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Zicasso Signature Tours: 20 Vacations for 2022

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Silhouette of a lion on the rock at sunset the Serengeti, Tanzania

Silhouette of a lion on the rock at sunset the Serengeti, Tanzania

Every day we are inspired by the many Zicasso travelers ready to book their next trip. Our travelers seem to have three things in common: the desire for genuine experiences, increased privacy, and the ability to make real-time adjustments.

We asked several of our travel specialists to create sample itineraries for their regions and have crafted an exciting new collection of Zicasso Signature Tours for travel in 2022 and beyond.

Whether visiting the ancient grandeur of Rome, the rugged landscape of Patagonia, or the pristine beaches of Thailand, with an emphasis on flexibility and safety, you can find inspiration for your customized trip that will exceed your expectations and celebrate the wonder to be found abroad.

  1. Italy
  2. Greece
  3. Iceland
  4. Croatia
  5. France
  6. Spain
  7. Portugal
  8. England & Scotland
  9. Ireland
  10. Morocco
  11. Egypt
  12. Costa Rica
  13. Belize
  14. Peru
  15. Argentina
  16. South Africa
  17. Tanzania
  18. Botswana
  19. New Zealand
  20. Japan
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Val d'Orcia in Tuscany, Italy

Val d'Orcia in Tuscany, Italy

To celebrate the country's beauty, Michela, a Zicasso travel specialist for Italy, has designed a sample itinerary, Best of Italy for 2022, that celebrates la dolce vita, the sweet life. "Every time I design a trip, I always try to include "local" experiences that make the discovery of Italian traditions and its people. Italians like beauty and enjoy life with passion every day. It's impossible to resist," adds Michela. With an emphasis on your personal preferences, this sample trip is simply a launch point to inspire your own curated journey.

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Vineyards and countryside on Santorini island in Greece

Santorini, Greece

With an extraordinary combination of ancient history and modern luxury, Seetha and Vasilis, partner Greece specialists, worked together to create a perfect Greece vacation during Covid. Stunning Highlights of Greece Tour: Grand Vistas and Charming Culture uncovers ancient wonders, explores gorgeous islands, and celebrates the joy of Mediterranean life. “The best part of a trip to Greece is trying traditional food and interacting with locals," says Seetha. With an emphasis on authentic experiences and personal connection, a trip to Greece offers space to explore with your comfort and safety at the forefront.

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Hvítserkur rock formation on the Vatnsnes peninsula in North-West Iceland

Hvítserkur rock formation on the Vatnsnes peninsula in North-West Iceland

The pristine nature and endless adventure Iceland offers have made it a popular destination for Zicasso travelers who seek to see the Northern Lights or experience the Midnight Sun. Iceland travel specialist Andrés designed the sample Untamed Iceland for 2022-2023 tour to bring the imaginative wilds of the landscape to life and immerse you in the distinctive splendor for which the country is known. It is an island of endless rewards, where active volcanoes may rumble, whales may breach the water, and waterfalls fill the air with a majestic mist.

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Trogir, Croatia

Trogir, Croatia

Popular with Zicasso travelers for the mix of Old World style and modern luxury, a trip to Croatia encompasses incredible food, warm hospitality, relaxation, and refreshment. As part of our Zicasso Signature Tour series, Ante, a Croatia travel specialist, has designed a luxury itinerary, Adriatic Excellence: Premier Croatia Tour, to ensure a private exploration of Croatia. From cities to the countryside, inland to the sea, this highlights tour can be modified based on your budget, preferences, and the time of year.

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Chateau and vineyards in Provence, France

Chateau and vineyards in Provence, France

Created for our travelers for 2022 and beyond, travel specialist Adam has designed the sample itinerary, Opulent Visions of France Tour: Endless Cultural Delight, with an eye on Paris and the French Riviera. Customizable in every way, he also encourages the inclusion of Bordeaux, the Dordogne, and the Languedoc. “Book now, as the popular travel months of September and October are already getting busy. Book private tours to ensure that your schedule is flexible and tailored to you,” adds Adam. With an emphasis on your preferences, any Zicasso sample tour can be modified to make your dream trip a reality.

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San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian, Spain

With attention to detail and safety, Nigel and Oscar, partner Spain specialists, created the Authentic Culinary and Culture Tour of Spain. This thoughtful itinerary celebrates local life alongside the majesty of culture, food, and wine. “Spain offers an incredible variety of local cultures, gastronomy, history, landscapes, architecture, languages, and activities. The choice is staggering, and we are here to customize the perfect trip for individual tastes and preferences,” adds Nigel. Take advantage of local expertise to ensure smart planning for your next vacation with this sample itinerary to inspire.

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Castle of the Moors, with Pena Palace on the hill on the background, in Sintra

Castle of the Moors, with Pena Palace on the hill on the background, in Sintra

As local experts, Cesar and Pedro worked together to create a sample tour that celebrates every element of Portuguese culture in the itinerary Perspectives of Portugal: New Takes on Classics. “Portugal is synonymous with joy. Get to know our harmonious cities and true natural havens surrounded by histories and traditions with an exceptional climate considered by many the best in Europe,” says Cesar. As you look ahead to 2022 and 2023, a versatile destination with much to offer can provide flexibility for the days ahead.

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England & Scotland

Village Painswick and surrounding countryside in the Cotswolds

Painswick in the Cotswolds, England

Designed for 2022 travelers, Daniel, a travel specialist for the UK, created this sample itinerary to celebrate the history and beauty of England and Scotland. Signature Tour of England and Scotland's Comforting Charms moves you out of the cities and into the country beyond. “Although England and Scotland look small on the map in comparison to North America, there is an endless amount to see and do,” Daniel highlights. Depending on your traveling party and your goals, you can use this sample itinerary to inspire your next vacation.

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Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

With her focus on authentic Irish life and leveraging local expertise, travel specialist Anne Marie designed this sample itinerary, Magnificence of Ireland Luxury Tour: Cultural Charm to Natural Beauty, to bring our travelers out to the countryside and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. “There are more things to see and experience in Ireland than people might think! Having a local guide is key to uncovering so many of the country’s best-kept secrets,” she says. Use this tour as inspiration to customize your own trip based on your interests and travel preferences.

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Beach and lagoon in Oualidia, Morocco

Beach and lagoon in Oualidia, Morocco

Morocco offers a touch of majesty, mystery, and charm stretching from the Atlantic coastline to the peaks of the High Atlas Mountains. Morocco travel expert Marcus designed the Zicasso Signature Morocco’s Southern Charms tour as an immersion into the culture and scenery. You can taste the millennia of heritage in the cuisine and witness the unmistakable contours of the landscape from a hot air balloon. Whether winding through labyrinthine markets or exploring a seaside colonial fortress, the customizable experience will display Morocco’s timeless charisma.

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Sphinx alley in Karnak temple complex, Luxor, Egypt

Karnak Temple Complex, Luxor, Egypt

One-Week Capturing the Essence of Egypt in Cairo, Luxor, & Aswan was designed by Zicasso travel specialist Kirsty to create the ultimate week-long adventure through Egypt’s classic splendor. The customized trip will immerse you in the preserved grandeur of the ancient world. Discover the mysterious ambiance around the Pyramids of Giza, wander through the iconic spiritual complexes of Luxor, and drift across the sky on a hot air balloon ride over the Nile River to see the Valley of the Kings. From art to architecture, relics to sailboats, Egypt lets you embrace the experience.

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Costa Rica

Beach sunset at Marino Ballena National Park in Uvita, Costa Rica

Beach sunset at Marino Ballena National Park in Uvita, Costa Rica

A popular destination with Zicasso travelers, Costa Rica is ideal for family trips, romantic getaways, and those seeking adventure. As part of our Zicasso Signature Tours series, the sample itinerary, Handcrafted Costa Rica Tour: Finest Tropical Escape, illustrates the range of activities and options. “Costa Rica is a beautiful, unique, and diverse country that commits to environmental protection and sustainable tourism,” says Catalina, a Zicasso travel specialist. It is impossible to leave Costa Rica without feeling happy and renewed.

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Xunantunich surrounded by lush jungle landscape in Belize

Xunantunich surrounded by lush jungle landscape in Belize

“Come on down!” says Catarina, a travel specialist for Belize with Zicasso. “Belize is open and ready to receive visitors with enhanced safety measures and protocols in place to protect everyone’s well-being.” One of the best-kept secrets, Belize offers an incredible array of activities for all ages and travelers. The Hallmarks of Belize Tour: Ancient Ruins, Rich Culture, Thriving Tropics, which Catarina designed for 2022, is a sample itinerary that shows how much is possible.

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Vinicunca, or Rainbow mountain, near Cusco, Peru

Vinicunca Mountain in the Peruvian Andes

From the myths of Machu Picchu to the marvels of the lush mountain landscape, Peru Travel Specialist Victoria designed the Paradisiacal Peru: Lima, Cusco, Sacred Valley Tour to uncover the treasures found in the country’s culture, geography, and heritage. Explore the rainbows stripes painted onto the mountains. Embrace the marvelous preserves of Machu Picchu. Visit glistening salt flats and remarkably terraced slopes. From impressive fortifications to charming colonial architecture, the thrills and beauty of Peru will step into the light.

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Hiker in the steppe plains of Patagonia the scenic background Mt Fitz Roy

Los Glaciares National Park in Patagonia, Argentina

From wine to gauchos, glaciers to pampas, you can experience the endless wonders of Argentina with the 12-Day Argentina Tour: Culture, Wine, and the Southern Patagonia Scenery designed by Kieran, a Zicasso travel specialist for Argentina. Allow the distinctive culinary world to unfold the regional flavors, witness the power of Iguazu Falls, embrace the flavors of the vines, experience the majesty of Perito Moreno Glacier’s soaring ice wall. Whether horseback riding or searching for architectural pearls, you can peel back the layers to find the uniqueness of Argentina.

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South Africa

Young leopard in Sabi Sands, South Africa

Young leopard in Sabi Sands, South Africa

Designed by Natalie, an African Safari specialist, this 12-day itinerary, Exquisite South Africa Exploration: Culture to Safari, takes you from the highlights of Cape Town to searching the landscape for the Big Five. “South Africa is known as a World in One Country due to the various weather patterns, various landscapes, cultural experiences, and excursions.” With advantageous rates and options now, it is worth considering your plans for 2022 or 2023 by connecting with a local travel specialist to learn more about what is possible.

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Lion cub in Tanzania

Lion cub in Tanzania

Our Signature Tanzania Safari: Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, and More, was designed by Tehsin with safety and ease in mind. This expert operator has handpicked lodges and mobile camps to maximize your safari, and our specialists can curate your accommodations based on the time of year, your travel goals, and your preferences. With incredible luxury and attention to detail, you can escape daily life and enjoy genuine awe on any Zicasso safari.

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Large male lion walking through the tall grass on the Okavango Delta, Botswana

Okavango Delta, Botswana

Jamie, a Botswana travel specialist, crafted 7-Day Classic Delta Tour 2022-2023 as an immersive safari experience where luxury and natural beauty combine for an unforgettable adventure. Bask in the spellbinding colors of the sunset, search for sensational wildlife from wild dogs to lounging lions, cruise along the glistening waters for a scenic view of the winding channels, and embrace the unspoiled reserve to indulge in the wonders of nature in an exciting new way.

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New Zealand

Hooker Valley Track through Mount Cook landscape on the South Island of New Zealand.

Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand

New Zealand is renowned for its natural beauty. Zicasso travel specialist Geoff designed the Endless Natural Splendors of New Zealand Vacation to highlight the marvels you can find when you step away from the known path and into the breathtaking countryside for which the islands are celebrated. Whether embracing volcanic landscapes or basking in the fantastical realm of Middle Earth, winding through stunning gorges on a scenic hike, or indulging in the turquoise sea and golden beaches during a kayak excursion, you can find the unquestionable wonder of nature enhanced captured in the glowing lights, glistening glaciers, and majestic fjords.

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Tokyo skyline withSensō-ji temple and Tokyo Skytree in Japan

Tokyo skyline withSensō-ji temple and Tokyo Skytree in Japan

Japan is known for balancing heritage and modernity. Japan travel specialist Laura designed the Classic Japan: Cities, Country, and Culture Tour as the ultimate way to experience the ambiance specific to the archipelago. With thermal hot springs, exceptional cuisine, and captivating temples, the beauty of heritage and scenery speak volumes. From inspiring culinary artistry to a dazzling city skyline display, falling cherry blossoms to the depths of Imperial history, Japan can feel like a dream unfolding before your eyes.

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More Travel Information & Tips

Glencoe Valley, Scotland

Glencoe Valley, Scotland

Flexibility and creativity are key to having an extraordinary journey during your custom-tailored trip, and our Zicasso travel specialists are uniquely positioned to make adjustments before, and during, your trip.

Learn more about our Zicasso Signature Tours and use these sample itineraries to inspire your personalized journey. To get your plans started, fill out a Trip Request or call us at 1-888-265-9707. Our Traveler Care team is ready to connect you to the right travel specialist for you.

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