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A perfect vacation to Portugal starts with knowing your preferences and what you want to see.

Whether you are a wine enthusiast, a seeker of local culture, nature lover, or a history buff, Portugal has amazing options for everyone. Read the Portugal Travel Guide for pivotal information and inspiration to get your trip planning process started right.

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Pena Palace in Sintra, Portugal
Best Time to Visit Portugal
The best time to visit Portugal is from May to June and September to October. Portugal is serene and lively, with captivating cities, exceptional scenery, and diverse traditions, all influenced by the...
Porto, Portugal
8 Best Places to Visit in Portugal
Whether weaving through Lisbon by tram with a warm pasteis de nata in hand or sipping traditional Port in Porto, discover the best places to visit in Portugal and what makes them must-visit vacation...
Sailing the beautiful blue bay near Lagos, in the Algarve region in Portugal
Top 8 Things to Do in Portugal
The top eight things to do in Portugal unveil much more than most travelers expect. With a diverse landscape stretching from the Atlantic coast to rocky mountain ranges, rolling plains, and sunbaked...
Panorama of the hilltop town of Obidos surrounded by medieval wall
How to Plan a Trip to Portugal: Frequently Asked Questions
Portugal is a land of cobblestone villages, medieval castles, golden beaches, and emerald vineyards, and these are the most frequently asked questions from travelers eager to experience the country’s...
Lisbon train station, Portugal
How to Get Around Portugal: Best Transportation for Travelers
Portugal is not a large country, so it is easy to travel from the mountains to the sea, the northern Spanish border to the distant southern coastline. Transportation in Portugal can be great fun, especially...
Douro River Valley, Portugal
Top 6 Reasons to Visit Portugal on Vacation
The top reasons to visit Portugal take you beyond remarkable diversity to immerse you in a country emerging into the spotlight. With historic cities, exceptional cuisine, natural grandeur, and an inextricable...
Beautiful beach with colorful boats in Carvoeiro in the Algarve region of  Portugal
Our 10 Best Portugal Itineraries
Bask in the sun setting over the Atlantic, embrace golden beaches bathed in Iberian light, and indulge in celebrated wine and cuisine with our best Portugal itineraries. Portugal is admired for its...
Vineyards in the Douro Valley wine region of Portugal
7 Best Wine Regions in Portugal
The best wine regions in Portugal share the character and charisma of the country by revealing flavorful diversity in every bottle. With vines rolling across hillsides that are cast in the shadows of...
Female tourist enjoying hot springs pool at Poca da Dona Beija on Sāo Miguel, Azores
Top 6 Things to Do in the Azores
The top six things to do in the Azores offer a stunning mixture of culture and natural scenery, demonstrating the diversity of the Portuguese archipelago. The Azores invites you to bask in the sunshine,...
11 Best Castles in Portugal

From remarkable architecture to historical treasures, the best castles in Portugal capture the character of each town and reflect the cultural changes brought by time.

From fairytale designs to colorful facades, rugged defenses to timeless histories rising over the plains or towering over the riverbanks, the best Portugal castles make the stories of the past tangible and serve as monuments to a different age.

With stories of conquest and invasion, when visiting Portuguese castles you have the chance to step into the storybook and discover where fascinating landscapes and heritage meet.

Portugal in Winter: Where to Go, What to Do, the Weather & More

Portugal in winter, in contrast to some of its Mediterranean neighbors, offers plenty of sunshine and fewer crowds, and our ideas of the best places to visit, top experiences to have, and weather to expect can help you experience the best of the season.

From tours of the country in December to vacation ideas for Lisbon, you can take advantage of Portugal’s average of over 300 days of sunshine, despite the winter season bringing cold and snowy conditions to other European countries.

Whether enjoying the unusual pleasure of beach days in winter or touring Portugal’s top landmarks and historical sites, our recommendations can ensure you experience the best of the winter sun there.

Portugal in October: Where to Go, What to Do, the Weather, & More

October is a fabulous time to visit Portugal. Brilliant fall colors blanket the landscapes and crowds are fewer for an authentic taste of local life.

Bridge the busy summer season and rainy winter with mild temperatures ideal for exploring iconic cities like Lisbon and Porto without battling extreme heat or shivering in the cold.

From celebrating the grape harvest to surfing the rugged Atlantic coast or heading inland for wine tastings and tours, our guide highlights the best regions for you to visit, the top activities, and insider tips for an unforgettable journey through Portugal in October.

Portugal in November: Where to Go, What to Do, the Weather, & More

Portugal in November offers a unique blend of mild weather, fewer crowds, and authentic cultural experiences, letting the country's inherent charm shine through.

November and the heart of fall bring a welcome respite from the summer heat, allowing you to explore Portugal's diverse landscapes, historic cities, and charming villages at a leisurely pace. From the sun-drenched islands to the rolling vineyards, November unveils a different side that invites you into immersive traditions and local delicacies to create lasting memories.

Uncover the best places to visit, unforgettable experiences to savor, and insider tips to plan your dream Portuguese adventure.

Portugal in December: Where to Go, What to Do, the Weather, & More

Portugal in December echoes with joyful fado music, the warm glow of twinkling lights, and the postcard-worthy beauty for which the country is known.

Locals and fewer visitors fill the streets and plazas, celebrating seasonal dishes and partaking in events that honor Portugal's holiday traditions. Discover pleasant weather ideal for comfortable exploring, historic sites dressed in their holiday finest, festive Christmas markets, and mouthwatering specialties.

As December transforms the country with a seasonal ambiance, you can indulge in Portugal's vibrant culture, ceremonies, architecture, and cuisine, from the Algarve coast to lively Lisbon and beyond.

10 Best Beaches to Visit in Portugal

Escape to towns sewn into rugged golden cliffsides or cross the sea by private boat to secluded island shores, chasing sun and sand to the best beaches in Portugal.

Whether you have your eye on the Algarve’s limestone formations or Arrábida Natural Park’s off-the-beaten-path coastline, find privacy and serenity or enjoy the bustling beachside energy when visiting Portugal’s famous beaches on vacation.

Traveling as a family, with your partner, or as friends, we reveal the top beaches in Portugal to help you decide on the right ones to visit based on where you want to go and what you wish to do.


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