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Summer 2023 Vacation Ideas: Best Places, Itineraries, and More

Updated: September 21, 2022

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Paralia Voutoumi Beach on Antipaxos Island in Greece

Antipaxos, Greece

Summer travel is a coveted time to enjoy new experiences around the world, and this collection of our top destinations are those countries where you can plan a trip and depart for the perfect summer getaway.

Whether you want to take your dream trip to Europe, discover Africa, explore Latin America, the South Pacific, or Asia, this list includes those places where a successful summer trip is possible.

Interested in a destination not on this list? Our travel specialists serve 101 different countries and can put your plans in motion.

  1. 1. Italy
  2. 2. Croatia
  3. 3. Greece
  4. 4. Spain
  5. 5. Portugal
  6. 6. France
  7. 7. Iceland
  8. 8. Tahiti
  9. 9. Fiji
  10. 10. Bali
  11. 11. Morocco
  12. 12. Tanzania
  13. 13. Kenya
  14. 14. Botswana
  15. 15. South Africa
  16. 16. Costa Rica
  17. 17. Belize
  18. 18. Cuba
  19. 19. Argentina
  20. 20. Chile
  21. 21. Colombia
  22. 22. Peru
  23. 23. Ecuador & Galápagos
  24. Talk to a Travel Specialist to Plan Your Summer Trip

1. Italy

View of Capri Island from Mount Solaro in Italy

Capri, Italy

Italy is always a perfect destination for any traveler. Your summer trip offers a dream Italian getaway with exceptional mountain scenery, pristine coastlines, inspiring history, and fascinating culture abounding.

With iconic monuments from Rome’s Colosseum to Pisa’s Leaning Tower, exceptional art from Michelangelo’s David to Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper, and Naples’s pizza to Venice’s tiramisu, experience the breadth and depth of Italy’s majesty with so much to see and do. Personalize your itinerary with the help of a local travel specialist for a perfect mix of relaxation and enjoyment.

Italy for summer of 2023 is very popular with many accommodations, guides, and transportation options booking quickly. If your goal is an Italy vacation this summer, you should move to book quickly and remain flexible on possible dates or destinations.

Italy Vacation Idea

From a cooking class to the Sicilian coastline, Michelangelo to Raphael, the sample Iconic Italy: Discovering Italy's Delights from Tuscany to Sicily tour can be customized to your preferences of activities or excursions, and is perfect for blending Italy’s culture, cuisine, and gorgeous landscape when visiting in summer.

Highlights: Enjoy a Gondola Ride in Venice • Explore Florence’s Famous Museums • Discover the Ruins of Rome • Tour the Vatican Museum • HIke Mount Etna • Wander the Amalfi Coast

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2. Croatia

Waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Croatia brings the fantasy of the Mediterranean to life with the sparkling Adriatic Sea, inviting islands, and dramatic historic cities that overlook the scenic coastline. Unspoiled nature, lavish art galleries, Venetian-era architecture, and countless beaches provide perfect sunshine and a feast of cultural festivities over the summer season.

Wander through the remains of empires, from Slavic churches to Viennese mansions. Follow in the footsteps of Marco Polo or immerse yourself in the film locations of epic fantasies. Spend a relaxing day on the beach, visit local winemakers, or dive into the water at an oyster farm. However you wish to experience Croatia, your travel specialist can plan your trip according to your preferences and goals.

Croatia Vacation Idea

Our 11-day Tailor-Made Croatia Highlights Exploration will uncover the wonders of the land and sea on a personalized trip to visit colorful lakes, family-owned vineyards, island splendor, and urban charms on an active and exciting adventure.

Highlights: Scale the walls of Dubrovnik • Learn the art of traditional Croatian cuisine • Kayaking • Cave exploration • Visit a family-owned vineyard

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3. Greece

Long strand of beach with umbrellas in Crete

Crete, Greece

Ancient history and majestic islands embody the wonders of Greece. From the archipelago’s beaches to the mainland’s mountains, the welcoming culture accentuates the natural beauty. Balmy Mediterranean days and captivating ruins have inspired mythology for ages, and your visit to Greece can erupt in exciting discoveries and unparalleled adventures.

Visit islands not yet touched by tourists and embrace the wild flavors of cuisine shaped by millennia. Bask in the festive ambiance of cafes and witness the sunset over a volcanic caldera. Your Greece travel specialist can bring the nation’s passion to the forefront with an itinerary planned to your preferences and desires as you explore nature, uncover the cultural treasures, and experience the joy of Greek life.

As a popular summer destination for 2023, the best way to visit Greece is with an open mind and a travel specialist who understands the incredible ways you can avoid the crowds. Travel off the beaten path or immerse yourself in insider knowledge to enjoy the Greece experience you have always wanted.

Greece Vacation Idea

This 12-day Expansive Greece Itinerary: Athens, Rhodes, Crete, Santorini epitomizes the natural and cultural riches of Greece that can take you to the most popular corners of the country and step away from the beaten path for the perfect mixture of familiar and new.

Highlights: Visit the Parthenon • Delight in the Food Tour of Athens • Discover ancient Minoan ruins in Crete • Explore the charm and mystery of Rhodes • Enjoy the beaches of Santorini

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4. Spain

Toledo, Spain

Toledo, Spain

Sunny and warm defines both the weather and attitude of Spain in summer. As the coastlines swell with visitors from all over the world, the highlights across Spain become open with possibilities. Flamenco dancers step to a marvelous rhythm, the Compostela trail beckons to pilgrims, and the museums in remarkable cities demonstrate Spain’s contribution to art and European heritage.

The southern sunshine spreads across the golden landscape of the south, while the lush and verdant north offers refreshment and relaxation. Enjoy traditional cuisine steeped in the roots of each region, embrace the epic landscape as it ranges from high mountains to gorgeous cliffs, and explore traditional villages, with each moment revealing another beautiful truth about Spain.

Spain Vacation Idea

Magical Highlights of Spain: Culture, Cuisine, Countrysides is a 13-day tour that immerses you in the essential splendor of Spanish heritage with excursions customized to the culinary, wine, and historic wonders across the country to reveal hand-picked delights.

Highlights: Capture the essence of art in the Prado and Reina Sofia Museums • Embrace medieval Toledo • Bask in private vineyards in Castille and Euskadi • Enjoy Gothic Burgos • Savor the flavors of Basque Country

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5. Portugal

Marina da Quinta Grande on Madeira Island, Portugal

Madeira Island, Portugal

Portugal embodies the perfect summer getaway with sun-kissed beaches, fairytale castles, and delicious cuisine informed by centuries of exploration and culinary examination. With picturesque coves, white-washed villages, and grand monasteries, Portugal, shaped by centuries of seafaring voyages and international trade, can be a tranquil retreat or a bustling wave to ride through the summer season.

Whether exploring the urban splendor of the mainland or the picturesque gardens of the Portuguese islands, you can enjoy the idyllic combination of golden sands, remarkable history, and the specific rhythms to which locals live their lives. A Portugal travel specialist can help make your dreams of Portugal a reality by planning a trip designed around your preferences and travel goals as you explore one of Europe’s warmest regions in the summer.

Portugal Vacation Idea

Find natural beauty and idyllic cultural splendor on this 12-Day Lively Adventures of Portugal Tour: Island Getaway to Cultural Hallmarks. Explore hidden caves and island gardens, Lisbon’s captivating ambiance and authentic cuisine on this personalized tour of Portugal.

Highlights: Kayak Benagil Cave • Explore ancient water channels • Sample the flavors of Lisbon • Discover Sintra’s Pena Palace

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6. France

Paris, France

Paris, France

France is classic opulence and elegance. Fashionable, charming, and brimming with fairytale castles and bohemian myths, you can indulge in picturesque villages and romantic vineyards, find remote Mediterranean coastline or simply bask in the splendor of an artistic masterpiece on display in a glamorous gallery. Culture takes on many forms in France, where you can savor gourmet meals or stroll medieval cobbled lanes.

Ancient seaports, the verdant slopes of the French Alps, the essential flavors of chocolate or the aromas of lavender speak volumes as each step uncovers another layer of historical importance. Whether you prefer to discover the outdoors or relax at a cafe, when in France, you will absorb the timeless joys of the art of the joie de vivre.

France Vacation Idea

Delve deeper into the marvels of France during this 14-day Highlights of France Tour: Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, and Nice that provides a custom-tailored exploration of the country’s exceptional history, culture, and urban charm for an authentic immersive experience.

Highlights: Stroll the scenic waterfront of the Seine River • Enjoy a private cooking class in Paris • Savor the lusty legacy of wine production in Bordeaux • Embark on an artisanal food tour of Lyon • Amble along the picturesque waterfront of Nice

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: France Tours & VacationsFrance Travel Guide

7. Iceland

Hiker exploring Svínafellsjökull Glacier in Skaftafell Nataionall Park, Iceland

Skaftafell Nataionall Park, Iceland

Wild, alluring, and captivating, Iceland is a remarkable destination to discover in summer. Iceland is a demonstration of the earth’s unfathomable power and exceptional splendor that can lead you to thundering waterfalls and peaceful coastal villages, spotlight passing whale pods or place you on the surface of a glistening glacier.

Lava fields, mountains striped with natural colors, coastal basalt rock formations that resemble castles, and thermal activity that provides steaming pools and active volcanoes. Whether looking for adventures in the endless wonders of nature or interested in finding secluded luxury in the midnight sun, Iceland is constantly reshaped by the elements to create unspoiled experiences perfect for rich exploration.

Iceland Vacation Idea

Adventurer's Tour of Iceland's Volcanic and Glacial Landscape is an 8-day adventure into the secluded wonders of Iceland where heritage, tradition, and the raw beauty of nature provide timeless fascination customized to your preferred travel experiences.

Highlights: Descend to the floor of Thrihnukagigur Volcano’s magma chamber • Hike to the summits of rocky mountains overlooking Geldingadalir Valley • Snorkel the waters of the Silfra Rift • Kayak in Vatnajökull National Park • Venture into the crevices of colossal glacial Caverns

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8. Tahiti

Overwater bungalows along coral reef in Moorea, French Polynesia

Moorea, French Polynesia

Tahiti and French Polynesia are the perfect destinations for a summer getaway, with the tropical destination offering the perfect weather and stunning ambiance. Powdery sands bleached white against a backdrop of translucent waters, and a lush jungle interior hides rushing waterfalls for landscapes beyond anything you have imagined.

Translucent lagoons, whale watching, colorful reefs, and the endless allure of overwater bungalows ensure that you sink into relaxation and abundant beauty. Indulge in a traditional pace of life, explore cultural sites, or travel between the spectacular islands of the archipelago.

Tahiti Vacation Idea

Find the true riches of Tahiti during this 7-day Treasured Gems of Tahiti Vacation Tour: Pearl Farm, Coral Garden & More as you bask in luxury and embrace your surroundings on Tahiti and Moorea with an itinerary personalized to your dream Tahiti vacation.

Highlights: Visit the Gauguin Museum • Explore the Rainforests of Tahiti and Moorea • Snorkel Moorea’s coral gardens • Whale watch in the South Pacific Sea • Visit a traditional pearl farm

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: Tahiti Vacations Tahiti Travel Guide

9. Fiji

Father and son standup paddle boarding in Fiji

Fiji Islands

Embrace a new lifestyle in Fiji during your summer trip as you enjoy exquisite beaches and jungle-clad mountains, the splendor of underwater kingdoms, and a fascinating culture that accentuates the surrounding natural beauty. Find paradise on the island shores, explore the endless reefs in search of a vibrant array of colorful fish, and experience the effortless hospitality of locals as you travel the lush landscapes.

June, July, and August welcome the winter season in the Southern Hemisphere to provide the perfect tropical weather and comfortable escape to near off-the-grid islands for untouched natural grandeur. Then there are popular corners of the archipelago known for their palm-lined beaches, luxurious resorts, and thrilling adventures.

Fiji Vacation Idea

Zipline, raft, dance, and search for dolphins as you embrace the adventurous possibilities during this customizable 14-day Fiji Vacation for Families that is inspiring for children and adults of all ages.

Highlights: Zipline in the rainforest • Raft Navua River • Explore three Fijian islands • experience traditional local heritage • Enjoy a dolphin sighting tour • Find natural water slides

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10. Bali

Woman meditating poolside at luxury resort in Bali

Bali, Indonesia

The tropical beauty of Bali brings a refreshing ambiance and captivating pleasures. With pristine beaches, authentic cultural expression, and lavish escapes into tropical paradise the vibrant flora is accentuated by the natural year-round warmth.

Bali is a wonderland for all of your senses. The island dazzles with colorful flowers strewn along the roadsides and a smoldering volcanic peak crowning the distance. With intoxicating misty waterfalls and winding hiking trails, traditional rice terraces, and authentic villages, you can discover the island's diversity that encourages both authentic culture and contemporary life. Whether at the historic temples, during a sacred ceremony, or on a private surf lesson, you can uncover why Bali is known as the “Island of the Gods.”

Bali Vacation Idea

Find relaxation and embrace the treasures of tropical island life during this 8-day Rejuvenating Tropical Getaway Vacation to Bali where you can bask in natural beauty while also uncovering the authentic joys of the exceptional island escape.

Highlights: Explore traditional Balinese temples • Visit emerald-colored rice terraces • Take a private plantation tour • Relax in a holy spring • Enjoy a private surf lesson

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11. Morocco

Jemaa-el Fna night market in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Morocco is always enticing and exciting, and visiting this summer will highlight the majesty of the mountain ranges and cities, serene beaches, and magical desert as you experience the vibrant, welcoming culture.

Discover the vastness of the desert dunes as you explore the Sahara or embrace the active beauty of the mountains by cycling, bird watching, or visiting a Berber community. Enjoy panoramic views of minarets and witness the lively aromas of the markets crowned by rows of conical spices.

From tasting the traditions in the cuisine to listening to the stories of Marrakech, visiting a seaside fortress to the historic tanneries of Fez, Marrakech in summer has long, sunny days that instill the country with captivating vigor.

Morocco Vacation Idea

Discover the right inspiration for your trip with our sample 13-day Colorful Exploration of Morocco: Ancient Cities and Expansive Deserts tour that can be tailored to your travel preferences and needs to ensure your best-possible Morocco trip.

Highlights: Explore the blue-tinted corners of Chefchaouen • Discover the Roman ruins of Volubilis • Witness the timeless traditions of Fez • Indulge in the ambiance of Marrakech • Visit the famous Sahara sand dunes

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: Morocco Tours & VacationsMorocco Travel Guide

12. Tanzania

Seascape of Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa

Seascape of Zanzibar, Tanzania

Capture the season of safari with a summer trip to Tanzania. As the home of unforgettable adventures in the Serengeti and relaxing immersion on the soft-sand beaches of Zanzibar, Tanzania defies singular definition to provide glimpses into rare wildlife, active birdlife, and remarkable culture.

Summer will provide you the chance to embrace the cooler dry season in the wilderness for a richer wildlife-viewing experience or the perfect beach escape. From finding the wonders of lions to the grandeur of elephants, you can bask in luxurious lodges, visit enticing spice farms, or find the beauty of rhinos and flamingos in the caldera of a volcano.

Tanzania Vacation Idea

Embrace a quintessential wilderness experience and perfect beach getaway on this 9-day Safari and Seascape: 9-Day Tanzania and Zanzibar adventure that can uncover the iconic Big Five and immerse you in the relaxing ambiance of the Indian Ocean on a dhow at sunset.

Highlights: Search for inspiring big cats at night • Experience Africa’s Big Five • Snorkel at colorful reefs in Zanzibar • Enjoy pristine white-sand beaches • Discover lush waterfalls

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: Tanzania VacationsTanzania Safari Guide

13. Kenya

Hot air balloons drifting over the Masai Mara savannah at dawn

Masai Mara, Kenya

For inspiring landscapes and proud heritage, abundant conservation efforts, and grand visions of wildlife, Kenya can give you an unforgettable summer travel experience. From the Great Rift Valley to the palm-fringed coastline, the legendary herds of the Maasai Mara to the snowcapped peak of Mount Kenya, the country captures the captivating experience of the quintessential safari experience.

Africa’s Big Five emerges, obsidian caves can lead to hissing geysers, and urban landscapes display a melting pot of international heritage and cuisines. Kenya is the classic safari experience and the best way to embrace the wonders of nature, culture, and discovery.

Kenya Vacation Idea

Epic wilderness, absolute luxury, and memorable visions of wildlife capture the best examples of exploration on this 12-day Best of Kenya Safari for 2022-2023 that celebrates the wonders of nature and the traditions of the ultimate safari experience.

Highlights: Visit Nairobi’s iconic landmarks and museums • Discover the breadth of wilderness in the Masai Mara • Meet a Maasai community • Explore Amboseli in search of enticing big cats

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: Kenya Safaris & ToursKenya Safari Guide

14. Botswana

Elephants in the Okavango Delta, Botswana

Okavango Delta, Botswana

The months between June and September are part of the winter dry season in Botswana, making it a perfect time to explore and experience the heart of an African safari. The winter months can get cool in the evenings as the clear skies and open landscape provide little barrier from the colder air while the daytime temperatures remain pleasant and sunny.

From the Okavango Delta to the beauty of the stark desert, Botswana is a land of uncompromising natural grandeur and exclusivity. The wilderness is a canvas across the country and results in herds of elephants wandering freely across the plains and epic collections of zebra and antelope sipping at the banks of the river system. Botswana is much more than a classic experience from June to September, and instead embodies one of Africa’s greatest safari destinations.

Botswana Vacation Idea

This 11-day Okavango Delta and White Sandy Beaches: Luxury Botswana and Seychelles for 2023-2024 explores the spirit of the wilderness in unforgettable comfort as you witness priceless wildlife from the delta shores to the crystal-clear waters of remote beaches.

Highlights: Cruise across the Okavango Delta on a sunrise safari • Witness the wondrous game that call the Okavango Delta home • Cross the Okavango Delta’s waterways within a traditional Mokoro • Swoon over Seychelles’ coral reefs • Soak up sunshine on Mahe Island

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: Botswana SafarisBotswana Safari Guide

15. South Africa

Young leopard in Sabi Sands, South Africa

Sabi Sands, South Africa

South Africa offers something for every traveler as you explore the desert landscapes or experience the perfect safari in the Southern Hemisphere’s winter months. Dive into the marvels of the largest wildlife national park in Sub-Saharan Africa to find traces of the renowned Big Five or engage in the ultimate outdoor adventure. From the Eastern Cape to the Garden Route. History comes alive in museum galleries and townships, while wildlife takes center stage in the form of coastal penguins or a lone grazing ostrich near the cliff’s edge.

South Africa is a land of dramatic scenery and fascinating adventures on whitewater rapids or while searching for sharks. From the beauty of the Cape Winelands to the alluring charms and distinctive history of Cape Town, South Africa will be a treasured experience for your summer travel.

South Africa Vacation Idea

This 12-day Exquisite South Africa Exploration: Culture to Safari will immerse you in the luxuries of private game reserves, the splendor of perfect wilderness viewings, and captivating adventures, from winetasting to kayaking, for the perfect personalized South Africa experience.

Highlights: Experience the majesty of finding Africa’s Big Five • Indulge in the beauty of protected Sabi Sands Game Reserve • Visit the unique Grootbos Private Nature Reserve • Find penguins on the Cape Peninsula • Discover the famous Cape Winelands

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: South Africa Tours and VacationsSouth Africa SafarisSouth Africa Travel Guide

16. Costa Rica

Beach sunset at Marino Ballena National Park in Uvita, Costa Rica

Uvita, Costa Rica

Costa Rica will give you an immersion into the sublime during what is often referred to as the “little dry season.” The pristine weather and fewer crowds create space for active wildlife roaming in the rainforest and the chance to lounge on the pristine beaches by the waves and waters of the Pacific.

Costa Rica embodies the soul of Central America, with a peaceful ambiance that can become as relaxing or as adventurous as you prefer. Whether ziplining across the jungle canopy, searching for endangered squirrel monkeys, rafting down class IV rapids, visiting sustainable coffee plantations, or basking in the coastal ambiance, working with a travel specialist can reveal how Costa Rica embodies a natural wonderland.

Costa Rica Vacation Idea

Blend the captivating ambiance of luxury and sustainability during this 11-day Handcrafted Costa Rica Tour: Finest Tropical Escape, during which you can experience the depth of biodiversity and enchanting ambiance during a completely customizable trip.

Highlights: Enjoy the impressive biodiversity • Embrace the calm and pristine beaches • Zipline through the rainforest canopy • Horseback ride through a wildlife refuge • Kayak • Snorkel

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: Costa Rica VacationCosta Rica Travel Guide

17. Belize

Paradise Beach on beautiful island South Water Caye, Belize

South Water Caye, Belize

Belize is a tropical wonderland no matter the time of year, and the summer offers the pleasures of waterfalls, rolling hills, and enchanting sea breezes to relieve the seasonal heat. As an enticing tropical destination, the summer months fall inside the regional wet season, with actual rainfall varying by location and often occurring in short bursts that keep the surrounding landscape lush and colorful.

Belize is the ultimate destination for a combination of adventure, culture, natural beauty, and welcoming luxury with jungle terrain that touches the Caribbean Sea. Coral gardens shimmer with exciting marine life, the verdant canopy protects monkeys, birds, and jaguars, while also framing fascinating Mayan ruins. No matter the kind of traveler, Belize is a captivating destination in summer.

Belize Vacation Idea

Tropical Beaches to Lush Jungle: Beautiful Belize Escape is an 8-day luxurious adventure that celebrates the country's diverse culture and captivating landscapes that bring the tropical colors to life.

Highlights: Snorkel the world’s second-largest barrier reef • Enjoy a Mayan cooking course • Visit Xunantunich ruins • Explore Five Blue Lakes National Park • Delight in a chocolate tour

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: Belize Vacations & ToursBelize Travel Guide

18. Cuba

Cuban musician in Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba

Summer in Cuba is authentic and exciting. The tropical warmth overtakes the island interspersed with the atmospheric seasonal rains that help cool down the days or provide a seductive soundtrack to the evening. The seasonal heat only fans the flame of local passion as music, art, and the feeling of community bursts around every corner from Havana to Santiago.

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and carries an incredible sense of history and mystique. Heritage drips from the preserved colonial architecture, and tradition shapes contemporary culture. Gentle white-washed beaches capture the essence of a tropical paradise, and the interior jungle erupts with the verdant beauty of a lush island escape. Coral reefs, dazzling coastline, and a culture eager to celebrate make Cuba an enticing summer destination.

Cuba Vacation Idea

Move to the Music of Cuba: Salsa, Rumba, and Afro-Cuban Rhythms is an 8-day discovery of the collective cultural splendors and natural wonders that inform the Cuban spirit as you enjoy immersive experiences and the marvels of the land and sea.

Highlights: Enjoy an authentic meal created by an award-winning chef • Explore historic Havana • Experience a salsa lesson • Discover Cienfuegos • Experience the music of Trinidad

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: Cuba Tours & VacationsCuba Travel Guide

19. Argentina

Iguazu Forest and Waterfalls

Iguazu Falls in Misiones Province, Argentina

From June to August, Argentina is in the depths of the Southern Hemisphere winter. Absent of crowds and steeped in cool temperatures across the country, the northern tropical jungle is an enjoyable treat of color around Iguazu, and the southern edges of Patagonia shimmer as winter wonderlands blanketed with snow.

Argentina is an extraordinary destination of Spanish colonial towns and surprising German traditions, adventures that can take you onto glistening glaciers or relaxing with a glass of wine overlooking crackling Andean peaks. Gorgeous and intense, friendly and seductive, Argentina contains multitudes of natural wonders and cultural beauty for endless new connections.

Argentina Vacation Idea

Cosmopolitan charm and natural beauty exude from the wonders of Argentina during this Buenos Aires to Mendoza: 12-Day Culture, Nature and Wine that celebrates the iconic scenery and magnificent personalities that have shaped tradition.

Highlights: Embrace a private tasting of Argentine cuisine • Explore Buenos Aires’s famous neighborhoods • Witness spellbinding Iguazu Falls • Explore Mars-like Quebrada de las Conchas • Discover Salta • Enjoy the wines of Mendoza

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: Argentina Tours & VacationsArgentina Travel Guide

20. Chile

Wild flowers blooming in Torres del Paine, Chile

Torres del Paine, Chile

Chile between June and August is intriguing as these months capture the winter in the Southern Hemisphere. Snow caps the Andes Mountains, the crisp evening air accompanies the starlight in the Atacama desert, and the crowds of the peak summer season are nowhere to be found.

Chile is a great destination to visit no matter the time of year, with its slender and long frame providing a fantastic diversity of experiences in any given season. Adventure beckons in Torres del Paine National Park, the dramatic coastline becomes enticing along Cape Horn, wine regions provide mouthwatering samples of New World flavors, and the remote corner of Easter Island becomes accessible. Whether along the whitewashed landscape of Patagonia or the colorful facades of the terraced homes in Valparaiso, Chile is simply exciting.

Chile Vacation Idea

12-Day Exploration of Chile's Diverse and Photogenic Landscapes is an immersion into the dream-like natural grandeur Andean peaks and snow-white desert, terraced vineyards and coastal cities for a unique journey into what makes Chile unforgettable.

Highlights: Visit the celebrated Maipo Valley to sample delicious wines • Explore charming coastal cities • Discover Torres del Paine National Park • View Grey Glacier • Witness the stars of the Atacama Desert • Wander the crystalline salt pan of the Atacama Desert

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: Chile Tours & VacationsChile Travel Guide

21. Colombia

Rock of Guatapé and Peno Lake in Colombia

Rock of Guatapé and Peno Lake in Colombia

The soaring Andean peaks and charming Caribbean coast provide the perfect summer escape in Colombia. The tropical climate offers year-round showers that keep the fascinating micro-climates brimming with exciting nature and cultural beauty that sweeps from desert sands to the coast, the canopy of the Amazon Rainforest to the high-altitude plains.

A marvel of multi-cultural history, a sensational destination for outdoor adventures, and with layers of history that date back 5,000 years, Colombia has moved far beyond the concerns of its outdated reputation. A country of fascinating contrast and exceptional hospitality makes this undiscovered part of the world perfect for the months ahead.

Colombia Vacation Idea

Lush, exotic, and charming, Colombia Cultural Immersion: 9-Day Tour of Bogota, Medellin, and Cartagena opens the vibrant natural world and captivating heritage that exudes from three of the most popular destinations in the country.

Highlights: Explore cultural Bogota landmarks • Visit a historic salt mine • Explore the beauty of Medellin  Discover the cinematic Andean landscape • Wander Spanish colonial history in Medellin

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: Colombia Tours & VacationsColombia Travel GuideTop 9 Things to Do in Colombia

22. Peru

Sunset in the Peruvian Amazon

Amazon rainforest, Peru

A summer trip to Peru captures the drier months for a perfect escape into the cooler climate of the Andes Mountains or venture deep into wonders of the Amazon Rainforest. Experience the great weather as you wander the layered history from pre-Colombian temples near Lima to the renowned hidden city of Machu Picchu to the Spanish colonial architecture of Cuzco.

Embrace the spirit of adventure as you discover pictures etched into the desert landscape or witness the vibrant marine life at a protected island. Peru proudly displays its treasures of history, culture, adventure, and beauty with experiences that you can enjoy on a personalized trip.

Peru Vacation Idea

This 11-day Pure Peru: Amazon to Ancient Cusco Tour features the adventures and cultural wonders from the Amazon to the Andes for the ultimate sample of Peru’s exceptional natural diversity and authentic traditions.

Highlights: Explore Machu Picchu • Discover the Amazon River Basin • Experience authentic traditions • Visit pre-Colombian ruins • Follow a preserved jungle trail

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: Peru Tours & Vacations Peru Travel Guide

23. Ecuador & Galápagos

Napo River, Ecuadorian Amazon

Napo River, Ecuador

Volcanic islands, lunar coastline, and isolated wildlife bring the brilliance of the Galápagos into sharp focus for an exceptional summer trip. Explore the fragile ecosystem for a wilderness safari that uncovers the splendor of the archipelago that features the unspoiled and rare across 42 islets.

Whether looking for penguins specific to the islands or flightless cormorants, giant tortoises or exceptional scuba diving experiences, working with an Ecuador travel specialist can help you plan your perfect Galapagos adventure. Find rare birds, sail across active volcanic regions, and uncover the depths of a unique biosphere that’s unlike anywhere else in the world.

Galapagos Vacation Idea

Blend the wonders of a multicultural city with the splendor of an untamed rainforest and the unforgettable ecosystem of volcanic islands during this 14-day Adventure in the Ecuador Amazon Rainforest & Across the Galápagos Islands custom-tailored to your needs and goals.

Highlights: Embrace unique wildlife on volcanic islands • Snorkel in crystal-clear waters • Hike through the Amazon rainforest at night • Visit an Amazon community center • Raft the Arajuno River • Explore the Colonial neighborhoods of Quito

More Sample Itineraries & Travel Tips: Galapagos Islands Vacations & ToursGalapagos Islands and Ecuador Travel Guide

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Kayaking around the old city wall in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

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