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8 Best Italy Christmas Markets and How to Visit Them

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Christmas market in Merano, South Tyrol, Italy

Christmas market in Merano, South Tyrol, Italy

Italy is a destination with festive Christmas markets that capture the joys of the holiday season where reveling in simple seasonal pleasures can change your entire perspective of the holidays. With holiday festivities overtaking medieval towns, seaside villages, and bustling cities, Italy becomes an immersion into masterful winter celebrations that begin in early December and stretch into January. Our suggestions of Italy Christmas Markets can take you across the country to enjoy the festive ambiance.


  1. 1. Rome, Lazio
  2. 2. Florence, Tuscany
  3. 3. Bologna, Emilia-Romagna
  4. 4. Naples, Campania
  5. 5. Verona, Veneto
  6. 6. Bolzano, South Tyrol
  7. 7. Merano, South Tyrol
  8. 8. Aosta, Aosta Valley
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1. Rome, Lazio

Chirstmas market at Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy

Chirstmas market at Piazza Navona

Rome captures the beauty of the holidays with festivities blossoming in the heart of the historic city center. The Christmas market brings vibrant color to the piazzas with traditional gifts displayed in wooden huts, the aromas of chocolates drifting along the cobblestones and the aromatics of spiced fruits adding an extra layer of allure to the celebratory ambiance of the festival booths turning the Eternal City into an immersive Christmas Wonderland with several markets scattered throughout the city.

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2. Florence, Tuscany

Christmas market in Florence, Italy

Piazza Santa Croce in Florence, Italy

The Christmas ambiance in Florence overtakes the heart of the historic city with a traditional German touch that combines charming wooden huts offering Italian and German delicacies. Decorations and handcrafts add to the illustrious spirit of the holiday season, from intricate wooden toys to lavish garlands. The mixture of bright colors and aromas of gingerbread or spiced wine create a warm and welcoming ambiance in the cold air of the winter season.

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3. Bologna, Emilia-Romagna

Christmas balls and decorations in Bologna Christmas market

Christmas balls and decorations in Bologna Christmas market

Bologna’s remarkable Christmas Market embodies the reputation of La Grassa, a city renowned for its cuisine and connection to the foundations of celebrated delicacies. With four centuries of Christmas Market tradition, Bologna erupts into a celebration of winter food and sweets embellished by the surrounding handmade nativity statues and long-standing medieval architecture. Sample marzipan fruit creations, witness the particular Nativity perspective, and enjoy the elaborate decor.

4. Naples, Campania

Presepi for sale in Naples Christmas Market.

Presepi in Naples Christmas market

The Christmas Markets in Naples represent a sense of holiday magic captured in the elaborate presepi, traditional handmade nativity scenes. An entire district of the historic city is dedicated to the creation of the presepi with a narrow lane leading to workshops crafting, displaying, and selling figurines and accessories. December highlights the artistry of the workshops with a colorful display of nativity scenes around the bustling cityscape showing how the holiday spirit reaches far beyond a single market.

5. Verona, Veneto

Christmas tree in Verona, Italy

Christmas tree in Verona, Italy

Verona is famous for the star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet, but the Christmas Market adds another layer of romance to the medieval lanes during the holiday season. The spiced aromas of mulled wine and fruit cakes emanate from the wooden stalls filling the central piazza. Fairy lights glimmer in the evening, adding to the storybook ambiance while traditional Bavarian dishes share a touch of the region’s history. Handcrafts, decorations, and celebrated cuisine display the fascinating traditions of Verona and the beauty of holiday heritage.

6. Bolzano, South Tyrol

Piazza Walther Christmas market in Bolzano, Italy

Piazza Walther in Bolzano, Italy

Bolzano is a majestic town nestled into the northern Italian mountains where the Rosengarten Dolomites act as a spectacular backdrop to the Christmas Market. The festive holiday ambiance swells from Piazza Walther, where little wooden huts display traditional wooden toys or garlands set beneath candles and lamps that light the medieval streets. The crisp alpine air often carries the aromas of mulled wine that carries through the arcaded lanes adding to the fairytale atmosphere of the town.

7. Merano, South Tyrol

Christmas market in Merano, Italy

Christmas market in Merano, Italy

Merano is a quiet and charming town that rises along the banks of the River Passirio and captures the ambiance of the surrounding snowcapped mountains in winter. Wooden advent cottages bring touches of festivities amid decorated trees and life-sized nativity scenes. Horse-drawn carriages glide through the streets as artisans create seasonal art beneath twinkling lights. The Christmas Market only enhances the fact that Merano encapsulates the perfect village for the holiday season.

8. Aosta, Aosta Valley

Hand-crafted Christmas decorations for sale at market in Aosta, Italy

Hand-crafted Christmas decorations at market in Aosta, Italy

The craggy peaks surrounding Aosta frame the remains of an ancient Roman theater and provide a breathtaking backdrop to the town’s Marché Vert Noël. Wooden chalets adorn the heart of Aosta and display artisan ceramics, hand-carved wooden ornaments and toys, textiles, antiques, and the enticing aromas of seasonal cuisine. Concerts help spread the majestic ambiance of winter as the town erupts with alpine Christmas spirit reflected in the wooly sweaters to the local cheeses.

More Travel Information & Tips

Christmas market in Trento, Italy

Christmas market in Trento, Italy

An Italy Christmas tour unveils seasonal charm found in the aromas of spiced wine to traditional toys on display in the marketplace. There are many reasons to visit Italy at Christmas time, and whether visiting the festive markets or the renowned ruins, you can find information for your trip with our Italy Travel Guide. You can also speak with an Italy travel specialist for free by filling out a Trip Request or by calling 1-888-265-9707.

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