, I left home in 2004 to spend eight years in Asia and South America before relocating to the Bay Area. When I am not busy working or traveling the world, you can find me exploring the Marin Headlands, listening to 80s music or baking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with my grandma.

Alli Faulkner

Client Relations Specialist

My passion for travel sparked when I was on a family trip to Sicily to visit the land of my tomato-farming ancestors. I instantly fell in love with the feeling of exploring a new region of the world. When I’m not dreaming about vacationing in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora, I’m probably reading or watching Harry Potter.

Andrea Golod

Photo Editor

A native New Yorker now in Colorado, I am still searching for a place that combines the lush greens of NY with the mountains and sunshine of CO. I enjoy photography and spending time with my family. I have two sons, whom I cannot wait to take to Engelberg, Switzerland, the quaint village where I spent a summer studying abroad.

Annie Chang

Associate Director of Partnerships

While born in Taiwan, I have spent most of my life in California. With 13 years in the hotel industry before joining Zicasso, I now enjoy spending time with my family and taking quick weekend trips to Disneyland. My ultimate goal is to visit all the Disney Parks around the world!

Becca Glatz

Senior Manager of Partnerships

Finding new foods is one of my favorite things about travel. Norway has a delicacy foodstuff called Brunost or “brown cheese” that you can get in a tube (it’s whey boiled down to create a soft, brown spread). In 2013, a truck carrying 27 tons of brown cheese caught fire in a tunnel. The fire raged for 5 days. The world is an amazing place to discover. What are you waiting for?

Benjamin Snoha

Software Engineer

Also known as the Snoha Constrictor, I am a Developer at Zicasso where often you will find me programming with a Rubik’s cube in hand. Originally from San Antonio, Texas, I moved to Denver in 2014 to pursue a degree in Computer Science from the University of Denver. After graduation, I began working at Zicasso and have never looked back!

Brandon Evans

Marketing Associate

Born and raised in Northern California. Growing up, my family always encouraged me to travel. Once I studied abroad in Bolzano, Italy and backpacked through Europe, I became addicted. I love to surf, spearfish, kayak and relax on the beach. My passion for the ocean and traveling eventually influenced me to spend eight months living and working in Australia.

Brennen Bull

Software Developer

I grew up In the Southeast and spent most of my time climbing in the mountains of North Carolina. I've traveled all over the U.S. for climbing, had plenty of adventures, and made many awesome friends along the way. Now I have my roots in Denver colorado where I can get into the mountains almost every weekend.

Claudia Michel

Office Manager

From getting to know Hawaii like the back of my hand to spending several weeks in London, I first fell in love with travel as a child during my family’s yearly road trips to Mexico. I’m a Northern California native, and I like to bake, hike and eat burpees for breakfast.

David Dart

Director of Human Resources

Is there anything better than traveling with the ones you love? My wife, kids and I love to travel any chance we get. Some of our favorites are Iceland and Paris, but our paradise is Kaanapali Beach in Maui. I originally hail from Northern California and have lived in Colorado for the past 6 years and love it.

David Prinzing

Chief Technology Officer

I grew up in a forest in Oregon and learned to love nature. When I was 18, I lived with a family in Germany. This opened the world to me! Exposure to other cultures is truly life-impacting. I’ve since visited many different countries… but much of the world awaits! Travel and technology… two of my favorite things!

Doug Weissman

Marketing Content Writer

I took a year abroad to Florence, Italy when I was in college without ever having been out of the country before. I craved adventure, excitement, people, and above all else, food. I found it all, and have been to 45 countries since. As someone with an overactive sense of fantasy, I always love when the world surpasses my imagination.

Denise Chambers

Photo Editor

As a travel photographer, I've been fortunate to explore most of America's top cities as well as several international destinations. When I'm not traveling, I can be found hiking around Pikes Peak with my family or enjoying a bottle of wine with friends. Perpetually in search of new experiences, I am most at home somewhere I've never been.

Dylan Neumann

Associate Partnerships Manager

I’m just a typical Colorado ski junkie who loves the outdoors and has an unhealthy obsession with sports. I’ve been to over 25 countries with countless experiences that make me who I am today. When I’m not working, you can usually find me on a trip while simultaneously planning my next adventure.

Erwin Wozniak

QA Analyst & Technical Support

While born and raised in Poland, I spent half of my life living in the UK and am now in sunny California. My passion for travel started with hopping on a plane and visiting any possible destination in Europe, and then into Africa and North America. When I'm not in front of a computer, you can find me hiking, playing volleyball and enjoying Mexican cuisine.

Gina Johnson

Client Relations Manager

A California native, I grew up traveling thanks to my father's career in the airline industry. One of my earliest childhood memories is our family trip to Panama, so it is now important to me to travel with my husband and two boys. I have been to 20 countries so far, and our list is always growing.

Jaime Kamps-Duac

Senior Client Relations Specialist

I was lucky to travel as a child thanks to my mother’s career in the travel industry, and was just 5 when we went on my first overseas trip to England. Since then, I have studied in Ireland and Australia, and traveled to over 20 countries. I can often be found cooking up a storm in the kitchen or drinking wine and playing board games with my friends.

Jeremiah Shore

Software Engineer

Raised in the wild woods of West Virginia, I grew up admiring the natural world. I’m deeply passionate about computer science and music for the ways they connect us all together through a shared experience. In my work, I’m motivated by the intellectual rewards that come from solving problems with composition and design.

Jessica Ming

Business Data Analyst

I am Bay Area native who loves all things Disney! My lifelong dream is to visit all Disney parks, and so far, I have visited seven of the twelve around the world. One of my most memorable travel destinations is Tokyo, Japan as I am fascinated by their diverse culture and food.

Jonathan Schwartz

Partnerships Manager

Left-handed, native East Coaster, curly-haired, outdoor enthusiast. Enjoy putting down the phone, being in the moment and living in my surroundings. Passionate about interacting with humans, cultures, and cuisines from around the world. Incredibly grateful and fortunate to have traveled extensively. Always excited by the thought of the next adventure.

Katrina Pierce

Senior Client Relations Specialist

A Colorado native who is just learning how to ski, I love going to the movies, spending time with my dog, Briggs, and learning new things to cook. My favorite vacation consists of architectural history, beautiful views and of course some delicious food. I’ve also never met a margarita I didn't like.

Kelsey Clutter

Client Relations Coordinator

Originally from Hawaii, I studied for 8 years at an international school and grew up around different cultures and languages from a young age. Latin America has made a special place in my heart and has fueled my Spanish speaking, merengue-dancing spirit!

Klaudyna Siewior

Associate Product Manager

Coming from my dearest Poland, I now enjoy living in sunny California. My love for travel started in primary school with a trip to the beautiful region of Catalunya in Spain. Since then, I’ve explored many European countries and developed an appetite for more distant destinations such as Cambodia or Thailand. These days you can find me hiking through the U.S. most stunning national parks!

Lisa Lehr

Luxury Travel Consultant

I was born in Anchorage, Alaska. Being an Air Force brat, we moved quite a bit domestically and it was always a good experience. I fell in love with travel when I was planning my honeymoon to Maui. I knew from that day that I wanted to help other couples, families plan wonderful and exciting trips all over the world! I enjoy spending time with my two amazing daughters and love cooking, baking, and chocolate.

Lisa Turturici

Client Relations Support Specialist

I've always said 'I work to travel'. I've only been to 12 countries but I'm working on it as best I can! My next visit will be to Southern Asia. I'm enthusiastic about food, especially Italian food, and architecture. I enjoy hiking, yoga, horseback riding and spending time with my family and cats.

Lynsey Powell

Software Engineer

Growing up on the Puget Sound, I've traveled and lived in many different places before settling in Colorado where I spent eight years having fun in the mountains before moving to Denver. I love combining creativity and math in programming and designing knitwear, especially if I can do so from abroad.

Maciel Hernandez

Office Administrator

I love a good adventure as I grew up exploring the beautiful mountains and beaches of Chile, and now live near the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. My favorite experiences come from culture and nature, and I love to capture my adventures through video and photo so that I can relive the moments, which motivates me to travel and explore more.

Marci-Beth Maple

Marketing Manager

After three years living in England with my husband and two kids, we are now based in Dallas, Texas. Having traveled to 16 countries together, we are staying home for awhile to watch American sports and BBQ, but we will move next to explore South America and our own USA.

Michael Hernandez

Client Relations Specialist

Originally from Texas, I moved to Denver to pursue my passions for the performing arts. My love for travel recently took me to Taiwan where I got to explore my love for culture and food in a new way. My favorite activities are travel, eating, video games, and watching TV. Feel like making my day? Take me out for some milk tea.

Marie Ilona Krukova

Luxury Cruise Consultant

Growing up in Riga, Latvia, my passion for travel started at a young age. In 1998, I moved to California with my family where I began my career as a travel advisor and discovered a love for ocean and river cruises. When I’m not traveling, you can find me in my rose garden, at local wineries or camping in California’s national parks.

Nancy Perry

Partnerships Manager

I grew up in Mexico in a close knit family of 5, and I had my first taste of international adventure when I moved to Argentina in 2009. What rocks my world? I love coffee, books, traveling, puppies, cats, and living the California life.

Parker Davis

Marketing Associate

I am happy to call San Jose my home, but my eyes are set outwards. I enjoy international travel for the exposure to new perspectives, great people and, of course, fantastic food. Next stop: Spain and Portugal. While I'm in NorCal, I enjoy returning to my alma mater to mountain bike in the beautiful redwood forests of Santa Cruz and cooking with my father's freshly grown produce.

Philip Smith

UI/UX Designer

My travel career began in New York, designing for select hotel brands. Since then, I've spent almost 10 years in the industry. Life is a collection of experiences, and they are best served with a side of adventure, so when I'm not designing, you can find me in the mountains chasing fresh snow and the next summit.

Quincy Murphy

Client Relations Specialist

I’m a small town Colorado girl with an undeniable passion for adventure, travel and everything outdoors. I find nothing more invigorating than immersing myself in foreign cultures and exploring unfamiliar lands. Alpine lakes, tikka masala and waking up to a fresh snow on a Saturday morning are a few of my favorite things.

Ryan Galloway

Digital Assets Manager

Growing up in Oklahoma I took many family road trips, but it was not until I was an adult that I traveled beyond USA and Mexico. I developed a passion for travel, and I now prefer to explore the off the beaten paths to immerse into the culture and the people. I am a history nerd, though I will go anywhere that I can ride a motorcycle and go scuba diving!

Satoko Kinoshita

Business Analyst

I came from Japan to the Bay Area after having begun traveling outside of Japan about 15 years ago. Since then, traveling has been one of my favorite hobbies. Learning about culture and food is the most important facet of traveling to different destinations for me. My dream is to visit different European locations that have inspired the settings of many animes.

Simmi Shulman

Associate Director of Client Relations

I’m a Georgia Peach with a penchant for food, travel, culture, and unicorns, and aim to find myself at the epicenter of experiences related to one or more. When I am not cooking up a storm, traveling, or out exploring, you can find me curled up on the couch devouring a good book or binge watching Netflix.

Stacey Sullivan

Director of Partnerships

Growing up in California, my first travel was backcountry camping trips, swimming, and fly fishing. These adventures, combined with trips abroad to visit family, ignited a search for more authentic experiences in remote and foreign lands. After 12 years working in travel, I continue to revel in the thrill of arriving for the first time to a new place.

Tom Skalka

Director of Client Relations

Born and Raised in Arizona. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be a part of the travel industry. Working in luxury hotels for 12 years allowed me the opportunity to travel, meet amazing people and have unique experiences. I enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife and daughter, exploring the outdoors and looking for that next amazing destination to visit.