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10 Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms Around the World

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Cherry blossoms frame the Eiffel Tower in Pari, France

Paris, France

Cherry blossoms are a sign of spring across the globe and the 10 best places to see cherry blossoms around the world capture the spirit of the changing season in all its fleeting beauty.

From the majesty of picnicking beneath a forest of blooming blossoms to strolling through clouds of pink petals, you can capture the picturesque ambiance in a serene oasis at the heart of a bustling city or in quiet, charming countryside. Cherry blossom season bursts with pastel wonder in any destination in which they are found.

Whether looking for a romantic escape, a family-friendly adventure, or eager to experience an exciting new destination from a different perspective, the places to see cherry blossoms will immerse you in stunning beauty that adds to local charisma.

  1. 1. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  2. 2. Jerte Valley, Spain
  3. 3. Bonn, Germany
  4. 4. Paris, France
  5. 5. Stockholm, Sweden
  6. 6. London, England
  7. 7. Curitiba, Brazil
  8. 8. Dublin, Ireland
  9. 9. Istanbul, Turkey
  10. 10. Yoshino, Japan
  11. Explore the Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cherry blossoms at Kersenbloesempark in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Kersenbloesempark in Amsterdam, Netherlands

While the Netherlands may be known for tulips, the cherry blossoms that bloom from late March to early May provide an abundance of color and life across the city.

Whether lounging in Westerpark on a sunny day or wandering through the Rijksmuseum garden under a clear spring sky, you can view an abundance of trees in full bloom or find sporadic examples throughout the streets as you embrace their indelible beauty.

At Kersenbloesempark you can find 400 trees, each with its own name, half of them Dutch, the rest Japanese.

2. Jerte Valley, Spain

Cherry blossom on the hillside at Jerte Valley, Spain

Jerte Valley, Spain

The Jerte Valley in Spain is famous for spring, when over two million cherry blossom trees bathe the hillsides milky white.

The semi-sweet scent of the trees accentuates the microclimate and enduring charm of the countryside as you wander through petals filling the trees and falling to the ground along the hills and valley floor, contrasting the ochre tint of the mountains.

From mid-March to early April, the season feels fleeting, but erupts in radiant color and an opulent ambiance connected to the ancient Roman road, pre-Roman fortresses, Celtic settlements, regional villages, and traditional culture that celebrates the season.

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3. Bonn, Germany

Cherry blooms cover Heerstrasse in the old town area of Bonn, Germany

Heerstrasse in Bonn, Germany

In Bonn, cherry trees flower over the cobblestones of Heerstrasse, also referred to as Cherry Blossom Avenue.

Inside the Nordstadt neighborhood, where visitors can also find Beethoven House, the ornamental blossoms breathe new and vivacious life into the air each spring in April.

You can wander beneath the hanging branches of pink and white to feel as though you are strolling through a tunnel decorated with flowers. It’s romantic and charming, with a sweet ambiance particular to few places in the world.

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4. Paris, France

Paris in spring with blooming cherry blossoms

Paris, France

From late March to mid-April, the cherry blossoms in Paris accentuate the artistry of the city and fill the Champ de Mars between the Eiffel Tower and Ecole Militaire with exceptional light.

The white and pink petals highlight the green of the park, while also demanding attention in the courtyard of the Petit Palais along the south facade of Notre Dame and within the tiny framework of the Square Gabriel Pierne.

The cherry blossoms in spring create a spectacular display of natural splendor that only emphasizes the surrounding artistry of Paris’s famous architecture, luxurious galleries, and opulent outdoor atmosphere.

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5. Stockholm, Sweden

Cherry blossoms in the Kungstradgarden in Stockholm, Sweden

Kungstradgarden in Stockholm, Sweden

The cherry blossoms in Stockholm reach their peak by mid-April, when the pink and white flowers populate popular parks across the city. The largest display of blossoms occurs in the Kungstradgarden, where 63 trees bloom in splendor fit for a king.

As the petals drift to the ground, the spring light reflects against the soft pink, contrasting with the luscious grass. Cherry blossoms in Sweden mark the celebration of spring, as the trees become like cotton candy, whether in the King’s Garden or near the heart of Mariaberget.

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6. London, England

Cherry blossoms blooming in Greenwich Park in London, England

Greenwich Park in London, England

Popular with locals, cherry blossom season in London generally peaks in April, with the variety of trees creating a joyful wash of color across the parks and open spaces in the city. They line the walkways of Kew Gardens to create an elaborate Cherry Walk and fill the Kyoto Garden in Holland Park, accompanied by miniature waterfalls and koi.

The trees also create an elaborate tunnel in Greenwich Park, emphasizing the architectural grandeur of St. Paul’s Cathedral as they bloom in the foreground against a cloudless sky. From Hern Hill to Kensington Gardens, London brims with cherry blossoms during the season for an elaborate welcome to spring.

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7. Curitiba, Brazil

Flowering of cherry blossoms in the botanic garden of Curitiba, Brazil

Botanic Garden in Curitiba, Brazil

Witnessing the cherry blossom trees in Curitiba is a memorable experience, as they bloom in the Southern Hemisphere winter, reaching their peak around the heart of July to leave the city shimmering with color.

With the main collection of trees abundant with petals in the Botanical Garden, Japanese Garden, and Pasteur Street, each tree adds an extra layer of shine to Curitiba's abundant green spaces.

Whether lining a street or a park walkway, the trees accentuate the sophisticated ambiance that emanates from innovative urban design.

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8. Dublin, Ireland

Alley through lovely pink cherry trees blooming during Spring at Herbert Park in Dublin, Ireland

Herbert Park in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is dreamy with cherry blossoms scattered across the cityscape like confetti to welcome spring. From St Stephen’s Green to Trinity College, the National Botanic Gardens to Herbert Park, the high concentration of cherry blossoms in the city can make even the most popular areas feel like a secret retreat.

With flowers blooming mainly between April and early May, the cherry blossoms in Dublin pack a joyful burst of color that brings a festive spirit to a city known for its friendly locals and unforgettable stories.

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9. Istanbul, Turkey

View through cherry blossoms of minarets and domes of mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

Between March and mid-April, Istanbul sings with more inspiring color than usual as the cherry blossoms bloom across the cityscape. The delicate and special flower has an ethereal character that has become linked to Istanbul with bittersweet cultural significance that has fortified the connection between Japan and Turkey through the ages.

In the Botanical Gardens you can find a sample of the relationship between the nations, traditional Japanese materials acting as a bridge between East and West, and further emphasized by the oldest cherry trees in Istanbul. This creates the beginning of what is affectionately known as Turkey’s “Pink Route”.

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10. Yoshino, Japan

Cherry blossoms at Mt. Yoshino, Japan

Yoshino in the Nara Prefecture, Japan

Yoshino Town is often considered one of the most beautiful places to witness the fame of sakura, beckoning travelers from all over to Japan for the country’s famous season.

The blooming trees create a carpet of blushing blossoms that cascade across the slopes of Mt. Yoshino with upwards of 30,000 trees bursting with color between late March and throughout April. It is one of Japan’s premier cherry blossom destinations, painting vivid colors across the landscape for cinematic photography.

Accentuated by the lush greenery and access to natural hot springs, the natural beauty of Yoshino has inspired poetry, literature, and songs that span centuries.

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Explore the Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms

From Amsterdam’s canals to the lanes along the Bosphorus, blossoms tell a deeper history of local heritage and create spectacularly colorful moments. The cherry blossoms in spring capture layers of local culture and demonstrate international connection.

Whether you are eager to experience a tour focused on the season or wish to enjoy the scenery at your pace, embrace the pastels of the flowering petals on a trip personalized to your preferences.

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